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>>Bernie Sanders has reported his fundraising
numbers from the third quarter of this year, and he has raised an insane amount of money,
the majority of which, of course, coming from small dollar donors. According to CNN, Sanders raised a gargantuan
$25.3 million in the third quarter. He raised 18.2 million in the second quarter,
and has bested that total by 7 million this time around. So this is great news, especially when you
consider that the majority of his donors do come from small dollar donations, and just
to give you an idea of just how much the average small dollar donor gives is about $18.07. So that’s good news, the Sanders spokesman
who gave a statement to CNN, his name is Mike Casca, said that about 130,000 people had
signed up to make monthly recurring contributions. And that 99.9% of its total donor base had
not yet given the individual maximum of $2,800 per election, which means that things are
looking good for the future for Sanders. He’s gonna keep raising money.>>No, that’s an incredible sign and send
shivers of panic and fear in other candidates in the establishment. Cuz 130,000 recurring donors is gargantuan,
and the fact that they have not tapped out. Remember, the reason Buttigieg’s numbers are
falling, even though they’re still big in fundraising, they’re falling Is because a
lot of the rich people that gave to him already tapped out. They already gave him the maximum they could
possibly give him. But for Bernie, since they’re giving small
amounts, 99.9% of them can still give more, which makes the other guys sweat.>>So who gave to Bernie? What are the backgrounds of these donors? I think that’s an important question to answer. And individuals who listed their occupations
as teacher were the most frequent donors to Sanders.>>I love that.>>And this is according to the campaign which
also said, the three most common employers of its contributors were Starbucks, Amazon,
and Walmart. And I think if you’ve been following this
campaign and if you’ve been following Bernie Sanders specifically for years now, you can
understand why that’s the case. Why the employers include Starbucks, Amazon,
and Walmart. He has been pushing to get these companies
to increase wages for their employees for quite some time now.>>If so I gotta make a point on that. So number one. This is how democracy supposed to work. You support your voters and then they support
you. So what did Bernie do? He supported teacher strike, after teacher
strike, after teacher strike and said you deserve higher wages and your right to demand
them. So who’s the number one donors to Bernie? It’s not Wall Street, is not any corporations,
it’s teachers. Number two, he literally fought for higher
wages at Amazon and Walmart and he wanted Amazon, and now they all get at least $15. Remember the video where people erupted in
applause? These are not, the company is giving to Bernie
Sanders, or their executives, none of them wanna give to Bernie Sanders. It’s the actual employees, they are like thank
you, you raised my wages. So, that is super powerful, and you are talking
about a voter base that is devoted and will show up to elections, and if the other candidates
and Donald Trump aren’t panicking, they may not understand politics.>>So now let’s go to Nate Silver who loves
to move the goalposts when it comes to Bernie Sanders specifically.>>Hmm, I love this.>>It’s so good. So if you look at this tweet from last year,
he had written the following, the single most favorable indicator for Democrats, in terms
of their chances of taking over the house is fundraising. Specifically, individual contributions to
individual candidates, which tends to be the most important/predictive measure of electoral
success.>>So we are consistent on that. I said the same thing back then, that was
when the just Democrats were running, that was the last cycle. And I kept screaming to the press, look at
the individual donors, the small donors. That makes all the difference, cuz that’s
energy. They’ll actually go up, if they gave money
to somebody, they’ll definitely go vote for them, and they’ll spread the message. And we were absolutely right, and Nate Silver
was absolutely right. Now what does he think, Anna?>>Well, now that Bernie Sanders is do, I
mean, he’s been doing well with small dollar donors, but he has moved the goalposts and
this is a tweet from today October 1st. He says the following, my general view on
fundraising numbers, a bad number can be legitimate bad news since it can jeopardize the sustainability
of the campaign. But a good number isn’t necessarily great
news. Polls among other metrics are considerably
more predictive of future success. He’s so unbearable.>>I mean, come on. He’s like dripping with anti-Sanders bias
and the thing that’s most frustrating about it is he still presents himself as this like
neutral arbiter of the numbers and facts.>>Yeah.>>Come on.>>No, no, this one he jumped the shark. So, I’m not greatly amused. I mean even he’s got to see that and I am
embarrassing. So look, the internet is gonna catch.>>He’s silly, silly man.>>Yeah, you’re absurd, and it’s so obvious
and the fact that you can’t stand them so much that you can’t even try to hide your
bias. It proves a case, I mean. And by the way, I predicted it ahead of time. Not in this, to be fair, right? I predicted in the case of the polling, so
let me give you the second piece of great news. So Sanders has taken the lead in Nevada. And to be fair, he’s tied with Biden. But Biden had the lead, now they’re both at
22%, they’re both at number one, okay? So that’s a new CNN poll out just a couple
of days ago. And so, I said after the poll came out, Nate
Silver, wait for it. Well, one poll doesn’t really mean anything. She had to win a combination of polls and
yeah, when other candidates see lights poll. Hey, that way, wait a minute. This is important right here, this is the
one that matters, right? So I was like, well, look, maybe I’m being
biased. So let me go look at the polling averages. So and it’s really, really interesting actually,
you should do likewise. So Real Clear Politics has some issues, but
overall, they’ve got a lot of polls and they have the polling averages. So, you go check it out. So because the mainstream media narrative
has been Sanders is going down, almost over a political, on the day the Nevada poll came
out and had him at number one. And by the way, if you were wondering why
Nevada. It’s one of the first four states to vote. So that’s why it’s so important. So political headline was Sanders reeling
in disastrous shape, etc. Paraphrasing but, I was really amazed. It wasn’t really different than that. And there’s been a thousand articles written
about how he’s done, right? So, in the last two months you’d think Sanders’
numbers went down. No, his polling has gone up two points in
the last two months. Now, to be fair, Elizabeth Warren polling
has gone up even more. But so the story when you look at the graph
is Biden goes like a roller coaster, Kamala Harris takes a giant dive down. And the two Progressive candidates go up a
little bit and up a lot, the story is Progressives peaking, but that’s not the story you hear
from the mainstream press or Nate Silver. So that’s two pieces of excellent news for
Bernie Sanders. Now, winning in Nevada and a massive fundraising
haul which he could do as from and he releases his first ad today, we’re gonna share that
with you in a second, and make sure you check that out. So all of a sudden, we got a little bit of
a comeback on our hands.>>I love it.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Congratulations to the American "education" system and the lackey media: they have succeeded in brain washing many people into stupidly misunderstanding socialism. And anyhow, despite the regrettable "Democratic Socialism", Bernie is far from a socialist.

  2. This is why the establishment never wants someone like Bernie in the White House. He'll actually initiate policies that the people want. Policies that makes their lives much better off. The people will never forget who gave them those policies.

  3. Trump has raised over 150 million dollars and Bernie isnt fit for President. He is now literally feeling the Bern…lol

  4. 'Democracy' isn't representing one's voters and having those voters reciprocate by supporting and voting for such representatives; that's called an 'aristocracy'.
    Democracy – power of/by/for the people – doesn't relegate power hierarchically, as is with representatives, it keeps it anarchically.

  5. President Trump raised 125 million in 3Q. 15 million in one day in California. I really hope Bernie is going to be okay, he has been working hard.

  6. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why various polls (or the sources reporting the results of various polls), report such differences in where Bernie is standing.

    One day, I'm listening to sources reporting polls showing Bernie on the heels, tied with or slightly surpassing Biden and/or Warren. The next day, with different sources, report polls showing Bernie significantly behind Biden and Warren. What gives? How can various polls be in such extreme disagreement with each other?!

  7. Rest up Bernie America needs you, the whole world needs you! Bernie 2020 all day everyday!!! 🤗 🤗 🤗

  8. people with lots of power . keep them stupid , we want what you took . go tell that lucky to have a job stuff , to the people that you don't see , they actually buy your shit .

  9. Ya Bernie! The Peoples President Bernie Sanders. No One Speaks Truth To Power Like Bernie! We Got You Bernie Because You Got Our Backs!! Not Me Us..

  10. Good thing cause now he can pay his medical bills with all the money the progressives were foolish enough to send him, lmfao! Mmmm….socialism.

  11. PATHETIC TITLE TO THE VIDEO. It is good news surrounding Bernies campaign fundraising but, the only HUGE news surrounding Bernie is that he has recently had two stints put in his heart to relieve blockage and he's 78. He will be 80 in is first term and you never address it, meanwhile there was so much controversy because of McCains age and battles with cancer. HYPOCRISCY. In all fairness he self disqualified himself when he selected Sarah Palin as VP other than that, try and do a better job on hiding your bias for Bernie.

  12. If any one had noticed- it seem that Bernie was having breatheing problems awhile ago. For all the other "old grey mares"( trump/biden) You can not still do what you use to- that's why you are senior citizens— Go fishing/enjoy your grandkids & your golden years! Hell- most of you have been in politics for 40-50 yrs. At least Elizabeth Warren has not been in it that long- ( cause you wouldn't let women in) Let a woman do her version of "messing up" now. It could not be any worse than what you men….have done- huh?

  13. Gargantuan 25 million in a quarter? Hold your horses darlings, the GOP raised 13 million in online donations within the first 72 hours after Nancy's impeachment speech.

  14. Millions and millions down the toilet last election and millions down the toilet now. He was never a contender and people just throw their money away.

  15. Would you explain how Warren jumped 9% in Black voter support in one month. Can't believe this. She has had little black voter support and I am suppose to believe she increased that much in one month. No, there is little about Warren to encourage black support to this extent.

  16. Amazon keep advertising to me for a driving job that pay 16$. They pretend they are giving you millions of dollars. Go to hell Bazos your not fooling anyone. People we need to unionize!!! Bernie 2020


  18. I agreed with just about everything except Warren being a progressive. She isn't. So please stop calling her that. At best she is somewhat between the two wings, like Obama, but like him will end up compromising and nothing different than the usual status quo will be done. She is already buddying up to Hillary and the DNC in order to win the candidacy, which should tell anyone where she is politically.

  19. Ana "He's so unbearable!" LOL! Yo, Nate Silver is supposed to know numbers and trends… so he is destroying his whole reputation with all this blatant hypocrisy!! He should have learned from 2016 that a pollster who is so far off will be dropped/not hired by clients.

  20. I really don't like Ana…but if she were ever to run for office (as long as she ran under the Justice Democrat plan), I'd vote for her! She's great on policy despite my personal feelings towards her.

  21. He is out out out ! HA HA HA HA HA HA…!he got a heart attack …..out of the presidential race HA HA HA HA HA HA HA AHA…Wow he actually has a heart ! Good News for AMERICA ..1ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Bad news for comunist wiggers.!BOO HOO

  22. I find it disturbing, and disappointing to read the responses of the American Apartheid below. When the hell will these white pseudo-Christian racists, and fascists wake the hell up and stop being exploited by the establishment of white collar criminals that is the Republican Party? You one issue voters are so ignorant and poorly educated, you can't figure out you're being shafted up the ass because you're a backward-ass hick in need of a savior.

  23. HUGE NEWS!!! Joe's shit about to come out of the closet. Bernie already hospitalized and dying of heart problems. Pocahontas will be easy pickings!

  24. Bernie "king of the cucks" Sanders will be rotting in a box when Trump is getting his second term. TRUMP2020!!! 🇺🇸

  25. Spungar patar go to hell! You are lying and most of us know it. You are a computer programed to spread lies. I've seen this profile on other forums!

  26. I'm going to ask You Tube why they allow none humans to spout off a bunch of lies and other shit! Seems it had REALLY gotten a lot worse since Agolf Hitler's impeachment is under way.

  27. Ana take a chill pill – and simply state how the polls got it wrong in 2016, they got it wrong with Brexit and they got it wrong in Australia.
    Stay on track – if the money raising is the indicator then a Bernie-Yang(VP) tag team makes more sense than anything. Biden just admitted he is no longer interested in small donors and Warren is too closely associated with the establishment. Trumps entire political base is anti-establishment – it was how he beat 16 Republicans AND the best funded Democrat in history.


  28. Unfortunately, we won't get Bernie as the nominee. People keep forgetting, but the DNC, the establishment donors, the M.S.M, the M.I.C. and the deep state complex have all spoken. Their message was, "anybody but Bernie". Considering they run the joint, it doesn't seem to matter how much we want him, they will cheat us out of that victory any way they can.

  29. I’m a reoccurring donor since February and have made some additional donations since. He’s been my favorite since 2015

  30. And let's have a big round of applause for the semi-literate trolls who keep TYT at the very top of the online news show list . If it weren't for these teenage fascist wannabes TYT viewership would be 25% lower.

  31. It's been fun.. but it's over for Crazy Bernie in 2020. Maybe, with a little exercise and proper diet, the 79 year old geezer can pull it together next time. Crazy Bernie and Sleepy Joe can give it another go in 2024.

  32. Bernie’s campaign confirmed he had a heart attack. Bernie Bros caught with their pants down again. It’s over…again 😂

  33. Weird that tyt hasn't said anything about bread line Bernie having a massive heart attack?? 2 stents and over 80% blockage is not good! Especially considering his age and health he has an 85% chance of having a second heart attack!!! I think he's done running for president! Tic tok tic tok Bernie lol!

  34. If you’re a worker and you don’t vote for Bernard Sanders in 2020, you’re a damned fool. We’ve built a movement, it’s time for everyone to get onboard so we can run the country, instead of corps and billionaires.

  35. If he keeps running, he should have a very good vice president. Last time around, he said that he would choose Warren as his VP. A sanders/warren ticket could be a good one.

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