Is it all hearsay evidence? Your impeachment hearing questions answered

Maurice Vega

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  1. Right because Republicans keep saying all this information was 4th hand information and assumptions and reactions to media stories so all the sudden out of no where Taylor’s aid over heard the un ambassador on the phone with trump who was talking so loud on the other end that this surprise aid heard trump talk about “the investigation “ so now that’s a direct link -you have got to be kidding this whole thing is pathetic-Meanwhile Obama’s administration went from country to country trying to dig up dirt on Trump-he weaponized our in agencies against his campaign- he ruined many ppls lives trying to frame the Pres all to in the end come up with nothing but a 40 million dollar bill and the worst part is the MSM is the biggest part of the Obama corruption and for some reason they think we’re all to dumb to see it-pathetic

  2. I can't believe that Donald Trump is becoming more crazier and I can't believe it this Maniac is so obsessed with power all he cares about is getting re-elected and make this country more as a living hell Donald Trump has to lose next year if he wins again we're all screwed because I can't believe it a rich Maniac like Donald Trump just wants tax repair for his own purpose this Maniac is out of his mind

  3. How can the Republicans cry foul on transparency and access to witnesses when they are stonewalling congress by ordering their members to refuse to cooperate?

  4. Trump tweeted 84 times yesterday, but today he "doesn't have time" to watch the impeachment hearings, as he sits with his dictator buddy Erdogan on behalf of Russia.

  5. What a bunch of corroded TOFU! The whole thing is predicated on third hand hearsay. That scared an ambassador about something that never happened! This is the most pathetic political charade ever perpetrated on the American public !!! And these psychopaths are about ready to be rung up !!

  6. KEK. here is a question, you dumb-o-crats wont know it. what do they have in [COMMON] ??
    biden son
    pelosi son
    kerry son
    romney son
    here is a hint..what did hunter do? where did hunter work?
    WWG1 WGA….timing is everything

  7. It's a show trial… nothing more. The Dems won't get an impeachment past the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, and they know it. More importantly, I suspect that it will back-fire on the Donkeys big-time. If I found out that Trudeau had given the notoriously corrupt country of Ukraine even a dime of my hard-earned tax dollars in aid I would be pissed ( almost as pissed as when I found out that the Liberals gave the bogus "Clinton Foundation" over 20 million Canadian dollars a few years back) . Trump did the right thing asking hard questions before giving the new Ukrainian President financial aid. There's no " Extortion" case to be made. Sorry, CBC.

  8. Trump is all about him and the money: The wall wasnt about inmigrants it was about big contracts for his friends to buld it, It wasnt about the kurds it was about his towers in Turkey, It wasnt about the Bidens corruptions its about his elecction on 2020 its all about him and the money.

  9. Trump demanded Zelensky publicly announce he was investigating Biden, not because there was anything to investigate, but because the suggestion of wrongdoing could be enough to instill doubt and knock him out of the race. He did the same thing to Hillary. He knows there's nothing wrong that Biden did there, but that doesn't matter. He wants to suggest there is to confuse voters. It's not OK, and it's illegal. The second they realized they were caught, they released the funds and cancelled the CNN interview so that it would appear that it never happened. However, it didn't have to happen to be illegal. You don't have to sell the kilo of drugs to go to jail for having it and intending to sell it. His whole team knew and eventually Zelensky's team knew the terms of getting the aid, which is why he relented and agreed to pretend in front of a camera that Biden would be investigated. Republicans are NOT denying any of this happened! Just because the plan didn't come to fruition because they got caught hiding a whistleblower complaint, doesn't mean a crime against our Constitution hadn't already occurred. That is important to remember. No one is disputing the crime. Literally no one. They are just trying to spin it as SOP rather than a crime knowing full well that the rules are pretty clear on it and everyone admits it happened, so there's not much else to know here.

  10. Donald did the very same thing Hillary attempted to, to discredit Trump during running for Pres., basically what’s good for the goose is also
    good for the gander. I’m quite sure the majority of voters are aware that double play and favour are standard practice among politicians, the
    politicians who doesn’t used his office for his advantage was never elected. Democrats specializes in committing the crime than turns
    around and pin it on the Republicans, what’s new?

  11. The Senate will never vote to oust the Pres. Com on Republican, be like the Democrats cheat and vote against impeachment, the Demofartts
    would for any partisan reasons.

  12. Aww, you poor people with Trump Derangement Syndrome. You just cant handle the fact that he is exposing how corrupt the Washington swamp has been for decades. This will not end well for the left.

  13. put the whistle blower,  joe biden, hunter biden on the stand. .real simple, get rid of all this 2nd , 3rd hand hearsay, assumptions, he said she said, I thought ..

  14. Americans are fortunate that they have Mr Trump as the president who's is very tough on cleaning the America and bring back to be. A great nation again.

  15. Why are you covering its just going to be thrown out of court improper proceedings face your accuser they aren't allowing it kangaroo court

  16. I have been watching, in The Netherlands, the whole hearing. Is it funny or terrible? I don't know, because this kind of fraude would never happens here. We have about 16 parties in the Dutch congres and the are watching each other. Our gouverment, ministers, are a agreed between 4 parties. And the next elections, we normally have a compleet different situation. I look at the USA aspecially your president, like if our PM ask the taxi service loyality: From now on I do not to have pay tax. Silly, but that is how we see your president.

  17. I feel like the majority of people don't care to OBJECTIVELY listen to anything anymore. Most people have already decided before hearing any facts that they're false. I just wonder how many people objectively and unbiasedly listened to these testimonies. If you already have your mind made up and are convinced of something before hearing the matter then there is a wall up and you won't receive anything that's being said. People believe what they want to. But it seems to me that, at least the republicans, have taken it so personal and tried to make this a war between democrats and republicans. When I started listening to these testimonies it never even crossed my mind if the people testifying were democrats or republicans. I just listened and it seemed quite convincing. Then the peanut circus started with the questioning and it became obvious who the republicans were. What a world we live in today. I'm just interested in the truth…not being loyal to a party.

  18. Anyone who actually watched the hearing could tell you that this was an absolute embarrassment for the democrats. It went worse than the Muller testimony. They just got absolutely humiliated.
    What you just watch was the equivalent of a network covering a hockey game but lying about who won and chopping up the footage of the game to make it seem that way.
    How can anyone watch this reporting by the CBC and try and honestly say that they aren't horrificly biased?
    How can we contunie to allow our tax dollars to pay for this pathetic propaganda network???

  19. So…the Democrats say that hearsay is evidence? Ok… I heard Hillary talking to Bill about the 27 people they killed. therefore they are guilty and to be arrested immediately.

  20. Why is that woman lying about the call? Those have multiple people actually listening in. It's not a case of people just sitting in the room taking notes from one side of the conversation like she says.

  21. First, impeachment hearings are not criminal trials. Second, hearsay is admissible in a criminal trial if the judge rules to allow it.

    The US constitution prescribes no specific impeachment procedural rules, so the rules are whatever each iteration of the house decides they are. In this case, this house is following the basic model Republicans established when they were in control.

    Most importantly, the constitution only spells out two specific requirements for impeachment. One of those is that offering or accepting bribes from foreign officials demands impeachment.

    Criminal trials involve a randomly selected jury. Trump is gonna get a jury of “besties” who have all but announced they aren’t even gonna listen to evidence and acquit him before the “grand jury” phase even started, so quit whining Trumpsters.

  22. From Hong Kong! Many time! Mr.John Gotti was on Trial in the court of law in the U.S and defensed by just "only one Lawyer". And Mr. Gotti walked out a Freed man that many time. Why spend so much money and resources, this time, on another Figure head. The result is going to be the same. I know! Because this time the Figure head is Defensed by a bounce of Smart and Articulate U.S Republican Lawyers. Not just one. God bless America.

  23. The only reason they call it hearsay evidence is because they are blocking the witneses that have the first hand. But this is only the beginning

  24. what a clown show. nothing but hearsay! it is impossible to impeach trump because the democrats will NEVER get 2/3rds of the senate to agree to it. trump will punish your country simply because trudeau is your pm.

  25. So this guy is saying president trump is for sure asking for an investigation into Biden foe hia own personal gain, not to expose corrupt officials, which is the platform he ran on. Interesting. Maybe he is actually doing what he said he was going to do, and a lot of politicians and people in the media are scared of that.

  26. Biden himself admits he interfered with internal affairs of the Ukraine by offering a $1 billion line of credit. 30 minutes after Biden’s call, the Ukraine fires a top magistrate and Joe’s son, Hunter, is given a Board position on one of Ukraine’s largest national oil corporations. Trump is now the international law breaking villain and being witch hunted! The world is upside down and inverted.

  27. why are the democrats delegitimizing impeachment. this looks very bad for the future of politics. why are they doing this? its just so embarrassing if your a liberal in America these days……. gotta get their stuff together or else trump will be winning by 400 plus electoral votes in 2020.

  28. Why is it okay for CBC to hate white men and state it on networks?
    You shut comments off probably because Canada supports din cherry.

    I do t watch or play hockey, however……….. Go Hockey Moms 😁I love sports that keep kids happy, CBC please stop with putting white people down, Don Cherry and especially the Moms who love their Boys & GIRLS who play. That’s all I gotta say. I love Canada and all colours of people, I am white and I’m not mean neither are my boys or boys that play

  29. haha They think so little of their viewers that the host says … "I think our audience are confused, let me explain". What was so hard to understand? That somebody told their boss they overheard a phone conversation. Complicated stuff. CBC Viewers… I would suggest you get your news from someone with a bit more respect for you.

  30. The thing that confuses me is that the current president of Ukraine says there was no quid pro quo, and the evidence is all heresay

  31. If this was a real impeachment hearing rather than an "inquiry", whatever that is, half this "I heard it from so and so" crap would probably not be allowed… wake me when they actually put their money where their mouths are and vote to begin impeachment… Oh they won't because there's nothing there, is there? Being unlikable is not a crime. If it was half the internet would be in jail…

  32. If it is true that Russian involvement delegitimizes Trump as president, will Hilary Clinton's rghtful place as winner be restored?

  33. How do you know if your friend watches the CBC? He knows more about the finer details of American partisan politics than he does about the Trudeau-run SNC Lavalin scandal.

  34. CBC have you not leanred grom the Muller Impeachment investuggatuon that has gone show her…oh yes ajd I think the demicrats wantrd to impeach Trumoneven hefore he entered office…have yoy guys notbleanred the Democrat tricks yet? This is all deflection and it will backfire big time!!!

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