Impeachment hearing gets heated: You don’t get to interrupt me!

Maurice Vega

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  1. Gaetz is the same cunt who tried to intimidate a witness against Donald Trump, a certain Michael Cohen and when he was busted he got on his hands and knees and begged Nancy Polosi not to have him indicted as a criminal. Gaetz is a highly corrupt Florida Trump asswipe. Look carefully and you can still see the shitstain around his neck from licking out Trump's shit-pipe. People do say that Gaetz actually smells of decomposing cheeseburger and we know why. He thinks that being a criminal for Trump is perfectly OK and it doesn't matter if it compromises national security or harms the American people because he thinks Trump can break the law as much as he likes……That is just the kind of cunt Matt Gaetz is.

  2. I often say its America's stupid who is still supporting this criminal president. I was kinda joking but it's not a joke. The people who are still supporting this president are actually uneducated Dimwits. Talking to some of these dimwits is almost impossible. So many actually believe his bull stinky, can you believe that some of his supporters say the Jackass president never lied about anything and it's the "fake news media" that is lying and making up all of the falsehoods. Trump supporters are mostly racist uneducated Dimwits who wont fact check anything because fox news backs most of it up as being true. Fox news needs to have a disclaimer before and after each show saying, "Fox News is an Opinion Based News Channel and not Fact Checked in Any Way. Do Not Accept As actual News. ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSE ONLY"

  3. The word “jerkass” comes to mind. How does this low person live with himself? Just keep him away from me thank you.

  4. Rodger Stone's best friend, clearly doesn't understand the Democratic process, not a single thing he said was on point.

    There's a special place in history for assholes like him.

  5. Jeremiah 5:21 ‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’

  6. Oh lord, can someone please slap Matt Gaetz along the face? Can he do anything without raising his voice? Or interrupting people? I'm sorry you're such a scared child, Gaetz; and put that tiny little thing away.

  7. I take solace in the fact that I get to actually see America's fall from grace. So many civilizations have fallen in the past, and at least we are fortunate enough so see this one. Its no Rome, but its something.

  8. Trump admitted to the call for investigation on live tv even threw china in the mix why are the republicans even trying no one can deny it it's LIVE TV

  9. These witnesses are not fact witnesses, Mr Gaetz. You ought to quit kissing the behind of President Giant Behind for just one second.

  10. The Republicans look desperate and exhausted. I’m surprised one of them hasn’t purposely started a fire in the bathroom just to stop this massacre.

  11. We are witnessing the final acts of dissolution of the United States of America. As soon as fights break out in congress & cops start getting called… which will happen & people will see it online… then mimetic riots will break out in the streets, civil war & soon we'll look back at these days as the best thing that ever happened right before a glitch took down the whole system. And you won't remember a day you didn't wake up without knives in your socks. Did I ever wake up without knives in my socks? I don't remember. I simply must feed myself now. And knives in my socks is how it's done in 2039.

  12. I don't think Republicans understand what is happening.
    There is a call that involved first hand witnesses. There is a transcript that everybody read. And now there are professionals trying to analyse the situation.
    And the situation is clear: Trump needs to go. Period.

  13. That lesbo law prof has the most vile and disgusting voice….sorta like Ana Navarro running her piggy toenails down the chalkboard….

  14. Fatality!!! Gaetz wins ahhh haa haa!! Did you see her stupid face… I didn't know CNN was still a thing and that people actually still watched it… I've never seen a more delusional comment section, you snowflakes are absolutely precious… You have a long 4 more years ahead, pace yourselves…

  15. "If you have personal knowledge of a single material fact from the Shifty report please raise your hand"… silence, no hands raised.

  16. President TRUMP 2020 ! Don TRUMP Jr 2024 !, 2028! Ivanka TRUMP 2032 ! 2036 ! BARRON TRUMP 2040 ! 2044 !! THAT WOULD DRIVE THE BABY MURDERING DEMS "NUTS" TRYING TO IMPEACH THEM ALL !!!

  17. That's some good oration on the part of Gaetz, and he did summarise some well founded doubts of the bribery accusation.

    Too bad he willfully ignored facts and contexts for his claims that have been well established in the investigation, and entirely omitted defending obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress (which is why there are no first hand sources).

    It's like he's been covering his ears throughout this whole process

  18. Erin Burnett is right… These speakers the Democrats brought are a bunch of liberals. (it takes one (myself) to know one)

  19. Matt Gaetz is the PERSONIFICATION OF WHITE PRIVILEGE. The saddest part is that his supporters are the same people he assumes are too stupid to see that he lies and contorts things to pull one over on them. #Shameless

    PS – I wonder how many people even realize that his family goes from MONEY…and I’m not talking about well-to-do…I mean MONEY! So him trying to act like he’s just another middle-class conservative like myself is laughable.

  20. I wasn't aware that to be an expert witness, one has to be a first hand witness. I thought you just had to have knowledge to help explain details of crime.

  21. Democrat/liberals/communist/trash want to impeach a sitting duly elected President for NOTHING!! No crimes committed, yet they want to impeach a President elected by half the voters in the USA. Not gonna happen you anti=American brainwashed scum. Not now, not ever so get the fuck over it. LOL

  22. Matt?Want a milkshake?You dumbass.You dragged the 45th ex lawyer's wife into your b.s.Now you have the balls to defend the 45th's son.That's a good boy.Now you get to a have Trumpy snack.

  23. was watching a history channel on Hitler's Nazi Kangaroo Courts . Then the Socialist Democrats on impeachment of Trump . There was "NO" Difference . A rigged Kangaroo Court complete was Socialist Trump Hating professors. This crap would never fly in a Legal court room. This is just another coup attempt by the National Socialist Democratic Party and is TOTAL BS ! These Socialist TRAITORS & SEDITIONOUS think hear say & fiction is evidence . They are making things up as they go. They have "NO" Evidence . They should have made some up like the last time with the "FAKE RUSSIAN DOSSIER "!

  24. My hero of the day is Matt Gaetz. He exposed this witnesses hatred of the President and has no personal knowledge of any crime committed by Trump. This female witness is an embarrassment of any Law Professor in America. To take a swipe of a child has nothing to do with prove her hatred of the President family and can't have a partial decision.

  25. This is exactly the man Congress needs right now. Breath of fresh air. Exposed that so called expert…as indeed MEAN.

  26. I watched the whole thing. Three of the four let down the constitution very badly. It was shocking. Gaetz was right to stop Karlan's endless disrespectful, sanctimonious babble.

  27. The was no need for such a long speech. He should have just said “there is no direct evidence” maybe 2-3 times. Then gone for a beer. The whole case is a sham to take Dem voters attention away from their awful party

  28. Who else can perfectly see these creatures, like Jordan, Gaetz, Collins, McCarthy, Gomer, Pence, Sessions, etc ride around in KKK robes and pointed hoods, scheming and plotting, at night ? They all have nick-names for each other, too. And for their horses and wives.

  29. Surprise, surprise… Another Republican makes a total ass of himself in public… The party of hatred never ceases to amaze.

  30. Professor Karlan insulting President Trump's child, a minor. Progressive liberal professors know no bounds; she deserved everything she got today.

  31. The purpose of the article involving liberals are in a more concentrated area is based on the larger more diverse communities tend to have liberal values while smaller communities with less diversity tend to be more conservative. It's a fact that the more contact with minorities significantly lowers prejudice values towards that minority. Until Jerry Falwell and religious movement entered politics, that was not based on party lines. It used to be almost a consensus of conservative democrats in the south and liberal republicans in the north. Man I wish could go back to party's based on difference of govt role and not issues that have nothing to do with politics.

  32. Karlan was on Hillary's short list for Supreme Court Justice, that's why she gave Hillary so much more $$
    You remember, pay for play.

  33. That fucking bastard! How the hell is Matt Gaetz just going to just talk over the law professor and then say, "You don't get to interrupt me!" That's just absolutely disgraceful and appalling. Republicans seriously need to go because they are absolutely pointless in these hearings.

  34. Trump won't get impeached, but this is a hidden treasure for progressives to elect Bernie, while the Democratic establishment is busy.
    Clinton was backed up 24/7.
    Biden is falling all by himself.

  35. Rep. Nadler should not be allowing big mouths like gaetz to take over & BULLY like that !!!
    DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR mr. gaetz; such a pathetic, sad, SYCHOPHANT.

  36. This clown Gaetz can’t even go after the legal argument he has to talk about who she gave money to? Is this fooling anyone?

  37. Matt has a BS in interdisciplinary sciences (liberal arts). And a J.S in one of the most open grad schools you could go to. That all equates to: Matt's a little bitch.

  38. Isn't matty the potato headed drink driver cute when he gets mad? I'm now soooo wet that I'm dripping like a broken fridge.

  39. The weakest defence ever. Apparently if you didn’t vote for Trump then you can’t be a witness against him?

    These Repubes are frickin clown shoes.

  40. He starts out with a complete lie, the american people did NOT elect Donald Trump to be the potus. The electoral college did after Trump lost by over 3 million votes.
    Gaetz has 2 D.U.I.s and is questioning other peoples integrity. Asks a 'question' and doesn't like the answer so reverts to his usual unfounded rant shouting over the witness. Hypocrisy at its finest.

  41. this impeachment is a joke. they absolutely no facts, no nothing to impeach trump. liberals are still mad that trump won. and he will win again!!.

  42. "White" is a dog-whistle for gentile And our professor here hates whites, particularly men.

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