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In stealth games, characters can often grab a disguise in order to blend in seamlessly with crowds. Take “Hitman” for example, where players often conceal their identity, In order to take out high profile targets. Come on. Just wearing a disguise to assassinate someone in the middle of a massive crowd would be MUCH more difficult in real life. …Or would it~? [Loud static] [Epic intro music] [Soft spy music] Welcome to Season 4 of Immersion™. Today, we’ve come out to our Rooster Teeth ‘Ballroom Simulator’ To run one of our biggest experiments, ever. We’re gonna be testing to see whether or not A Hitman could use a simple disguise to stealthily navigate a crowded room, and take out a specific target. AND- To help us run our experiment today, Two of our fan favorite lab rats, Michael and Gavin. Gavin: Hey yo!
Michael: Heeeyyyy! Burnie: Hey, welcome back, guys! Well, Gavin, I felt like you had to do this one because you’re so synonymous with the franchise. The fans all know that you play
this game and play it well. Do you feel pressure to do well here today? Gavin: Yes! I mean, on paper, this should be my game. Burnie: Should be! Michael, do you have experience playing Hitman games as well? Michael: Oh yeah. I’m pretty, uh, experienced. I’ve dabbled in the, uh, in the bald head. Burnie: Yeah?
Michael: Yeah. Burnie: Well, to add to the pressure, we’re gonna be filling this room with over 200 RTX attendees. Gavin: It’s a lot.
Burnie: You’re gonna have to navigate through ’em. Here’s how the experiment is gonna work. You are going to infiltrate a political fundraiser for congressman Mike Hawk. Your mission is to assassinate the target and exit the ballroom without being caught. If your target leaves the event before you’re able to carry out your mission, you lose. If you’re able to kill the congressman and exit the ballroom, you win. But, be aware. If the target goes down, security is gonna start pulling the
masks off of all the guests. If you’re unmasked, you lose. While the target is giving the speech, you can decide how to make your approach. Will you disguise yourself as one of his avid supporters and using a poison sticker take him out face to face? Perhaps, you will dress as a waiter and covertly poison his drink at the VIP table upstairs. Or will you disguise yourself as one of his trusted security guards, and eliminate the target as he takes a private phone call. Gavin: Right. Bollocks, though. Because everyone in this room will recognize our faces. Burnie: Ah. Okay. Well, that’s why everyone in the room will be dressed in the same shirt and they will have a different colored masquerade mask. Now, to give you an advantage, we’ve also given you a selection of wigs, hats, coats, even different shoes so you can customise your look. Just to keep you guys motivated, we have armed all the security guards with one of these. (taser crackling) Michael: Why?! Every time!
Gavin: …every time… Michael: In the show, you just… stun gun.
Burnie: They’re great. Gavin: When was the last Immersion episode without one of them? Gavin: Pacman?
Michael: What you got, look down. Burnie: What? Alright, let’s do the experiment. (spy music) Political assistant: Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you so much for joining us for
this momentous fundraiser. So without further ado, the moment
you’ve all been waiting for, I present to you, Mike Hawk! (crowd cheers) Burnie: Okay, the lab rats will be entering through the second floor elevator. Their first opportunity to take down the target will be downstairs as soon as
the congressman finishes his speech. There are 5 security guards surrounding the perimeter. 2 downstairs, 2 upstairs, and a
bodyguard who follows Mike Hawk. Like our lab rats, all the guards in today’s experiment are Rooster Teeth employees. So they can definitely recognize Michael and Gavin. But, the guards have no idea which of our past lab rats will be running our course today. The guards will not act unless they recognize the lab rats and they see them
performing suspicious activity. If they do, they will begin removing everybody’s masks. Alright! Michael is entering the fundraiser from the second floor elevator. Let’s see how he does. (Mike Hawk speech in background) Michael: Jesus Christ! There’s a lot of people in there. Fucking neeeerrrrves. Burnie: Michael begins already armed
with the poison sticker. If he places this on anyone’s skin, the target will instantly be poisoned. (crowd cheers) Michael: Yeah! Mike Hawk!
God, he looks like a douchebag. Michael: Waiter’s only… Oh, it’s back here. Oh yes! Waiter’s outfit! Oh, poison. Fuck yes.
Ohohoho, this guy’s getting poisoned. Mike Hawk: With my skills, as a master debater. Michael: What the fuck? Is this guy just talking about his dick the whole time?
Mike Hawk: I’m here today, to rally for Mike Hawk. Mike Hawk: God bless you all, and God bless America!
(crowd cheers) Burnie: Michael is taking way too long to put on his waiter’s outfit. Mike Hawk is already
done with his speech. Michael: Yeah, no shit. 4 minutes is
not enough time at all. Guard Tyler: Copy that. The congressman is making his way towards the stairs. Burnie: Alright, Michael better hurry up and get upstairs if he wants to poison that drink in time. Burnie: Wow! Okay, Adam did not recognize Michael. Guard Kyle: Changing positions. Michael: Security only, eh? Okay, interesting. It’s gotta work shit. Assistant: Alright.
Mike Hawk: God, I hate this things.
Assistant: I know, I’m so sorry, sir. Michael: Shit, here comes the guy just fine. Let me just put that in your drink…hohoho…
making you drink so many… Assistant: Can I get a drink for Mike Hawk? Michael: Don’t say nothing…yadatata… Michael: Oh no!
Guest: I’m so sorry, can I help you clean up? Michael: Naw, I’m good. It’s alright. Burnie: (laugh) Did he just spill the drinks? He just wasted all the poison. Assistant: Thank you.
Mike Hawk: Oh, thank you. Guest: Sorry.
Michael: Hey, accidents happen. Michael, under breath: Fucking piece of shit. Alright, new plan. Time to head to the security office. Guard Tyler: Making my way to the congressman now. Michael: It’s fucking go time soon. This bitch is gonna die. Burnie: Whoa! That was really close. I really wanted Tyler to spot him. Guard Tyler: Securing the VIP area. Burnie: Well, that was obvious. Looks like Michael was recognized by a fan. Michael: Alright, I’m going into the security room. Burnie: Yup. Michael blew his cover. The fan has reported the suspicious activity. Guard Jon: I’ll check it out. Guard Jon: Michael’s spotted near the security office. Michael: Oh sweet. A knife! I’m gonna stab him so hard! This is the real test. How does 47 change so fast? Guard Kyle: What are you doing in here? Michael: Oh, I was uhh…just straightening my shirt. Guard Kyle: I got Michael.
Michael: Hey, wait! No! Stop! (dramatic fail sound effect) Burnie: Well, obviously the guards won that round. (elevator ding)
Let’s see if Gavin can do any better. Is that Gavin? If his wig doesn’t give him away, his nose definitely will. (crowd cheer) Mike Hawk: Well, folks, for years I’ve thought long and hard about that question. And I’m here to tell you that Mike Hawk
stands firmly for all of you! (crowd cheer) Gavin: Is Jon the best they could’ve
come up with for a security guy? Guard Jon: I’m not sure, I think I saw Gavin. Be on the look out for him. Guard Adam: Copy that. Burnie: Looks like the guards may have spotted Gavin. He better be careful. Mike Hawk: …to rally for Mike Hawk! God bless you all and God bless America! Burnie: Well, the congressman is finishing his speech. And Gavin still hasn’t made a move. His run may end even quicker than Michael’s.
(Gavin whistling) (crowd chanting “Mike Hawk”) Gavin: Just gotta go in with confidence, is all you need. Just a walk in like you belong in it. That’s it. Mike Hawk: Hey, thank you. It’s gonna be a big rally. I really appreciate it. Of course, I’m ready. Gavin: Alright. Good to go, let’s get some bevs. This one’s for me. Waiters are allowed to drink, I think. So we’re good. Let’s get some more fodder, shall we? That cheese is all for me. Thank you very much.
Just take the whole bloody thing. Assistant: No more handshakes. Gavin: Oh shit! Someone’s behind me. Burnie: Wow! Gavin is cutting it close! Gavin: Cheeeese. Burnie: Why is Gavin not masking his British accent? That’s not very stealthy. Gavin: Okay, I’m going for it. There you go! One for you. I feel like that was obvious. Feel like I just did that in plain sight. Mike Hawk: Oh yeah. (stuffing his face) Ah this is wonderful. Guest: Cheers to you, sir. Burnie: Unbelievable. Gavin is pulling a
hell of a comeback. But he better be careful because as soon as the congressman goes down, the security guards are gonna start
pulling off people’s masks. (Mike Hawk choking)
Assistant: Sir! Sir, are you okay?! Sir!
(crowd surprised) Assistant: 911, I need an ambulance.
Guard Jon: We’ve a code red.
Congressman is on the ground. Guard Kyle: Masks off, up against the wall. Gavin: Potential commotion in here. Adam: Everyone stop, hang on. Sir?
I need you to stop and take off your mask. Gavin: Uhhh, you want some champagne? Guard Adam: Stop what you’re doing and take off your mask. Gavin: Alright, gimme a second. Guard Adam: Gavin! Stop! You’ve been caught! Burnie: (laughs) Oh he’s gonna get tased! Gavin: (screaming) OH SHIT! (dramatic fail sound) Gavin: I DID IT! IT WAS ME! (elevator ding)
Burnie: Okay! Seems like Michael and Gavin can’t slip past the guards while working alone. Let’s see how they do when working together. Assistant: Mike Hawk! (crowd cheers) Michael: To politics!
(drink glasses clink) Burnie: Why are they being so obvious? Michael: Alright, I’m gonna scope out- Oh shit. We’ve got a guy standing right at the security office. Let’s just mingle til he clears out. Gavin: Yup. You want double fist? Michael: Yeahyeahyeah. This looks normal. Just get shitfaced.
Gavin: Yeah. Burnie: Dear lord! Gavin, slow down. Michael whispering: Oh, he’s touching his ring,
he’s going to leave. Guard Kyle: Changing positions. Michael: I’m going in, boi. Watch my back. Gavin: That’s how you champagne, boi. Mike Hawk: For years, I’ve thought long and hard about that question, and I’m here to tell you… Michael: I’m good to go and
I’m not getting caught this time. My boi’s got my back! Burnie: Uh oh. Jon is taking
his post outside the security office. Michael: Dude, this vest is nice.
I should- I should actually steal this. Guard Jon: Moving to the second position.
Guard Kyle: Copy that. Guard Kyle: Circulating second floor. Michael: Buttoning suit, getting dressed. Just like my mommy taught me. What the fuck?! Where’s Gavin? Holy crap. There’s a guard.
(suspense music) Fuck! That was close. I’m gonna murder Gavin! Where the hell is he?! Burnie: Yeah, where’s Gavin? Is he downstairs? Doesn’t appear to be in the waiter’s room. Is he still upstairs? Oh! There he is talking to Michael. Michael: I got the knife.
We can just get him on the way out. Gavin: Okay, how about this? How about this? We’ll wait for them
to be over there, right? Michael: Don’t point.
Gavin: He’s having drinks, right? Gavin: I’ll take out his bodyguard. You take out him. We’ll come down. We’ll shank Ellis on the way out. Guard Adam: Nice to see you, congressman. Gavin: Well, let’s mingle. Shall we?
Michael: Let’s mingle. Yeah. Gavin: Augh man! All the booze is gone. Did you see that? Guard Jon: I think I spotted Michael. I’m not sure. Guard Kyle: I know it’s Gavin. I saw him. Burnie: Guards are confused because they don’t know that both lab rats are inside. Gavin: We should probably pretend
that we don’t know each other. Michael: No, that’s fine. We don’t. Sir? Back off, sir. Gavin: Sorry. Sorry, I just…trying to make friends. Kinda socially awkward at these. Michael: Full of shit. Here he comes, here he comes. Where’s that idiot? Where’s that little idiot? Target’s approaching, target is approaching. Gavin: Oh! Guard Tyler: Well, whoever it is, they’ve gotta be close. Guard Tyler: Be on the lookout for
any suspicious activity. Mike Hawk: Hang on. I- I gotta get a drink here. Assistant: Can I get a drink for Mike Hawk, please?
Burnie: Looks like Gavin is going to use the poison sticker. Let’s see what he does with it. Assistant: He needs a drink.
Mike Hawk: You know, look, I saw a good sick on the road. Take out a few of these drinks, I’d have problems that way. Gavin: Hey. Thanks for doing all the work you do. Burnie: How in the world did Gavin get away with that? Guard Jon: Tyler’s down. I need backup. Guard Jon: Get out of my way. Michael: Ugh *stabstabstabstab* Burnie: I think one stab would’ve sufficed. We should get Michael a therapist. Guard Kyle: What’s going on? Did you see who did that? Michael: What’s going on?
Gavin: That guy there looks suspicious. Michael: Dude, I went all over him. Guard Adam: What’s going on? All guards check in. Guard Jon: It’s Michael and Gavin.
They’ve took down the congressman. Michael: I’m gonna go take out Adam, you keep walking. Guard Adam: Take off your masks. Everyone take off your masks. Michael: I’ve seen a suspicious individual around here. Guard Adam: Huh? Oh! Augh… Michael: There’s a guard sick back there.
Gavin: Don’t mind if I do. Gavin: Don’t mind if I don’t. Guard Mariel: Adam is down. I need backup. Burnie: Wow! They made it! I honestly can’t believe it! (victory music) Burnie: Now Gavin, you play a ton of Hitman. How did this compare to actually playing the game? Gavin: Pretty good! That was pretty immersed. I was like, really planning my routes. You don’t wanna blow it. Cuz you know. The load times. Burnie: Right.
Gavin: To restart. It’s a nightmare. Burnie: Alright. Well, I think on the second run, you guys did a better job. How did you guys think you did? Michael: A plus. Plus!
Burnie: A plus. Burnie: I gotta say I agree. I think you guys did fantastic on the second run. We wanna thank all of our RTX attendees. I think the real winner for today is friendship. Michael: Awwww, yeah!
Burnie: Teamwork. You guys working together
Gavin: That’s us. Michael: Teamwork!
Burnie: Teamwork! Burnie: Is that the poison? Michael: Yeah, you’re dead.
Gavin: Yeah. Michael: You’re dead. Gavin: See the way. Burnie: If you wanna see other Rooster Teeth employees playing Hitman in real life, sign up to become a First member on (outro music)

Maurice Vega

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  1. I think I would do better.
    In a tag team, I would use the patches to carefully dispose of the guards after handing out untapped drinks (style hair to appear different from usual haircut). Treat it as if they’re drunk and bring the bodies to the security room to let them sleep it off (change hair style and outfit again for regular outfit). Once the security is dealt which, use the pills on several bottles, passing them out as a special gift for the waiters to serve (diluted and would be delayed take down or nonfatal, enough to weaken all). From there call everyone’s attention and propose a toast, playing it off like i’m a major supporter and former friend. As they all begin collapsing, take the knife and finish off main target.

  2. Such a great video. Something I thought about on the third rewatch: why didn't Gavin use his poison sticker to get rid of Adam? Just a thought.

  3. I would liked to have seen the Hitman Immersion video if all other RT staff members who weren't security guards also in on the Immersion to confuse the guards on who is the real lab rat.

  4. Am I the only one who noticed that Mike Hawk is portrayed by Shannon McCormick who voices as Agent Washington and Ozpin?

  5. I think there were tiny set ups all along the way. Maybe Michael did actually spill the drinks, but why would Adam just happen to pick Gavin to take off his mask when he didn't ask any of the people already surrounding him? Nah, he was tipped off

  6. The game's NPCs got suspicious by not recognizing 47 as who their dressed as, From being in the same crew to some not knowing him in the outfit he's in.

  7. *Throws fish at target*
    -"Where did you get a fish, we didn't give you that!"
    -"I carry it everywhere for just this type of situation.

  8. The real kicker in this challenge is the room being filled with RTX attendees and the guards being RT employees
    Edit: head guard should have been Lindsay, especially for Michael's run

  9. I always find this one was most unrealistic mainly because even though u a normal person the guy u are playing as is still highly trained.

  10. “I think one stab should have sufficed, i think we need to get Michael a therapist” best part when he cut Hawk up

  11. "In stealth games, characters can often grab a disguise in order to blend in seamlessly with crowds."

    Name one other stealth game besides Hitman that does this.

  12. To make it even better, I would have sent ALL previous lab rats into the ball room, but Gav and Michael are the only ones trying to assassinate the target. That way, even if they are ID'ed before anything suspicious happens, or maybe even after, they are not immediately screwed.

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