How Trump makes extreme things look normal

I can’t believe that’s a real sentence. Okay. Focus. Oh my god, I’m trapped in a nightmare. All right. Last one. How do you feel watching this? Same reaction? No? You feel numb, don’t you? If you’ve been watching the news for the past
12 months, your reaction to that last clip was probably,
“meh.” There’s a term for what you’re experiencing. It’s called the Overton Window. It’s a concept in political science that says
there is this window of ideas the public is willing to accept. Everything inside the window is normal and
expected. Everything outside the window is radical,
ridiculous, or unthinkable. And the theory goes that if you want to move
the window, if you want to change what people think of
as acceptable, you shouldn’t start here. You should start here, at the extreme. Because forcing people to consider an unthinkable
idea, even if they reject it, makes all less-radical
ideas seem more acceptable by comparison. It shifts the window in that direction. So if you want to make people more accepting
of gay relationships, you should start by arguing for gay marriage. You’ll lose at first, but you’ll start to
make things like domestic partnerships seem more plausible. Then civil unions start to seem normal too. Pretty soon, what started off as an unthinkable
idea seems very thinkable. Even boring. The point of the Overton Window is that people don’t have to accept a ridiculous idea, they
just have to get used to it, have to hear enough to start comparing other
ideas to it. And that might be the scariest part of Trump’s
first year in office. Not how abnormal he is, but how normal he makes everything else look
by comparison. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. But it keeps happening. In just the past six months, we’ve had to
talk about the president sympathizing with white supremacists, retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda from a hate
group, calling a world leader short and fat while threatening nuclear war on Twitter. I’m not! Any of these stories would have been unthinkable under Obama or even Bush. But now they’re things we have to seriously
talk about. That means getting used to a lot of new realities
over here, in Trumpland. And that’s shifted the Overton Window in some really terrifying ways. Sounds so ominous. The Overton Window. The Overton Window. The most obvious is that we now just expect to be bullshitted. At the start of Trump’s term, we were shocked at the White House lying about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. It undermines the credibility of the entire White House Press Office on day one. Don’t be so overly dramatic. But now? The president in no way has ever encouraged
violence. I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie from
the podium or any other place. I wouldn’t say it was a lie. That’s a pretty bold accusation. Yeah, she’s a liar. What else is new? That’s especially true for news coverage. There’s Kellyanne Conway, Will the president do anything? What do you mean, “Will he do anything?” CNN’s army of Trump parrots, Breitbart trolls, Alex Jones getting a major interview on national
television. Do you think of yourself as a journalist? I have some journalists that work for me. Normally these people would be relegated to the dark corners of the internet. But thanks to Trump, news networks feel compelled to put them on TV, to put them in the mainstream. Alex Jones isn’t going away. He has millions of listeners and the ear of
our current president. God damn it, Megyn Kelly. But what’s scarier is what’s happening over
here — the stuff that feels kind of boring under
Trump. One of the weird side effects of this presidency is that big Trump debates are rarely just between Democrats and Republicans. They’re often between Trump supporters and anti-Trump conservatives — conservatives who think Trump has gone too
far. I will note this is a two-Republican panel. These debates are really attractive to news
outlets. It’s interesting when somebody bucks their
party. And so you’ve seen anti-Trump conservatives
take up more and more space in political debates. You can see that trend really clearly in the
makeup of CNN’s panels, which now almost always feature anti-Trump conservatives. People like Iraq War architect Bill Kristol, who represented the far right in the Obama
years, You supported Sarah Palin. She’s not a big business, big corporation
type. But now plays the part of the middle ground. He’s a jackass. I’m just going to say it. The middle ground! No, no. You can find examples of middle-grounding
everywhere. After years of race baiting and toeing the
conservative line on Fox, Megan Kelly now has her own show on NBC. Bear with me, please. MSNBC, which normally leans left, has added two conservative hosts in Trump’s
first year, both who made names for themselves by being critical of Trump during the campaign. The New York Times hired conservative columnist
Bret Stephens, a guy who’s called anti-Semitism a “disease of the Arab mind” and who doubts the reality of climate change. When announcing their decision to hire Stephens, The New York Times explicitly cited his opposition to Trump during the campaign. The problem isn’t that these are conservative
voices. Because we’re comparing them to Trump trolls, they end up representing the middle or even the left of public debates. Your side, the left wing of America, lost
this election. The Overton Window has moved. The Overton Window. I regret making this joke already. The result is news coverage with dramatically lowered expectations, where success for Republicans doesn’t mean
governing well, it just means not being Trump. Trump delivers a normal-sounding speech and suddenly he’s presidential. I thought the tone was spot on. He owned that room. Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme
Court and Washington breathes a sigh of relief. The nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch remains an enormously significant win. The bar is so low that there’s no real room to have a serious policy debate about anything. It was nice to be sitting in that chamber
again. And going, “Oh, okay. Republicans like this. Democrats hate this.” It was almost normal last night. And you can see it especially in the coverage of the Republican tax reform bill. By any measure, the bill in the Senate was a disaster for
democracy. Republicans agreed to pass the bill before
it was even written. It was covered in sloppy handwritten amendments. They’re sending around their edits as we speak. Can you tell me what that word is? And it passed in the dead of night on a party-line
vote, including a $250 billion error. That should be a nightmare that haunts Republicans into the midterms. But the next morning, Trump was tweeting about
Michael Flynn. And what should have been a stain on the GOP was reframed as a big accomplishment that Trump’s tweeting was distracting from. Despite the big win, Russian election meddling shadows the Trump administration. What should be a celebratory weekend here
at the White House, instead all the attention is focused on Mike
Flynn. Stuff like the tax reform bill seems small
when Trump is making conspiracy theories and threatening
nuclear war. But at some point, Trump won’t be president
anymore. And when that happens, we’re going to have to reckon with a media
environment that’s been trained to view traditional conservatives
as a huge relief. As the new middle ground.

Maurice Vega

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  1. It’s colloquially referred to as “moving the goal posts” and it’s something that politicians do all of the time…take your party for example…the Mueller report revealed that there was essentially no conclusive evidence of collusion following a 2 year investigation, but Dems now want to “move the goal posts”…what is surprising about Vox is that they don’t see that liberals carry out the exact same tactics.

  2. This is pretty dead on. The same thing happened with Civil Rights, as time went on Blacks were given more and more rights leading up to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1968 Housing Rights Act. What was a Republican in the 1960's would be a super liberal in today's political environment. Hell, what was a racist in the 1960's is certainly way more racist in today's context.

  3. Hi so just wanted to say I love you Vox you are the best for your neutrality. Unlike other media

  4. They should "simply" switch to a proportional electoral system for elections to the congress, which distribute all the mandates on parties in proportion to the respective party's share of the votes.

    Pass a "form of government", as a constitution, which states that all public power is based on the people and that the congress is the people's foremost representative. In this way, the congress shall have the highest decision-making assembly in The U.S. The tasks of the congress are to decide on laws and on the state budget. The congress should also control how the government manages its work.

  5. 4:16 Vox labels Ben Shapiro as an anti-trump conservative. Sure, Ben has argued over several points with Trump, as most Americans do, but he has been greatly supportive of Trump and stated he will support him in the next election.

  6. I wasn't going to say anything because this man is a leftist and anything I say wouldn't mean a thing but look at our country right now and how it's being reported. Economy is booming, unemployment is at a all time low, the welfare recipients have been lowered and NAFTA has been renegotiated to bring back jobs to the U.S. Meanwhile you have MSM crying because the Mueller investigation proved no collusion. They are literally on the verge of tears. Now say this out loud. The president of the United states is not guilty of treason. Why would you cry about that? If you are upset about that you need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are the traitor.

  7. yeah and then you're the 14 year old girl and everybody's talking about you saying I'll be stuck fingers and everywhere and then you're supposed to be okay with it it makes you hate that news presenter blow their face off

  8. After all this Russia stuff turning out to be bogus and videos like this I think I'm going to vote for Trump in 2020. These attacks are crazy and im starting to see a trend here. What has happened to my Democrat party?

  9. So what are they trying us to buy into when they say there’s more than two genders? They went way to the extreme when they say that you’re whatever made up gender that you want to be.

  10. Know what's radical thinking is killing babies oh right let me re-frase that to be more politically correct… terminating parasites? I'm sorry you think your not radical too but it makes sense because the whole of media, Hollywood, ext is full of extreme ideas from the left. It's funny how you presented gay marriage as an extreme leftist thought. I mean taking away everyone's guns isn't crazy at all. How about just letting anyone into the country, disregarding any terrorist. Before talking about extreme, talk about your own bias.

  11. Ohhh. Very interesting. So, The New Green Deal is the ridiculously stupid, arrogantly ignorant socialist push to the extreme left so now any mildly stupid, greedy, somewhat socialist power grabs will be acceptable to people.

  12. Ah, smug dishonest character assassination. The host obviously lives in an echo chamber in which he hears nothing but the far left. When this was put on YouTube, Mueller hadn't yet finished his report, and all you smug Trump haters were absolutely positive Trump was guilty of … something, no matter what. Except that Mueller's team, none of them fans of Trump, concluded there was no collusion. A lot of folks ought to wake up to the Dem party's policies, like open borders and flooding this country with Islamic "Asylum seekers" that are in the long run, an existential threat to gay people and women. Every poll of Islamic immigrants in Western Countries years later has shown majority levels of support for "Sharia Law", that monstrous ideology that in some countries punish gay people with the death penalty (nuts !), and punishes women who have been raped with the death penalty (nuts !). Yet you've been so conditioned to vote as you've been told, that both of those groups voted for Hillary – who wanted to flood the US with those monsters who would kill people in both groups. If you think that claim is too extreme, look at what has been happening to Europe since they flooded their countries with Islamic Immigrants. What ever happened to the Democratic Party that used to believe in freedom of speech, human rights, women's rights and was willing to exist in a country where they didn't try to have mass tantrums, riots, and immediate attempts to impeach a president from the other party. The really scary part though is that Democrat leadership is now constantly trying not to win an election, but to change the laws and the population to lock invade permanent control of the Presidency and Congress. California is the prototype, it used to be roughly 50/50 Rs/Ds, but decades ago became essentially 100% D in state government and their representation in Washington. Those Dems who run California have ruined and bankrupt it. Folks ought to realize that Democracy depends on half the people being willing to lose every election. The minute one side refuses (by trying to impeach Trump before he even took office) to go along with legitimate election results, you've set the conditions for civil war. Folks, none of us should want the, but that may be where we are headed. Maybe everyone should at least consider what Trump proposes before attacking it. When most of the Left attacks every single thing Trump says, it tells you how unthinking and robotic the left is, not how bad Trump is. You are playing with fire, and you ought to think a bit more deeply before constently attacking the president constantly.

  13. What you leftists do not understand is that Trump's positions were considered Center Left Democrat up to about 10 years ago. All of your heroes, like Biden and Clinton, were saying the exact same things. Trump is a typical 80's NY Democrat and was friends with all of them.

    YOU are so nuts, YOU have been pulling the overton window to the far left.

  14. You know how I feel with the first three clips at the beginning of this video ? The feeling of being lied to ! Really CNN and MSNBC come on don’t use fake news

  15. Was actually outraged by all of the things you've mention about all of the things that Trump has done

  16. When President Trump commented about Charlottesville, he said there were people to blame on BOTH SIDES. He also said there were good people ON BOTH SIDES.

    You can't get anymore neutral than that.
    So stop pretending he only praised the White Nationalists.

    Vox's filter is CLEARLY BIASED.

  17. I don’t mind, what bothers me is extreme polarization that now has to be under this demented grandpa presiding over a government he does not understand.

  18. I hope the whole country of the US gets destroyed. To all the people in the us who call themselves "leftists", i want to ask you have you ever read Karl Marx or Engels because real communism is oriented a lot towards community not towards modern day feminism and body positive and all that dirty bullshit

  19. And now we have several left wing activists and thought leaders calling for violence on people who express an opinion they disagree with. Why? Because the left calls it "hate speech", despite it clearly not meeting the legal definition of hate speech. The left finds someone's opinions distasteful and repugnant, and instead of debating with logic and words or realizing that the marketplace of ideas requires exposure to many different opinions, they decide that they are the gatekeepers of acceptable words and conduct and will use violence to attempt to quell any ideas they disagree with.

    That is one of the purest axioms of authoritarianism, courtesy of left-wing activists in America. They get to decide what words are bad and either are totally against the concept of free speech, or fundamentally do not understand what it means. Someone is saying a non-approved phrase, so PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE. A slight overreaction in my opinion. Not only that, violence can never be condoned in political discourse; that's how genocides start.

    Plus, the left works off the faulty premise that naughty words and phrases are a form of violence. They believe that these words can ideas can lead to people becoming violent and radicalized. Well sure. Any idea can be taken to an extreme: for example, the left starting out as an ideology of equality and egalitarianism and is now about committing acts of violence against those it disagrees with. So yes, it can happen. But the way you combat that is with words, logic, and exposure. Show the lunacy of the words and the ideology: few agree that institutional racism is a viable social model. Talk about things openly in the marketplace of ideas. This is why we have free speech and why we don't kill those we disagree with: we should be more evolved now so as to not resort to caveman tendencies like hitting people we don't like.

    It's quite ironic, I think, that in their quest to eliminate all organized opposition to their ideology, they are resorting to the tactics used by communist dictators. Why does this ideology devolve into forcing people to agree? Because the strength of the ideas are too weak on their own to win over the entire population. It must be augmented with violence, and this is seen in every case where communism has been put into practice in our modern world. It is a faulty ideology.

    But keep up the calls for violence online. Why? Because the internet never forgets. In 20 years when this madness has ended and children are taught the value of free speech again, all of humanity will look back on these hate-filled lunatics who wanted to combat an opposing ideology with violence and will place them beside the other maniacs who wanted to change people's minds at the barrel of a gun.

    Sadly, though, it appears as though every generation needs to go through this realization. Everyone forgets the nobility and purity of free speech and the necessity of protecting the right to express oneself for those you fundamentally disagree with. The best ideas are the ones that float to the top. The hateful ideas are needed as a cautionary tale and to remind us of our past. The far left ideas are needed to remind us of the rights of the underclass. As long as no one is inciting violence against one group, then no one is committing the legal definition of hate speech.

    Right now, the only ones committing hate speech are the far left activists calling for white neo-nazis to be punched in the face. That meets the legal definition of a hate crime. But for some reason, the left are exempt from the rules. But as I say, history will not remember those activists kindly and it's great that they're using the internet to record their lunacy for all to see for all time.

  20. Modi should have used this Overton Window ,
    Make Ram Mandir on first year of his Term ,
    Then apply Uniform Civil Code , Article 370 and 35A Scrapped !
    Then people with get used with his pro Hindu decisions ..

  21. Does anyone else think that Millenials represent the opposite of peace through strength?
    Something like ensured annihilation through emasculation.

  22. Here's what's going on: You are watching a nation descend ever-deeper into insanity. SANITY is the answer. But that requires a solid foundation, and here is that foundation: SELFISHNESS is insanity, SELFLESSNESS is sanity. But you need good reason to believe that, which most people lack. Give me a "click" if you want to find good reason.

  23. The actual answer to the left/right issue: Neither is right. I can give you a nice picture. Obama’s presidency pushed the window (view point), in our country (which is the only place that matters in these discussions), extremely quickly and far to the left, conservatives lost a lot of ground on important issues. This importance in itself confirms that the ground lost was a lot. What’s happening is the conservative base is pushing against an agenda that’s already pushed political balance out the window. Politics are out. Ideology and beliefs are in. The right are trying to secure stability to their values at any cost. Trumps not the bad guy because some or most of the policy he puts on the table resonate with conservative values. The only thing I think that could push this out the window is if the media became more honest, the government became more honest, and the Left (as in far left) disappeared. The large majority of the right has what they believe, they don’t pay attention to the alt-right ideology. Fascism is Communism with a different face to the bigger lot of the right. We need to stop acting like one side is right. I believe the majority of the right is ready to do that, all they need is an accepting environment where discussion is present, not argument or debate, and good representation (people to take up their views). Shapiro is a good example. But, before any true bipartisanship can ever emerge, which is what I view should be the goal, we must understand that we do not see alike. We must drop far narratives, and work not on the premise of rights, agendas, or overly dramatic opinions, but the values in which we more commonly may agree on. We must solidify, or reestablish our common values. We must understand as a country, we change, and that we change as a country.

  24. Oh dear: you are making a political point: I find Trump more acceptable than any idea from the Left. You have to work harder.

  25. This video is ridiculous, you just showed to america how left they-wing they ended up.
    EDIT: Also it was normal before some years when the window was in the center of the political spectrum.

  26. Vox's arguments are always so intellectually light-weight. Charming background music, some irrelevant "scale," random short clips cut together with no context, and ZERO facts or evidence. Seriously, was there even ONE single fact in this video?

  27. You take your sources from CNN????? No wonder your view is skewed… the most detested News channel available to Americans and that's your source??/…as if Maddow is any better.. YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE SKEWED VIEW!! you mate need to get off the meds..

  28. Accused. Accused. Accused. If they have so many accusations why can't they nail him for a thing. Oh yeah right they are just accusations created by political rivals.

  29. Oh so when Democrats talk about abortion up until the baby is crowning it’s really just to normalize abortion in general… makes sense to me now

  30. For me, the Overton Window has not moved to the right; the Trump administration is just outside of the Overton Window.

  31. I wish vox wasn’t left leaning it would be such a good channel some of these things vox days are absurd I’m a centrist not a Republican but there is so many things wrong with some of the things they say

  32. Obama deported more people and he bombed more people but the media wasn't covering it or they were to busy praising him for other things.

  33. This model is used by mainstream media and Governments 24/7. Using Trump as an example is pretty lame. Look around, they all do it because they all live in lala land.

  34. In the west politicians have usually refused to answer a question or just not answer correctly but Trump has taken western politics to third world country politics level where you tell blatant lies.

  35. Listen Vox I'd have to tell you something.Trump isn't the Prime Minister USA doesn't have one.USA has a senate I meant when you make videos on what he says.Why don't you talk about first President who would succeed in making the North Korea not a threat.What if this Iranian brutal regime falls cause of his sanctions.P.S To be honest the US-Iran Deal was one sided just for Iran as Iran never used the money on its people which they got after the sanctions were lifted rather funding terrorism and backing Syrian and Iraqi corrupt Government,funding houtis in Yemen and Hizbullah in Lebonan.

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