How We Are Destroying Our Democracy? #UnplugWithSadhguru

How can a student remain a neutral are
everything well this has become a phenomena not just in your university
this has become a phenomena across the country if you open your mouth to say
something about the nation they will try to fix you to some ideology when me not
just you all the time people are fixing me sometimes to the left sometimes to
the right sometimes they want to hang me in the center I’ve always made it clear
my concern is people not even nationality my concern is just people
because I work with all kinds of people in India outside India with politicians
with convicts with tribal women with all kinds of people okay with students with
everybody my concern is a human being life but inevitably somebody is trying
to pin you on some notice board right board or left board or something this is
an unfortunate situation because this is the mechanics of how you destroy a
democracy that is right now let us say you are committed to right I am
committed to left because I am looking more left ok so now we are already
committed now what is the point of secret ballot I’m asking we know these
three people will vote for right left right this will or for left everybody
knows what is the point of secret ballot what is the point of offering a citizen
the choice of choosing the leadership in Tamil language democracy means Jen and I
come that means people are the leaders that’s what it means people are the
leaders but leaders are all fixed how do you make leaders out of them
how do you make a democracy work if you want a living democracy the most
important thing is except for a few party workers others the lists of the
population should not be committed to any party any ideology we give somebody
a five year chance if they do well we give them one more chance if they don’t
do well we bring somebody else this is how it should be but unfortunately this
has become a worldwide phenomenon in United States it was worse
I thought India I was proudly speaking in United States we have a living
democracy but now in the last five years have just kept quiet about Indian living
democracy because we have also become the same thing – it’s like this a veteran Republican leader was dying he
was on his deathbed then on his deathbed he requested I want to join the
Democratic Party he said not you you’ve been a Republican all your life so was
your father and your grandfather all were Republicans and now on your
deathbed you want to become a Democrat he said yes I want to become a Democrat
they said why he said I would rather have one of them dying so it’s become this bad please all of
you young people I’m telling you this is where every citizen in the country but
particularly in the university please debate issues in the nation don’t
take sides every damn issue in the country you must
debate but do not take sides at this stage in your life because you are
destroying democracy in this country because you this is just like a clan
this is like a community or a religion I belong to this party you belong to that
party no matter what I am going to owed only to my party this is a feudalistic
society this is not a democratic society so I request all the young people either
in this university any university you should not take political sides right
now you must debate issues and what matters who is going to offer solutions
they must get the vote whoever offers a proper solution they must get the Oh
your vote is already committed you destroying democracy please don’t do
this the most valuable thing we have for all
the troubles we go through and all the news channels shouting at us we endure
all that only rehearse we have democracy please do not destroy this by taking

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ah finally… The truth have been spoken. For all the people who think JNU is anti national. This is the answer. They were debating the issues they were protesting against the ill-treatment of adiwasis and dalits. But suddenly the media and the government push them into one side and saying anti nationals and naxals. Everyone has the right to talk in this democracy. As soon as the media and the government shuts them don't they are killing the democracy. Remember this when ever you support a party just because they support Hindu or musilm you are killing democracy. Emotional attachment towards a party kills democracy

  2. best 👍👍👍👍👍👍
    why JNU is being targeted continuously as leftist .
    To establish two major things
    RIGHT & LEFT . just like congress n bjp .
    अभी देश की जनता अनजान है इस left right से . जनता सिर्फ marching वाला left right जानती है .
    तो उनको जानकारी कैसे दे तो बडा बखेडा खडा करो .
    इसका मतलब है
    कुछ सालो में congress bjp रहेगी नही क्या ?
    left right रहेगा क्या ?

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