Imran Khan is bad for Pakistan’s democracy | IN 60 SECONDS

Imran Khan, a cricket star turned politician, is Pakistan’s likely next Prime Minister. Khan has used an anti-corruption platform to build a mass following, but he has hardly gotten to where he is on his own. Khan’s main opponent, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, was thrown out of office in 2017 on dubious charges by the Supreme Court. Since then, he has received a 10-year prison sentence for corruption and was arrested along with his daughter and political heir Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Nawaz Sharif has been a vocal critic of Pakistan’s army. Many believe that the army worked to throw him out and promote its preferred candidate, Imran Khan. Khan’s use of the army to get elected does not bode well for Pakistan’s ailing democracy. His worldview combines socialism and Islamism. He blames America for Pakistan’s terrorist problem, supports fundamentalist positions, and wants Pakistan to be an Islamic welfare state. With a struggling economy and decaying international reputation, Pakistan needs introspection. Imran Khan represents a doubling down on denial. What do you think about Imran Khan? Will he weaken or strengthen Pakistan’s democracy? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds and be sure to LIKE and subscribe for more research and videos from AEI.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Don't know much about IKs politics except that as a Politician one expects him to say what is convenient to get votes true or not. Compared to the current crop of leaders that Pakistan has he would be a breath if fresh air. Politics in both Pakistan and India are similar. Corruption is the name of the game. The AEI on the other hand have made such ham-handed videos that, I'm surprised they still try. They take an overly simplistic view of things and I feel being sensational is part of their MO. They paint countries in the region with the same brush and have a clear neoliberal agenda in the name of 'democracy'. Utter waste of time. Unsubscribing from this channel.

  2. You accept Nawaz Sharif in the name of democracy but don't accept Pakistani courts which are the part of the same democratic system. What a wishful and convenient choice. You only want to see corrupt politicians in Pakistan who keep serving interests of your masters. Your cards are exposed, stop waging disinformation war over Pakistan. People won't take it anymore.

  3. Imran Khan is the first leader in a very long time who is not corrupt hence you people cannot buy him.
    That's why you are creating this propaganda against him.
    Shame on you.

  4. "Dubious Charges"??? Don't miss-guide your viewers, Nawaz was convicted by the Supreme Court because of what was revealed in the Panama Leaks (an independent source). A major fact you have forgotten to mention in your 60 sec clip.

  5. The title of this video is BULLSHIT! and no i did not listen to any of this nonsense. Imran Khan is what PAKISTAN NEEDs. We the people of Pakistan WANT HIM, NEED HIM. We don't care what America/India/Afganhistan think is good for Pakistan. So STFU!!

  6. The American Enterprise Institute? Seriously???Why do the f do they care??? This video I pure stupidity wrapped up and posing as intelligence

  7. Yes, America is responsible for Islam. American or jews is trying to prove Islam as a terrorist religion good at the end this will not happen and America is supporting Nawaz Sharif with the help of it they spread terrorist in Pakistan .
    Nawaz Sharif is truly a currupt person in the history of Pakistan and had been thrown out and kept in jail for his because of deeds in the in the last 15 year. At the end as you bow so you rib
    (Nawaz Sharif best of luck with your life in jail.

  8. I too have wasted my time to watch this video and listen to this dickhead. I now wish more than before that Imran Khan wins this coming election and brings about changes Pakistan so desperately need through democracy and accountability. Nawaz was PM for Punjab only. Zardari was president or the PM for himself. Imran Khan will be the 1st Prime Minister for the whole of Pakistan in 40 years.
    Corruption must END. All past and future corrupt leaders should be arrested and imprisoned.

  9. Ask a F*c*in* Indian what pakistan need right. American Enterprise Institute if this is the level of your think tanks no wonder the Chinese are spanking your asses

  10. Pakistan is ruled by PMLN & PPP for more than 3 decades and just look what has happened , every thing is destroyed. We need a change and Imran Khan is the best candidate available for this change at the moment. If we keep voting the same Party , the destruction of Pakistan will continue too in the same way as it happened during the last decades…its simple.

  11. Imran Khan isn't bad for democracy but your simplistic analysis shows that channels like AEI are bad for journalism!

  12. Your title is Imran Khan is bad for Pakistan while in the other hand you are asking for our opinion.
    Either you need Metal help or your internet access should be revoked.
    Get a life.

  13. OMG, Pakistan justice system and Pakistani establishment is so cruel to my SHER PRIME MINISTER. Please look after my leader NAWAZ SHARIF. He still owes my country 300 Billion rupees. Please do not let him die without making any payments. Just imagine, he couldn't take the pain and suffering for more than 2 weeks in jail but what about the whole nation who has been suffering for the last 35 years from the hands of this bloody Sharif and Zardari mafia. OMG! His lungs must be properly checked in case you can find the treasure of my nation…………… please don't let my great leader die. So please look after Nawaz Sharif and send some SRI PAYYEY or Qeema or Qeeme wale naan & perey wali Lassi in Adyala jail for my leader to survive. Oh, yes, please send him to London. May be when he sees his parkland flats, he could revive and feel better. Or show him his palaces on YouTube and his bank statements so that he can have a peace of mind that his Billions of dollars are in safe hands and not given to his poor nation yet. Or make him admitted in the Mayo Hospital Lahore, Pakistan to make him lie down next to another patient, a beautiful Hospital that Nawaz Sharif has made for this nation. Please look after my leader, Nawaz Sharif, because he still has to see NAYA Pakistan & PMLN going in the drain and see a corrupt-free land called Pakistan of the future. Please look after my leader because he still has to see his money confiscated for the national treasury and see his family live a life of a poor man of my nation.

    Indian media is so caring about Mian Nawaz Sharif and his health. If India wants, we can release Nawaz Sharif only with one condition. We promise that we will let him go free out of Pakistan with all of his wealth and all of his treasure that he has looted from this poor nation. And the condition is: ‘’INDIA SHOULD MAKE NAWAZ SHARIF THEIR PRIME MINISTER and let Modhi jee go instead’’. We promise, Pak army or Pak establishment or Pak ISI will not hinder in the affairs of Nawaz Sharif and his beloved India. The only difference for us will be, ''First we used to hear Nawaz Sharif's corruptions stories from Pakistani media, then, we will listen his corruptions stories from Indian Media''. He will sell all of your 50 provinces one by one, I bet if you want to check if I am telling you the truth or not. DEAL???????????????????????????????????? SAY YES, he will fulfil the place of Bollywood villain Amresh Puri too. I also predict you that MODI JEE will come to Pakistan and will tell army, ‘’FOR GOD’S SAKE TAKE BACK THE REMAINING 50% OF KASHMIR AND TAKE AWAY NAWAZ SHARIF FROM OUR MOTHERLAND, INDIA. Nawaz Sharif will also sell all cows in India to Arabs and you will have no cows to worship anymore. He is such a great businessman. So take him, I don’t need this BANYYA LALA NAWAZ SHARIF in Pakistan anymore. Or you buy Nawaz Sharif from us and we give you one free, that is ASIF ALI ZARDARI (the Haraami). BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. DEAL???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    I don't know much about poetry but I know Sharif mafia like poetry and they often read wrong poetry. But I tell you the correct poetry and correct verse that maps on you very well. Here is my one verse dedicated to NS, CAPTAIN SAFDAR, MARYAM JEE & their family & ABBASI, THE DRUG DEALER:


    Don't worry much about my DON Sharif. Every gangster/Don becomes sick when he/she goes to prison. God bless my country and bring a positive change. Amin.
    Right now, in Adyala jail, Nawaz Sharif is telling other prisoners how not to steal money or items worth thousands but how to rob BILLIONS. Also, Maryam is telling other prisoner, how to make forge documents. Captain Safdar is teaching prisoners how to bark, if you have not got a dog in your house and Abbasi, the drug dealer is telling people how to sell drugs, lie when they see media or teach them how to break the jail. Great souls of Muslim league are all in Adyala and there are many more to come, inshaullah.
    Pak army Zindabad. Chief Justice Zindabad, Imran Khan Zindabad and all peaceful Pakistanis Zindabad & Pakistan Paindabad.

  14. He is supported  by isi and pak army . Amry want to control on politics so they want a yesman for do this job. And imran khan is perfect for that. Slave of army (imran khan)

  15. Imran khan will bring change and respect to Pakistan once more again, Thats why UK American and India all have a problem. Pakistan should give Imran khan a full term in Office and he will do wonders in those five years, But UK America and India dont wont a powerful strong Pakistan, they want Pakistan weak and divided so the can take advantage and control.

  16. Yes America is fucking responsible for Pakistan's terror issues and Imran khan is the best prime minister for Pakistan and democracy is not corruption and raging its who gets the most votes and seats. Nawaz Sharif was actually working for American and British associations which we call the west and he was working for Indian Raw that's why America and India are so upset about Imran khan.

  17. He wants to eliminate the Afghanistan war by bringing a political solution to the table. US benefits from this war. India uses the instability to get their agents across the field. A stronger Pakistan would mean a weaker CIA presence in Pakistan. There is a clear reasons why these American cules don't want IK as the next PM.

  18. What a load of bs. Trying to create sympathy for thieves by calling Supreme Court's ruling dubious. Get a grip.

  19. i live in the US i have many wonderful friends from Pakistan. I am a doctor i really admire Imran Khan for the cancer hospital he built to him accepting minorities . The youth in pakistan are educated and smart they know what is best for pakistan and not us . I want pakistan to be peaceful like it used to be I am a catholic for us Jesus is kind and merciful
    i am praying for pakistan

  20. Also guys i dont understand why religon is comming into this we are not comming into your election you all know best i live in The US i dont know why hindu muslim fight is going on in the US it is not religon but politicians views
    please dont bring hindu muslim fight into this we wish you all the best with imran khan America wants you all to live in peace . I am from south india came here many years ago pakistanies have more in comman with northindians then southindians

  21. I'd say you were an idiot if I did not know that you have an anti-Pakistan agenda. So what your'e saying will only be believed by idiots

  22. Paid for Indian lobbyist ! Concentrate on the democracy that is India, where they are lynching Muslims for eating beef!

  23. AEI is a right wing think tank, if they were here praising imran khan, then i would have been worried. Thanks AEI for not prasing imran.

  24. soo he's bad because he's islamic, he's bad for blaming america, and he's bad because maybe the army supported him to get elected ok going to be honest that was garbage analysis put together by a hypocrite when half of the world leaders do the same thing how can you blame him. nearly all leaders look to nationalism and religion nearly all leaders blame others for their problems and most elections in developing countries are deemed unfair by losing parties,

  25. Well Guy wait a minute .. This is an american channel so they alway promote hatred to imran khan just because he isnt an american puppet …

  26. I am curious, why is Khan good for Pakistan? Also, why are his opponents so confident in their opposition? Finally, is Khan similar to Benizar Bhutto politically? This is very interesting to me. I have viewed videos where Khan is praised for his leadership. However, other videos, western and non-western, have horrid views towards this man's form of leadership. I thank you in advance for your sincere and honest, non-offensive, answers. I am truly seeking answers to the above questions.

  27. he will create a chaos in the country. he will ban media freedom he will support extremist groups and promote their ideology. He will victimise his political opponent which will be his main tool to satisfy his supporter because he will badly fail to deliver economically and will fail to govern the country. Bigotry hate speech violence against minorities will increase and society will be divided and polarised.

  28. The guy who made this video is a f**king idiot, his reasoning is total BS. He can shove this 2cent journalism where the sun don’t shine.

  29. We love Pakistan and we don't want democracy, what we want is Islamic nation and who the hell u guys are to interfare in our nation. U bastards

  30. Grow up India .. We supported imran khan to make Indian Pakistan relations good & need of the time .. It's not a voice of India .. I have lot of good friends here in Canada from India .. They all want India Pakistan peacefull through dialogues .. Imran khan is all good for us .. Thank God we have imran khan as prime minister of Pakistan .. He is on right direction for people of Pakistan and the rest of the world .. God bless India Pakistan .. 😘😘

  31. Hey first this is all false and 2nd he is our prime minister not yours WE will do what we think is best for OUR country

  32. Obviously a Indian Hindu journalist wouldnt speak truth about Pakistan. He definitely is not biased because he is a indian hindu.

  33. I ran khan is not a good prime minister for poor people's he's fake promises with Pakistani nations he's failed in future next time if he will not low coast of the daily using home things or get the. low coast for the 20 billion. Pakistani wil soon the starving and our Pakistan money value is going down every day and US dollar is rising and an life is in struggle for poor community of Pakistani citizen for every day and vey y tuff. life for poor people. for surviving for eve y day he's badly for all electricity. coast Sui northern 100 plus up with tax and an poor man can t survive in this 2019 the reason this prime minister all Pakistani community is upset in under life and dish art from the

  34. Imran khan can t handle the Pakistan or and till the I ran join the government police or any department is not in controlled and crime in 100 Percent up in his government I ran can not made the rules of Islamic position like ke Muhammad salluallah ho alag he wasallam

  35. Mr I mran should first get the low prices of budget then all poor people's will be relief otherwise not only concede red

  36. People don't need nawaz share for zandagi or Imran people's need a peace of life and low price rates like before Pakistan

  37. Peoples don't need nawaz shareef or zardari or imran khan people's need peace and justice in legislation and low price rate in Pakistan and our money value back thanks ,ok thanks

  38. If a right wing Zionist and pro-Christian org like AEI says you're bad, you're doing great. Wish Khan was tougher and didn't kiss white ass so much. Hope he gets tough with Trump too!

  39. You should also make video on "Modi's mission of making india, Akhand Hindu rashtra " instead of looking in others household 😒

  40. Imran khan is a just appointed by pakistan army and ISI..
    He has no power on ground.
    Pakistan army and ISI generals and the ex general rules pakistan.
    Pakistan army and ISI have supported many terrorist jihadi terrorist organisation against India and Afghanistan and that is why Thier economic conditions not do good now

  41. Your content researcher should be fired for fake and manipulated facts. Always spitting honey coated poison.

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