Is America Really A Democracy?

Political season it as its height right now
and we’re all glad to be Americans because we live in a democracy. Well, wait, is this
really a democracy? America is not a democracy. See I was talking with this guy. Uh, my name is Ben Swan. He does a lot of journalism about our political
system. And I am a reporter and anchor with WXIX TV
in Cincinnati. I am also the host and producer of Reality Check. And I was trying to figure out what he meant.
So we started talking about ancient Greece. So ancient Greece was a democracy. The people
had the ultimate say. So for instance in the case of the health care law instead of having
lawmakers who would draft a bill and vote on a bill and then let the people know what
the decision was, they would write a bill, a healthcare bill, and then all the people
would go to the polls. And the people would vote and if the majority of the people said
we like the healthcare law, it would become law. And if the majority of people said we
don’t like it then it wouldn’t become law. Everything would be based upon majority rules.
But when the founders created our Constitution and our Bill of Rights they established a
form of government and they actually determined that a democracy was the worst form of government. Uh, the worst form of government? Many of the founders said that democracy was
nothing more than mob rule. And so they were against democracy and instead felt the correct
form of government for this free nation was a republic. Ah, yes, a republic. To the Republic for which
it stands and stuff like that. So what’s a republic? Well a republic is a form of government. Let
me start that again. A republic is a form of government where the people will go to
the polls to elect men and women who represent them and then those elected leaders create
and vote on laws. The people don’t vote directly on laws that affect their life, rather, it’s
lawmakers who are chosen among the people. And these are supposed to be the best, the
smartest, the most ethical, the most moral, the most upright men and women in a society
who represent the majority of society. And that’s the form of government we have in the
United States. The other thing that’s important to understand is the distinction between democracy
and a republic is that a democracy is the rule of man. Man ruling over each other, which
our founders believed turns into mob rule. A republic is the rule of law. Laws are formed
and created as a bill of rights or a constitution and then those laws are never superseded by
mob rule or superseded by elected officials. They are all under law. So republic is actually
the rule of law. You heard it here. We are ruled by law, in
a republic. Let’s go elect some officials than. Ben, thanks for talking. It was a pleasure. Hey, this is John from Epipheo. Thanks for
watching this week. We would love to hear your comments on this week’s video about being
a republic versus being a democracy. Also I recommend that you subscribe. Next week
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Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. I am extremely confused. I thought republic was just a form of government as opposed to monarchy for example. And democracy was how the power was given (to the people). The UK is a representative democratic monarchy while the US is a representative democratic republic.

    Am I wrong?

  2. So they're saying
    1) Americans are slaves to an all-powerful republic to which they don't CONSENT; and
    2) that's the way it SHOULD be.

  3. People are not smart enough to make decisions like the new health care law.
    If someone is in charge he will succeed his goal even if people could actually choose whether they agree or disagree with the law by using demagogy.
    We get power with knowledge and critical thinking or else the right of vote is wasted
    (Not native speaker)

  4. hey I know this is out of context but is the gakactic republic a democracy or a republic beacause I see a lot of democratic scenes in the clone wars

  5. All those people who think America is a democracy is just plain ignorant of the fact that America has a CONGRESS and SENATE which makes and tries to pass laws that they deem votable for themselves and those laws they deem votable for the public. (If that makes no sense to you I'm sorry.) And I get really triggered when someone says America is a democracy, and I get so triggered cause I'm a pretty big History and Geography buff.

  6. "Anakin, my allegiance is to the Republic, to Democracy!"

    "If you are not with me… Wait… what did you say?"

  7. We need rule by the people (direct democracy) instead of rule by the government (representative democracy).

  8. I have to say this video missed the point on difference. It is not about whether the people vote direct or through representation but rather if the law established the powers given to the government and restricts what can be governed

  9. The US is a democracy! Don't be stupid.
    A republic or democratic republic or representative democracy (they all have the same meaning) is a form of democracy.
    It's a fact, it's not a matter of opinion.

  10. Athenian or Roman Republic ?!
    Government in the United States is an Oligarchy/Plutocracy with a facade of Republican Institutions and the Final Collapse is coming within a few decades.

  11. When I was a kid… I remember every morning at school, We( everyone in the classroom) would pledged our allegiance to a REPUBLIC! and NOT a democracy….

  12. Brilliant. I'm glad that I figured this out "republic republic" that is what is written down, not "democracy democracy".

  13. America was meant to be a Republic and still is ! Liberal new world order traitors try and make you think its a democracy. but its a Republic.

  14. Mistake at 1:55: Our servant politicians are NOT leaders. They are our servants. THAT defines a republic!
    Failed civilizations turn into timocracies, oligarchies, democracies, and tyrannies. Axiomatically, we are 50 little illegal oligarchies and one bloated, illegal timocracy. Please remove or repair your video. It doesn't make people smarter.

  15. You both are wrong: The land-mass labeled "United States of America", and its supposed capitol known as "District of Columbia", have been managed under Lincoln's General Order 100 known as the Lieber Code of 1863, since that time. The Republic was vacated/abandoned in March of 1861 and has not returned to that since. The Republic, while still available to those wanting to re-inhabit it, sits largely vacant to this day. There have been efforts to re-inhabit it, and there have been efforts to dissolve it. Since the "Civil War" never had a treaty to officially end it, that conflict continues to this day. That makes this land-mass governed by a militarily-held (loosely Martial Law) democracy in the form of multiple municipal corporations (being franchises of each other and UNITED STATES on DC) under international bankruptcy to the Vatican/Illuminati/Rothschild controlled cabal. Thanks for reading.

  16. Your democracy is fake. USA is misunderstanding! You can be shot by a cop! Hah… Ridiculous)) Russian Empire is real democracy.

  17. The rich hate democracy since most will demand that they need to be taxes higher! Republik or oligarchy is the best for them!

  18. A true democracy would never work. Socrates used an excellent example in that regard. Let’s say you are on a ship, and you are going to choose who is going to be in charge of the ship. Would you choose a group of educated and experienced seafarers or a random group of shipsmates with no experience? Of course you choose the seafarers who knows what they are doing. That is our democracy today. Everyone gets to vote on the representative that supports their interests, and then lets them(the hopefully educated and sane person) make the choice . But I believe that the democracy in the us is not right. The ones who get elected is not who is the best one, but the one with the most money. The democracy in America is not run by the people, but by money.

  19. America is a republic, and citizens better be happy that it is because if it was a straight democratic government, all of our rights can be taken away by the majority!
    Think about this, for a minute, and ask yourself, who is the majority today? The stupid, and the stupid socialist sodomite that’s the majority in our country today!
    Look, at what these stupid socialist sodomites have already caused.
    Our freedom of speech has been ruined because of democratic socialist sodomization.
    Our right to bear arms is being destroyed because of democratic socialist sodomization.
    Our intelligence has been retarded because of democratic socialist sodomization.
    Equality, and democracy can easily become a tool, for instilling equalized oppression, and modernized slavery!
    Stupidity is the most dangerous weapon in the world that is always underestimated until the damage is done.
    Anytime the diseased sodomizing cock of dumbocratic socialism stands erect, mass stupidity has overtaken that society.
    Dumbocratic socialism is a parasite that lives on the back of stupidity, and feeds on the stupidity of stupid people.
    The stupid cannot comprehend freedom because they think that their vision of freedom is freedom, for all, and that is not freedom, it is oppression.
    These people claim freedom as long, as that freedom is their way.
    Differentiate from their version of freedom, and they use equality as a weapon to oppress that differential freedom, forcing it back down into the abyss of their stupidity to drown with them.
    An unbalanced democracy is weaponized stupidity, by the stupid, of the stupid, for the stupid, to make everybody stupid.

  20. Calling America a Democracy is insulting.
    Democracy is Communism.
    Democracy is Socialism.
    Democracy is Fascism.
    Democracy is Tyrany.
    Democracy is a Dictatorship.

  21. of course America is not a real democracy, it's like in their own starwars movies, an empire with token congress, the true power is in the hands of a handful people, when the evil emperor feels everything is completed, he just dissolves the congress and shows the real face. the united states of America now following this track.

  22. The most idiotic explanation ever.

    If Democracy (Demos= people + cratos=power) and Republic (Res= reign + public) mean substantially the same exact thing in two different languages, just as eggplant and aubergine do, then why should they be two different political systems?

    Greece was never a democracy! In contrast, every famous Greek you know had been anything but a democrat. (King Theseus, Tyrant Pelops, Tyrant Dyonysius, King Leonidas, King Alexander the Great, King Ptolemy, King Pyros etc.

    For Greeks democracy was a way of life not a political system, they didn't need a law to speak freely. However, they spoke responsibly and their debates intended to better their society, not to slander and defame others.

  23. Yes it is a democracy. See, people juxtapose democracy with what is really a plebiscite. Democracy, Judaic priesthood, banking, APARTHEID, and capitalism are all the same thing, Psychologically. And the plebiscite is the antithesis of all of these, which are really just one thing [Psychologically]. And food for thought, the word LAW, used to be DOOM. That is, in Old English, we would say 'The US is a nation of DOOMS.'

  24. Democracy and capitalism are incompatible with each other because democracy is a rule of the majority whereas capitalism is a rule of moneylenders and moneybags. That is why there's no democracy in capitalist countries.

  25. Is the US a democracy?

    Hope that settle things 🤣

    If we were as weak as the French, this country would be 20x times worse than the Great Depression and the chaotic wild west combined.

  26. We're a representative democracy, as well as a constitutional republic. They mean pretty much the same thing. To say we aren't a democracy is objectively false because a representative democracy is still a democracy. We're not the old-timey direct democracy that really isn't seen too much in the modern era. But words change meaning over time and they change meaning based on context. When somebody says "The US is a democracy" the representative part is implicit. Just as in this video that rightfully refers to the US as a republic, the constitutional part is implicit.

  27. I heard on past episodes of mash it being called a democracy they've been trying to brainwash us for a long time it hadn't started with Obama it's on old episodes of mash were they call it a democracy

  28. The USA is both a representative democracy and a constitutional republic. Greece was something called direct democracy which means that everyone votes on every decision made by the government, but since that isn't practical in a modern country, we elect representatives to vote on for example which laws should and shouldn't be enacted. This is the form of government that virtually every western nation has, but most western nation are also republics, constitutional republics to be precise. Yes, countries can both be a democracy and a republic, because a republic is every nation that doesn't have a Monarch. The " constitutional" in constitutional republic means that the country has a constitution. In a democracy that has a constitution, like the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany and many more, the constitution still applies, meaning that it isn’t mob rule. Yes, with enough seats in parliament the constitution can be changed, also in the USA, which is important because, for example, sometimes our moral understanding shifts and the laws have to adapt to this new moral understanding. It happened several times in every country and will surely happen several times again. This is why the USA is both a representative democracy and a constitutional republic.

  29. Wasn’t the original democracies of Ancient Greece also constitutional forms of government, since they had some form of written or oral constitution, such as in Athens or Sparta?

  30. "Liberal democracy is a liberal political ideology and a form of government in which representative democracy operates under the principles of classical liberalism. Also called Western democracy, it is characterised by elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, a market economy with private property, and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people.
    A liberal democracy may take various constitutional forms: it may be a constitutional monarchy (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the United Kingdom) or a republic (France, India, Italy, Ireland, the United States). It may have a parliamentary system (Australia, Canada, India, Israel, Ireland, Italy, the United Kingdom), a presidential system (Indonesia, the United States) or a semi-presidential system (France, Romania)."
    Guess I'll just go fuck myself then?

  31. the only democracy in america is what the noecons try to export to other countries via military occupation, economic sabotage and central banking.

  32. Do you still have no democracy? Then we go to you! United States of America # (Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine) Now Venezuela!

  33. I dont think so if you look closely it can clearly seems as a communists country nations they considered and treats others nations and religions as animals and terrorist they are just themself and their jews fathers

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  35. Its Simple.
    Reality = America is a constitutional republic
    Delusion= liberal democracy to usher in the new world order one world satanic communist government moloch worshiping sick fucks and devil sympathizers is what society is today

  36. There is clearly one One Bully in this world. This bully get away with stealing all the natural resources from almost every country. This bully needs to have some light shine down on it so all can see. Said bully is the scapegoat & Implement for the Tycoons. It is a foreign owned Corporation doing business as ( THE UNITED STATES & THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ) These Corporation's have usurped the organic Republican form of Government once known as "The Republic of America"

  37. This idiot doesn't know what "representative democracy" is. Just because direct democracy isn't used, it doesn't mean America isn't a democracy. It is.

  38. We are supposed to be a constitutional republic but currently we are an oligarchy.

    We pledge to the republic therefore any american that roots for democracy is an enemy of the republic.

    We will end up as a dictatorship in response.

    Democracy is tyranny of the masses it leads to dictatorship.

  39. America is a constitutional republic, which simplified is a representative democracy, which is a revised form of democracy. We do not vote on federal laws directly but we do indirectly when we vote for representatives. James Wilson, one of the main drafters of the Constitution and one of the first Supreme Court justices, defended the Constitution in 1787 by speaking of the three forms of government being the "monarchical, aristocratical, and democratical," and said that in a democracy the sovereign power is "inherent in the people, and is either exercised by themselves or by their representatives." This makes the argument on democracy though it may not be a true democracy, it is still again, a form of democracy.


  41. Please support Pakistani Civilians, in implementation of Pure democracy, against military rule.

  42. Great video. I don't know how many people think that republic and democracy are the same thing. They do have some overlap but the constitution protects us from mob rule. I just wish that ALL modern politicians would obey the constitution.

  43. The US is so proud of its democracy, as well as of human rights and the UN. But the truth is very diffrent. In fact, the US is the largest terrorist state in the world, with 7 illegal wars and illegal unilateral drones attacking even civilians abroad. Military expenditures amounting to about 600 billion dollars and about 1000 bases worldwide, prove this sick policy. The Pentagon was supposed to be called "The War Ministry", not the Department of Defense.

  44. The US is so proud of its democracy, as well as of human rights and the UN. But the truth is very diffrent. In fact, the US is the largest terrorist state in the world, with 7 illegal wars and illegal unilateral drones attacking even civilians abroad. Military expenditures amounting to about 600 billion dollars and about 1000 bases worldwide, prove this sick policy. The Pentagon was supposed to be called "The War Ministry", not the Department of Defense.

  45. The US is so proud of its democracy, as well as of human rights and the UN. But the truth is very diffrent. In fact, the US is the largest terrorist state in the world, with 7 illegal wars and illegal unilateral drones attacking even civilians abroad. Military expenditures amounting to about 600 billion dollars and about 1000 bases worldwide, prove this sick policy. The Pentagon was supposed to be called "The War Ministry", not the Department of Defense.

  46. In an earlier interview with US President Bill Clinton, he said: „Not I have the real power, but a shadow government in the background“. The people who have the real power, these aren`t democrats, but plutocrats. These work in organizations such as CFR (= Council on Foreign Relations), TLC (= Trilateral Kommision), Bohemian Club, Skull & Bones and Bilderberger Group. This information is true fact, not fantasy.

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