If Google Was Indian Government Office? | Angry Prash

*Crowd chatters* Please maintain silence Please maintain silence Shut up! Since internet has become cheap, everyone came Son, you've come with something else *Laughs* Shut up! Come one by one, in a queue Punne, turn on the air conditioner Sir, the AC is not working Then bring me something cool Ok sir Tell me, what can I do for you? Sir, I want to go to facebook.com Am I your personal maid?! Ever asked FaceBook for Google? Am I doing everyone's job here? Am I a dealer? What? Get lost! Next! Sir, I want to open a Gmail account. Ok… It will require Aadhar card, pan card, birth certificate and a copy of your electricity bill… along with two passport size photos. Yes, I have it with me. Here you go What do you want your email id to be? [email protected] Ummm it's not available Otherwise keep it as… [email protected] or [email protected] But this is not fair! Ok then, don't open an account Go to Yahoo No no sir, do it You seem to be upset about it. Next! Here you go, sir What are these? Ice cubes? You told me to bring something cold I asked you to bring something cool to drink! Should I put these Ice cubes up my a**?! Yes,sir. Just imagine, when you fart the whole room will be chilled. Anyways our AC is not working Where's my shoe?! I'm leaving Next! Hi sir! I want to download Badshah's four songs… and three of Eminem's Badshah and Eminem…. Punne Where's eminem? Sir, I've locked him in the drawer… he screams too much. Uhhh I got it. Here, Badshah and Eminem Sir, can you give it in a bag? Plastic bags are banned now. Bring a cloth bag from home Do you have a brain or not?! Get lost! Next! How to become successful in life? See, if you want to be successful in India… then you will have to follow four simple steps. 1) You will have to wear this Hippo's skin's rotten leather around your neck 2) You will have to put your wish chit in this tortoise and float it in the water 3) Everyday you will have to drink this natural substance drink And lastly… Chant this mantra everyday. *Chants mantra* Wow! You will be successful in three months What if I don't? Then you have bad luck You will have to go stand in the sun Hot Sunny Leone pictures Fill this form and stand in that line *Gasps* Sir, please do something, I can't control anymore Go get lost! This Sunny lady has increased the work of government employees Next! Sir, I want to download a movie Which one? Sui Dhaga Have you ever out "sui" in "dhaga" ? Whats's the big deal about it? In one hand the Sui… and dhaga in the other… Put it Put you dong in the cond*m and putting Sui in Dhaga has a lot of difference. Ask me… My wife makes me mend clothes everyday at home Are you giving me the movie or not? Here, that will be 500rs 500?! But I wanted it for free, sir Y'all want everything for free! You won't get anything! Get out of here Please sir, do something, there must be a loophole. I've come with great hope, please sir Ok listen, don't cry. In that room, one person is there… 'Torrent Baba' Ring his bell and run away with the CD Thank you sir Next! Google Yes? Google.com I am google.com www.google.com I am google.com Now tell me what do you want otherwise I'll post your history Nothing, I was juit checking whether the internet was working or not. Next! How to reduce weight in one month? Uhhh where did that one month file go? How to reduce weight in one week? Everyone is in a hurry How to reduce weight in one day? Come inside! I'll reduce your weight in one minute No no sorry sir! I'm leaving Where do these people come from! Sir, I want to go to Facebok Come! I'll change the look of your face Come here! Where are you running? You think I am an online driver?! Peon?! Put the 'Facebook closed' sign outside Yes sir. A**holes, asking dad the way to his son So if you liked the video, press Like and if you're new press Subscribe I will meet you in a new video with a new topic, till then goodbye. *Outro music* Subtitles by youtube.com/c/mysticgta

Maurice Vega

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