India’s Prime Minister Facing Severe Backlash Over Anti-Muslim Citizenship Law | All In | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. I just wanted to put one comment on MSNBC, although, different versions of the same comment would be true for most of their output. Keep doing what you're doing. The American people have seen through your sham lies and propaganda. You are finished, although you haven't yet fallen over. I'm sure there are still quite a few people that hate Trump. The idiocy of your lies helps wake them up to your propaganda, so, please don't stop now while you're losing credibility so drastically. You're beginning to turn on your own, which is such a joy to watch. Bye Bye!

  2. They're not telling you something. Pakistan is Indian Muslims it was created in 1947 that is where Indian Muslims reside not in India! Crack a book open and stop letting the mainstream media tell you what to believe

  3. Sekuto Mehta says, Modi claims he has built tens of millions toilets but dragged Indian economy into the toilet. LMAO. ??????

  4. Why we supposed to be angry about this? Because to be perfectly honest with you I'm not a Muslim so I really don't care I know one thing though most people are doing the same thing to Christians all over the world now

  5. The Globalist MSM wants all of their sheeple to be the same. The [MSM] has been paid trillions to warp the minds of people all over the world.
    And now [THEY] are surprised people want to protect the culture of their heritage.
    GLOBALISM SUCKS when {IT} wants to rule the world, and deceive people to achieve it's goals.

  6. It’s not pretty, but India’s sentiment isn’t tough to understand, especially when you consider their lovely Pakistan neighbor who enjoys harboring Islamists and jihadists.

    I believe they’re doing this because Hindus, who can be cited for violence, don’t hold a candle to what has been seen by radical Islamists.

    Right and wrong isn’t really the question for India, it’s about preservation in their eyes.

  7. If people understand the history of muslims and the east & the middle east, then they would understand the Prime Minister's decision. In the end, muslims are just dangerously confused Christians– and just about the same with catholics, liberals and non believing Jews for Jesus.

  8. That is such distorted information so not expected from you Chris. You have left out some very important points here which change the whole narrative. I am not praising this or against the peaceful protests by people with opposing views. But the facts are
    1. Kashmir 370 is not related to CAA. One is about giving uniform status to all states and other about immigration.
    2. Citizenship bill is to give priority to oppressed minorities from Muslim majority countries like Pakistan Bangladesh who face discrimination because of their religion.
    3. This bill is not for Hindus only. It's for Hindu, Christian, Jain, Buddhist people from these countries who hold valid documents.
    4. The Indian Muslims living there for generations are not being displaced. It's a maybe fear propaganda.
    5. It is a statistical fact that since 1947, Muslim population in india has increased considerably while the Hindu population in Pakistan Bangladesh has decreased almost to diminishing numbers which proves they are in trouble so why shouldn't the only Hindu majority country in the world welcome them and protect them?

  9. Modi is typical of all authoritarian and would-be authoritarian leaders who have ridden on naked nationalism to cement their base around the world. Modi is the "Trump" of India, the "Edowan" of Turkey, "Boris Brexit" of the UK, "Putin" in Russia. All these so -call populist leaders will not rest until there is nowhere safe in the world for anyone to live as a member of a minority.

  10. Certain Hindutva Nazi trolls are down here. The mechanism of trolling is to criticize something and make counter claims, just as they are calling the talk concocted in this show, to create confusion to people who watch or read.
    Trolling is, after all, fooling. ?

  11. that law in nothing but a Cheap gimmick to divert attention away from India economy has collapsed
    Modi needs to go
    Real GDP Growth is 2%

  12. Trump is not a murderer, he is just a talker, better than G W Bush mass murder, Modi -Hitler 2 Killers of thousands already.

  13. As an Indian, I can say that this was a remarkable accurate piece of reporting. Do not listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. Thank you Chris Hayes and MSNBC for highlighting this important issue.

  14. Google what is Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) says then decide for yourself whether it is anti Muslim or not, don't fall for Left liberal propaganda.
    It grants citizenship to people who arrived in India before 2015 from 3 Muslim countries after facing religious persecution, obviously Muslims are not persecuted on the basis of religion in Muslim countries you dumb "Intellectual" knts.

  15. Perfect reporting. Kudos to Prof. Mehta for standing by the truth despite the odds – he is from Modi's state and community. Modi is India's Putin – without the brains and guts of Putin as he has never allowed a press conference! So you know what I mean when I see Prof. Mehta talking the truth. Thank you Sir.

  16. Extremistic narcissistic scaredycats are trying to take over the world and eliminate all the progress humanity has made during the last 100 years.
    Why do we let this happen? When did we become so WEAK ??

  17. Whenever muslims are there are problems. Muslim have problems with Hindu, Muslims have problems with Budhists, Muslims have problems with Jews, Muslims have problems with Christians, Muslims have problems with everyone. Funny i dont see any christian – Hindu tensions, i dont see any Jews-Budhist wars, but wheverethere is some conflict its always muslims. india dont worry about western media, they do not represent the majority view , they are owned mostly by selfentitled far left lunatics. This is a good move by indian government, muslims ale a problem everywhere they are, they hate everyone and they teach their children to hate everyone non-muslim. some naive people in western europe like sweden or germany think they will change them. Lets watch them abut lets watch in safety without muslims how they succeed with this naive approach.

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