Impeachment Witness: ‘Drug Deal’ Referred To Trump Abusing Office For Political Gain | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is what happens when foreign policy is dicktated by a president who is impervious to domestication, mentally, politically and socially.

  2. ⚠️Warning! In light of the Impeachment, the Russian trolls and The "Maga Yeti Pubes,Toad Shrooms Bots🍄 will be working overtime today and next year. Remember, they feed on your response. Please ignore the "Yeti Pubes,Toad Shrooms Bots🍄!

  3. The inflatable doll of the Zionists, drop their pants to everyone and anywhere, now it's to the President of Turkey! When will they be tried for war crimes and against humanity in Syria?

  4. gop "we want to cross exam the person that started all this",, democrat,, we'd be glad to cross exam donald trump".. laughter follows

  5. In other forms of Democracy a group of cabinet ministers would meet on a Monday morning, discuss the leadership, have a vote and then throw the bum out before lunchtime.
    Sharpen up America!

  6. Mr. Taylor was cool as a cucumber didn't break a swear underness all those light and camera wasn't drinking bunch of water wasn't trip over his word the rusian puppet GOP didn't trip him up in his word ? Putina you should pick him for the president he not a f*ck up OH he a real American patriot .

  7. MSNBCannibal CIA agent "I NO likee that TRUMP do not DO what I want him to do!! I been a governmentemployee for 30 years!! I NO LIKEE what he do!! He must be impeach !! Wahhh wahhhh!! WAHH!!" <<advise; YOU serve at the pleasure of the President and were not elected !!!!!!!!!

  8. Jim Jordan: "Are you a never t'rumper?"
    Taylor: "No."
    Jim Jordan: "Is stopping corruption important to the US?"
    Taylor: "Yes, but t'rump said nothing about stopping corruption beyond mentioning Hunter Biden."
    Jim Jordan: *Calls in a bomb threat to end the hearing*

  9. Media lying before Trump! Media still lying! Are people that gullible for them to think that the media is not the enemy of the people?

  10. SDNY are after Trump and his criminal family when he leaves office he got a lot of questions to answer, they are one lot of prosecutors who don't much around and even Barr won't try stop them. its going to be wonderful to watch them bend Trump over

  11. Let’s be real today showed us nothing it’s all second third hand information factually the only first hand information spoken about was the president of Ukraine denying it all Trump maybe corrupt but it’s going to take a lot more than the waste of time we saw today to impeach him

  12. I try to stay as realistic as I can bc ive gotten my hopes up too much only to be disappointed (MR MUELLER IM LOOKING AT YOU). I just dont see this moving the needle much. The Democrats better have something more than this stuff today. Im tired of our leaders promising us major treasonous moments and giving us meh.

  13. Pres. Trump doesn´n abuse office. He has character and it is probably good. It cannot be that only weak  fakes rule with such big country, weak fakes like from decades, who are fully controlled by criminals from cia. Is it good thanks to such leaders

  14. I watched the whole hearing and it was a joke… thes fake media just cherry pick segments… how they keep reporting against the president is besides me….

  15. republicans have been "Abusing" their "Power In Office" For Far To Long ! ! ! Its Time We The People, Get What We The People NEED FORM OUR GOVERNMENT AND NOT THE RICH Privilaged ! ! !


  17. These testimony’s were garbage 🗑 Trump definitely won 2020 now more evident then ever these news channels think American public is stupid!

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