How to Raise Money in a Political Campaign: Candidate Solicitation

Today I begin a series on various method candidates
can use to raise money. They include the following: 1. Candidate Solicitation
2. Surrogate Solicitation
3. Direct Mail
4. Website/Social Media/E-Mail
5. Cocktail Parties
6. Dinner Parties
7. Large and Celebrity Events In the coming weeks I’ll be doing a short
video on each of these, how they work, and whether they might work for you. Today a few words about the first one. Candidate Solicitation. Those are the people candidates personally
solicit, either in a phone call or a visit. Yes. If you are a candidates, you must be willing
to personally ask for money. If you can’t, you will find it very difficult
to fund your campaign or pay your bills. Who do candidates call to personally ask for
money? Family, relatives, friends, and those who
know and like them. People who would be insulted if they were
asked by someone other than the candidate. Large donors who won’t give unless they
are personally asked by the candidate. Some tips about making a personal solicitation. 1. Do not beat around the bush about what you
want. Get to the point. When you are done with the call or the visit,
your goal is to know what you are getting and when you will get it. If you don’t it means you did not close
the sale. 2. There must be urgency. You want the money when you ask for it, not
in a month or two. When someone makes a commitment over the phone,
offer to pick up the check. Or ask them to mail the check that day. 3. People who can give you a lot of money are
worth a visit. Those who are worth lesser amount should be
asked over the phone. Get used to the fact that not all you ask
will part with money. Some will say they can’t. Some will say no. If they say no to the amount you asked for,
ask them what they would be comfortable giving. If the answer is nothing, suck it up and move
on to the next name on your list. There are six other ways of asking for money
that I’ll cover in the coming weeks. And you’ll learn that a no today is not
necessarily a no forever. Soon I shall return with some words about
the other methods candidates use to raise money. Click that subscribe button on or just below
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Maurice Vega

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