Inspired By Trump’s Words, Man Threatens To Shoot And Eliminate CNN Employees

A Michigan man has been arrested for allegedly
threatening to shoot and kill employees at CNN. According to the reports, last week the man
made 22 separate phone calls to CNN where he said things like, “Fake news. I’m coming to gun you all down. I’m smarter than you, more powerful than you,
I have more guns than you, more manpower. Your cast is about to get gunned down in a
matter of hours. I am coming to Georgia right now to go to
the CNN headquarters to fucking gun every single last one of you,” he said. So, in spite of the fact that this man was
arrested and we know that he said these things during phone calls. This morning, Donald Trump gets on Twitter
well after this happened, well after he should have been aware of it, and once again started
attacking CNN, specifically Jim Acosta for allegedly once again being fake news. Now the man that was arrested for threatening
to kill these people at CNN also used that terminology, fake news. There is absolutely no question whatsoever
that this psychopath was motivated and inspired by the language of Donald Trump against the
press in the United States. Luckily, he was crazy enough to call and warn
them that this was going to happen and he was brought into custody before he could kill
anyone. But this just goes to show you how dangerous
and psychotic members of the far right can be, especially when you have a guy like Donald
Trump sitting in the White House empowering them on a daily basis. We have seen this with Pizza Gate. We saw this in Charlottesville. These people are inspired by the far right
media and more importantly Donald Trump. And it’s time for him to take a little bit
of responsibility and understand that he is the problem. Could you imagine during the eight years of
Obama if anybody walked in anywhere and started shooting people or killed someone, and then
repeated a phrase that Obama used frequently, the right wing media would still be talking
about that to this day demanding that he be locked up for it. And, honestly, at this point, Donald Trump
is more of an accomplice in these killings and these attempted killings then he would
care to admit. By using this language, by inspiring these
people, he is acting with them. He is giving them the power that they need
to push them over the edge to go out and commit these atrocities. And, again, luckily, nobody was harmed in
this particular instance. But it’s only a matter of time and plus we’ve
already seen people lose their lives because of things that Donald Trump has said and done. Enough is enough. It is time for the 25th Amendment. It is long past time for the 25th Amendment
to get invoked, because Donald Trump is going to end up getting more people killed because
he’s such a petulant little man-child that he can’t handle the fact that the press isn’t
fawning all over him every single day. And eventually it’s going to lead to more
and more people getting killed like we almost saw at CNN this week.

Maurice Vega

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  1. "I'm smarter than you"…
    Yep… openly stating your intention to commit mass murder to a voicemail recorder with caller ID.. real smart!

  2. Thanks to theRepublican Congress And Republican Supreme Court And Kochs and Mercers for the hate cult that grips all American citizens. God does see.

  3. “I’m smarter than you” Drumpf gave dumbasses everywhere confidence to think they are smarter, with his dimtwit publications.

  4. “I’m smarter than you,” he reportedly said, as he made 22 threatening calls from his traceable phone. And is arrested very promptly after that. Yet another Stable Genius.

  5. WOW!! That Michigan man is sooooooooooooo smart, that he got himself arrested!!! This is what happens when the blind is being led by the blind!!!!!!!!

  6. This is getting out of control it's ridiculous how far will people go just to appeal to Donald Trump it's sickening

  7. All thanks to Donald Trump and his rhetorical language, the press isn't safe anymore. It was him who whipped up this psychopath to threaten the employees of CNN with deadly violence. All this shows there's already a very clear danger to members of the news media because of him calling it "fake news."

  8. School shooting in Kentucky

  9. Wow this is getting crazier by the minute. First and hopefully the last shooting in a Kentucky high school, government shutdown, protesting Pence in Israel, and now we have nut jobs trying to literally kill people in the media. This should be a wakeup call to everyone in the news industry be careful because the next Nazi will not call they will show up on new media outlets and probably take them hostage. This is what Putin is doing to his people please God don't let it get to this point!!!

  10. -Incitement of the masses-, here in Germany, regarding our past, (Volksverhetzung) it’s a punishable crime, every so often a right-wing politician stands trail and gets sentenced for it. DT inhabit every aspect of a demagogue straight out of Goebbels text book.

  11. Trump is pulling us apart. Because he wants to play with the big boys toys with no mind. SCARRY GET TRUMPS IN JAIL FOR TREASON.

  12. The man has reportedly been identified as Brandon Griesemer from Novi, Michigan. Of course, Trump supporters will call this fake news because it doesn't stroke Trump's ego.

  13. If you're interested in the live stream for Medicare for All:

  14. Sadly Trump supporters who will acknowledge this event will cry no harm no foul because no one actually got shot.  And irony of ironies those same scumbags would be applauding if he was successful in doing so.

  15. I'm actually surprised nobody have been killed a hell of a lot sooner with Trump constantly going after the free press with that fake news sentence for more than a year now. Just for that, he should have been impeached since long Time, so what are you guys waiting for, seriously ? Ana navarro told about that months ago at CNN Channel when Trump attacked them with a wrestling video. Why didn't you call for the 25 amendment at that time ?

  16. Disgusting, evil piece of shit–both the would-be shooter and Trump. Thank God no one at CNN is endangered. Trump's influence is taking effect and it is poisonous. The 25th Amendment should be in effect and he sent to prison, preferably the one that that wannabe killer loser is at.

  17. I dont understand how after the hate speech the ignoramous in chief has spewd he's been allowed to continue. This wouldn't happen un UK Europe or any other modernised country. There is definitely something seriously wrong with the mentality of a large minority of Americans even for someone like that to be allowed to run. The gun violence this alt right bullshit police shooting at the drop of a hat people dying cause they cant afford. Health care. I'm sorry but this is the impression the US is leaving the rest of the world that your culture is that of a developing country that needs to grow up.

  18. Not too smart, terroristic threats felony right their just lost all his rights to bear arms! If he wasnt a felon. Say bye bye to your gun collection!

  19. This is trumps fault!!!!!!!! The only reason trump gets such bad press, its real simple………..ACT LIKE AN ASSHOLE YOU'RE GOING TO GET TREATED LIKE ONE!!!

  20. If our elected officials are going to do something, then isn't it time to step it up ourselves? Some sort of just quiet, yet in your face type of protest? Maybe a symbol is needed that everyone and anyone could easily identify?

  21. Except there is just a little problem – Donald Trump will never admit it's HIM that is the problem, it's always something/someone else. He is the perfect saint that just couldn't be the source of problems

  22. hahahahahahahah, you think that you are gona be able to link his fake news with trump? Please, you can’t get the guilty ones to justice, you elect them president, and give them power, Im calling it, hes gona go for governor or a seat on the senate or something after his 4 weeks token sentence, because it is obvious that he is white, if he was otherwise, he wold be gunned down. Hoo murica, so funny

  23. This Michigan guy is the living proof for how crazy, delusional and fucked up those Trump cultists actually are! The weirdest breed of people on the entire planet!

  24. President Orange Pervert will pardon him. President Orange Pervert is never going to be hailed accountable for the dangerous Shit he does. Your right if Obama said something likes this Republicans and Conservatives would screaming impeachment and prison.

  25. Since it is obvious that Trump and the Republicans hate the federal government, they are accomplishing their primary goal of undermining the government to free themselves from any oversight or regulations that hamper their rape of the country and theft of everything of value. They should all be locked up.

  26. Talking politics is risky, but im going to do it anyways
    Idk how I feel about trump
    I don't like him at all
    But if he gets impeached mike pence takes over
    Isn't pence worse?
    Pence is smart and total extremist
    Our current political situation is so scary :/

  27. Wow, watching this from the UK🇬🇧, this is getting crazy. The last 12 months is like watching some Hollywood movie only with some really insane script. When is this mad story going to end. You really can't make this stuff up!

  28. This also may be Alex Jones' doing. That last psychotic rant he did against CNN, calling them Satan, etc., was enough to push the rest of the pack of crazies over the edge.

  29. It's just a matter of time. When the economy crashes (which it will soon) and things get really hard, we will have the second Civil War. The first one didn't take. Maybe neighbors and families will stick together and help each other, but I see the blame coming also. They will blame the wrong people. The bankers and Politicians should be hanged, but they will blame the educated progressives. Get out or prepare.

  30. QUOTE "IM smarter than you!" says the guy screaming into a telephone thats being traced………………….. We have all seen thousands of these dumb fucks on the comments here – AMERICA – where in the name of God did you get these fucking retards from??? AND why the fuck do you allow them to vote – WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?????

  31. Trump LOVES the press. He's one of those who thinks ANY press is good press. He SHOULD BE SUED FOR INSTIGATING VIOLENCE by the families, especially the MASS KILLING- mass killing in the USA is defined as four or more victims. Andrew Anglin, the founder of Daily Stormer (Der Sturmer Nazi propaganda hate rag) DIRECTED his followers to murder blacks. Incidentally, they claim to be responsible for Trump 'winning', say they finally have a 'president' who THINKS LIKE THEM, call him their GLORIOUS LEADER, after the election Anglin said he had ASCENDED TO GOD EMPEROR! They follow Trump's hate rhetoric. So far eleven people have been murdered IN THE NAME OF TRUMP! They leave things written. As I'm typing this, FBI is guarding the JACKSON BROWNE CONCERT because of threats to repeat a Vegas shooting and kill Jackson Browne. A Daily Stormer follower went to a black church and started shooting. He murdered nine people that Sunday morning. Small community, everyone lost someone or knew someone who did. Two other single murders. #FakePresident is provoking people to murder. Their blood is on his hands.

  32. Wait until the Trump’s get arrested, the crazy hillbillies will grab all the guns in their garages and start another civil war. Trump’s mouth piece Faux News has already preparing them for it on live television.

  33. If the nut job had carried out his threat to kill people on CNN, trump and his followers would be ok with it, blame the democrats, and make the shooter a hero. He would have said “ he’s a good person”.

  34. Isn’t it smithing like 75-80 something % of terrorism in the US is done by the right wingers against the country they claim to love?!? I don’t see that as love…🙄

  35. This fuckin Madness is on The GOP FUX and FAT FUCK 45. Its time for some real action to send those bastards to Prison. How about this ''Good Person '' that Orange Ape and his racist Crumbs spoke of?

  36. Send that Trumpturd to Jeff Sessions privatized for profit prison to do free American labor. That Trumpturd will feel he contribute to society by making American goods for free and he will be happy.

  37. And to think there are actual dumbass Trump supporters defending this guy by trying to tell us that this guy was not inspired by Trump's words during his rallies at all. It's insanely pathetic how they attempt to sway off any influence from Trump.

  38. Update! Dude is out on 10K bail. Why do people pretend like if this wasn’t a white guy he’d get kid gloves? It’s almost like the justice system treats white people differently or something but what do I know?

  39. Russia has weaponized our free speech and our free press. YouTube Twitter and Facebook are all weaponized against us and we ain't doing shit about it, I guess we deserve it.

  40. If being stupid were a crime, this thwarted shooter would get the chair. How dumb do you have to be to tell your potential victims that you are coming for them…and intentionally repeat this mistake 22 times?

  41. The Presidunce brought all these whack jobs out of the woodwork with his blatant racism, bigotry, and hatred. If this Predator in Chief isn't removed soon, it'll only get worse.

  42. i doubt trump hates the media or vice versa. they are both lazy, and they both like to talk shit and get lots of greenbacks. i call that a collusion of the highest degree. a totally fake show to distract people. fake enemies with the same goal, to become stinking filthy rich

  43. i fully agree that people should be outraged by the grotesque behavior of Mr Tump. BUT !! i dont agree that you should blame Mr Tump for the actions of others. that nut-job did whatever he did on his own free will. he had no sense of judgement about what he said, he alone needs to take responsibility for that

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