‘Inconsistent’: McConnell Slammed For Violating ‘Oath’ As ‘Constitutional Officer’ | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Who cares about the Constitution anymore. Elected Officials especially from the GOP careless about their Oaths. BECAUSE their are no consequences, the Constitution is being dismantled by these corrupt politicians. There is a need for amendment in the Constitution to make it a high crime punishable at minimum life in prison for breaking their Oath. Elected officials breaking their Oaths are betraying the citizens that elected them.

  2. McConnell is seriously corrupt. He’s about to back a good ‘ol boy and lose the tiny bit of integrity he has left. He’s going to go down in history as befriending a racist, sexist, criminal. He’s got an opportunity to do the right thing. Bet he stays right up Trumps behind.

  3. Just thinking all those men & womans that are in Arlington Cemetery & the creators of Constitution , it's more than a shame .

  4. Just dont understand why all these Republicans have totally lost all their morals, backbone and mind over trump. Just dont get what the payoff is.

  5. McConnell is the perfect example of why there should be term limits. Drunk with power, these people defy the legal system and blatantly allow their arrogance to seep out as they insult the country.

  6. Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey along with Jim Jordan, Gowdy and Trumps real personal attorney William Barr, run interference for the felony committing President want to be dictator, obstructionist of justice, federal campaign election laws violator, accused tax fraud, a sexual deviant and the guy can out lie a rug. Glad he's impeached and I hope removed for being a traitor, Putin/Russian puppet.

  7. Republikkkans are corrupt and will be judged harshly in 2020.
    Blue Tsunami is a coming ?
    Bernie 2020 USA ??

  8. The Senate is NOT going to remove Trump even though they know they should. Moscow Mitch and Graham have joined Trump in ignoring our LAWS and SPITTING on our CONSTITUTION. Remember Trump says our CONSITUTION is PHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No matter, as Trump will know he was impeached and it will go into our history books so the people of the future can see the mistake the Republicans made by placing him into office. It is with deep regret that we be dragged down with them when Trump's SH*T hits the fan.

  9. How many morons her truly believe that Trump will be removed from office by the Senate and not be re-elected in 2020?? Come on, don't be afraid to show your hands.

  10. Trump is where he is not because he is this genius, there are people surrounding him with decent intelligence who decided to be a loyal cultists or those who explain his bad behaviour by saying "Judges"

  11. There is no illegal reason for anyone to not protect what Trump has done and continues to do… It will go down in history as the beginning of the end of American democracy if Trump is allowed to get away with his abuse of power

  12. It’s good to know that not all Kentuckians believe what Moscow Mitch is doing. Why does he continue to get re-elected if they disagree with what he says & does?

  13. Republicans do not care about the USA! Are huge oil conglomerates in control of our military might and where our military is used around the world? The answer is yes and it is all tax free! After that it is all show, bluff and Propaganda. It is about the oil, it is always about the oil.

  14. As far as I am concerned the Republican party has committed TREASON and should be at the very least removed from office. Most of them should be in a cell.

  15. Good on Kent Greenfield for speaking up! Shame on Mitch McConnell for letting himself be such a sell out, and promising he will violate his oath of office and side with Trump regardless. History will not forgive him for this damage.

  16. McConnell isn't anything other than corrupt, and will do anything it takes to save his master Trump, who in turn is Putin's boot licker.

  17. “I don’t think they suspected that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the Senate at the same time.” – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

  18. The really stunning thing is how anybody can take McConnell seriously. He looks like a comic book character. With his lack of a normal chin, poppy eyes, mindless expression etc. he could be the human incarnation of Sad Sack.

  19. these events have proven beyond doubt term limits in Congress and the Supreme Court must be made mandatory ! there needs to be amendments to govt. and the Constitution , government was supposed and meant to be for the people not the governors benefit

  20. Today's self-serving politicians don't have a single shred of decency!

    We have reached a point where there is in fact, absolutely no public service, merely political self-service!

    What a bunch of totally inconceivably braindead morons Trump's upper echelon supporters are!

    All that Dirty Donny is ever going to do is get into more and more and more and more and more trouble!

    He's flat out, straightforwardly told these morons that he is the party and the solution and they are completely irrelevant yet they still keep licking his toilet!

    There has been absolutely no end to the incomparably senseless and completely witless drama with this guy!

    Putin will go down in world history as the Russian mini monarch that finally took down The West, his legacy will be titled, "How The West Was Won!" by seducing innumerable completely mindless individuals into living for hatred, illusions of white supremacist grandeur and making themselves believe that all of their problems are being caused by individuals other than themselves!

  21. The op-ed is a joke, another highly partisan attack by a socialist idealogue who draws a pay check as a law professor.
    The Dem sound and fury is part of a hypocritical attempt to compensate for the House Dems' failures to produce either evidence or meaningful articles of impeachment.

  22. America I'm trying to have faith that you will do the right thing, but the historical facts say other.
    Come election time trump will lie too America again, you the people will eat it again and the results will be the same again for in the mist of the truth that's in your face your still a nation that wants to be lied too, just look at trump world rallies ,how can anyone go to one unless you want to be lied to.

  23. The American "Democratic" way has failed. You need a complete reform of some kind. Maybe take a look at all the wasted votes and people who may not vote for stupid reasons at the same time.

  24. Hey Russians, We the People are giving you One year to remove Putin and his henchmen. Clean up.
    Putin gave U.S. trump, guess how we are gonna pay back!

  25. White Europeans don’t have MORALITY AT ALL!! They don’t care about oath or faith.Look at they history
    1. Racial & Religious oppressions
    2. Modern Enslavement SYSTEMS
    3. Genocide of Humans
    4. Genocide of Animals
    5. Colonialism
    6. Imperial Capitalist oppression

  26. The need to investigate Moscow Mitch and his Beijing Biich thoroughly!! They both should spend the rest of their lives in Prison.

  27. Trump will make history by being the first US President in history to be impeached and then win a second term. Sadly… by a landslide in 2020

  28. History has been watching McConnell's lack of impartiality since the Obama days and it doesn't seem to care. Unfortunately, he's been more influential in shaping the USA than anybody else, including both Trump and Obama. Just look at the Supreme Court, that's McConnell's baby entirely; It is what it is because of him, and it will continue to be regardless of what happens in the 2020 election.

  29. Moscow Mitch is just as lawless as Trump. He does not deserve the honour bestowed on him by those who have continued to vote for him to remain in office and the time has come for change. I say may his days in the Senate be few and let another honorable person take his place. Like Judas, he is a traitor, betrayed the oath of office, the people that always had his back and the constitution and I say shame on him.

  30. Where are the oath keepers we use to hear about? All those who took an oath to protect the constitution should all stand up and condemn Mitch in one voice.

  31. Mr Greenfield is absolutely right, how can McConnell swear to listen impartially to evidence when he’s already bragged on tv he is obviously not an impartial juror and will acquit Trump no matter what he’s done. McConnell is paid by us to do his job properly and fairly.

  32. What excuse can McConnell give for supporting a corrupt POTUS in the White House? The fact that his name will be dirt in future history doesn't seem to bother him. He and his wife are as corrupt as Trrump now. What a sad state of affairs for America, a Country we so admired in the past.

  33. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires any Senate or House member to be impartial during an impeachment. Article I says nothing about impartiality. We saw that bias plainly in the House Democrats, and the MSM never raised a fuss about it.

  34. These days public officials like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and many others, are not acting in an honest forthright way, but rather in a crooked way. How can we get them to act in a good way? Simple. Just erect a Fifty-Foot Tall Guillotine right in the center of Washington DC, and keep that big old Blade very, very Sharp!?

  35. Trump Gave Moscow Mitch McConnell $1 billion Right Before Christmas ! Something That Trump Said He Wasn't Going To Do ! Because of the Democrats ! So What Do Moscow Mitch McConnell Has To Do For Trump ? ? Rigged The Votes Jusr Like Mitch McConnell Said He Would Do ! Mitch McConnell And All Republicans Who Enabled And Defended Trump Will Lose their Seats In 2020 Election !

  36. There was something wrong with that picture of Trump and McConnell. McConnell was walking/standing next to Trump instead of being on his knees behind him.

  37. this GOP traitors dont have any shame,is disgusting in all levels to see how low they have sink for a useless and moronic president,history will condemn them for ever,and for the treason they have done against the U.S.A by not only parroting that orange traitor but also putin,and what is worst is that they'r family will have that on they'r heads as well

  38. Putin was not the president of the GOP back then when GOP senators used to take their oath to the constitution seriously. Also Russian money was not fuelling their election campaigns back then.

  39. Hmm , so Shiff And Pelosi violated their oaths of office running a bogus illegal partisan Impeachment without due process to the accused . McConnell is conducting fair justice practices in the Senate , unlike the sham House of majority Dems violating every rule and tradition over 240 years worth .

  40. Finally, someone from Kentucky standing up for truth and right! I knew you were there! Now is not the time to sit on your hands and be silent! What McConnell’s doing is completely lawless! STOP THAT MAN!

  41. This law professor has multiple campaign contributions to several Democrats since 2003, and has not even lived in Kentucky since that time. He is a former Kentucky resident, not a current resident.

  42. Trump-Putin-Mconnell , failed to understand the true meaning of Impreachment, it is meant to remove the presidential immunity from criminal prosecution, it also means if the evidence is strong of guilt it does not exenorate the criminal changes there after his term , in other words if the treasonous (Russian hacks)GOPs Senate may choose protect his term but not his guilt, so Donnie boy if you're reading this look at the Mueller's report entirely .

  43. These are not the first republicans to have such disrespect and even abhorrence for the constitution. GW Bush said the constitution "is just a damned piece of paper", after having sworn an obviously dishonest oath to protect and serve that constitution.
    It is too bad that Americans have lost their way so badly that so many tolerate an administration that is a straight up enemy of the constitution, because they are too damned ignorant to even know what the American constitution is. It is not difficult to read but damned few Americans have ever bothered to read the founding document of a country they pretend to be loyal to. That constitution IS the country.
    You have put radical ideologues with no patriotism into high office. Demonstrating once again, just how horribly expensive ignorance actually is.
    Self obsessed sleep walking consumers can not maintain a functioning democracy and you are beginning to see why that is true.

  44. I think this guy ain't gonna get impeached
    Americans are destined to suffer for the next 4 more years …for that one bad decision they took few years ago…
    Merry Christmas ??

  45. An ‘oath’ was always something meant to be backed up by the honour of the oath taker.
    And that’s all I got to say ‘bout that.

  46. Mitch McConnell knows climate change is real. He knows we cannot afford four more years of Trump. He is in the position to, quite literally, save the world. Instead, he would risk us all to keep his seat.

  47. demorats n the libturd fake media held an impartial n partisan unfair impeach hearings by pencil neck shiff in the basement,now they r crying for a fair senate hearing,pathetic libturd hypocrites hihihihi

  48. … Republicans should also remember that world leaders are watching this trial – and they don't think much of Trump …

  49. He doesn't care about violating an oath. He'd have to ACTUALLY believe in God instead of just pretending to. So help him God.

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