Iran releases American student in prisoner swap

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why they keep coming to this Country? they don't look like American, But when Iran find out your American Citizen, they will send you to prison…

  2. Not a single mention of switzerland who conveyed between the interests of iran and usa and made the exchange even possible?

  3. “ stoping war “ bringing our boys home “ 1-energy’s producer “ 1- economy “1- unemployment “ 1- military “ 1- stock market “
    Charity’s his pay “ does not need job “
    Wake up American “ little thankfulness “

  4. Obama would have just given Iran their prisoner for free! Probably with a pallet full of money because why not! Trump 2020 Baby!

  5. Americans need to stay out of these areas where they know they can be imprisoned for just walking and talking. It puts stress on families and government. Where has common sense gone?

  6. I talk to people from around the world daily and President Trump is one of the most respected President in foreign countries in modern times. Those saying he is not, is fake news!

  7. Although I'm glad this man is free . American? He dosen't look it. Just because you were born here shouldn't make you an "American " . If I or you were born in Russia or China does that make us Chinese or Russian? Only in jewmerica!

  8. Let me tell you why he went to Iran. He is a PhD candidate of history. His research is about a historical topic of Iran. So he has to go to Iran to do his research.

  9. I’m happy we got him back but this crap needs to stop. When they wrongly imprison our citizens to try and get us to do what they want we need to just start dropping bodies. Make them regret ever seeing an American citizen.

  10. Who did we give up for some student is what I want to know
    All these liberals go to Iran and North Korea get locked up then say you know I was wrong help my mr president

  11. I’m totally convinced! Definitely not a political stunt.
    Clearly a “student” with a family who simply travels to foreign counties for recreational purposes.
    Hasn’t the gop been doing this schtick since Reagan first came into power?

  12. Well done trump .. he is the only President who is standing up … During Obama presidency the people of Iran ask for help and he turned his back on them.

  13. How has the military industrial complex strategy worked in the middle east? Think we should give more foreign aid? Think we should train foreigners to fly jets?

  14. I am glad that the student is back. Hver, I want to know; Why in hell him or any other people want to go to any of those Islamic countries knowing that they hate the West?

    I would leave them there if they didn't have any valuable reason why they went to enemy countries in first place.

  15. I here that trump did a high altitude para assault and killed the guards with hand to hand…then flew the hostages out in a iranian helicopter he personally hijacked. He just does not want to talk about it and make it about himself…such a humble man….stable genius with very large brain

  16. It takes a special type of person to go out and visit in a country that hates Americans. Kind of like a electrician playing with live wires

  17. Other world leaders may hate him, but they sure as hell know he's a man of his word. Meaning don't F with him cause he'll send you back to the stone ages.

  18. Im a Black man i Love trump voted for him in 2016 and 2020 will do it again< i got my twitter page suspended because i Love Trump. I will not stop TRUMP2020 MAGA.

  19. President Trump is a Man of the People ,for the People, elected by the People! God Bless President Trump! The Lord is all we need. President Trump demonstrates this! Here is a Man who against all odds sits in the most Powerful Position in the World, who is attacked 24/7 from all sides! How can this be! It is Because 1 with God is a majority! Flat out! He is God’s Man for this Time!

  20. May God be with this family and may God bless each of those that worked tirelessly to get this husband, father and son home to his family. God Bless President Trump, VP Pence and SOS Pompeo for the work they do for the American people.

  21. Wang's release was achieved through the efforts of the Swiss. US diplomatic relations with Iran have been suspended for years. Trump's only involvement in the affair was to take credit and congratulate himself.

  22. I dont understand why these people keep going back to these countries to be held as spies. Next time leave their asses there

  23. Merry Christmas to the returning Prisoner's family. We have the best President everyone matters. Another win, win, win. He does not forget nor does he ignore – Puts American's First. First President to lose personal wealth ever being our president . First I know who is not paid.

  24. Democrats has done nothing but talk.. it’s a big different from republican in office; American around the world are respected and safe 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. If coarse the PRESIDENT doesn’t get the recognition he deserves! The RATS can’t believe how much he’s done and he’s made the RATS look like fools. When their in office or in the presidential office they just know how to TAKE and line their pockets!! How could for example OBAMA afford the house he just bought? Line the pockets baby!! 💯💯👍

  26. It's a prisoner swap trumpists, we traded one for another .it wasn't as the president convinced Iran to release him or else.


  28. Now FREE independent journalist and publisher Julian Assange or is press freedom only for American journalists and those who kiss America’s arse and do not dare expose US war crimes. If you want to be world policeman then be as accountable as you hold other nations…nobody battered an eye when the controlled media published questionable accusations against Syrian President Assad. Julian Assange published true fact checked and independently provided information from a verifiable source. This is journalism. Aussie lives matter.

  29. Clearly this entire comment section consists of flag waving, blind idiots or brainwashed fools who, for the love of Yahweh, can not or will not comprehend the simple fact that the man who is happy to be "released" from his captors IS NOT AN AMERICAN!

    Yes ! He may posses an American passport and probably lives within the United States of Americas' borders …. but a child (of any race) has the ability to differentiate the obvious fact that he is not originally from the United States of America nor will he (or his kin) EVER be an American.

    I know there are those who will drone on and on about the indigenous savage tribes that inhabited the prairies, caves and forests before European men settled down upon the dirt NOW known as the North America Continent. As far as modern civilization is concerned – European pilgrims branched out, built a civilization from nothing and established a way of life that is recognized throughout world as "AMERICAN".

    So, although some of Trumps policies are beneficial and serve Americas best interests – all you libshits and fake patriot flag wavers need to snap out of it.
    That is not an American!!!! and Trump (and all of the US Congress) bow to a hypocritical, sinister master.

    Please tell me where I am wrong on this one … please!

  30. The 56 people disliking this are those SJW loonies I would gladly stripp them of their birth right to be American and kick to the curb all the way to Middle East!There i said it!💀😡😷

  31. American student? The guys last name is wang and he looks over 60 years old. Not a good trade at all

  32. What was the guy over in Iran for in the first place? If you go somewhere like that, you might not come back. YOUR FAULT. BYE.

  33. Mr Wong looks a little old to be a student and wth reason would he be in Iran. What happened worked out good just pointing out.

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