Is Democracy Inconvenient For This Trudeau Government?

Today, I’m standing outside of Langevin Block,
the Prime Minister’s Office here in Ottawa, because I thought you needed to know that the Trudeau Government is trying to transfer
the seat of democratic power in Canada from Parliament – the House of Commons and the Senate –
to this building, his office. A few months ago, Trudeau’s Leader in the Senate, Senator Peter Harder, actually declared before a Senate Committee
that, in his ideal Senate, “there should no longer be a need for an organized official opposition.” Think about that. No need for an opposition? The Trudeau Government has made it clear, in both the House and the Senate, that its preferred method of operation is to shut down debate
and destroy any opposition in its path. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given that Prime Minister Trudeau has openly admired
the efficiency of Communist China’s “basic dictatorship.” Just as we have recently seen in the House of Commons, the Government Leader in the Senate has released a “discussion paper” outlining how he wants to dramatically limit debate and dismantle the Senate’s opposition tools
for holding a powerful majority government to account. Make no mistake – these changes would strike at the very heart of our democracy. Trudeau’s Senate Leader is attempting to destroy the
traditional Parliamentary system of a Government and an Opposition. The Opposition’s job is not to pass Government legislation quickly. Our role is to oppose the Government and hold it accountable for its decisions… which is exactly why the Trudeau Government seeks to destroy it. The Trudeau Government’s grand experiment
with appointing so-called “independent” senators has failed. The Government’s leadership in the Senate is ineffective,
leading to much confusion and chaos. And rather than admit failure, the Trudeau Government’s
Senate Leader now wants to change the rules – changes which could silence the voice of the opposition for generations. The Senate is a partisan, political institution and has been for 150 years. Should we reverse 150 years of history which has served Canada well –
all to cave to the whims of Justin Trudeau? No other Prime Minister in Canadian history
has ever even attempted to do this – Liberal or Conservative. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has previously called
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro a “remarkable leader.” They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But this is Canada, and we cannot allow the erosion of our democratic values. Sometimes democracy gets a little messy,
and full and fair debate takes time. Democracy might be “inconvenient” for this majority Trudeau Government,
but it’s not a value Canada can afford to compromise.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Canadians are depending on the Senate and opposition to block the legalization of marijuana and save a generation of young Canadians from having their health, and educational prospects compromised. Canadians expect that their will be elected and appointed individuals who are willing to do what it takes to stop this most reckless change to public policy that takes Canada out of three international treaties and harms our reputation in terms of human rights – as legalization takes our country offside of The Rights of The Child Treaty.
    The federal government acknowledges the risks of harm and their own watchdog agency Health Canada lists the reasons marijuana should not be used. One of their warnings is very clear and key to the discussion – MEN WHO ARE WANTING TO START A FAMILY SHOULD NOT USE MARIJUANA. The warning is made because of the risks of testicular cancer, sterility and the science that establishes DNA damage, sperm morphology resulting to damage to future offspring.
    Canadians are holding the opposition to the job of protecting the youth of our nation from the "mindless" policy of legalization.
    In closing the question for the Prime Minister should be what he plans to do with 18 year olds who sell or give marijuana to someone younger once it is legal. As many 18 year olds don't acknowledge the risks, not the risk to their reproductive health is it correct that they should be expelled from school for using or face penalties suggested under the Trudeau pot plan. I think not – those that should be penalized are elected officials or public servants who instead of protecting the public from harm are pushing them in its path.

  2. Liberals should be removed and not two years from now. Look what they have done in two years. They are and want to destroy Canada. When that is done most of them will return to their home country. Diversity is our straight and Liberal bull shit is the new norm.

  3. look at this scum asshole a leech living off the taxpayers dime. Abusing her position to campaign full time for her party. She is a perfect example of the worst things in politics. An un-elected loser disgrace!

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