‘I Barely Knew The Guy’: President Donald Trump Brings Back Familiar Refrain | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. The GOP has become a club of corrupt stooges, morons and goons. (1) McConnell = Russian business in KY, his wife, Elaine Chao, operating illegally in her position. (2) Jim Jordan didn’t report sexual abuse at OSU. (3) Giuliani, Nunes, Mulvaney, Barr, etc….all LIARS. THROW THEM IN JAIL!!!!!

  2. Listen up Trump haters Democrat snowflakes President Trump is still in office and he's going to stay in office he's not going to get impeached I guaranteed and he's going to win in 2020 you guys listen to CNN MSM and you believe what they tell you call propaganda it's called fake news and you guys are falling for it so they get your hopes up just to let you down. Did you know they tried to impeach him three times already and it failed remember vote for Trump in 2020

  3. Of course trump is going to say I barely knew the guy or never heard of him. Trumps famous words when the truth is out about him.

  4. trump only knows the best people!,. trump only hires the best people!,. funny how the entire trump administration is filled with traitors, losers, and other people who trump hardly knew,…

    does trump really think we are as stupid as his supporters?,.

  5. Trump is constantly using the same few stumps due to his lack of mental capacity. His supporters don't mind because they have the same issue and love repetitions.

  6. If Jordan is such an expert on questioning suspects how come he never questioned that Doctor at Ohio State after complaints made to him from numerous young men? Maybe if he sucks up to ToxicTrumpf he think😚

  7. Sounds like MSNBC and their non existante coverage on the Bernie Sanders campaign. MSNBC on Bernie Sanders, "We barely know the guy." #BernieSandersYouBastards #BernieSandersSolidarity

  8. Even though Trump rides the short bus he still throws them under the bus. I hardly knew Donald Jr. . I meant Melionia one time. Gullioni stayed at Marlogo once for golf, I think, I don 't know. Pence, that name sounds familar. Don t think we 've meant. Evonka, yes, did meet her, seems like a nice girl. Who knows really?

  9. how can you say you don't know the guy that donated million dollars for your inauguration , Donald Trump stop this big big lies

  10. Jim "I'd lie to God to try to protect Trump" Jordan is now on the counsel, all that means is everytime real evidence comes up he'll try and change the subject

  11. Good Rev, keep talking. The USA "voted" for a mentally deranged Mafia boss. A Mafia boss is never "aware" of anything. Theynever said things, they were not present at crimes, they blackmail and bribe….there you go, this misheap is called oresident of the US

  12. LOL!!….and here we go again!…Donald will use you, chew you , and spit you out!….If his supporters have yet to take notice of this, well, you too will be next!

  13. RIGHT ON REV. AL.!!!
    You got Trump's behavior down to a science.👍
    👌Before it's all over…he will be denouncing his own kids, throwing them under the bus.
    Trump is a CRUEL, WRECKLESS, BUS DRIVER. He will throw anybody under the bus.😁

  14. Trump is a disgrace, and he should be ashamed of himself! And I'm ashamed of the people, regardless of their party, that don't recognize this sorry excuse of a human being for what he truly is! Shame on all of you who only care about money! The damage being done here is terrifying and their will be dire consequences for future generations! Shame on you all!

  15. There is no crime called quid pro quo,it's a latin phrase for something in exchange for (something) . The crime is extortion for which quid pro quo must exist and be proven… Trump is a thug.

  16. GOP right wingers, this will haunt you forever. The hypocrisy is so thick, one needs a chainsaw to cut through it. Also, don't mention "fiscal responsibility" in the future, you've lost that one too.

  17. Trump: I don't know the guy i never appointed the guy who's this guy.
    Me : he gave u a million dollars
    Trump: l always liked Gordon he always been good to me

  18. It's typical that Trump has stooped to physical intimidation of female civil service employees when their appearance has been subpoenaed by the House. It's probably a move that we should have expected from the grandson of a whorehouse owner. Republicans, tell the Don that you won't be able to keep helping him if he keeps frightening women. The House needs to employ some muscle to protect these witnesses from this thug.

  19. Pretty soon he's going to say that he doesn't know his wife.. he's going to say I barely knew her….. He is so fake..!!!!

  20. trump doesn’t know anyone does he. Barely knows anyone that has worked for him. Won’t surprise me if he does the same to Rudy. Deny deny deny. That behavior is very unbecoming of a president. Then again, someone like trump has no business being president anyway.

  21. Trump: “ I barely know Eric and Jr Trump,
    I have nothing in common with them, only contribute my sperm many many years ago

    That all, believe me”

  22. Sure rather convenient that he "forgets" who people are especially when they've given him a ton of money or know him personally but get into trouble how do Republitards explain that away

  23. Wasn’t Jordan in some of the closed door testimonies and had no rebuttal questions? This is the worst circus on the world stage.

  24. How dont you know these guys they do go through some security clearance and interview of some sort. He knows kanye west though lmao seriously 🤨🤭😏🤫🛣🐘

  25. Hey Sondland, I’m not running for anything but if you’d like to send me a million dollars I’ll be right here. I wouldn’t mind half of that even though I also “hardly know the guy” as well. 😁

  26. I'm baffled how anyone with a functioning brain can still support trump. Seriously how can they not smell this pile of sht in front of them.

  27. I'd love to hear Trump if his kids turned on him😂 I barely know these kids,yet it's probably true in many ways😱

  28. I don't get why folks keep aligning themselves with tRump. He will double cross anyone at the drop of a dime. tRump NEVER accepts responsibility for anything. Its always the other guy's fault.

  29. Maybe when we flush this POS out of the Whitehouse, after we scour his repusiveness off, we could paint it diffrent shades of skin color and call it the Peoples House? Enough of calling it the rich white peoples house! 🖒😁😎

  30. I personaly will volunteer to be tChumps body guard and will never let harm come to him once his trial is over…..save taxpayer money….i will chain him in my front lawn for all the people to come by and chat with him. It will be cozy and heartwarming.

  31. They are so stupid . Please do not believe them. They are lying to you. MSNBC…CNN…ABC…ON AND ON…THEY ARE GOING DOWN.I WISH YOU ALL KNEW WHAT I KNOW ..BE SMART ENOUGH TO SEE THEY ARE LYING.

  32. Did we not all know this was coming with this joke of a gasbag pretender?! I became a never-Trumper when I was a teenager and read articles about Donald Trump boasting about his gold toilets and good looks.

  33. Apparently 5th Avenue is an equal opportunity space .. shoot trump down.. civil wars are ok.. BRING IT ON.. DONT THREATEN US.. UNLESS YOU MEAN IT. Violence called from the president.. lol well come on.

  34. Yeah, put Gym Jordan in there. That'll make everything believable. Doesn't Jim have his own crap to deal with right now? Ya know, those college students getting fondled and him keeping his mouth shut?

  35. al Sharpton….The tummy tuck that messes up iron absorption. Man appears to be walking death my millionaire reverned. Guess you made your dreams come true hey. Just remember the lieing TWANA BRAWLEY…..and reverned al. Explain to jesus al…explain!!!

  36. It's funny, though. Sondland slipped Trump a cool million and got to be his "Ambassador" to the European Union. It's good to have friends in high places but Sondland has been taught a valuable lesson. It will have become painfully clear to him that apparently even a million bucks isn't enough for Trump to remember you. One thing that Sondland will have come to understand by now is that the Foreign Service is not a simple for-services-rendered thing, but a whole career path that involves years of training and learning and, above all, gaining experience. He had none of that, and he found himself so out-of-his depth that it was, quite literally, not funny.

  37. Truthful but yada yada yada.. DIVISIVE is when President Swamp says "he doesn't know someone" that he does know. What he means is " He doesn't have any negative damaging angles to push back about the opposition YET! Also President Swamp stepped on the scene and continues to this day with the negative trolling, tyrant behaviors & nic name calling since 2016 but will play "the victim tactic" when convenient. Can't knock'em for being the pettiest to win. We should've gave this guy a job in the finance department but representing as the Chief Commander of the United States of America. hmmm

  38. Why does no one look at joe Biden who actually threatened to withhold aid from the Ukraine?? We have him on tape saying exactly what trump is being accused of? The deranged left is trying to hard to win the White House in 2020

  39. Of course he barely knew Gordon Sondland. All he did was make him an ambassador after Sondland donated a million dollars to his campaign. It's easy to see how Trump would see that as a minor thing. I'm waiting for the day when Trump hardly knows Guliani.

  40. I hope Trumpster tosses them all under the bus in an attempt to save his orange hide, and they all turn on him as the ultimate FU and testify before Congress about everything.

    It's no secret to any sensible person that Trumpster demands absolute loyalty from all, but gives absolutely none in return. People are a disposable asset to President Bonespur.

  41. Let American people see and hear from the witness testify before Congress on Wednesday about trump conducts the the American people will make a decision to vote for Trump or vote trump out of the office in election 2020.

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