Is Bernie or Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Better?

Let’s go next to our caller from the seven
Oh eight area code. Who is calling today from seven zero eight. Does that mean? Yes, it is. Hello. This is Isaiah from, uh, Chicago. You
know, I saw on a backlash you got over the last two videos about the Medicare for all
right. No, we’re never gonna get it and that, well, not never, but it’s going to be awhile.
It was my point. Yeah, but go ahead, Isaiah. No, I saying like, um, with me not being really
inspired to be even trying to vote in 2016 because those both candidates were so uninspiring
and as with me so than with millions of people around, like we feel like it’s a realistic
change within voting for Bernie because of the things that he has promised has seen so
much realistically. So if you know what the damper of the fact that we would never get
it. Do you feel it that way, like turn voters off from getting into uh, trying to vote for
Bernie? No, I w I w my hope would be that it would
actually get people to do more than just go out and vote for Bernie in the sense that
if you recognize that there’s going to be way more to the fight for Medicare for all
than just electing Bernie, for example, that it’s going to be about, you know, someone,
someone emailed me and they said, you know, David, even if we take the Senate and we get
60 votes, if only 10% defect and say we don’t want Medicare for all, it still wouldn’t pass.
And so that’s why this is going to be a much bigger fight. I would hope that people would
say, Oh, getting Bernie in is just step one. Then I’ve got to work at the Senate, I’ve
got to work on governorships. I’ve got to lobby my member of Congress. You know, there’s
a whole bunch of other stuff that hopefully people would be inspired to do. The idea is
we’re going to need to do more than just elect Bernie. We can do it, but we’ve got to do
it. It’s not just Bernie comes in and we’ve got Medicare for all. That’s my point. I have one more question. Oh, that was a good
point as well. But on the Republican side of things like we’re burning, we’re bringing
it back to Republicans that Bernie saying that he would have Medicare for all bill.
That’s changed. Like everybody stands. Like that’s something that you gotta have cause
it’s like, Oh, I’m running for Medicare for all. So what is a Republican run for in 2020
to try and give on? It’s like, besides Donald Trump’s last, what could he really say to
spark his side of voters besides the last that he’s already taught? Are you saying if you’re Donald Trump, what
do you run on in 2020? Or if you are another Republican, what do you run on in 2020? Oh, Donald Trump. Oh, Trump runs on, we know what he’s doing.
He’s running on keep America great. He’s running on the economy’s fantastic and we’re respected
around the world and we’re doing the trade deal. The U S I mean it’s all lies, but that’s
what he runs on. And if 62 million people fall for it, as long as they’re in the right
States, he wins reelection. Okay. What’s the for that, David? All right, I appreciate the call. Thank you
so much, Isaiah. Let’s go next to our caller from the three zero five area code color from
three zero five. What’s your name? Where are you calling from? Hi David. My name is Michael and Colin from
coral Springs. How are you? So I was wondering, David, I saw your video like the previous,
um, previous caller in, uh, on Medicare for all and it’s unlikely hood, um, to pass. So
I was wondering, or actually I was actually commenting on something I thought you might’ve
framed as being, uh, or framed, uh, wrong and possibly made, uh, you sound a little
bit too dismissive about Medicare for all. So that is, that is, um, I was wondering,
is it not true that Medicare for all does not seek to ban private insurance, but the
main operation of private insurance or private health care insurance in this economy, which
is, um, duplicative care, what will is what it would be actually, and I know that came
out really wrong, but no, you’re completely right. It’s, I, it’s
been of widely incorrectly stated claim that Medicare for all by necessity will ban private
insurance. I don’t believe that that is the case, but I’m going further. I’m saying that
to the extent that it is, uh, something some people want to do, uh, I don’t see legally
how you do it, but you’re completely correct. And I’ve made this during debates. It’s not,
I don’t, I don’t believe most of the candidates are looking to make private insurance illegal
that that’s correct. I think that they shouldn’t try to, I think they wouldn’t be able to and
it’s been misstated before that, uh, they all want [inaudible] [inaudible] but there’s
also a mathematical reality, um, of unless [inaudible] you have, uh, all service providers
accepting Medicare for all that changes the numbers. And it was, it was not an argue if
it seemed like I was saying their goal is to make, uh, private insurance illegal. I
was not seeing that. Thank you so much. That is exactly what I thought. No, I appreciate
you clearing that up. Uh, that being said, last question if that’s okay with Elizabeth
Warren now detailing her plan on Medicare for all, and I understand the point that you
were making an other video or one of the points being that either way, all of this is the
Medicare for all is going to have trouble going through Congress. I wanted to ask as
well now, uh, now that you see Warren’s plan for it, do you see Bernie’s plan for it? We’ve
seen it for a long time now. What do you see as more viable and does that possibly make
you lean towards endorsing one of them in the future? I don’t see either of the plans as politically
more or less viable because I’ve already pointed out much to the dismay of many in my audience
that in either case in either configuration politically it will be a huge Hill to overcome.
I believe that Elizabeth Warren’s uh, uh, cost assessments, we’re more unrealistic than
Bernie’s. I have a problem with the way Bernie is assessing predicted costs, but I think
Elizabeth Warren is even more off the Mark with it, but they are big picture. They are
pretty similar plans in terms of uh, what it, what it would cost and what would be included.
The how Elizabeth Warren, uh, would pay for it. There are some differences there, but
we’ve got a long video about this which I encourage you to check out. All right. Thank
you so much David. I appreciate the call. Thank you. You too. Great to hear from you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Who were the pricks who convinced the American people using their own money for their healthcare was unrealistic?

    Demand healthcare is paid for before any GD war machine.

  2. Bernie Sanders bill is Miles better all day everyday and on top of that Elizabeth Warren's not even truly in favor of medicare-for-all she's using a whole bunch of weasel words in her plan and she's talking about how she's going to expand Obamacare in the first year and then three years down the line is when she's going to fight from medicare-for-all so she's going to have a completely separate battle it's absolutely insane and hers I would argue is far less likely to get past and Bernie Sanders cuz at least with Bernie Sanders he only has to fight the battle once Bernie Sanders bill is miles better all day everyday and on top of that Elizabeth boys not even truly in favor of Medicare for a she's using a whole bunch of weasel words in her plan and she's talking about how she's going to expand Obamacare in the first year and then 3 years down the line is when she's going to fight from Medicare for all so she's going to have a completely separate battle it's absolutely insane and hers i wold argue is far less likely to get past and Bernie Sanders cuz at least with Bernie Sanders he only has to fight the battle once wish she has to fight to separate battle!

  3. we Love the David pakman show work on healthcare! If you want great healthcare ideas, go visit Delaney2020. We need real solutions, not impossible promises to beat trump

  4. Warren isnt even for Medicare for all yall left wing media people need to stop making it seem like her and Bernie and even the same you are being dishonest to your audience.

  5. The first caller is correct that if people know M4A will take a very long time, they will be a bit less excited about voting. But, it's better that they understand this rather than being misled and later disappointed. It also helps prevent other less progressive camps from thinking we are out of touch with reality and smearing us as such.

  6. Theirs no argument medicare for all is god given right for the people Its in Canada , UK , Australia , Scandinavian countries etc .

  7. Bernie and Elizabeth, I definitely don't want their Healthcare for all they are offering. I am good, matter fact they don't have nothing that I want so they can just move on, business as usual.

  8. Indeed. The main battle is Congress and even a circumstance of Democrats having control of both houses does not ensure that Congress would pass Medicare-for-All legislation.

  9. You mean, the Medicare plan that Warren doesn’t want to do for three years? Of course Bernie Sanders Medicare for all is better! Not even a sensible question!

  10. Does "medicare for all" mean. Base Medicare only covers the first 80%, you will need an advantage or supplement for the last 20%? If "medicare for All" means eliminating Medicaid, it will not work. Many low income seniors (average SS retirement 1350.00) struggle with paying copays and deductibles plus housing. I have 4 specialists and 1 colonoscopy,1 MRI scheduled for Dec. This is 4×30, 1X185,1 X95. Seniors have been struggling for a good while trying to pay rent and medical costs. Now you want to introduce a group that is used to getting it all paid for (that group that currently receives Medicaid) These people do not know how to budget (or use birth control) No way Medicare for all works for them.

  11. I don't trust warren to follow through. She will fold under pressure. The democrats will pull her into a room and rearrange her priorities. Bernie will FIGHT.

  12. Warren is like a nervous little mouse running around and wrote her plan for healthcare while in the bathroom and found a pen on the floor.

  13. What does it matter? (I don’t have anything personally against them, but…) Neither’s Medicare For All plan will make it,… because roughly half of the American people will NOT be giving up their working healthcare plans for a Presto Bango pie in the sky plan. FACT. Now Medicare For All Who Want It is another matter entirely. But these two aren’t selling that, are they?

  14. I support the Medicare For All BILL authored by Senator Sanders. It covers mental health and addictions at point of service, it covers home health and addresses hospital monopolies which no one else's health Plans do. The Public Option plan that came out a couple of weeks ago by Warren is designed to stall.

  15. Medicare For All BILL by Bernie Sanders vs. Public Option PLAN by CAP . You're framing the question like Chuck Todd over here David. Lol.

  16. Regardless of any disagreements we have on candidates or policy keep in mind at the end of this process we need to unite behind a single candidate.

  17. Warren's plan is better and more passable than Bernie's. Bernie wants to tax the middle class which is problematic especially if the gov botches health care distribution essentially making the middle class pay extra tax for nothing. With Warren the middle class stays safe so it's easier to sell them on that plan. Also like David said before we not getting M4A as it is currently preached, it will be watered down possibly a public option which Warren understands and is realistic about making her a more effective leader than some one who is stubborn.

  18. Calling from my phone duh. Now put David on ya jerky!
    Vermin Supreme 2020!
    Long story short,
    I need that free pony guys!
    (good steaks)

  19. The correct answer is Bernie has the best plan, the movement. Politically Warren's plan is a disaster, harder than Bernie's. There is no Financial problem in both cases because money is unlimited in the federal government, the only question would be if there are the real resources to deliver the service.

  20. This call is my issue with a lot Bernie/Tulsi/Yang followers. They don't seem to understand that the Senate and House pass the laws. A President alone can't make unilateral decisions on M4A or Universal college. It is more religious cult than politics. Sorry if this pisses people off

  21. Please remind SUSAN COLLINS what she said to get elected….she knocked on my door and told me I should vote for her because she wasn't a politician, and would only serve 1 term….Dope..I fell for it

  22. The US citizen needs to understand what the difference between Democratic Socialism and Communism Socialism is and if Bernie is elected he has the power to make Executive Orders to pass his promises.

  23. Too few Americans bother to vote so the old Conservatives who do bother win. If you want real change the 18-40 year olds have to get out and vote for a progressive democrat with backbone and courage.

  24. In order to get Medicare-For-All we need to overturn the lies that are being propagated in the press.
    Lie #1: We can't afford it. ANS: We already pay $3.5 trillion per year for current healthcare. When insurance companies are eliminated, $3.5 trillion/year is more than enough for Medicare-For-All.
    Lie #2: It will raise taxes. ANS: All monies taken out of an employee's paycheck are a form of taxes, even if it's payed to private insurance companies. Thus total money taken out of a paycheck will decrease, not increase.
    Lie #3: Medicare is being subsidized by private health insurers, therefore, it cannot survive without private insurers. ANS: No hospital or doctor is currently forced to accept Medicare. They negotiate a price just like private insurers do. No hospital or doctor would lose money on healthcare, neither now nor in the future.
    Lie #4: Healthcare would be rationed under Medicare-For-All. ANS: Nothing could be worse than the current system of private insurance where you go to a doctor or the ER, and then, your private insurance refuses to pay based on a diagnosis you could not have known in advance. This is the worse form of rationing because it burdens families with tens of thousands of dollars of debt they cannot ever pay off and may ruin their credit forever.
    This is but a small sample of the lies floating around the internet about current Medicare and Medicare-For-All.
    Attached below is one woman's story about her hospital bill being rejected by her private insurance:

  25. That's the Pakman I know and love. Nothing but plainspoken intellectual honesty.

    The sad truth is us progressives have a lot of work to do, and nitpicking over purity tests doesn't help.

  26. The first caller said twice that Pakman claimed we are 'never' getting Med4all. Shows how much people actually LISTEN to what Pakman is saying.

  27. Most people in the Senate know we cannot pay for Medicare for all, I live in the great bankrupt state of Illinois; are the rest of the states going to chip in and help pay/bailout Illinois?….and thanks to all the past democrats that bankrupted Chicago for the past 80 years.

  28. Warren's would have to be good toe begin with, in order to compete with anything. Her proposal is just laughable, she's shown her true fauxgresive colors with it.

  29. I'm sorry I honestly dont care who's is better, if I could stop having patients fucking refuse service because they cant afford it and have accepted that they are going to die because they wont do that to their family that would be great

  30. 75% of American voters are pro medicare for all. 81% of democrat voters are pro medicare for all. In many European Countries medicare for all and private Health Insurance are running simultaneously. Here in Denmark private Insurance is constructed to skip the lines in the, very few, private hospitals.

  31. Bernie is the only one running on actual Medicare for all, the rest are either pretending to run on it with no intention of fighting for it or running on a compromise plan that is not Medicare for all. Interesting that candidates who backed Medicare for all got a boost and then backed off from it then took a nose-dive in the polls, it is a massively important issue to voters, so it's odd that Bernie isn't the top candidate by a landslide right now.

  32. Bernie covers all. Warren does not. Universal all encompassing health care is possible. If America can on a whim even offer a multibillion company 3 billion dollar tax break when they don't need it, they can spend billions on health care for people who do need it.

  33. Here's a quick(ish) rundown on one of the ways M4A could work. I'm going to use the UK's system because I know it, but I also think it's misunderstood (and don't believe a word that republicans say about it! As ever, they take a tiny glance and blow everything up out of proportion. We do complain about it, but it's just our way. Nobody else is allowed to complain about it, they don't use it! Try to end the NHS aaaannnd goodbye political career!)

    For those who don't know, even in the UK and European countries where there is universal healthcare, private healthcare is available. You obviously have to pay for it, and having it won't reduce your NI (that's national insurance, the UK's "tax", which like income tax is based on how much you earn, you don't have to pay any until you're earning a specific amount, etc, and which covers medical care, state benefits, state pensions and so on. Of course, in the UK's context, state means the whole country). The reason being that private healthcare is a choice, there are some half-and-half insurances which help pay for the things the NHS doesn't cover in full (like glasses) but they don't cover everything, and for other occasions when, for example, you're in an emergency situation which private healthcare doesn't cover (or you're not in a position to say you want to go to a BUPA hospital. BUPA being the biggest private healthcare provider and, I think, the only one which builds its own hospitals).
    Of course, it also covers you if you suddenly end up jobless and bankrupt later and can't afford private healthcare, or to pay into your personal pension plan, etc. We can't predict the future, no matter how rich we are! So it's only fair that those of us who can, pay now and possibly benefit later.
    I'm a case in point. I paid my taxes and NI without complaint despite working long hours and living payday to payday. I've always had a "bad back", but assumed I'd be like my dad and at least work well into my 50s before it would catch up with me. Unfortunately I was laid off in my late 20s while 8 months pregnant with #2, decided I'd be a SAHM and return to work later. But during that time my condition worsened to the point where I became registered disabled and couldn't work. I was at least glad that during the decade or so I was able to work, I had paid NI despite everything we had to go without at that time (it was the 90s, we were still suffering from Thatcher's idea of "good economics…" She was as bad as Reagan!). Having made a contribution made me feel better about accepting the help I need now.
    I get the impression that some people in the US don't like the idea of accepting state help, and I understand that feeling all too well – we all get it, it's not a fun thing to have to do. But if you've paid your way, as it were, knowing also that what you paid "had your back" but also helped those unable to help themselves (eg those born with severe disabilities to the point where they could never work), it's less, well, embarrassing to accept that help.
    Hubby's still working and paying in, despite him also having become disabled, but neither of us are bothered by the tax or NI that comes out of his salary (though like many, we could do with him not having to pay any!). We understand that you have to pay for what you get, one way or another. That's either in taxes, in whatever form, or sudden – usually large – bills. I see taxes much like you see health insurance. You pay budgeted amounts now so you don't have to try to find the money to pay an eye-wateringly high bill out of the blue later. Taxes are similar in that you pay now and the state services you need at any time don't come with an invoice.

    Being able to go see a doctor, have an operation (I've had a few, including two lifesaving ones), and so on without worrying about a bill – this includes ambulance services, btw, it's all included – stops us from having a major headache and sleepless nights. It actually means it's ok for him to work, because we don't miss out on universal healthcare for being "too wealthy" (ha ha, he's in education – not a teacher. Now that's where I could complain!!). It means we can have elective surgery (eg I had all 4 wisdom teeth out in hospital – two of them, the really painful ones, were literally growing into my teeth from the jaw, to the point where "impacted" was an understatement) where your only worries are the typical medical ones. We don't have to make difficult choices between paying for treatment and something else, like eating.

    Anyway, the point is this. There is always going to be some sort of payment you, as a country, make for universal healthcare. However, having it free at the point of use is an absolute blessing. Ours is not a perfect system, there is no such thing as a perfect system, especially when run by government. But, my SiL, now a naturalised American with two American-born kids (their dad's so non-native American, his family literally came over in the first wave of pilgrims), would give anything to have something like the NHS in NC. Medical insurance payments are way higher than her NI payments ever were. Oh yes, it's not charged by how big your family is, btw, it's purely based on earnings, so you don't have to pay more if you have kids.

    I hope that gives some idea regarding how this sort of system works. It's not the only model, every European country which has it has one best suited to its governmental system. You'd have one which would (or should) be best suited to you. But it wouldn't take away your ability to choose between free & private treatment. You could end up with a similar one to us where we can decide to "go private", as we put it, for individual treatments, but generally use the NHS. You wouldn't be a burden to the state because you'd still be paying into it – if you could afford it – and it would be a lot cheaper than the insurance premiums from what I understand. Unless you're wealthy (genuinely that is) where the percentage paid might mean that your private insurance works out cheaper, but frankly, if you're that wealthy, you probably wouldn't notice! It might even encourage competition between the medical insurance services because you wouldn't need them. They'd want to persuade you to "have your choice" but why would you pay high premiums for something you don't need? That way those who would be paying towards the free healthcare could end up paying less for their private healthcare. It's a win-win situation.

    Good luck trying to choose the best system for your country. It's not going to be easy. It will probably be unwelcome in surprising quarters (the NHS wasn't that popular initially with the poorer Brits because using it – in their eyes – would have the neighbours think you were too poor and unable to save up to see the doctor. We're a very proud nation lol). But over time, you will certainly grow to appreciate, then love it, despite its faults.

  34. WTF—Trump winning in 2020? People, the media is not telling us the truth!! People, Congress has proven that Trump is a Russian Spy 🕵️‍♀️—The media is Communist, they don’t care about America!! People. Trump said that she was born in NYC as a male—People, Trump is NOT male, Trump is a woman with female genitalia—You all need to ask Congress about this—!! Trump was born in Russia as a FEMALE— Trump is a Russian imposter who came to this Country in 1987 to destroy us——The Senators cannot overlook this fact—Trump should not only be impeached, but should be hung from the highest tree—!! There’s no way Trump can defend her actions against the U.S.

  35. Why did Warren abandon universal healthcare on Nov.16th? Breaking down the path to "getting" Universal Healthcare: Warren's three healthcare obstacles VS. Sanders' one

    1st fight: restore Obamacare (will likely settle here, party marching orders)
    2nd fight: Public Option (her party is against this even though they posture it for votes now)
    3rd fight in maybe 4 years: Medicare-for-all (won't happen from DEMOCRAT Warren. Party is against it now, has NEVER supported it)
    Warren's remaining political capital before M4A fight ever begins= 0%

    One fight, straight to M4A, starting week 1
    Sanders' political capital remaining before M4A fight = 100%

    Instead of one healthcare fight, Warren needs three just to catch up to Sanders. Mission impossible? Warren will have no political capital left after wasting time tinkering with Obamacare. This plan is BY DESIGN, courtesy of party cadre. Regardless, standard Obamacare WITHOUT a public option ALREADY lost to Trump in 2016. Warren's plan AVOIDS M4A while pandering votes now. Party won't have it, forcing Warren to crap the bed now, forcing her flip flop to Obamacare. Marching orders from corporate >> accepted! Warren could lose to Trump pushing the same losing strategy. Why risk it? See 2016. Anyone have evidence the party will support M4A in 4 years? Who will back down then, the party or Warren? 🤔 Warren JUST backed down on Nov. 16th. Connect the dots folks. Warren DOES NOT CONTROL her healthcare policy.
    (Note: Public Option is NOT publicly funded, is not universal healthcare, and will keep tens of millions uninsured with high admin costs of a multipayer system)

    www reason com/2019/11/19/elizabeth-gives-up-on-medicare-for-all/

    www nypost com/2019/11/18/whats-behind-liz-warrens-humiliating-retreat-on-medicare-for-all

    www theintercept com/2019/02/05/nancy-pelosi-medicare-for-all/

    www blackagendareport com/pelosi-sabotages-medicare-all-corporate-media-pretend-not-notice

    www politico com/story/2018/12/10/establishment-democrats-progressive-medicare-1052215

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