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Maurice Vega

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  2. Kumbia!! I find this article childish, very immature. And to add to the BS, you throw in some religious crap. As human beings, we need to move on. We can NEVER come together with Trump supporters. NEVER. These people are sociopaths. I would like to read the article you are referring to and see what the context was. But considering that this was from a Trump supporter, It only reinforces what I said. I have absolutely zero desire to somehow come together with these sociopaths. I have NEVER met a Republican that wasn't corrupt. Degrees, yes. But corrupt, absolutely. Pay attention to what they do & say!! EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. And the more sociopathic they are, along with education, the more dangerous they are.

  3. trump lost the election and was appointed. No one wins an election with fewer votes. America does not have elections, the oligarchs appoint whoever they want. Gore won FL both EC and popular.

  4. The simple solution is to get rid of every aspect of RONALD REAGAN AND HIS LEGACY. Reagan destroyed the nation with his vitriol and extremist right wing ideology. Not one thing the guy did helped the nation or its citizens. That's where all of this is coming from, and the nation turned against its own values.

  5. Trump can't bring everyone together as his Campaign is based on separation. He is an embarrassment to our REPUBLIC.
    I work abroad for most of the year and TRUMP'S administration is a total embarrassment

  6. The good thing about Trump’s reign is that he will prevent a like-minded politician from gaining the presidency again for at least the next fifty years. You’d think we’d have learned from McCarthy’s reign of terror, but after two generations, the lessons are lost.

  7. Yes, I hate my neighbor. Literally my next door neighbor. When I knew he didn’t like Obama, I tried to just accept it. After all, he had a wright to his opinion, but this is different. Anyone who, in my opinion, could support such an evil person & overlook all the horrible things he is doing, must be evil too. I have even lost my best friend of 40 years. So be it. I must have not seen the cruel, hateful side of her. My bad. Trump has changed lives alright.He has definitely changed mine

  8. getting rid of trump would be a fantastic first step to heal our country the next best step would be is to get mental help for his brainwashed cult followers then there's fox flake twisted news i would shut that down and put those infotainers in jail :: (INFOrmation enterTAINER) A somewhat disparaging term for a journalist who delivers information in a stimulating fashion by lying and twisting the facts in order to keep the audience interested. Celebrity news anchors are infotainers when they add their personal opinions and political conviction to the information.

  9. Telling people to turn off the television only breeds ignorance on what’s going on in the world. We have to keep our eye on what is going on or a lot of crap will happen that we wont be prepared for. Knowledge is power. Turning off the news and not talking about it doesn’t make it go away; it only makes us unprepared and ignorant. Just like the news about China and the possibility of missiles coming our way needs to be watched very very carefully.

  10. How can people come together when there are no accepted agreed rules or facts. If it is true that the Russians want Americans divided, there is no consensus to find out what to do about this. As long as Putin remains at the helms in Russia and has enablers in Washington, it is difficult to see a way out. Those who think there can not be a civil war in the US are being very smug indeed. 2020 will tell us a lot.

  11. political impasse?
    it all began in 1980 with the "Reagan conservative revolution" and newt gingrich's 10 point manifesto, "the war against America".

    the fix?
    Hitler called it the final solution.
    there is only one, final solution to Americas infestation with conservatives.

    then, after a generation of liberal enlightenment, no one will remember, or care about their passing.

  12. Thank you Joe, I am so happy you did not become a Democrat. Once again I do not need a bunch of out of touch Republicans telling me how I should or should not vote.

  13. I am christian……I read the bible…. I love jesus…..I follow 10 commands….I know the 4 gospel…and for all the above….

    I hate muslims, hispanic, blacks….and anyother non-white race….

    jesus….did not tell us to love mexicans, blacks….etc….he said "love your neighbor"….but….he did not specified….whom my neighbor was….so…..I choose to define my neighbor as WHITE….

    besides….all the RELIGIOUS PORTRAITSand MAGAZINES…. portrait jesus as WHITE…. or has anyone seen a MEXICAN, BLACK looking jesus….


    I am not christian…I actually believe that RELIGION is POISSON TO THE SOUL / MIND……I just can not understand why is it that NON-WHITE races EMBRACE christianity…..when this is a WELL DEFINED / DOCUMENTED WHITE MEN RELIGION….

    YES!!!!!!…..white christians HATE and are RACIST…..for that is what christianity is….a HATEFUL RELIGION TOWARDS NON-WHITE…..or towards those that DISAGREE WITH THEM…


  14. how can one ignore and set aside racism, horrible treatment of immigrates the taking food, housing, and medicine away from the needy, the destruction of relations with foreign countries, destroying our environment? There's to much at stake, the guys wearing the white hats just can't throw their hats in the corner and act like all is well.

  15. Perhaps since I'm not a Christian I misunderstand how the zombie cannibalism cult works but aren't Christians supposed to read the bible? The New Testament at least? Isn't Matthew 2:13 – 23 in the Bible Christians read?

  16. you left out the most important word of that one sentence "…HIS politics so potent & dangerous.." now we have to deal with these putin/trump devotees in the senate. there is no way they are acting on any americans behalf & they need to be removed from this last phase of the impeachment trial. & those dems who turned away from us americans need to get back with us. this traitor needs to be removed!!!

  17. Beautiful words and a great sentiment I wish we all followed.

    But, as a country we have this tendency, even with good intent and kindness of heart, to tiptoe around or just avoid altogether, the real and hard issue of how racism plays a huge part in this bitter divide. Avoiding it won't make it go away. Particularlly with the ever growing awareness of our changing demographics, and having not only someone in office, but a party itself, that uses racial animus as a motivator in riling up it's base of support is a huge problem.

    Just as importantly simply avoiding the media to "get away" from this divide is in theory possible but not entirely realistic, because it's pretty much anywhere you go. Peoples front lawns, on bumper stickers, on multiple televisions in local bars, and eateries, billboards, on hats and t-shirts, and overheard in general conversations wherever you may be. But I do support the sentiment.

  18. You are not going to fix TRIBALISM in America. This is a result of centuries of white supremacy that has used various systems to keep people fighting at each other.

  19. Evangelism is just egoism dressed up to look sacred! If you are a good person, you will stop being an Evangelist! World of yuck.

  20. In trumps term he has incited and encouraged racism, hatred and sexism, along with decrying the sick, elderly and disabled!

  21. Joe and Mika and their "panel", (Sharpton?, Deutsch?? it's staggering!!) can always say they did their utmost to keep the American people distracted and indoctrinated, to have stoked the fires of speculation and guesswork, and to have presented an orchestrated litany of bias and dishonesty.
    I suspect that the entire culture of the USA is built on a foundation of lies and fantasy which makes Joe and Mika, like Hannity and Ingraham, like Trump and Pence; just products of a greedy and dishonest culture.

  22. When this quote showed up today, Marianne Williamson immediately came to mind: "Being a leader does not mean dominating the situation. It means empowering people to do what they would not have imagined possible" – Sudhguru, spiritual teacher. If quality of platform and strength of vision were the priorities…vision is basically non-existent in this race…Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang would be the front-runners.

  23. I love that a news agency is saying this. I took on this mindset when I realized I was worrying more about Washington DC than my school assignments. I decided to ignore anything that didn't immediately effect me until I could actually do something about it (VOTE!). I have been so much happier since I made that choice 2 months ago. Now when I watch the news it is very easy to realize that these politicians and the religious "leaders" who are backing Trump despite him appearing to be the devil, all have nothing to do with my reality and everyday life. No matter what they do, I will survive. As long as I don't get sucked into their narrative, I will survive happily. There is nothing to be gained by Tweeting or ranting on Facebook. Please, anyone who isn't happy right now Trump supporters included, just forget about all of these characters, both sides. If you don't know them personally or interact with them daily, they should not be controlling your life and decisions. Please, just think about it.

  24. This anti-white hate video and all these comments calling for the death of whites are very good examples why there never will be any reconciliation nor even a middle ground. The only way forward is for you on the Left to understand it was the glorious white male who built this country and the only way we can make this country great again is to return to the glorious white male patriarchy. Diversity, open borders, political correctness, suffrage, feminism, socialism, Democrats, etc have all proven a dismal failure. It is time you on the Left finally understand this.

  25. 10:00 "Christianity doesn't exist anymore." – so true. They have permanently tainted their religion by giving Trump so many passes. They will never have any moral credibility again unless there is a second coming…

  26. THANK YOU for talking about Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, the Biblical chapter of Matthew, feeding the poor, etc in the light it was intended & how it relates to the Christmas season and hypocrisy of politics nowadays. Christians who believe in the core messages of Jesus need to speak out against the atrocities that are being supported by supposed Christians and continue to do for others what we know in our hearts is right, despite how our moral and political landscape changes around us.

  27. Still clueless like he was when a public servant. Hey if you want people to do this perhaps less creepy fascination with a long ago known crook and maybe a few minutes of covering what is most Important in life and should be in this country. Apparently children do not matter to Joe. Like they don't to millions of enabling americans.

  28. Whatever..we know who is keeping WICKEDNESS and racism going for centuries..we been complaining about these secret devils and their ways..for a long time. you should be telling that to the source..its bigger than the neighbors.just be honest.those at the top have drawn the line.they have no intention in sharing with the undesirable citizens of this world they created..the only solution that i can see is the unseen..(Yahweh)
    If anybody has a better solution please let us know..🐑🐑🐑

  29. Joe is so out of touch. Religion is in bed with Trump. Period. They don’t care about Jesus. It’s all the scam to bring fascist theocracy to the US. Fight that or accept loss of women’s rights, immigrant rights, basically the rights of anyone who doesn’t believe the South won!

  30. The majority of American Christians are not conservative -They're the ones voting in the cities and suburbs and rural counties against Pres. Trump's extremism.

  31. Finally YOU GOT IT
    THIS IS TULSI 100%

    OuR Collective Consciousnesses JUST KICKED IN
    And Trump is Helping Us, by attacking Himself on XMAS Day with his Satan Claws At tweeting out gifts to his flock

    To Love Thy Neighbors, was Clearly NOT ON HIS MIND

    The Positive Message is,
    We can No Longer Risk being At WAR Anywhere, Especially Here At HOME.

    ALOHA & Thank You MSNBC For Addressing the Issue of

    Everybody was talking about what’s Happening and the Collective Consciousnesses KICKED IN… at Xmas Dinners – and everyone agrees, that We Don’t Need Trump or a Demo god to Rule Over Us Anymore⁉️

    So don’t be surprised when Tulsi wins 2 out of 3 Primaries…
    As The People are Fed Up With the Lies And Abuses Against the Human Race ….

    And Every Body Knows Now, That Tulsi is the only ONE who is
    PRESENT W/Hope & Aloha To Unite America For our Futures…

  32. There seems to be a lot of fear around. The right and left seem to be afraid that the other side has monsters hidden in cupboards………. that the world is going end if these monsters are allowed out.

  33. When you have a two party adversarial political system, their development into hostile tribalism is just a natural progression. This easily happens when you have someone like Trump, Hitler, Lenin, Mao, and all the dictators present throughout the ages who are able to create the division through some perceived threat and that the other side is unfair to them.

  34. There seem to be a dramatic uptick of juicy red greasy lips
    on the faces of some women appearing on televison, and for some, lips should be
    the last on their faces they would want to call that extra attention to…

  35. That speak sounds good, I'm all for people coming together. But ' what about hate , if you can't do anything about theses people that hold hate in their hearts against others, then how can you bring us together ?

  36. To quote U2,” in order to fight the Monster, I’ve become a Monster”. Something to avoid I think – that approach didn’t help 🇮🇪!

  37. It seems Morning Joe doesn’t know Christianity is a “Flavian” (3 subsequent Roman emperors called Flavian, starting late in the 1st century AD, long after the supposed Messiah was gone, so nobody could verify anything anymore) invention, to silence the most vigilant Jews, and make sure all “turned the other cheek” = accept Roman reign, shut up and pay taxes to Rome ‘“Give To Caesar…”) … ? This in turn led to unforeseen results culminating in the 4th century AD, and grew even bigger in the centuries after that, while the initial scam/conspiracy was long forgotten… Look it up.

  38. Don’t worry ,Barr and Durham are opening Pandora’s box on crooked democrats crimes and the world will find out the truth ! The Obama administration has committed the biggest act of treason in America’s history ! The punishment for treason is now death Thanks to Trump ! Arrests are already happening and it’s epic !

  39. Once your politicians have sold out to big donors, then national companies and then international companies, the next step is to sell out to other governments.
    The transformation is complete, they are traitors to your country.

  40. The American tragedy, mix self sufficient mountain men with hillbillies and you get cowardly traitorous Trump asskissers.

  41. The Republicans are economic and social terrorists, their dogma of small or no government means that they want to dismantle the USA. Since Reagan, their trickle-down dogma has stolen income and wealth from the middle class and started America's slide to 2nd rate status.

  42. Its because these "Christians" are Republicans first, and Christians second. Reb hate of "snowflakes" supersedes Christian love.

  43. Biden isn’t the one who can reunite the US. Trump was elected because people wanted change; if Dems want to oust him they need a inspiring candidate to get a massive turnout of progressive voters as happened in 2018

  44. Trump really really wants to testify before the Impeachment Hearings but he can't because his Doctor has diagnosed Brain Spurs… So sad

  45. Question: Who thinks or believes that madman won the 2016 election? When there is evidence that Russia manipulated people with propaganda; along with Cambridge analytics stirring the pot; along with the help of Facebook looking the other way Helping to set the stage for that election? When 3 million people helped Clinton LEGITIMATELY win the popular vote by 3 million? Stop drinking the koolaid. Hint: its poison

  46. Not all of them, but some of those who support Twitler are the types who would have crucified JC. I mean, he was a socialist wasn't he?

  47. WRONG,! Trump and his evil gang want you to give him a break over Christmas. Don’t take your foot off his jugular. Keep attacking him until he is no longer breathing.

  48. Yeah we wanna hear this good message of humanity & respect but some people are cemented just like MOSCOW MITCH in SELFISH HATE where people like him control the cult that they helped to nurture.

    GOD BLESS Jill Biden. Lord knows her heart. We need to brace ourselves because his advisor is him. Get ready it's just beginning.

  49. The ONLY thing that keeps USA where it is the Support of Christianity. A FAKE Christianity for filling in W-HIT-E skin pockets will destroy the Big DEVIL in American Administration. WE SAY NO to Financially SLAVERY.

  50. Joe needs a Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell type setting where he can just talk as much as he wants. It's like he has that now but needs others to just sit around him.

  51. it's not politics, it's the republican party. The way that republican legislators and their supporters have conducted themselves, the lies and violence, the threats and corruption, these things will not be forgotten by history or the American voter. We are witnessing the death kneal of a dying breed. The republican party will be left in the racist, mysoginistic, homophobic, vile past they represent and America will continue on as the beacon of tolerance and light it has benn viewed as before this calamity of vice and deciet that is the current resident of the white house stole the office with russias help.

  52. Reagan bring people together! You have got to be joking! He was all for the elites, he destroyed the unions. I despise the man.

  53. Nothing good comes from a nation built on slavery and genocide of innocent people. One day white so called people will figure this basic fact out.

  54. Boggles the mind, that everyone on this panel attends church every Sunday, for what? Soon as they leave church, instant amnesia sets in. They leave as the same greedy, heartless and utterly dishonest people that entered church. Hence, the con of Religion is it gives an impression of a moral flock. Peddles mythology of being loyal to the teachings of the Nazarene. But, reality is it's a political crank to them, they are just more judgemental, and no more moral than a feature rock in a pond.. Just boggles the mind.

  55. This is way bigger than trump. Go to a basketball game don't listen to that. Love thy neighbor okay but your jumping ahead love God first then the rest will come together. Fake news is when they tell you listen to mans advice when God is already telling us th ed answer. Don live for this world is one also.




  59. Morning Joe still pushing republican light doesn't help, we have to change the way we look at our place in this world and the status quo is not going to cut it. There are good people everywhere on this planet it's time to stop going out of our way to harm others and start working to come up with solutions or we are done for the American way or the highway is no longer an answer.

  60. So Trump has not yet been impeached. Democrats have merely voted on it but Impeachment is not Impeachment until it is passed to the Senate. What a con job Pelosi and Schiff have pulled.

  61. according to WP, by journalist Erik Wampie…MSNBC tolerated Rachel to initiate the spread of Steel Dossier against Trump…

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