Irish politician Ruth Coppinger shows women's thong in parliament in sex assault protest

tea shock eight months ago thousands of people took to the streets following the belfast so-called robbie rape trial we protested the treatment of a young woman involved at her clothing being passed around to the jury but this week another young woman has suffered the humiliation and the cork rape trial we can't comment on the verdict in the case but we need to focus on the lessons why is nothing yes being done to stop the routine use of rape myths and trials and how concerned is this government about the chilling effect this is having on victims coming forward a barrister actually told a jury to quote look at the way she was dressed that she was quote open to meeting someone and quotes because she was quote wearing a thong with a lace front a 17 year old was put in the dock for her choice of underwear and she was open to meeting someone was the implication she was asking for it women in this country are getting a little bit weary us the retain victim blaming going on in Irish courts and the failure of lawmakers in this house to do anything about us either the judiciary actually believes these rape myths in which case they should be forced to do education not voluntary or they're just using them to introduce sexist stereotypes that they know exist in society and among juries I suspect the latter now we've seen recently closed fake tongue even contraception being used to discredit women who have the bravery to go to court but the last rape crisis Network study estimated a fast 10 percent of rapes ever get reported and only one in 40 rapes have an appropriate punishment so how heroic do you have to be to some how much levels of fortitude to pursue a rape trial in this country particularly when research actually shows you've less chance of a conviction if you're young if you knew the rapist if you'd any alcohol or drugs consumed if you're working-class up against a well-paid lawyer now we don't have data in this country because of the lack of Vasavi report but the TU seem Britain for example found 63% of 18 to 24 year olds experience section harassment at work 69% of hospitality workers on 67% of manual workers and last week Google workers effectively took strike action even though they don't have a union against sexual harassment and inequality meet who now has to be taken into the workplace and into society and women and men are seen the necessity for themselves to take action because they can't wait for the pace of change being offered by this Parliament protests have been called in five cities against the conduct of this trial tomorrow at the spire at one o'clock and in Cork us in Patrick Street at one o'clock and in other cities as well and it might seem embarrassing to show a pair of thongs here in this and Congress rattling of the doll to be what the reason I'm doing is how do you think a rape victim or a woman feels conquer assassin / Linda we're being show in a corner to respond and when assist I'll go to take serious action to respond three minutes thanks I was thank deputy carpenter for raising this important issue which I know is one of enormous concern to the Irish public both the men and both women and let me say this and that there be no doubt about us nobody asked to be asked to be raped and it's never the victims fault it doesn't matter what you wear it doesn't matter where you went who you went with or what you took whether it was drugs or alcohol nobody who's a victim of sexual violence nobody who's a victim of rape is ever to blame for the crime committed on them and I believe that any defense on those lines is absolutely reprehensible and let me put that very clearly on the record of the storm in terms of any individual court cases you know how the courts work we live in a democracy this is Parliament Parliament is separate from the courts there's a prosecution there's a defense the judge and jury hear the trial hear all the evidence come to a decision as to whether a conviction or not and then the judge rules an appropriate sentence and we can't interfere in the way individual court cases are conducted however I do believe we need to examine this matter and review has been established under the chairmanship of Tom O'Mally who's a recognized expert in this area and he's going to look at issues such as the evidence offered protocols and the practice in the procedure to see if we can make an improvement as to how such trials are conducted point is that this doll hasn't taken sexual violence and harassment anyway seriously enough in comparison to the level of anger and outrage that there is out there in society we need massive legal changes and we need a discussion about consent throughout the length and breadth of society and you could start by immediately approving the sex ed bill that solidarity force which has consent at its core but will you give a commitment T shock to have compulsory training for the judiciary and juries to have advocates for survivors to put the survivor at the center of so we don't have the high attrition rate that we currently have for sexual cases what most people haven't always two to three years to have their case hurt a reversal of all the quotes to the rape crisis centers that were imposed over the last ten years to make sure that they can do the type of research that's necessary and also can you know set up the specialist units and the Guardi that were apparently dropped for whatever reason we also I would encourage that yes we know that there's a report coming from Tom O'Mally but it's piecemeal and it's snail-pace change when you compare the huge global phenomenon in society and I would encourage people to come to the protests because the political establishment to act stays you have one minute to respond I think it's just important to record what this Arrakis has done we've passed on new domestic violence legislation gender-based violence legislation only in the last couple of months and that will enable us to sign the Istanbul Convention on domestic violence and gender-based violence in terms of services for the rape crisis networks as you'll be aware too says the funder of domestic sexual and gender-based violence services and the budget for that has now been increased twenty three point eight million that's a three point four million increase in twenty six in the 2016-2018 period i know that some individual service providers and advocacy bodies have had their funding reduced others have had it increased but overall there's been an increase in fact in funding for those areas and also we put a large amount of effort into the whole issue of consent workshops of professionals and a big effort particularly in education in our schools and in our universities to make sure that those those discussions are happening thank you

Maurice Vega

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  1. why do men think they have the right to do this? Why the fuck would you ever rape someone? animals

  2. Does anyone know or have a link to the details of the actual trial??? Even if he was aquitted of rape shouldn't he still be convicted of a pedophilic act or something? She was still underage! Am I missing something here?

  3. Can someone tell me the whole story, is it a false accusations or is there solid evidence against the accused? Like all I see is this panty crap, I want to know the context!

  4. Why on earth do they have bells in parliament? I like how people are able to speak without others talking over, but such speeches shouldn't be timed.

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