Inside Steve Bannon's populist academy in Italy

clinging to the remote hills two hours south of Rome is the monastery of three salty it's been here for eight hundred years largely ignored by the rest of the world until today this has become an unlikely flashpoint in the political battles shaping Europe and the West and Benjamin Harlow is unlike any other Englishman abroad hello he's almost the sole resident of this warren of cloisters chapels and monk cells he a single remaining France and a band of feral cats a Catholic convert and born-again Euroskeptic who worked for years at the European Parliament Hardwell has been installed here by his friend and mentor Steve Bannon yes that Steve Bannon and the blood-curdling artwork chimes with their view of the world this painting in this painting have a parallel here here the Jews being massacred in the Old Testament this is the massacre of Christians of Catholics these two things come perfectly together to inspire us with this Academy for the judeo-christian West defending the judeo-christian West a rallying cry ringing through the far right in Europe and America Bannon who is obsessed with the concept pays the one hundred thousand euros rent a year for this monastery apparently out of his own pocket and together they have a plan this is the global headquarters of the fight to defend the judeo-christian West you're being serious I'm 100 percent yeah this place here yeah yeah I know it's great for the to the media to come in and say I had this idea that we're doing some far-right training camp and all you know in the locals but it was the Balinese the word gladiators Academy so what Steve is saying so in these culture was if we want to save the West we're not going to be doing it by just sort of think sitting back drinking tea and living nice tranquil lives we've got to fight we've really gotta fight hard with that kind of concentration and and focus with ideas and words or anything else well of course with ideas and words right it's hard to know where self-parody ends and reality begins but the siege mentality occurring through these wards is the bread and butter of Europe's populist nationalists and that includes the UK I mean UK is a secular country right but it's starting to bend the knee to Sharia law and that is you know that's not true it's over the century and ah come on that's just rubbish rubbish but with foreboding residents in European politics today Steve Bannon and his friends marine lepen and Matteo salvini a very keen to portray these European elections as an existential battle between the forces of globalism on one side and the forces of nationalist populism on the other but what they hadn't reckoned on in this place here are the forces of Italian localism just down the road from the monastery is the town of collie Pardo a place that fields left behind by Rome and by Brussels where they didn't even bother to put up election posters a place where the ideas from the monastery should find a welcome here child key the Shambu political Marikana see entities such as a result the same el estado CC time for uncle Mitch and is equally bad if the academy ends are bringing jobs and money even the locals may well be won over but the fortunes of this monastery and it's wannabe gladiators will also reflect what happens beyond these hills in the culture wars now shaping the future of the West

Maurice Vega

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  1. Finally someone is starting to defend western values and west
    Thank you Steve Bannon you are true patriot
    Love and respect from Australia

  2. The comments here are amazing. They can't spot a scam even when it stares them right in the face. Steve Banon is a scam artist.

  3. There is no Judeo Christian civilization or Judeo Christian Weest. It is Christian European Civilization vs Judeo and VS Islam. We have a lash of civilization which is normal.

  4. Why is Islam good and Christianity bad. Won't watch C4 ever again. I believe in "Each to their own, within a healthy law system"

  5. Steve Bannon is putting his money were his principles are Well done to him i say , Oxford had to start one day

  6. "Europe belongs to the Europeans." – Dalai Lama, Tibetan nationalist populist, Sept, 12, 2018, Malmö, Sweden

  7. I don’t care what you call it! I call it the Greco/Roman west or the originators of it all the Athenians! The west is the best don’t like it don’t be there!

  8. 2:35 no, no. not true at all. So many instances the uk police how their nose up the mosques etc. asses. and arresting citizens.

  9. AP News is lying about the sharia courts in UK not being active at 2:40 , look up the evidence for yourself people. Do not listen to their lies. AP News further uses deceptive editing to cut out the response from Harnwell.

  10. The Main stream media are getting more and more desperate. They used to tell white lies but I'm seeing just constant desperate, humongous lies thrown out now. In a way, it's like looking at a crumbling civilisation, it's pretty desperate and sad

  11. imagine thinking to yourself. I am gods chosen people. after nailing said god to a wooden plank ?

  12. Let this reporter condescend all he wants: Steve Bannon is going to train a generation of populist nationalist politicians at this place.

    It's good to be underestimated by your enemies.

  13. Well, if the locals would start going to church again or pray for vocations to fill up that monastery, I'm sure Bannon and his friends would not have chosen this place as their headquarters. If anything, the locals owe it to him for keeping up the place and not having it demolished or secularized.

  14. It’s rubbish huh? Like when the UK police covered up grooming gangs, violent protests against people voting and shuns women afraid of honor killings? Kinda sounds like you are bending the knee to sharia.

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