Impeachment Support EXPLODES…from REPUBLICANS!

Okay. Support for the impeachment and removal of
Donald Trump has exploded and support for the impeachment inquiry has nearly tripled
even among Republicans over the last couple of weeks. This is not good news for Donald Trump. Donald Trump has been touting these cartoonishly
high approval ratings from Republicans sometimes will tweet Republican 95% support. Thank you and maybe that’s true in some poll. I mean I haven’t seen it. Maybe RAs mucin has Trump at 95% approval
among Republicans. That’s not the data that I’ve been seeing. Most of the polls I’ve looked at have Trump’s
Republican approval somewhere between the high seventies and around 80 and what that
means is that there are one out of five Republicans that do not approve of the job that Donald
Trump is doing. This gets us to more specifically assessing
support for the impeachment of the president. In the first week, that week between the start
of the Ukraine fiasco going public and a few days after the impeachment inquiry was announced,
support for impeaching and removing Trump went from 36% to 43% that was an increase
of about 20% another week has gone by and support has increased even more. The questions in this latest data are a little
bit different, but most importantly, support for the impeachment inquiry has exploded among
all Democrats, Republicans and independents, and it is growing in parallel across party
lines. This is very important and it’s important
because Donald Trump needs that Republican electorate to win reelection in 2020 so first
49% in a Washington post Shar school poll want the house to call for the removal of
Donald Trump. 49% of Americans, 58% of Americans say that
the impeachment inquiry is correct, that it is the right thing to do, but maybe the single
most notable number to come out of this new poll is that the move towards impeachment
has happened across party lines. Democratic support for the inquiry is up 25
points. Independent support for the inquiry is up
20 points and Republican support for the inquiry is up 21 points. 30% of Republicans now support the impeachment
inquiry that Democrats are trying to carry out, but does this matter, right? I mean, why do we care in the end if three
out of 10 Republicans support the inquiry because the Republican Senate is very unlikely
to vote to convict. The reason we care is that the whole point
of this is to get people not to vote for Trump in 2020 and I’m using very precise language
there. Now I know that there are some people in my
audience holding out hope that the impeachment inquiry could lead to Donald Trump’s removal
because Republicans in the Senate will vote to convict. I see it as incredibly unlikely, but anything
is possible. The much more realistic outcome is that the
success of the impeachment inquiry depends on influencing public opinion. When we look at public opinion, you see that
in two weeks, in two weeks, Republican support for the impeachment inquiry has effectively
tripled from around 10% 1112 maybe it was two 30% this does not bode well for Donald
Trump. Now, a reasonably skeptical observer of this
would ask the question, if you’re a Republican and you support the inquiry, does that mean
you’re going to vote for a Democrat in November of 2020 and that’s a very good question to
ask. And the answer is, of course not. You are not necessarily or even likely to
vote for a Democrat in November of 2020 if you are a Republican who merely thinks that
the inquiry is warranted, but you might stay home and that alone could be good enough to
pull Trump out of the white house, assuming that we on the left get our base out as well. In the last two weeks, we’ve seen Republican
impeachment inquiry support triple. We have seen triple three, we’ve seen prominent
Republicans start to turn on Trump. We’ve seen Looney, Lindsey Graham and Moscow,
Mitch McConnell, albeit not over the Ukraine stuff, but over the serious stuff start to
sort of part ways with Donald Trump. To some degree, we are seeing the right wing
media like Fox news embroiled in what I described earlier this week or last week as an internal
cannibalistic battle over whether or not they will be on the Trump train in 2020 and meanwhile,
Trump has gone out after according Ukraine in a private phone call and courted the Chinese
for political dirt on Joe Biden after the impeachment inquiry was launched. Just imagine when you look at what has taken
place over the last two weeks, just imagine what could happen between today and the next
democratic debate, which is in a week, uh, unprecedented circumstances. Donald Trump drawing a line in the sand saying
he will not participate in the impeachment inquiry, whose support has now tripled, tripled
among Republicans. Stunning stuff. I want to hear from you. What do you think is going to be the next
shoe to drop? Make sure you are commenting. If you’re watching on YouTube, make sure to
send me a tweet on Twitter at D Pacman and while you’re there follow the [inaudible] David Pakman show on Twitter at David Pakman
show. We’ll take a quick break and be back right
after this

Maurice Vega

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  1. The impeachment inquiry is going to cost him voters in 2020. That’s the best outcome of it. I don’t see Pence becoming president.

  2. What if pulling out of Syria is ( Punishment ) cause USA wants to impeach trump ? What if trump is punishing everyone cause he is being impeach ?

  3. These whistleblowers will be remembered as super patriots, like the American revolutionary war soldiers who martyred themselves on the prison scow, Jersey, refusing British offer to take up arms against Americans…Loyal unto death!!!!!.

  4. Watch how our allies in Europe turn against us because of Donald Trump they won't support us now knowing we'll sneak out the back door like like the coward Donald Trump is fake bone spurs he wasn't there supporting our troops

  5. Trump is weakening America destroying its alliances to benefit Putin and Russia. Why are people afraid and refuse to bluntly say what Trump is really doing and why? He's a TRAITOR and so are the republicans who support him in light of his openly betrayal of allies and America.

  6. This will definitely make the history books. If I have kids someday, it’ll be odd to hear about them studying about the Trump era.

  7. For me it’s either andrew yang or I’m voting for trump. It’s all or nothing. Either america straighten up it’s act or I’m voting for trump so america completely falls apart and maybe learns.

  8. I would take a step further. It should be the end of the Republican party as we know it. They were so desperate after 8 years of Obama they've placed a charlatan & criminal in the White House. Trump is no different than the mafia. He is a self admitted fixer. That's what he does. He fixes things. Are we supposed to believe that always has been legal or the right thing to do?
    You damn right it isn't. Now hes abusing his office power & authority to "fix things" towards his favor.
    Its sickening and the Republican party should be supporting this initiative to remove him before anymore damage is done.

  9. I think . hope that the dems put everything in the indictments. Because i feel everything he has done is always attached to his wallet. Even the pulling out of Ukraine to let Turkey attack has something to do with his properties there you watch.
    Impeach on everything mueller laid out as well as Ukraine stuff and throw in the argument that mr. Conway laid out because his argument is also spot on. I know i have cptsd and have lived with narc. Abuse. The last three years have been hell watching him gaslight the whole country. I live in a very hard core republican area and these older folks here are completely brainwashed by him and the propaganda that fox news throws at them everyday. I have tried to talk to people most are mean and hateful and dont want to hear anything about what he has done. When i try they throw comments from fox at me.
    I say its time for a generational change in every aspect of the government. Time for younger people to run this country. Most folks over 60 are out of touch with the 21st century and dont believe in climate change. What do they care they will be dead and gone. So i am for a younger generation to come in and wake up this country. #YangGang2020

  10. The next president needs to reestablish the relationships with the country's that Trump said "F*ck You" to. Imagine what future history books are going to say about Trump. He is a laughing stock now and will be in the future…

  11. The Trump presidency is going to take down the GOP, Trump family, evangelical Christians and right wing media all in a few years. Amazing

  12. We don't have a Parliament and the power rests exclusively with Congress. They would LOVE to be off the hook. But it's time they too are held to account. The voters can't pass law or have the power of subpoena or make foreign policy. I under stand your point I'm just disappointed by how easily you give Congress permission to fail its primary obligation in this exact situation.

  13. 1 out of 3 Cancervatives FINALLY question their Orange God King.
    Proof that these amoral, lizard brained, group think morons have some ability for independent thought.

  14. Often I have an ad come up on youtube, it is for trump, asking if I approve of him as president. I say NO! then down the page you have to fill in your first and last name and phone number, I did that. I return to reread the comment I left but notice that my NO answer has been changed to a YES! trump can't even tell the truth on a survey! Believe nothing the snake trump says!!! That ad is a LIE, put out by the Republicans, they cannot be trusted just like their BOSS trump cannot be trusted!!! This is very ugly & Americans, regardless of party, should NEVER support trump or Republicans because they will do anything to make trump a dictator of the USA. With trump as president we will no longer be free!

  15. There’s something morally corrupt about the republicans that they are not in the streets yelling at the top of their lungs for trump’s head for the corrupt shit he’s committed against the country/people especially women and minorities!
    But WTF do I know……

  16. I don’t understand what the point is, with any of these subpoenas, decisions and demands. ”He won’t cooperate”, ”ok, that’s more obstruction”. So what? I had no idea American politics made it possible for the president to refuse to follow laws.

  17. Trumps entire cult followers need hearing aides. Does no one listen to the insane things this man says. Kurds didn't support America during WW2. Airports taken over in America. Long before there were planes! This man is stupid, crazy and mad as a hatter. Yet he has all this support. I can only say sorry America, sorry. We aren't not perfect by any means, but most of our nut cases are in care. We have some running loose but you poor souls have an epidemic. Love from Canada.

  18. No ! What are they doing ? They are supposed to be blind fanatics. That's where most of the fun comes from. If they don't enable the clown to stay on stage, things might normalize and get boring again…

  19. As Trump recently said, "We're not supporting the Kurds because they weren't with us at the Normandy Landings." That's the meat & potatoes of a 25th Amendment impeachment argument. Those of us with a triple digit IQ and a valid college degree know that the Kurds never had a nation, a country, a centrally located president, congress, legislature, judiciary, or a standing army. For the last 2000 years, they have been nomadic tribesman one step up from cavemen. Only an imbecile of Trump's magnitude, could imagine a nomadic tribe which had no common language taking up arms against the German Army. Furthermore, In 1944, the Kurds were tribes scattered across Turkey, Syria, Iraq, etc. They rode horses or camels and used swords or flintlock rifles as weapons. Maybe 1% could read or write, or speak English. The idea that they would be either enthusiastic or even useful in an armed amphibious assault is a preposterous proposal that could only be made by a dunce like Trump. To me, this is clear proof that leaders like Tillerson, Mattias, McMasters, Romney and Cruz were correct when they called Trump a "[email protected] moron who couldn't run a lemonade stand." By the way, if you think stooges like Betsy DeVoss, Ben Carson or Mike Pence will evoke the 25th Amendment to free America from a "[email protected] moron" like Trump, you may have been drinking too much "kovfefe" from water that came out of the "tapp" of Flint, Michigan.

  20. Alan Licthman has done a good job of predicting Presidential elections since WWii. I don't agree with all of his ideas, but he's worth looking at: He says that there are 13 "keys" or primary factors that determine who will win. DT is having two keys (major scandal and major foreign policy failure) turn against him in the last two weeks, and a third (contest to his status as nominee) is gaining strength.

    Lichtman says only fundamentals matter, campaigns don't matter. He's dead wrong about this. But still worth a look.

  21. Literally any and everything Trump does ends up hurting or killing the average person in our country, or others. He does all of it while being openly for dictators and shunning our allies. No more of this, with our country acting in this way for an extraordinary amount of time the world will act in totalitarian ways once again and with Nuclear weapons being a thing that could easily mean the ends of most life on this planet. Trump cannot remain in office for civilization and life's sake in general

  22. Me thinks that if Trump stripped naked in public and started frothing-at-the-mouth, many of his supporters would still think his actions don't warrant his removal from the presidency.

  23. I don't think Trump should be removed. If he can do the job after we chop off his head, more power to him…. ;o)

  24. It’s now over 50% of the population want impeachment and removal from office. It’s a fox poll done this month. The one your speaking of was for doing a inquiry. Things are looking up!

  25. David, actually the success of the House of Representative's Impeachment Inquiry's ability to get information pertaining to it does not have anything to do with ANYTHING AT ALL OTHER THAN WHATEVER THE HR WANTS! The Constitution gives HR the SOLE (ONLY) responsibility in ANY AND ALL MATTERS pertaining to this inquiry (not anything else, though). This is the only time that the Constitution REVOKES ALL CHECKS AND BALANCES! There is NOTHING that the HR has to do to get information relative to this inquiry other than ask for it and, if anyone tries to stop them, those people can be arrested (or even shot out of hand, note!) by, say, a SEAL Team that the HR commands the DoD to send out to get things on a list that they want FROM ANYONE AT ALL (including the President himself if he had it in his pocket!). The Founding Fathers of the USA actually thought that a President under Impeachment might try to stop them and they decided in the most direct and Draconian way to prevent this. Unlike the President, in this one area, the HR IS given ABSOLUTE POWER OVER ANYTHING! The Supreme Court is not even mentioned, so it can do nothing about this topic – this is inside the Constitution itself, not any law to be interpreted later.

  26. There are no negative words left, to describe Donald Trump…They've all been used…Now, he just needs to be kicked, and kicked hard, out of office, for America's sake, for Europe's sake, for the Middle East's sake, for Africa's sake, for Asia's sake, and for the planet's sake.

    The day he leaves office will become, second only to the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, arguably, the greatest day, in US history.

    Trump's unbridled, arrogant and reckless abuse of power, when the history books of his horrendous presidential term, or, two terms (GOD forbid!), are written, will be unprecedented, for a long time to come and will, probably, never be surpassed.

  27. It's sad that it takes Fox News to start questioning Trump with facts and skepticism (two things without precedent) in order for Republican voters to support impeachment…and not before.

  28. If Jim Carey (in Liar Liar) was Trump's lawyer, it would go like this.
    Secretary: Your client Mr Trump has broken the law and admitted to it. He wants your legal advice.
    Jim (into the phone receiver): STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE! ! !

  29. As much as I would like to see this President removed from office, I am concerned about the negative effects on the 2020 election, as well as Pence becoming the President.I doubt he would be worse, but believe things wouldn’t be much better.

  30. There life after the crazy train and Trump American don't keep president and leader forever like china russian north korea .

  31. Seths ma. Why do you mention the Clinton’s ?…. they have nothing to do with Trunp’s erratic behavior …. all the mess we are in is on Trump ……

  32. I may want him out of office and in prison but I likely doubt it that senate members would go that far to remove the prez.

  33. I'm not sure that our country understands the dangers of the territory we are in. This is beyond morality…and more in the realm of civil war. Trump has already mentioned it..and he has tons of follower preparing for what to do upon his removal or downfall. We need to begin discussions on how to thwart or prevent a civil war as many will more than already have from these mass shootings, will die. I know it's hard to face…but we must. #jgiddinsforyang

  34. It's important to impeach Trump because corrupt and criminal shouldn't be allowed to run for President. If you think that some values and laws should be respected then Trump must be impeach

  35. David wants comments on what the "next shoe to drop" is. David, it has already dropped: Trump's abandonment of the Kurds, whom we used as surrogates in our battle against ISIS, and now Trump has abandoned them to the Turks.

  36. The liberal media that lies to America is not a free press, but a propaganda tool of the Democrats, who are not interested in our freedom, only advancing their agenda and power.

  37. Didn't he just say his polls went up 17 points?? 🤔 pretty sure he mixed that up with his impeachment poll numbers.. Idk David, I can see Republicans voting for Biden because we all know he's a Republican lite…. Him saying he will work with Republicans ect, I can see many voting for him instead of staying home..

  38. David called Mitch McConnell Moscow Mitch. He actually said the most baby boomer thing imaginable right now. Dude, why?

  39. Is this what he ment by draining the swamp, killing the republicon party?? Hoping he continues to keep his campaign promise…..

  40. A lot of republicans might support the inquiry because they honestly believe it will "prove" Trump's innocence. Just a thought.

  41. In 13 months there will be no United States left he is decimating the country on a daily basis what's going to be left of the USA in 13 months

  42. The Reagan Revolution is a failed experiment. Time to go back to new deal policies! It,s been fourty years! Time to remove the Gop for fourty years!

  43. You have my ear and i believe your on the right side, but this Blinkist thing? Please say you don't think thats a good way to pick up decent thought?

  44. Doesn't matter 'cause he ain't leaven the "Gold House" without military intervention. David you must still high on the drugs from surgery if you think there will be a POTUS election in 2020.

  45. Just impeach the dirty lying cocksucker and get it over with already. George W Bush was a genius compared and that's saying a lot to say the least. Fucking ignorant to the MAX!!

  46. The whistle blowers full memo was disclosed to CBS today and shows the sickening truth! That Trump was not just demanding a Biden investigation from the Ukraine President … he was demanding that 'evidence be found' to prove the election tampering of 2016 started in Ukraine and not Russia! On both subjects he told the Ukraine President what the evidence found should be!!! … and this was the condition of releasing the military aid to help stop Russia attacking them!

    In short, he Blackmailed Ukraine to invent lies and invent a false trail that exonerated Russia of any involvement in the 2016 election tampering! … simultaneously requesting that evidence be created to implicate Joe Bidens' son in wrong doing, thus biasing, once again, an American election in his favour.

    So why is he always defending Russia and now brazenly abusing his power to make efforts to utterly remove all traces of their involvement?

    Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

    Why did he willingly accept Russian interference in the 2016 election?

    Why are there so many links between Trump, his campaign, his associates and Russia / Russians with dubious histories and connections?

    Why would he attempt to fabricate evidence to exonerate Russia?

    Why is he trying to influence the 2020 election with a fabricated investigation in to the Bidens?

    Why does he take Putins' word over all of Americas' resources?

    Why does he destroy notes on all meetings with Putin?

    Why has he removed all sanctions against Russia?

    Why does his 'foreign policy' benefit Russia on every level and offend and divide you from your allies?

    Why has he alienated America from her allies?

    Why does he ignore and slander all American intelligence agencies?

    Why is he ignoring the rule of law and the very constitution he swore to uphold

    Why does he utterly defame the free media as 'fake' ?

    Why the immediate celebration of his election with Russian officials in the Oval Office?

    Remember Mueller?

    Muellers bipartisan investigation proved the extensive nature of Russias interference in the 2016 election and how they did it. Furthermore he clearly stated that it is an ongoing attack … literally 'as I sit here' he said (testifying to congress).

    It also showed the utterly complicit nature by which the Trump team welcomed, accepted and celebrated this interference! It was unable to show 'knowing collusion' but did show that Trump obstructed justice on 10 or more occasions to try and derail the investigation! It further stated that much significant information was destroyed, withheld or encrypted!

    Not to mention this, Trump tried to fire Mueller and instructed others to do so, who either ignored or refused to carry out his instruction. Remember Don McGahn? Who outright told of Trump 'doing crazy shit!' … yet another who was 'not allowed' to testify!

    Mueller crucially stated that he was not allowed to indict a sitting president but that one could be prosecuted after a sitting term (for the obstruction) His hands were tied by his total commitment to the rule of law but he specifically and very carefully went to the trouble to lay out how the constitution made provisions for the removal of a rogue president. That process starts with impeachment via congress and the senate.

    So …. Mueller and all Intelligence agencies of America have the same conclusions on Russian interference. Furthermore, and finally, a Republican run senate investigation finds the same!

    So why does Trump refuse to acknowledge this?

    Why would he take the word of Putin, the architect of his election victory, over all of Americas collective intelligence?

    There is so much more! But how much more do you really need to see the truth?
    Well … here's a few more things to consider! …

    It takes more than 1 man to bring down a Democracy!

    So with all of this already proven and with many other ongoing investigations, the obvious question is this …

    In light of these disturbing factual conclusions …. and taking in to account Trumps lawless unconstitutional behaviour ….. how could there be a single human being of sound mind and moral fibre that still does not think it's a good idea to ask some questions when the alarm bells are ringing?

    Why are so many still ignoring their oaths of office, the constitution of your Democracy and the equal power of the house to investigate?

    Why are so many of the GOP blindly refusing to even acknowledge proven fact let alone stand up and say 'this is not right'!

    Only an imbecile or a complicit actor would not concede that for the good of America investigations MUST take place and be respected … whatever your political beliefs!! That IS your constitution and the foundation of your democracy! Oversight and executive branches with equal power to ensure that governance is legal and fair.

    Now … what does it take for a man to sell his soul? … greed? money? power?

    How about to sell out 350 million Americans, your entire country, its history and everything that has ever been accomplished?

    That's not greed! That's something very different ….

    It's fear !!!

    It is fear of exposure and fear of the truth!

    Remember Epstein Island?

    Well here's a thought. How many people gave in to their worst and most horrendous urges on that place? how many people of influence and power visited and compromised themselves by doing so? A photo here … a video there …. classic Russian tactics to gain 'assets' (ie blackmail leverage!

    What would a man do to avoid public exposure of paedophilia? … and (critically) … what could a man of power be made to do?!

    There seem to be many influential people, closely connected to Trump via the GOP, who make themselves so notable by their blind loyalty and defence of the indefensible. I find it impossible to accept that the utter betrayal of the American people by these people is done just out of 'towing the party line' or out of fear for re-election.

    President and Party is irrelevant anyway!!! Oaths and patriotism means the country comes first and that means the people!! …. A majority of who, by they way, now want Trump not just impeached but removed from office! … and that (quite staggeringly) was a Fox News poll from today!

    It takes more than 1 man to bring down a government. It also takes complicit or compromised players!

    Lindsay Graham … where is your soul? where is your patriotism? where is your dignity?
    Your well documented hypocrisy is almost unrivalled in all of known history! Why would you behave in such a way?

    Mitch McConnell, you are single handedly responsible for increasing and encouraging the 'political funding' in Washington by corporations, lobbyists, big pharma, the NRA …you name it! endless 'policy for sale'!

    Did you not swear to serve the people and the country rather than yourself?

    How is your new Russian Aluminium plant Mitch?

    Why have you vetoed down every single proposal passed by congress to increase election security?!!!

    How much were you worth before you came in to politics vs now?

    Are you selling your countries Democracy ?

    Are you selling out every man woman and child of America for money? or is that 'fear' too?

    You are greedy and stupid or treasonous and greedy, it's one or the other comrade!

    How many others are in fear? or in credit? or drunk on promised power? Jordan, Gaetz etc etc … quite a lot it seems

    Now is the time to confess your crimes. There is still a chance for heroes to emerge from the depths!

    I would like to see every member of Congress on both sides of the house, the White House in its entirety, The Senate and the Supreme court all stand up under oath on TV in front of the nation one after another and publicly re-read their oaths to office.

    It is time to serve your people! Time to honour your oaths!

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