Iowa Is DONE With Joni Ernst

>>Senator Joni Ernst held a town hall and
one of the issues that came up was mass shootings in America. This is a common thing that we’re all grappling
with. And during this town hall, a teacher stood
up and shared the types of trainings that she has to go through now that mass shootings
have become a regular occurrence in America. Take a look.>>Part of my teacher training this past week,
I was asked to listen to popping sounds and then determine whether they were gunshots
or not. I was then asked to be trained to man and
Family Reunification Center to provide counseling to parents speaking to their children following
a catastrophic event. So my question for you today, Senator, is
when can I plan to get back to trainees that simply teach children to read and write?>>So that was school teacher, Ellie Holland
and of course she was met with applause. This is a reality that many teachers have
to deal with today. And I’m gonna get to the way Joni Ernst answered
in just a second, but first, Cenk, do you have any thoughts?>>Yeah, I heard a gunshot the other day and
it was one of the scariest things I ever heard and now we’re teaching our teachers to spot
what it sounds like. But this isn’t a sense terrorizing them and
it terrorizes our kids, I guess somebody that came up to me and said we have to do something
about gun control because my kid won’t go to school because they keep teaching them,
you’re about to get shot, you’re about to get shot. Let’s again train about what’s gonna happen
if you get a shot and whether these teachers in place like Florida, okay, which student
do things doing the shooting? So which student of yours should you kill? This is insanity.>>Yeah, it is insanity and it puts the onus
on the educators it puts the onus on the kids going to school, the only thing they should
be focusing on is a quality education, period, they should not be focusing on what to do
when a mass shooter comes in. They shouldn’t be focusing on whether or not
they need to hire an armed guard to stand in front of the school or at the entrance. It’s ridiculous rather than doing something
about gun control, we have our lawmakers making nonsense arguments because they wanna appease
their funders, especially organizations like the NRA. So in typical republican fashion, here you
have Senator Joni Ernst using the same tired argument about mental health. And just pay close attention to how the constituents
responded to her.>>Immediately after that, he went into the
life. Okay, so align with the incidence that we
see do come back to Mental Health Matters.>>We need to make sure that those that are
showing signs of instability are able to receive the treatment. We are short counselors. We are short psychologists and
>>Put your Congresspeople to take action.>>So-
>>So I love the constituents, but I pose a question to Joni Ernst, right? There have been mass shootings happening in
this country year after year after year, and they’ve used that same mental health argument
year after year after year. So she’s talking about the lack of counselor. She’s talking about the lack of resources
for the mentally ill. So what have you done, Joni Ernst, to help
provide resources for mental health in America? Nothing, nothing. It’s just a tire talking point. And I love that the constituents finally held
her accountable for this.>>Yeah, that room did not look like a bunch
of liberal rabble rousers. Okay, they’re just constituents and I are
going, really, I mean, look at this what the teacher just said, and you’re gonna start
talking about mental health, one as Anna points at, given that anything about mental health
and it’s still your fault. And number two, we’re on New York already. It’s because the NRA gives your checks cuz
you’re corrupt, and Bill Clinton said during his 92 run, is the economy stupid? It’s the corruption is stupid. We all know it, Joni earns all these scummy
politicians. They all take their goddamn checks and they
go, yeah, let’s divert action, mentally ill, etc. I can’t stand it anymore, looking at those
slimy politicians makes me physically ill.

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Mental illness existed in the 70s and 80s, but these type of mass shootings didn't. It exists in the rest of the world as well, but mass shootings only happens in this kind of scale in the US.

  2. Do you really think those people represent the average Iowa voter?? I don't.
    American voters voted both Trump and Joni Ernst into office. American voters have proven themselves to be ignorant, stupid, and forgetful. Even when upset about something, they forget about it in a few weeks.
    I think you are letting your wishes color your thinking. You want Joni to lose, so you think one room of upset people means much.
    It doesn't.

  3. Ha, ha, ha, – these Iowa voters aren't smart enough to vote for someone other than a Republican – they are so brain washed – into tribal politics, that the only party that represents their views are the Republicans – any voter that votes republican – votes against their own interest – because they are so clueless!!!

  4. When my son was 6 years old, he came home from daycare one day and told my wife "a stranger came to our school today, but it's alright. They didn't shoot anybody."

  5. and now you understand why the government , the corporate media and youtube ect ect try to silence channels like TYT , kyle,s , jimmy d ect ect
    look at the memberships and the views !
    the cat is out of the box
    yipeekayay lying corrupt warmongering polluting inbred motherfucking politicians

  6. When I was in grade school we had an air-raid drill. This was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Also, there were signs that stated the basement of the school was a fallout shelter.

  7. I wonder what percentage of mass Shooters are actually found insane or mentally ill and unable to be convicted or stand trial? If these people are actually mentally ill wouldn't that preclude them being charged with a capital offense?

  8. 3:04 "We want to make sure that those that are showing signs of instability are able to receive treatment."

    Under her breath: "… and guns."

  9. Unless you want to lose the electoral votes, Democrats are going to need to push a different agenda than 'get rid of guns'. Push the Switzerland method, where people have classes and training on weapons. REAL classes. Practice marksmanship. I know that sounds strange but it works. For one thing, instructors are trained to notice the difference in an individual that wants a gun for hunting and protection, and one that seems over-eager to use the gun on others. Switzerland isn't having to sell bulletproof backpacks.
    **Also, note that rarely is one of the mass shooters a man named Bubba that was raised hunting and maintaining his weaponry. You may not like Bubba, You may think that Bubba is a racist. But, Bubba isn't the ones shooting up the school's. And Bubba's love, LOVE talking guns. Get them on board with helping with Gun training and maintenance, and Bubba will be your man.
    **I am just a mom from a Red State. But it doesn't matter if every single person on the west coast and over half on the east coast vote Democrat. Unless they change up their presentation, they will lose the Electoral Votes and Trump will win again.
    **And I do vote Democrat..

  10. The Republicans have unfunded mental health and insurance coverage for decades. They don't care, and they never will.

  11. I was at an amusement park last week and I was basically at yellow alert the whole time since I could not be 100% sure that some Trumpie white supremacist wasn't going to show up with an AR15. Thanks, Trump.

  12. I'm an Iowan and I hate her! she does not care! Governor Kim Reynolds also is probably worse! She vetoed the only medical cannabis expansion bill for Iowans that would allow us to get more than 3% THC and now Illinois gets the real deal no restrictions 👌 as a party favor on new year's and she warns that she's trippling State Troopers on the border. Iowans lucky enough to get a medical-card aren't well enough to travel to another state! She's gonna make our ONLY dispensaries go out of business on New year's day 2020 if we the patients can't get an expansion. There's so much more that these two are not doing for Iowans. They do not care. Governor Reynolds is great friends with Ivanka Trump and that sends red flags everywhere for me.

  13. The problem we have. Republicans will go to any extent to support bas policies. Democrats are timid to support good policies.

  14. This is the point to which Republicans have dragged the entire nation. Schools are training teachers what to do in the event of a mass shooting and how to handle the aftermath. Stores are selling bulletproof backs for young school kids. We're doing everything we can to prepare for and mitigate the effects of a mass shooting and nothing to actually prevent one, all in service of keeping these weapons legal so a few god damned hobbyists can treat them like toys.


  15. People should know what a gun shot sounds like. Nothing tired about the mental health argument. Almost every shooter is clearly mentally ill and they need treatment and never should be able to get a gun. The people in the crowd are so rude. How stupid can Ana K be to deny that mental illness is not the main problem.

  16. She is White. What do most people really think because it is quite common among white in their mind set to be nosy and paranoid, and then react to assumptions without an actual physical event.

  17. Well said Ana , Further more all these mass shooter were legally allowed to purchase a gun. They don't become criminals until AFTER they committ their atrocities. There is no mental health certificate required to purchase a gun , hell most of the time they didn't even has to go through background check , and if they do they can just get into their cars and drive to where ever it's not required.


  19. Time to clean the rest of the house which started two years ago. Iowans who voted Democrat are not liberal. They are common sense people who won't get fooled again. Who song.

  20. To a European, witnessing Yanks discussing gun control is one of the funniest, and saddest, things you can imagine. The level of ineptness is breathtaking.

  21. I am from and still reside in Iowa. I was against this woman before she even got elected. I have many friends who are teachers and I am a mother to two children. During my daughters first week of her senior year, a boy shot himself outside of the school. Rumor has it that he was planning on coming in to the school to kill people but couldn’t get in through n outside entrance. After this happened, the school decided to lock all doors from the outside and to have police officers at all entrances. There is a camera and buzzer in order to get into the school through the main entrance. The school did this with the help of teachers, students and parents coming together to make a change. They did not say “teachers, get a gun and learn to shoot”…. they hired actual police officers to keep the school as safe as possible. Was I still scared and my children still scared? Yes, but at least they knew there were actual officers there to protect them should something happen. I hate that all gun violence is blamed on mental health…. if that’s the case, then have more extensive back ground checks and no more loopholes!!!

  22. No more guns repeal the second amendment. Ban guns. School should be for learning and not how to deal with mass shootings

  23. Other countries have mental illness and video games and don’t have mass shootings. The difference is guns. Ban guns

  24. She forgot to quantify the benefit ‘thoughts and prayers’ has on gun violence!

    Surely thoughts and prayers has had a measurable effects by now?

  25. Great job Senator Ernst ! Standing up for America and with President Trump ! Wish I lived in Iowa so I could vote for her.

  26. America is supposed to be smart but they cant differentiate between free speech and political bribery and corruption, So stupid.

  27. Omg this mass shooting hysteria is just like back in the day about child abduction and serial killers. Also as far as the guns, let's try enforcing the laws on the books.

  28. Finally,The government in Iowa is caught full of lies…They won't legalize…Grassly is into Human trafficking…and Iowa is #1 for illegals …Cheap help for the farmers….She just made the whole state look corrupt with the mental health excuse….What a bunch of corrupt senetors…..

  29. Well one important point that many people do not understand: Evangelical Jesus loves guns and what the NRA does for guns. This is because whenever children are gunned down in a school, church or anywhere that was once safe but is now a shooting gallery, the souls are sent immediately to Hell where demons toast them nice and crispy. This is a deal evangelical Jesus made with the demons because of better toasting equipment. The toasted souls then go up to heaven in a beautiful silver bowl, just like the one the blood of evangelical Jesus went in according to the songs evangelicals sing. Then evangelical Jesus sits on his coach and watches Fox News and eats the toasted souls like popcorn!

  30. Are any of these loudmouthed locals from wild, open places in Iowa, where you have to be armed to live safely ? Guess not…..

  31. This lady calls herself a combat veteran. She worked as a logistics officer in the National Guard. The way she and her supporters spin her veteran story is as if she was a truck drive dodging IED’s with missing limbs.

  32. "mental health" they always say that… it's not mental health! Politics have Mental Health problems!! Look at Trump, he has mental health problems…

  33. If someone is psycho enough to shoot up a school, I think they're psycho enough to go to arms length to find a gun. Legally or illegally. Look at Illinois…strictest gun laws in nation. Still Chicago is murder capital of US – large percentage being shootings. Look I'm all for background checks, assault type rifles being banned, but all guns being banned is just insane. And the Republicans know if they give an inch to liberal lawmakers, they will try to go all the way to banning the 2nd amendment.

  34. Make guns difficult to obtain and maintain. Make it something you actually have to earn and have a license for. There are some stupid people in shooting ranges at times. Acting like their gun is their child or d*ck. I would definitely not trust them in a chaotic situation.

  35. Is the mental illness just here in the US or evry where in the world? Why we have had way too many massshting and they have not?

  36. So many countries have so much of mental health problems but they have a tough restrictions to get a weapon!

  37. Oh, are they endorsing Bernie Sanders and his M4A, so those mentally ill people can get the treatment they need?! No? Then they can sit down and STFU.

  38. The GOP defunds institutions who used to treat mental illness. They endorse a monster who might as well be teaching young psychopaths to yell "FIRE" in a theatre. The support an organization which hopes to benefit from selling guns to terrified people. The GOP even goes out of their way to defend the 'right of free speech' for these nazis. At what point does it become obvious that the GOP is not on the same side as the 99%?

  39. And also teach kids disarming techniques in the meantime while we are trying to do something about this gun/ mental health issue we have going on in this country and also be show how stop bleeding if someone was shot in a shooting

  40. Mental health? Didn't conservative Ronald Regan open the doors to stop government funded mental healthcare to the applause of conservatives like Ernst and those that vote for the GOP party? Save the country and vote Trump and Ernst out.

  41. They can teach kids about the dangers of white supremacists. Gun control is not the problem. Who is doing the mass shooting? White males are. Criminals don't follow laws. So stop yelling about gun control.

  42. Last year I was hired as an adjunct violin teacher to teach about 20 kids 2 hours a week. At one point late in the year, we had a bomb threat and one of my kids asked me what the procedure was if there was an active shooter. She was in 3rd grade. I had think on my feet and assure her that we’d hide in the closet turn off the lights be silent. It was a jarring experience but one that was necessary for me to have as an American educator in this reckless time.

  43. That's just a small group of people, unfortunately they'll still vote for her because she has that small red R next to her name!

  44. What could possibly entice a conservative to love life more than money? We already know their own children don’t matter, how can others children even rate?

  45. I am sure all the people yelling " Do Something ! " are aware the US Senate Leader is a Southern gentleman from Kentucky, Mr. Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr……

  46. I am so SICK of the mental illness argument. For every murder that involves someone with mental health issues as the 'criminal' there are over 100 that have nothing to do with mental illness. Furthermore statistics show that if you do suffer from mental illness you are far more likely to be killed during ANY police interaction then you are to hurt someone else. Only a small handful of mental illnesses have any connection to violence while the vast majority are far less likely to intentionally harm anyone else.

    This is nothing more then smoke up our _____, when they make that statement and continue to refuse to address magazine size. The simplest and most straight forward law we could make would be to ban the sale of any magazine that can hold more then 9 rounds and require a minimum weight for all magazines that would hinder the ability of a spree killer from caring or shooting a large number of rounds in a short period of time.

    Most spree killings are planned events, anything we can do to disrupt that plan or reduce it's effectiveness must be done. But this type of murder spree existed prior to guns and will haunt us long after the time guns are no longer considered effective weapons for self defense. The difference in the number of people killed by guns vs other methods actually shows that more people are stabbed to death then die by a bullet. But that is in large part because not everywhere in the world can you easily get a gun. It is literally the technology of a gun that allows them to kill so many (and injure many more) in such a short period of time with no real time to react to the shooter. (forget the good guy with gun argument, it doesn't fly in face of the facts in nearly every spree killer encounter). If we have to address the technology, lets do so at the weakest link, magazine size and weight.

  47. If mental illness is the problem, then why did Governor Terry Branstad shut down all mental health facilities before he was shipped off to China?

  48. Mental illness? So that’s the new distraction and coverup for urging and encouraging white nationalist to take violent action for political gain. Lame attempt, they’re not buying the con. Throw her ass out in 2020.

  49. The only mental health issue connected to mass shootings in America is the psychotic denial of reality and attempt to live a fantasy based on delusions that characterizes all those who, for whatever reason, refuse to take immediate action to reduce gun violence. This would include, but not be limited to, detailed back ground checks on anyone wanting to purchase a firearm, restricting the availability of weapons, banning people convicted of violent crimes from having weapons, make carrying concealed guns a crime, and so on.

  50. Americans need to wake and step out of your bubbles, and view yourselves like the rest of the world
    sees what’s going on.
    You’ve gone so far over the edge that arming teachers, and having armed guards in schools seems like a logical idea.
    Other countries can sit down and solve problems like gun control, health care etc. But Americans can’t even talk to each other about these problems. The country is falling apart and the biggest issue is abortion.
    I don’t think you will ever get to a point where you can logically deal with these problems, but I hope I’m wrong.

  51. I'm not done with Joni Earnst, chunk do you have ptsd from that gun shot, it is a mental health issue, anyone who shoots unarmed innocent people isn't right mentally, that was a bunch of sorry ass libtard indoctrinated teachers, if you really want to stop this ban gun free zones. More tyt propaganda…

  52. Nah, we're far from done with Joni down here. She'll win a sweeping re-election in 2020. This was a serious error on her part, but she was in an untenable position and all she could do from a political perspective was recite the RNC talking points or whatever. She's normally very adept and I'm surprised this happened. Iowans are moderates, but get pissed when they sniff bullshit. Remember she also came out as one of the few Republicans to straight up call Trump's tweets racist a few weeks ago. It's safe sailing for Joni, I know these people.

    And I just realized someone will say how can Iowa be moderate when Steve King was elected. He won't be again. The district he represents is fringe and rural compared to the whole state. JD schulton, some random no dude running as Dem (he's actually a good dude) damn near beat him.

  53. She says staff is short? Gee, I wonder why? Could it be because republicans cut taxes and to make room on the budget they cut school and state healthcare making it virtually impossible to fully fund a functional staff?

  54. Statistically one in 5 people will experience a form of mental illness in their lifetime. 99.9 % of those people are more of a danger to themselves than anyone else. Why does anyone other than troops in a war zone need a military assault weapon. Look at the US gun death statistics compared to the rest of the world. It is a disgrace, which is one of Trump's favorite words.

  55. If Americans want gun reform you better start voting these Republicans out and vote someone Dem or Repub that will vote for a gun bill. If not, these mass shootings will continue.

  56. You have to ask gun owners questions to give them answers. They are fact resistant and believe they know more than you about gun violence. So I stop them immediately. I ask "Are you and your family more or less safe with guns at home?" Most gun owners think that it keeps them safer, that's just plain wrong going by the stats. Then you really shut them up when you explain that you're more likely to get burglarized because crooks steal guns. Over 400,000 guns were stolen last year, they HATE to hear that and it crushes them. Especially when I say "Have you ever seen the fools that post pictures of their family with guns online using their REAL name? Might as well send the invitation to get robbed cause they know what ya got.

  57. But she can cut off pig balls. That was part of her campaign rhetoric so I'd like to know what idiots voted for her.

  58. Children being bullied – predominantly disabled children – are now being given “psycho-social threat assessments”and excluded from school, instead of being protected from bullying.

  59. The Mental health argument isn’t wrong in of itself. It’s that they don’t make the duel connection that universal background checks and other common sense gun reforms will tackle the issue of mentally unstable individuals from obtaining guns easily. My guess is they’re being conspicuously ignorant in their answer to the mass shooting crisis on our hands.

  60. Republicans always go to "mental heath" when it comes to gun massacres! But, what they don't tell you, What people forget?! In the 1st 100 days of Trump's presidency, republican passed a law, that was signed by Trump, making it easier, for crazy people, to buy guns! Republicans are evil! They choose Power over Lives!

  61. If mental health is the problem for gun violence, then by that logic, American has a disproportionate amount of mentally ill people compared to all the other industrialized nations.

  62. If Ernst had half a brain, she would've followed up her mental health position with, "…and that's why medicare for all is absolutely critical", but I guess brains (or maybe just basic human decency) are in short supply on the right

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