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  1. If anything is to be learned from the chaos in Iowa:: it is that the details of political elections should not be contracted out to outsiders. it is the responsibility of government from the lowest to the highest levels to do it themselves. iN FACT THEY SHOULD ALL GO BACK TO PAPER BALLOTS; IN THIS AGE OF COMPUTERS IS ALL TOO EASY TO MANIPULATE THE RESULTS. If they are not important then let Trump and his nefarious mafia stay there forever.

  2. DemoncRats can't even run their own
    caucAZZES much less a whole country?

    Are They going to blame that on Russia collusion and Trump again to further show The American people their blatant stupidity and incompetence for governing anything!

    They can't even run a child's lemonade stand in the neighborhood.?

    what a bunch of losers!?

  3. At this point, it's obvious. This is a deliberate sabatoge. All that's needed is a tally from precincts. If the app failed, it shouldn't take more than a few hours to obtain this data.

  4. Democrats busy rigging the system against Bernie. You'd think they'd be more efficient at it after doing it four years ago.

  5. Democrats busy rigging the system against Bernie. You'd think they'd be more efficient at it after doing it four years ago.

  6. After 3 years of trump I don't nessisarily think he's doing nearly a bad of job as they say on tv. I have more money in my pocket and looking at buying a house. I worry that if the Democrats win this election I won't be able to afford our home…

  7. Iowa. So, America is broken but don't worry tech will solve all our problems. Haha and let's just vote for more of the same (Biden) This is our last chance. Bernie now or forget about it!

  8. Democrats just missed a deadline for being stupid and not minding their own business. Just like the idiot that is clowning in the class when the teacher asks to submit the homework.

  9. Bernie won at 29 percentile joe Biden in a 12 percentile if dnc says Bernie didnt win then they are supper corrupt

  10. Primary and caucus, non-Democratic systems, you never get what you vote for. It is always rigged in the corporate interest. Stand up people of America, demand a real democratic vote system.

  11. Who is surprised that Democrats can't run a caucus? Speaker of the House Pelosi's home base of San Francisco is littered with feces and syringes: like a 3rd world shxthole. It is not surprising that Democrats lost the election and can't understand why. Democrat politicians apparently do not understand cause and effect.

  12. its amazing how every comment here is like they are rigging it my family works there they know while acting smug

    Hillary Clinton is rigging the Iowa election again. This Democrat Iowa primarily cascus inconsistencies results were set up by Hillary Clinton and her crooks. This witch needs to be arrested, thrown in a dark dungeon, locked up and the key thrown away. She is the most evil demon on this planet. Pure evil through and through. She needs to be disposed of by the United States of America. No Democrat election can ever be trusted again until Hillary Clinton is GONE.

  14. This is Coming to all of America if these Dangerous Anti-American Commies get Power in 2020 or Beyond…among all of these cities it would be rare to find one or more led by republican officials. what excuses do the democrats offer for these consistent failures? they control the school systems, law enforcement, city government, public services and local tax rates. the only thing they don’t control is the weather. at what point do the citizens of these cities realize that continuing to elect liberal democrats will lead to more failures? electing democrats proves einstein’s theory that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. poverty, crime, lawlessness, homelessness, rats, diseases, garbage, & human feces, is it just a coincidence that many of the greatest cities in america became poverty-infested hellholes once the democrats took charge of things? detroit, baltimore, chicago, nyc, st. louis, san francisco, philadelphia, los angeles, oakland and memphis ect…. were all once great cities. but after an extended period of control by the democratic party each one of them has become a festering crisis that never seems to end. if we could just convince liberal democrats and the rino republicans to self-deport. i suspect that our crime rates, poverty, homelessness, rats, diseases, garbage, & human feces would significantly decrease in an evening or two…. one can only dream.

  15. Heres a thought, as well as, a challenge. What happens to a society that can’t say the unspeakable? The answer is both simple and obvious, my friends: the unspeakable does. Hence, if like me, you’d lived through and studied social collapses, America’s systemic inability to speak the unspeakable means there would be inevitable, very real and horrifically destructive consequences. The bad guys will keep winning. BTW, who are these bad guys again? Society will keep on collapsing. Democracy will keep disintegrating. The things we Americans couldn’t say will keep on rising and take control of our lives. What is it called when…? You see, all these rhetorical questions have the same answer. A set of words that we Americans can’t say or remain silent, because America’s thinking class, leaders, politicians, and so forth, won’t, can’t use them, to begin with. You know the words. The words are ones like "fascism" and "authoritarianism" and "theocracy" and "concentration camps" and "crimes against humanity" and "genocide." They are terrible words, yes it’s true. But they are nonetheless accurate (for example, "family separations" are a literal form of genocide.) What else do you call it when a society has ethnic bans and kids in cages? Shouldn’t you use these words? Heres our challenge. Start using them! Besides, isn't this starting to repeat 2016, yet again here? When we don’t speak the unspeakable, we are defeated before we have even begun to fight. Those words are the living expression of democracy. When we don’t say them, we have become the silent, pliable beings that authoritarian fascists make easy meat of us. They know we are intimidated, cowed, frightened, baffled, confused. And in that vacuum, they can get away with whatever they like. Haven’t they so far? They know that reality can become whatever they define it as. Hasn’t it so far? Think about it and you be the judge. ~T.Bone~

  16. all of the data counts are being released by county, each county will have totals by precinct. People who voted at these precinctss can review the numbers for accuracy based on their in person observations, let's not get too carried away.

  17. Bernie is the clear winner. Give up already. Everyone knows that. Even republicans know Bernie is the favorite candidate for democrats. Stop making it easy for Trump to win. Bernie is the only one that can give him a fight. Put Biden, Elizabeth, or pete nexr to him and they are done. Seriously.

    •Mayor Pete gave 40 grand to the app maker Shadow Inc
    •The app developers were former veteran's of Hillary's campaign running her tech
    •Mayor Pete's top political strategist Michael Halle is married to Tara Mcgowan
    •Tara Mcgowan is the Co-Founder of ACRONYM – Shadow Inc's parent company

  19. Wow, the dems kick the woman to the curb. What happened to that glass ceiling. And poor ol Pelosi, can't win for losing. You Democrats are going about this the wrong way. When are you going to figure that out?

  20. Hey everyone if still watching this news outlet, be careful they dont have the president best interest anymore. After the union address, they didn't once express happiness on the transformation of our country, but rather focused on Pelosi.
    ****Another snake in Gods house. Patience! One day soon I predict there will be peace and democracy will no longer be.

  21. Just read that the company that was responsible for the Iowa mess is headed by a former aide for HRC. There she is again, always somewhere in corruption.

  22. I'm 52 years old. I've never voted before. I am going to register for the first time ever and vote for Trump.
    TRUMP 2020

  23. US companies added 291,000 jobs in January!! you'll have a hard time finding this report in the media like CNN, why is that???? ummmmm???

  24. why do people who can afford something often feel it is not possible for everyone else to have it. America's elite are a joke! come to Europe n see medical insurance for all.

  25. Yooooooo, WHERES MY YANG GANG!!!!!! “Let’s get that Asian in the White House, we’ll fix this country in a week” – Ronny Chieng

  26. 50 hours now, and still no winner…because they are all LOSERS! Dems want to run the country but cant run a backwater state election!

  27. Changing the rules to accommodate a tiny billionaire (bet Booker and Gabbard are miffed at this) and now a Hillary (can't get right) backed software fails at the Iowa caucus? There's always a reason for democrat election rigging.

  28. Gee, what a surprise that things went wrong with a George Soros funded political front in Iowa. Hey Sanders lovers, it’s 2016 all over again, except this time the DEMS’ favorite is Biden and, again, the DNC insiders do not want your Communist candidate to win

  29. It is my firm belief that, because of their short-sightedness, midgets should never be in public office….that goes double for midgets from the corrupt State of New York.

  30. ? our democratic leadership is a disgrace. They are flushing our party down the toilet and handing Trump another 4 years on a silver platter.?

  31. These azzClown Democratic Socialist can run a Caucus and they think they can run OUR country. Truth be they are not going to let the really old Communist get the nomination again. Poor old Burn get the shaft by the left. It is cheating but it's also good because we the people will never let that insane POS Communist run OUR country ànd our lives. You left are Pathetic!

  32. CBS does not want Bernie to win. Why else would they be reporting the way they do? Ponder ? there words and direction given to there reporters? They way they report and what is said says just who is at there wheel.

  33. DEMOCRATS SABOTAGE BERNIE ONCE AGAIN!!!! The Republicans are correct, the Democrats must all be removed!!! Voting for Trump just to get rid of the Democrats!!!!

  34. It’s too bad Donald Trump parents have passed they would be so proud of him as president doing great things for this country! Trump 2020 and forever! Trump did a great job with state of the Union speech.

  35. Abolish total fraud “Caucus Process” as “Caucus leaders” change peoples votes to their “favorite candidate”. All 50 states go to primary popular vote “fill in the oval on real paper at local precinct” then dropped into voting box ?. Paper Verifiable results!

  36. Of course they are tampering with the vote. I heard people wrote trumps name on the paper ballots. That’s why it’s taking so much. Not to mention they are burning bernie

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