How to Fix America's Corrupt Political System

so here's a crazy thing almost everyone I know agree is that the government of the United States the government of the most powerful nation on the face of the earth is completely broken and for most of us it's really obvious wide lobbyists write our laws politicians are bought and corruption is infecting every issue that's close to our hearts but what's even crazier is that we've all convinced ourselves that there's nothing we can do about it and that is one of the biggest and most dangerous lies in American politics the problem isn't that corrupt politicians are breaking the law the problem is that we don't even have laws for them to break right now corruption is legal in America and that is something we can fix here's exactly how we do it right now it's perfectly legal for special interests to hand huge checks to the members of Congress who regulate them it's perfectly legal for those same members of Congress to pass laws to help out lobbyists who offer them a cushy job when they leave office and that's just the tip of the iceberg for million-dollar bundlers to the threat of a super PAC smear campaign there are literally dozens of perfectly legal ways to buy a public official but that makes the solution pretty obvious make corruption illegal all of it and that is where the American anti-corruption Act comes in it introduces a strict set of ethical standards so if you're an elected official on say the Senate Banking Committee you can't take donations from banking lobbyists it mandates full transparency so the American people know exactly who's trying to buy our elected officials it changes how elections are funded so clean candidates can win without selling out to special interests and it does all of this while protecting the people's right to free speech that's because the act was written by top constitutional scholars conservative and liberal alike to stand up to the toughest scrutiny you can read the full text of the a cat anti-corruption act org and speaking of the Constitution let's talk about a little Supreme Court ruling called Citizens United here's the thing while a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united would help clamp down on those shady groups with names like Americans for freedom and jobs and more freedom it wouldn't fix any of the problems we talked about before you could pass that amendment tomorrow and the bribery the extortion the conflicts of interest all of it would still be legal but in a weird way that's actually good news because it means we can solve a huge part of this problem with a plain old law the question is how do we get it passed I mean asking Congress to do it is like asking a fox to put a lock on the henhouse the greasy dirty disgusting Fox and also the Fox is a congressman and not a fox at all look my point is we can go around Congress using a little something called the ballot initiative process it lets citizens pass laws ourselves no politicians required all we have to do is gather enough signatures but anti-corruption acts up to a simple public vote and we can start fixing the corrupt system right at home here's our plan in five steps first we'll need a law to pass one that you know actually fixes things okay anti-corruption Act check next we need to bring conservatives and progressives together and get organized it's the only way to build enough power to defeat the politically in trend and well-funded opposition we're in good shape there though because everyone already agrees we need to fix our corrupt system in fact local tea partiers and progressive activists actually teamed up to pass America's first anti-corruption act in 2014 and the movement has racked up even more victories since there are more than 22,000 cities in America where we can use the ballot initiative process to pass a locally tailored anti-corruption Acts and this really matters we're protecting our communities from corruption so our schools hospitals local resources and jobs are no under the constant threat of getting sold out special interests plus citywide initiatives and resolutions build momentum for the most powerful way we can go around Congress passing anti-corruption acts in States state acts not only clean up statewide corruption they change how elections are funded so clean candidates can win office without selling out to special interests that goes for federal candidates from that state to once we pass these state laws we can send a new wave of Representatives and Senators to Washington state by state we can film Congress with leaders who got elected under the rules of our new anti-corruption acts replacing entrenched politicians with new blood see how this works by taking the fight to the states we can fix Congress from the outside and when these new representatives get to Congress free from dependence on special interests they'll be free to vote for and pass the American anti-corruption act at the federal level to fix this problem for good so that's the plan and 500,000 represent US members couldn't agree more we're bringing conservatives and progressives together to pass anti-corruption acts across America and put power back in the hands of the people where it belongs we need millions more people to join and that includes you start by clicking here and we'll tell you exactly how you can help

Maurice Vega

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  1. I swear theyre going to try so hard to make this a partisan issue. Because once that happens this movement is dead. Don't let that happen.

  2. People plz wake up it the reptilian creatures who run the country. No law will stop them we must find the crystals in order to bring back our true human forms. And togther with heman we can make a difference

  3. No lets change. I hawe a dream. Its calld real life. Also includes better system and democrasy. Structure.

  4. What a lot of bs as soon as it looks like stopping corruption they find another way never will they stop it

  5. This won't budge. Because there is no way to better educate & condone practicality among the American people. As long as voters are polarized to cling onto their respective politics, politicians win because they condone the voters' superstitions. The American people is divided more than ever thanks to politics. Politicians always convince the voters' that they're smart WHILE THEY'RE DUMB. As long as an American refuses to acknowledge their ignorance, politics reign because it's based on beliefs, not objective measuring.

  6. There is only one way to liquidate a corrupt government and modernized America doesn’t have the stomach for it.
    Americans today, have long lost the resolve, for actions like this and tomorrow’s Americans, are already quite satisfied with being a bunch of brothelized socialism whores, too care.
    The Democratic and Republican parties, have both taken turns gang-banging the system into the diseased cancer that it has become.
    Both parties, have progressively sucked Liberty’s tits dry at America’s expense.

  7. I forget the state off-hand, but one state was so corrupt they passed a law to undo the anti-corruption referendum the people voted for then went to have a huge celebration with a group of lobbyists. I should really look it up again as it was really disgusting.

  8. We gotta do this . We need one hell of a nonpartisan anti-corruption movement. The longer we put it off the worse it gets.

  9. Gangster government that works for banks, corporations and the wealthy.
    Any time a corporation takes taxpayer assistance to succeed and then
    employs a foreign individual, it is betraying the taxpayers which helped
    them. NAFTA, The TPP, tax rules which allow corporations to defer their
    tax obligations for decades, all these betray and cheat the taxpayers
    who are forced to help corporations.
    The core problem, is the corrupt influence of banking, corporate and
    wealthy special interest money in government. Fascism. We do not have a
    democratic government. If we did, it would be carrying out the will of
    the majority. We have the opposite. The 1% control our government and
    our lives. To them, we are as cattle to be managed. Only useful for
    consuming, fighting wars and paying taxes.

  10. I suppose all this is possible, but it really underestimates the power of propaganda and the amount of resources our opponents have. It won't take much to destroy any sort of bipartisanship required to actually accomplish this, especially when our country is so divided.

  11. We still love you America, we're just worried. Show us you're not a bunch of corporate/corrupt garbage and we'll rally behind you again.
    – Sincerely, The world 🙂

  12. Politician will come up with all kind of reasons not to do this. But, I like the idea. Let's do it.

  13. Remember there is no report from mueller, have you seen it? No one but a few GOP crooks claim to have seen it, it is another trump lie, he is guilty.

  14. EVERYONE Please go to and sign the petition to have a constitutional amendment saying 1) corporations are NOT people and 2) money is NOT free speech. The video "Legalize Democracy" here on Youtube (30 min) does a good job of explaining why this is step ONE to solving ALL of the major issues confronting the average people struggling to get by and have their voices heard in a corrupt political system. Things look bad now, but we can FIX it all! Get behind the movement!

  15. This will sadly never happen. We live in a failed state and there is nowhere to go but downward. It’s over folks. The future we face (and the reality we are already facing) is one of corporate control, rigged elections, billionaire-controlled policy, high costs of living, no social safety net, low wages, poverty, and systemic corruption. It’s time we recognize that this little American experiment has failed—destroying the planet in the process.

  16. How’s that going for you RepresentUs? We can talk all day, but it’s clear things aren’t changing. It’s getting worse. And worse. And worse.

  17. Love the plan but it not gonna get the entrenched power players out, it wont stop them from fighting it with their billionaire friends, AND it wont stop the lobby because lobbyist are going by a different monicker so they laws wouldn’t affect them. -I completely support this but we are forgetting some of the other problems that need answers NOW not in a few years. Starving kids cant wait two election cycles, or even one. People need reflief.

  18. The last people who tried to stop corruption has zero support from the voters , John Kennedy , Robert Kennedy ..and you think the politicians are going to obey you , your a fool …get your guns ready .

  19. The democratics just made a bill and the republicans shot it down . We know who’s more corrupt 🤔

  20. Question: How would politicians collect enough money to reach a large majority of people? Without lobbyists, wouldn't the advantage be on exposure?

  21. America is a capitalist state, not a completely democratic state. There is a question of what lobby groups are considered corrupt vs interest groups that are good, also giving the public the complete power to pass laws won't uphold the separation of church and state, where say a huge religious voter base can pass Anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, and other harmful laws. RepresentUs has its own agenda, and it isn't revealing enough of its end game.

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