Is Comedy Dying Because of PC Culture?

Maurice Vega

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  1. They weren’t funny in the first place tho. Sorry, I’m not a boomer. “I hate my wife” jokes were never funny

  2. Hey guys, I’ll make a really funny non “controversial” joke

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because he needed to get to the other side.

    So funny right?

  3. Nah, if you can't make a joke with being racist/homophobic/xenophobic you're not a witty/clever enough comedian. Period.

  4. Comedy is dying. You can't even crack a joke among friends without some random stranger acting crazy as if you shot their dog.

  5. Not a Corolla fan, but he's right. When a joke is told, it's not because the person is being hateful, nor is it because the listener is hateful. It was just funny, nothing personal!

  6. Oh great, a documentary by six middle age white guys with platforms complaining about paying more attention to what jokes they write. Can’t wait for two and a half hours of mansplaining away nuance. You’re right to be offensive is not more important than some else’s identity. Also it’s just lazy, be better and write smarter jokes that don’t rely on stereotypes instead of being a dick and ranting when people point it out to you

  7. Triggered snowflake racist liberals just need to stop attacking free speech.

    Kathy Griffin joke wasn’t funny though, so her career doesn’t matter to me.

  8. This guy made a offensive joke and cathy Griffin held a decapitated head of Donald Trump .
    Me: Woah woah woah what was that again

  9. in this country we have freedom of speech if your offended by words you can either talk back or get the hell out. we don't want your snow flake ass anyway

  10. How can you complain about suffering from too much politcal correctness when you live in country where the leader is the epitome of political uncorrectness?

  11. I wouldn't lump kathy griffith in with kevin hart or the others. I think everyone agreed she stepped over the line, whereas the others didnt do much.

  12. I'm all in agreement on so many levels ;however, what Kathy G did was not comedy. I'm not a huge fan of The President but what she did should not have been done to anyone … That was not funny.

  13. No it’s not dying it’s just some comedians don’t adapt to new subjects or styles of comedy and just keep the same boring types of punchlines that were funny the first few hundred times

  14. Everybody's "too sensitive" until you get your feelings hurt, js. Some things just aren't even humorous, damn the quality of the joke.

  15. I think Kathy Griffin crossed the line. What she did wasn't even dark humor, it felt more like she was supporting ISIS. Now, Dave Chappelle that's a comedian.

  16. If you're so delicate that mere words formulated into a joke can hurt you then you seriously need to take stock of what you're doing with your life…

  17. I used to have a dark humor channel. YouTube took it down for "hate speech" ibhad nothing but love. Made this my 2nd one. It killed all my motivation to make more

  18. Crazy to think only a decade ago we had free speech & now it's essentially gone down the shitter because whiny little cumstains can't bare to hear ANYTHING that has a slight sense of humor or edge to it. Everything's gotta be bigoted in some way & it's so god damn stupid.

  19. Yes, just like every thing else, thanks ? Washington Democrat Establishment!!!!?????☠?????? R.I.P. Sam Kinison!!!!!????

  20. We might as well all get into the fetal position and cry ourselves to sleep cause we’re just a society of over sensitive cry babies now. So unfortunate. Find some humour people life’s short.

  21. Protesters will silent like comedians, just like free speech afraid of reality, then crawl back to your safe space crib PC Babys

  22. PLEASE keep comedy alive! Americans have become so super sensitive that it's absolutely ridiculous! Think about what this world be like without a great laugh???! THEY'RE JOKES!!!!!!!!!

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