Indian human rights activist: Law turns citizens into migrants

Maurice Vega

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  1. Down with fascism and nationalism!! I support these brave protesters fighting for their democracy and an India that doesnt discriminate based on race and religion

  2. If you like Muslims so much why don't you bring them to your country? India is a country that suffered because white people I think it's Rich watching White's criticize anything they do. I don't see them ever criticize Winston Churchill for starving to death in the Bengal famine. No they have statues of him in front of their Parliament

    White people stole trillions of dollars of Wells from India. Then they have the nerve to criticize them and say that they were third world country. It's amazing isn't it

  3. Sanctions from USA need to be imposed. There are many American businesses that utilize India for customer service- maybe those businesses should threaten pull out of India if they don't cancel that new law based on religion

  4. Hey, this is rasel,i am from Bangladesh, this is a relative country of India, i want to marry an american woman of any age,any colour,any religion.i am a graduate. So real people email me([email protected]). Thanks

  5. Whoops on their part! This law could tragically feed radical Islam. Modi's party needs to reverse this law or the violence between the Hindus and Muslims could grow much worse.

  6. Bill passed with OVERWHELMING support. It's a documented fact that when muslims become the majority they pretty much start making demands for sharia law.

  7. those are students? huh… i thought they were bums
    how long do they finish school? look old… must be the beard.
    maybe if they loose the beard and head wrap they'll cool down a bit heheh
    oh, please take mid-east and south american refugees too… i guarantee you richer diversity…
    destruction of library? hahaha i have better collection… i only see chairs
    what do you read? the air? no wonder with those many people you still want more, airheads!

  8. This is "BS" what India is doing! You wouldn't see this kind of "action" against people fighting for their "rights" in Muslim/Islamic Religious Countries! They would have "All the freedoms and rights" they could ever "dream" of!

  9. Nice job #soldoutIndian. They divided ? India ??. Now they want to come back as illegal migrants. Ok bring the land also.? Reunite Bangla & Pak into India ????

  10. The extreme left wing is the new world order …you can see that in the recent elections results around the world … so people it’s coming …

  11. Jesus lives!
    Praise God the Lord!
    Bless His Holy name…

    @FranzFe66625039 On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL

  12. she said all 10% true … hiding ,,,, simple this bill for minority of 3 country { Muslims in majority in that country so automatically eliminate Muslims } .. don't believe fake news .. 🙂

  13. Sad and stupid arrogance of the West , you really think you can judge a culture thats 50,000 years old with your measly 200 years of existence , please ! Put your head back up your ass and mind your own business

    And yes at the bottom of the Arabian sea Dwarka has been found went under the waves 12,000 years, when a GLOBAL WARMING , melted the rest of the ice left over from the previous ice age and flooded the world Long ago but Dwarka also called the city of Krishna was 50,000 years old … Along with the continents of KassKara and what is called Atlantis

  14. Misinterpreting the entire Law…this law gives citizenship to migrants not turns citizens into migrants ! Please don't cook news @CNN. India has many illegal migrants who need to sent back to their home country. India is facing lot of internal threats and terrorisam which needs to be addressed. Real danger is Arundhati Roy kind of people who supports criminals, terrorists, illegal threats .. obviously such fake journalists are paid by enemy Country and organisations.

  15. Fake media CNN and arundhati roy, good combination. Nobody agree with her anti India, separatist views except the western fake news.

  16. CNN, people are now educated to understand the bias and propaganda that you are doing. Guess what! We just have to believe just the opposite of what you are doing .

  17. The bill has no impact on Indian citizens you crooked media.It is about It is for minorities that are persecuted in Muslim majority countries. Why do india has to to accept Muslims immigrants from Muslim majority countries.Nobody wants more trouble. They decided the country to have a Muslim state and now they have Pakistan and Bangladesh but instead of becoming a Hindu nation. India became a secular state. And these Muslims wants to take over india and the whole world by ethnic cleansing. CNN, you are failing everyday convincing people against Trump. Get a proper job you shameless people

  18. An Indian citizen cannot be a migrant. The law specifies that migrants of a class can become citizens. The law is to assist those refugees or migrants who are of minority groups being persecuted in their country. Most of the persecutions are in the Muslim country.

  19. Actually the real reason for our country’s independence is hitler himself so its not bad to follow him and clear dirt out of our countr….

  20. Western media is so biased and misleading. The bill doesn't take away citizenship from anyone. It only grants citizenship to Hindu, Christian, and Sikh immigrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan because they are being persecuted in those countries. The protests in North East India is because they don't want these immigrants to go to there states and change the demographic character of their state. Muslims are protesting because they were not included in the list, but what they don't understand is that Muslims won't be realistically persecuted in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan because Islam is the state religion of these countries. It is the secular responsibility of secular India to protect the rights of minorities in their neighboring countries.

  21. india under modi is nazi germany. like nazi, there is a fascist party called RSS under modi. modi is just a fascist leader who lives on the hate and resentment of minorities.remember that modi is responsible for the death of 2000 people in 2002 when he was a chief minister.

  22. just live with muslims & you will get to know, why every 1 hate them..RSS backed party will stay in india forever, bcz hindus had taken the bite of hinduism & more protest, more extremism from hindus.this is just begining

  23. It is false this law grants religiously persecuted Christians Hindu buddist that came to India as refugees easy citizenship that's why extremist Muslims are opposing it because it is against there agenda of only Islam.

  24. INDIA is 1BILLION for gods sake, they are relatively smaller than china, they cant take in more ppl anymore. muslims countrys are not taking in any hindu refugees yet they should??

  25. Happy to see that CNN is airing these types of interactions with our intellectuals. It will unmask Modi and his team. Until now Modi was cleverly marketing himself. He will uphold Gandhi abroad understanding the goodwill it carries, while his supporters back in India are enthusiastically doing shooting practice at Gandhi's effigy to commemorate Godse's act. His ideology is not only anti muslim, but anti semitic, anti christian, anti left and anti west as written in the books of RSS ideologues…!

  26. I am concerned if there will be a declaration of 'State of Emergency' and bring President's rule under the current conditions???

  27. Religion was made to control the unwashed masses of the lowly educated (yes you can be smart but still be stupid also). Christians for cults and pedos, Islam for jihads and pedos, etc. etc.

  28. Modi is following the ideology of Hitler & Nazi Party. He is preparing for ethnic cleansing of Muslims in India and specially in Kashmir.

  29. this is fake propaganda by biased medias who doesn't even understand what the law is about .. I know this bitch called arundhati roy .. she is a complete racist who hates hindus and CNN is using her to malign India just coz Modi considers himself a friend of Trump.. I suggest if you dont know the bill just read it before making such a title for the video assholes

  30. India needs to protect from other Nationals right ,bill is not against to Indins right , just simple why USA is rejecting students and many more and US president taken decission against to Mexico like making wall but here India is giving citizen ship Millions of people so what's the issue , All r equal in india but people need more awareness
    Take a look,

  31. India no.1 in rape
    India no.1 in hunger
    India no.1 in terrorist attacks
    India no.1 in mob lyching
    India no.1 in uper cast lower cast differences
    India no.1 in pollution
    India no.1 in toiletless country
    India no.1 in no rights for minority
    57 freedom movements active in India
    Plz UNO and america sanctions on india

  32. Both Narendra Modi & Amit Shah, are Liars and followers of Hitler. And they have cheated the country and fooled us Hindus. I request all people, to
    come out in the streets, both Hindus & Muslims.The cost of NRC is 66,000 Crores (thats the point), i just heard that, earlier today.


    End of Earth in 2024, Jesus is coming Soon.

    Please share.

  34. Hi am somali हमें अपने YouTube धन्यवाद की तरह एक विश्व plz सदस्यता शेयर की आवश्यकता है

  35. This is the law against Indian democracy …and it is surely against tolerance among Indian society…this law make India again discriminate people by theire relegion,and it leads to big protest …we are seeking Supreme court view over this citizenship amendment bill… absolutely this is a mass violation against human rights in India

  36. So much misinformation being spread by liberal media. This law does not affect the citizenship status of Indian-born muslims. CAA is supposed to fast-track citizenship process of non muslims who have been harassed and persecuted in muslim majority countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. The only ones who will be deported are the foreign muslim immigrants who have entered the country illegally.

  37. Real trouble to india are people like Arundathi roy and colleagues like that.. no one with simple commonsense can be against CAB.

  38. This lady told all false fact. Public is in support of this law. Protests are all sponsered by opposition. This law is about only minorities from 3 neighbouring countries. Opposition catching vote bank politics.

  39. Biased and blatant propaganda. Repeating rhetoric enough to make it seem the truth in innocent people's minds. RSS does not condone Hitler. But that is what CNN and others will report since the people they approach for opinions are extremely leftist.

  40. GST Failure, Vallabhai Statue Failure, Bullet Train Failure, Make in India Failure, Corruption Failure.. And Now CAA and NRC Is biggest Failure and Violation of Article 14 of Indian Constitution.. our PM is Biased..

  41. Now to distract people he is planning to attack Pakistan as it has always happened in past. And the game would be “ Pakistan started this”?

    Pls apply here to be a e-Srikailashavasi!!!
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