Inside Guantanamo Bay’s Kitchen: The Politics of Food

that’s what the detainees use because it’s what why do they use this they use it in the same time you can use a cut you can use a soup either way piñon so that’s why I set up okay oh and it’s not a good weapon huh nah I decided to try to get access to Guantanamo Bay because we hear so much about it right we’ve been reading it in the news for years and years and years and we don’t really know what goes on there we called the Vice music documentary Guantanamo blocked out baby cuz but blackouts them so we really just want to go down there to see what goes on how much access we could get I had a few issues on my mind one terrorism to torture national security all this kind of like really heavy then you get down there and the first things that you see are a skate park beach volleyball a pool a gift shop like this or except people where the hell are we okay it looks like a suburban Florida community this is exactly the opposite of what we expected to see the first thing the public affairs team tells you when you get there is we have this new campaign and it’s all about transparency so welcome we want you to be able to get lots of video we want you to get a lot of information we want you to really understand what’s happening here and then the next thing they tell you is that you can’t film anyone above the shoulders so this is those contradictions that you know we just got you know the whole time that we were there we’re walking through camp five right now um this is where I’m gonna do thank you Tom outside the window but the first camp that we went to is called camp x-ray and no one’s lived there since 2002 this is kind of like the place that everyone feared Guantanamo Bay was and you walk in and there are these that basically cages is like smaller cages than animals have in zoos it was really kind of a heavy thing to see but we’re walking through and I was actually doing a little throw to the cameras and then oh oh my god she’s a huge snake testing a lot I was inches from stepping on a Python and when I yelled our camera operator kind of like moved the camera looked down and he started kind of squealing like a little girl holy you literally King Python you literally almost stepped on that thing it’s just sort of outrageous it’s like in addition to the horrible conditions that these detainees were faced with they also had pythons peering through the cell walls welcome to camp five Camp Delta’s 100-bed maximum-security detention facility when sort of planning the tour at Guantanamo Bay you write the Department of Defense and you say we’d like a tour of the prison and we’d like to see you know the library and the prison cells and where these people are force-fed because not many people I caught on ammo Bay are eating because they decided to go on hunger strike in protest so the feeding tube would be lubricated and then it basically is placed through the nose and they sort of swallow it as it’s going down and you can sit down into the stomach then basically the central feed isn’t placed in the feed bet by gravity it just goes up we got to see detainees in their cells or in their their common area but the last place I expected to see was the commissary and that actually ended up being the most interesting part of the whole tour you like to come in the near side yeah there’s a horrible service of rule regulations to get okay so show me how that just layin pop oh yeah maybe yeah thank you and I felt pretty awkward walking into the kitchen there because you know like the issue of force feedings it’s a heavy one to read about and then you’re greeted by this bubbly Korean woman and she turned the whole experience around she sort of has this blissful ignorance about her that makes you love for even more you walk through and the first thing you see our rows and rows and rows of cookies they got a choice this one chocolate cookie the sir agent oatmeal cookie this one coffee cake after blueberry they get at our different campus a complicate and it kind of smells like your high school cafeteria and she kind of just seems like the you know happy little lunch lady you see this Middle East mine is everything we bake here so I have to be fresh she likes it she’s so cute and walking in here I was sort of like I feel sort of strange being in the Guantanamo Bay kitchen all these people are on hunger strike being force-fed it’s just so hard not to love she’s really cute she loves her job and she’s got a sweet operation going on Katie we gotta have precise our troop cooking her other size all of the painting detaining you know that we have double all our meat have to be Hollow and other item we have the big culture new train bars you got pasta all of the food all of the produce everything is from the US it all comes in on the big cargo ships because we have an embargo with Cuba we can’t spend money there just kind of whack it’s like probably save a lot of money if we’re getting it all from Cuba what are you seeing here we don’t have a 14 days of cycle menu hoping days each meal we can get the same an order people wow that’s a lot of meals when Sam brought us to where she prepares all the meals she had eight different meals set up and she said that each detainee has the option for eight different meals for all three meals of the day okay so you have regular salt diet and you play it basically with the fish blend by a high fiber they get a menu they each a card you can make a connection with their phone and the phone with all of a site item here oh wow they get water and the grape juice they can get a room hot tea coffee they got a choice and today and the tiger slice bread they’re going to chocolate cookie mix not care or can demand go with this one Wow that’s what we call garlic chicken it’s pretty good hi guys this is I can’t make chicken this good do you like breaded or something what’s on – yeah it’s a bit little branded yeah mix it with her at the garlic lemon I can taste lemon yeah uh-huh Patti love with the lamb one then I can guys love the one on huh oh yeah lemon on each plate so what is this here so blend the chicken so that’s for someone with like dental problems see and maybe probable maybe a man soft chicken never had soft chicken it’s a kind of weird actually I prefer the breaded chicken this one we cook in a little different way we don’t fry so this would be like for an overweight attaining see how they are like yeah they want herself the garlic chicken was good she knows what she’s doing uh I wouldn’t eat the soft chicken again probably um but yeah it’s okay I mean I kind of wish that was there for Korean night what’s the matter Friday putting on Friday’s Korean you know once a month once I don’t give it the damn games you cut for us now oh damn yeah don’t get them no no no why not you probably liked it I don’t know so we try to be matching closer we’re gonna try to cook in their own country that’s why more put the lemon curry sauce or more like it you know so you studied like what countries they’re from and what food is from there I can look in the cookbook they’re gonna study which away oh wow alright we couldn’t film anybody above the shoulders throughout the prison and we got very limited access to the things we wanted access for but when it came to the kitchen we had full access it was fascinating I’m walking out of the experience it was overly kind of planned how they had each little thing set out and they wanted you to know that the way they feed their detainees is very humanitarian does it hurt your feelings when some people don’t want to eat no I do I don’t like it but they got a choice they don’t like it I’m not gonna make it they eat but sometimes they don’t want to eat I’m thinking I do something wrong I check it in I think they don’t want him every day not hungry you

Maurice Vega

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  1. This bitch needs to stop crying about how badly the criminals are being treated. These are terrorists, if they wanted a happy life they wouldn’t of commited unspeakable crimes.

  2. You don't just go on food strike and starve yourself for the fuck of it, these prisoners committed unspeakable crimes and their living conditions are a result of that. They don't deserve anything better than what they're getting.

  3. Who cares what they eat, alot of them have commited unspeakable crimes. Same goes for murderers and child molesters.
    I would give them the basics and that's it.
    They shouldn't be given the options of halal or kosher food.
    Petty criminals are treated worse than the ones who have really done something.

  4. The prisoner's there are in for a reason, keep that in mind!!!! They get treated better than homeless American's on the street. Low income family's in the state's don't feed their kids that well, unable to.So you need to really understand the prisoner's are there for VALID reason's. Common sense please

  5. Wow lucky my country the terrorist are lucky if they have 2 meals a day..the food they serve its better to eat the dog than to eat the shit they serve..

  6. Sam seems like a wonderful person though.She doesn't judge or anything. She just does her job and runs her kitchen.

  7. I very rarely give a thumbs down or leave a negative comment but I didn't like the host's personality. She seemed quite condescending.

  8. This bitch is dumb. Why would you buy off communists? Everything is government seized and owned, Cuba has 2 currencies for foreigners and locals. Even if they were to sell us supply they would match first world prices, and they don’t have the supplies. Their people go hungry for being communists shitholes anyway

  9. Vice please stop using these pretentious white hipsters for anything. They obviously dont understand manners, and basic rules of respect. People like this is why people hate Americans over seas.

  10. that's what you get when you got a piece of shit country like the United States of America trying to overrun somebody else's country.. I am an American and I hate this fucking country…believe you and me I would leave it it's a fucking country would let me. I hate this country.the only thing I love about this country is to soldiers that died for this piece of shit. Believe you and me if them people that died had it to do over again they wouldn't and all you Americans know they wouldn't.

  11. Idk about Gitmo or the food or Cuba but……that reporter lady is so sexy now look at her she looks like trinity from the matrix to me now.

  12. you can't film anyone above the shoulders because the Geneva Conventions ban it as parading of prisoners of war.

  13. They should be getting the Sheriff Joe treatment. I probably wouldn't even given them baloney. I'd probably give them spam. These ARE some of the worst of the worst criminals after all. Why are they being treated so well?

  14. Reporter really needs to learn the history of Cuba. Maybe talk to a few Cuban Americans who had everything they owned confiscated.

  15. Force feeding is just wrong it should never be done. If they dont want to eat dont force them let them die if that's what they want.

  16. Yeah… these poor war criminals and terrorist have it soooo rough. This hipster dipshit “reporter” is a moron

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