‘I want us to get this done’: Boris Johnson says he will not consider resigning

Clearly, there’s a contest
going on to make sure that we come out of the EU
on the 31 October. Firstly, there are people in
parliament who plainly want to block that and that
includes Jeremy Corbyn, the SNP. I think they’re wrong. I think people in this country
want us to get on and do it. Now, I said to them, OK,
you want to have these endless, pointless delays. I don’t think people in this
country want that. Let’s try an election. They said no to that,
which is curious. They don’t trust the people,
they don’t want an election, OK. Perhaps it is that they don’t
think that they will win. Fine. I’ll go to Brussels,
I’ll get a deal and we’ll make sure we
come out on 31 October. That’s what we’ve got to do. – You keep mentioning
31 October. You’ve made it abundantly clear
that that’s your line in the sand. If you can’t deliver that,
you’re going to have to resign. – That’s not a hypothesis
I’m willing to contemplate. I want us to get this thing done.

Maurice Vega

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  1. They don't want an election because they don't trust HIM to stand down if he loses and not to just determine he controls parliament. They don't trust him not to simply shove through any half-arsed Brexit

  2. How exactly is Boris going to deliver this? The simple fact is that the fundamental principle of democracy has been broken here. This is merely the thin end of the wedge. What else can we expect when the Houses of Parliament act like dictators? In my opinion, the EU is a conglomerate of Bankers, who are doing their absolute best to subjugate the UK, when we could have a successful economy outside of the EU.

    Something needs to be done about this.

  3. This country is called Scotland, we voted to stay in the EU, we do not support a conservative government and we want another referendum on Scottish Independence.

  4. The Swiss voted to stay out of the EU. The margin between IN or OUT was 0.6 %! Their Parliament honoured that result because that is how Democracy works!! Switzerland! Extremely rich, Global Trade Deals and some of the highest living standards in the World! UK- GET IT DONE!!!

  5. Dear Queen Elizabeth HRM,
    Please step in, save your realm. Dismiss Boris from the job of PM, declare Brexit dead, an enemy of the crown, and of all of its peoples. Ask parliament to schedule new elections just before the New Year. You can do all of this in one 10 minute speech broadcast around the globe. All you have to do is be direct, firm, unwavering in your resolve to save your realms and all its people much pain and sorrow because of a utterly ill conceived, looming economic, empire ending disaster of an idea called Brexit.
    Be Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth, step in for your people and kill Brexit once and for all. You are the only person who can do it. 
    If Brexit lives on enacted or not, it will fester like an infection, and destroy the better parts of GB from the inside.
    Economically and politically if you don't kill and put Brexit out with the rubbish where it belongs, then within a year at least half a dozen commonwealth countries will have left it, and Scotland will give Britain the finger, remaining in the EU.
    Englands economy will be in tatters, London will see a 60 to 75% drop in tourism in the first year devastating the city. It will take at least a year for the tourist industry to react drastically enough to save it from near collapse. Shortages of common items will be an every day thing and big corporate will choose the EU over the UK.

  6. He's been waiting years for the keys to this bank, elephant tranquilizers won't move him until he has filled enough pockets full of our cash.

  7. I love the fact that leavers are only capable of talkingin slogans. Like lullabies they sing themselves about the empire they no longer have. Empire is dead, so there are no resources left to steal. Germany's better at milking Eastern Europe dry, so the UK's all upset. Boohoo. WE HAVE NO RESOURCES AND NO INDUSTRY! And 52% are delusional too! How are we going to survive?

  8. We demand a people's vote ! Well ?? Cmon all you guardian readers what happened to let the people decide ?? Remain MPs bercow and unelected lords won't trust the people , why ? We can't be trusted perhaps ? Meanwhile labour would negotiate a deal then campaign against it WTF ! I nearly chocked on my Pimm's and cucumber !

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  10. Yes im sure Mr. Prime Minister you want to get things done and at the same time destroy the British constitution as well as the economy for the next 50 years.

  11. The British people want to give up their sovereignty to foreign powers – just look around the world right now to what people are willing to do to be free from undemocratic dictators!

  12. Resign and take Nigel farage ,BNP with you too kicking out People who pay taxes for 20 year's because EU citizen should be a legal keep liaring 🤣 . People that fight in world war 2 have be kick out bojo 🐐 wasted of taxes payers money Brexits 💪🎃

  13. To put it succinctly piss off take your auntie disablement organisation and group with you thank you somebody was disabled you may have heard of us the ones you haven't killed l we are still heredisabled people and people with special needs are still here also we can voteis going to vote for you and your nasty little party

  14. The People of this country wants YOU out !!!!

    That’s the truth.

    A British Prime Minister that wants to bring MONSANTO into this country, knowing…

    That it will bring cancer to millions, if he does, …is NOT a patriot !!!

  15. Don't resign, tell the country you will reluctantly obey the law and extend article 50, explain to us that the only way to get out of the EU now is to have a General Election and get remainer MP's out of Parliament. Fight that election on a manifest to leave the EU the week after setting up your new government, and giving the EU nothing unless they agree a compressive free trade deal with no strings attached.

  16. The thought of a possible 4 year reign of this man and his hard right cabinet terrifies me. Leave if we must, but with a deal. I'm noticing the effects already, I'm not sure if there have been cuts to the NHS or if it's the effects of Brexit looming, but our pharmacies don't have the medicines required, I've never experienced that before. I was told (three times now) that they are not allowed to pre order any medicines anymore they must wait until the prescriptions are in before they can order and so they keep running out 👀 whether its tory cuts or looming Brexit its a shambles.

  17. This unelected clown is getting absolutely nothing done, is getting raped by parliament, yet he is still getting paid for it…

  18. And I thought that summer will be just Johnson pretending to negotiate, boy was I wrong…he will use that "strategy" during prorogation.

  19. Yes Borris we"re strongly behind you get the job done brush aside the opposers; they've got nothing tangible to offer other than talk talk talk.

  20. Corbynov will go down in history as the most treacherous rat in UK politics, he's sold out his own electorate and the country for EU money.

  21. Was it one of the Bloomsbury set who said they'd rather be 'dead in a field' than receive certain visitors to their house?

  22. We´re all looking at how you come to terms with Brussels while encouraging and seeking support from among the cows in the countryside.

  23. Piedpiper BoJo has placed himself in an extremely awkward and most embarrassing position and who is to blame? Only himself!

  24. boris the scruff, thinks he can cause political chaos like his idol trumptard and bully people into submission….not in the UK old boy

  25. If you wish (and fervently wish) to get things done Boris, resign and quit politics.
    People of your obviously inestimable talents are needed in the City.

    GO BORIS..!!!!!

  27. I myself are a remainer but now I am a leaver. But even if I wasn't a leaver, I would still respect the leave vote because I know I would feel betrayed if the majority voted to remain and they tried to overturn it. I think a general election will be called on Monday. Brexit party defeats Labour , Boris & Farage negotiate a deal in Brussels. Brexit delivered on 31st Octo. Pound will crash, then reach highest level in history, other countries follow, EU will fall. UK will strive. Corbyn crying. US – UK free trade agreement will follow.

  28. Boris Johnson has not negotiated with the EU. It’s all a farce. He’s aiming for No Deal and everyone knows this. Parliament will block No Deal. It will never happen, it’s absolute Pyrrhic to this country and the UK nations. Farage and Johnson are not the answer we need. A moderate wise leader will deliver Brexit with a deal. It’s the only way forward for the UK…… now Boris talking trying to sound all reasonable, the problem nobody trusts him and his leadership qualities so far have been poor…..

  29. Boris lost, . . . the very moment he became PM.

    He lied to pass Brexit and for his crimes they gave him a political suicide by giving him the job to pull it off. Now it's a Johnson Swan Dive into disgrace and infamy.

  30. BJ won't have to resign – he'll be slung out by the 1922 Committee. Brexit fades away along with Cummings and Mogg. Byeeeee….

  31. Latest political developments – live updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/live/2019/sep/06/brexit-boris-johnson-news-latest-eu-labour-confirms-it-will-not-vote-on-monday-night-for-early-election-live-newsbior

  32. Back to this rubbish again.
    If you wish to aid the UK Boris quit the field and resign.
    And quit the fields of these poor farmers you have been recently using as backdrops for your undoubted electioneering.

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