Innovative Activity to Show Leadership w/ We! Connect Cards

Our work at We!™ is to create moments that
matter for people in the way that life happens in moments. There is this really great stat:
there are 20,000 three-second moments every single day. That's assuming that
you're sleeping eight to eight and a half hours a night which most of you
probably are not. And so it was 20,000 three second moments, thinking about that is 20,000 choices throughout a day. That's an
immense amount of choice and so in this piece we are going to create some new
moments so everybody grab a card again with a stretch you feel comfortable
doing and as I introduce what we're gonna do I'm going to just be walking
around and I'm going to actually invite you guys to also wander around and just
look down, know the stretch that's on your card your objective is to in some
ways to "start the wave" so you want to get everybody in the group doing the
exact same stretch as quickly as possible. The way you'll do that is: when I'm done talking take 15 seconds or so to walk around and
somebody it's gonna make a choice to start doing their stretch as soon as you
see somebody else doing a stretch you are going to mimic that stretch as
quickly as possible again the group's goal is to get
everybody doing the exact same stretch as quickly as possible. I'm
gonna stop talking and whoever chooses to do a stretch whenever they do, when you
do that stretch you'll freeze when you do that stretch you'll freeze.
Nice keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, keep walking, nice, this time you
have 10 seconds to swap cards with three people as quickly as possible for round
three go okay so this time as you're walking when you turn you take sharp
corners like this take sharp corners. Wherever you go taking sharp corners.
Ready? Walk sharp corners look at you stretch you're carrying nice Wow
okay so free pop back out into a circle so there's a way that in order for that
to actually work in order that to actually happen
somebody has to start the stretch somebody has to stop the group from
moving and start their stretch and make that choice that's one piece of it
though so there's that leader who's makes a choice to say okay I'm done with
this and do this what else needs to happen in order for the group's goal to
be accomplished. Followers. Followers so it's a way that one really easy piece to
debrief or that activity which is more it's almost more of an illustration can
be almost more of an illustration and there's this really clear divide which
is often not as clear between leadership and followership so one person did it
but if nobody else did it doesn't matter how well that person is leading.
Nothing is happening.

Maurice Vega

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