India under Modi Govt | 4 years of Performance Rankings Analyzed by Dhruv Rathee

Namaskar friends, after a long time we have received a good news about our central government. Our country's rank for ease of doing business has reached 77/190 this year. Last year this rank was 100 and it was 142 in 2014. So it's clear how much our govt has worked in this area to bring this improvement in the ranking. So today I will compare ranks in different areas from 2018 and 2014 to see the changes and where does our country stands in 2018. I think it's going to be a good analysis to see India's position under Modi govt. Come let's see. This ranking is done by the world bank and it considers two cities, Delhi and Mumbai. and how easy is to start a business is observed with the help of 11 parameters like, taking construction permit, registration of properties and electricity connection This rank is then made on the basis of these factors. Since only two cities are considered here, it will be right to say that even the state govt of these cities have had a significant contribution in the improvement of ranking. The major reasons for the improvement of these rankings is the implement of GST which has simplified many processes. Insolvency code by the govt has also improved a lot. In my opinion it's one of the most important ranking. This ranking shows the changes that have come in the life of a common man. This is done considering three criteria, life expectancy, education and income. These three criteria decides the Human development Index. It's latest report has released on 14th September 2018 which has data from 2017 India's rank is 130/189 countries. India's rank in 2014 was 135 But it was improved in 2015 to 130 and stayed constant from then. one thing to note here is the methodology to calculate the ranking which keep improving over the time. so it's not a nice way to just compare the ranks simply. so let's look at the scores HDI rankings is considered by HDI scores only. India's score was 0.618 in 2014 which got improved in 2018 to 0.640 1 is the best score and 0 worst. So slowly an improvement is seen in India in the scores. Here I've plotted a graph to see the improvement. A little decrease in seen in the growth rate that was improving between 2014-2018. So in conclusion we can say it was an average performance as it's growing in the same rate as before. Environmental protection Index, another very important ranking which considers all the aspects related to environment, ecology and pollution. You can see these many factors are evaluated and they can be divided in two categories. Environmental health that includes your drinking water, air, ecosystem vitality including forest, ecology. which 177/180 countries and if you look at the category of health that is the cleanliness of the drinking water, purity of air then India's ranking is last friends 180/180 countries. India is the worst country in Environmental health ranking. 4 years ago in 2014, India's ranking was 155 so there's no doubt that India's ranking has dropped drastically that India became the worst country. There are many reasons for this and India's scores has dropped in all the parameters. Majorly air pollution, water pollution has increased due to which India's ranking has come down. here you can see the ranks India has got in all the categories in 2018 It looks like people are asked personally how happy are they for happiness Index. But it's not like that, this depends on factual index. It depend on factors like…. On the basis of all this it is judged how happy a common man is in a country. Every year United nations releases a world happiness report which has scores between 0-10 for all the countries. 0 is the worst score and 10 is the best. it didn't release any report in 2014 so let's look at 2015. India had a score of 4.465 on the basis of which India's ranking was 117/158 countries. The score has gradually fallen down in the last 3 years and unfortunately our country's rank too fell down and in 2018 our rank is 133/156 countries. with the score of 4.190 You will be surprised to know that countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh are at a better rank than India. So in today's time no one can even say that if you aren't happy then go to Pakistan. because people are more happy in Pakistan than here, Naturally it very important for our Govt to focus here. Recently Delhi govt has introduced happiness Curriculum in the schools for kids so if the same thing is circulated around the country then I feel more focus will be on happiness and the happiness of the common man. Hunger Index looks at the state of hunger and focuses on the indicators like undernourishment and child mortality. Here 100 is the worst score and 0 is the best score. on the basis of which countries are ranked here. India's rank was 99/120 countries with a score of 17.8 in 2014 This rank improved in 2015 but after that it keep falling down and its 103/119 countries in 2018. Just like other rankings even here the methodology kept improving but India's score too kept decreasing. It came down to 31.1 in 2018. 100 is the worst score here. so there's no doubt here that India's performance related to hunger is worst in the last 4 years. World Press Freedom Index looks at the freedom Media has and how independent is the media. This is measured using the 6 different indicators and you can see what each one means. even here 100 is the worst score and 1 is the best score. 40.34 was India's score in 2014 and since then this score kept going down. India's rank was 140 in 2014 which improved in 2015 to 136 but from then onwards this rank kept going down and in 2018 the rank is 138/180 countries. friends you must have seen yourself how our media has tuned in the last few years. It has been pressurised so much politically that it's independence has almost got over. especially the TV media. This is not exclusive to the last 4 years only. This trend has been going on since the last 15 years India's rank was 80 in 2002 and now slowly it has come down to 138. GCI looks at economic prosperity and has 12 different indicators. like labour efficiency, how efficiently and productively people are working on job. another indicator is the market size that is if a company wants to start the market in India then how big is the market size. In the same thing how is the infrastructure economically, efficiency, innovation economically. India's rank in 2014 was 71/144 with a score of 4.21, more the score is the better here. This rank has actually improved in the last 4 years. India's rank is 40/137 countries in 2018. That's a lot of improvement in the ranks India has shown here. Even the scores have seen an improvement consistently which has become 4.6 Few reasons for this is inflation rate that the govt has able to maintained and the other reason is the widespread of the technology to the people like the mobile internet. This has increased tremendously in the last few years due to reliance JIO. GDI just like it's name evaluate the condition of democracy in the country. This looks at 5 categories like the…… this ranking was 27/165 countries which is a really good ranking that show our democracy is doing well and its one of the top democracy worldwide. But this rank kept going down in the last 4 years and 2018 the rank is 42/165 countries. and even the score kept going down. In the court, the reason for this was told as…. Do you understand it's meaning friends? This means the full credit goes to "Hindu is in the danger gang" Those people who talks about Hindu Muslims and about temple and mosques and enraged people. Many people have come up like this in the last few years you might have seen due to which Mob lynching, vigilantism and violence have increased. These people declare others as Anti nationals, Urban Naxals and enrages people in the name of religion and nationalism because of them our global democracy has come down today. so in all friends in the last 4 and a half years it has become very easy in our country to do business but very difficult to breathe A common man is more sad, media is more paid, democracy is going down but the competitiveness in our country is rising. So these were some major rankings friends which shows the performance of India under Modi's govt. I accept that while comparing actually we should also see the same ranking which fluctuated in the 10 years of Congress. and I will do it in the future videos. But till then share this video friends and if you like my work then you can support me at and I will keep getting such analytical videos for you. Your each contribution matters and I can improve my work. Let's meet in the next video friends, thank you.

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  1. Timestamps of different rankings –
    1. Ease of doing Business 0:10
    2. Human Development Index 1:35
    3. Environmental Performance Index 3:02
    4. Happiness Index 4:16
    5. Global Hunger Index 5:56
    6. World Press Freedom Index 6:45
    7. Global Competitiveness Index 7:55
    8. Global Democracy Index 9:04

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  4. Kya mujhe isi tarah ka koi comparative chart mil Sakta hai..??
    2014 vs 2018/19
    Kya aap meri help kar sakte ho…

  5. Don't complain modi for bringing rank down….in this 4 years he did a best work…if he were a pm before 30 years…then India will be no 1…

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