how to become the leader of your social group(law 1)

when you're building power for yourself you must always look at the macro as well as the micro level of your situation if building power of yourself was a wall the micro level would be the smallest scale tactics news in a battle and the macro would be the grand war strategy both are important the 48 laws of power will be addressing the smaller scale tactics involved we first start with the first law never outshine the master always make those above you feel comfortably superior in your desire to please or impress them do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite inspire fear and insecurity make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power so you're in a new group or social environment it is very important that you quickly determine the leader of the group you befriend the leader you befriend the group went over the bossiest go in the group of girls and you win over the group we know the most dominant alpha in a group of guys and you win over the group if you fail and the leader turns against you please better to move on it is better to thrive than to be tolerated when you people enter in a social group the group will get defensive as to not shake up their already well-established hierarchy of power be prepared to be tasted if you're more of an alpha than the current leader do not outshine him or disrespect him we will raid East again to the east lands and into Russia every year we go to the same place but there is an alternative there my ships I pay for them and they go where I tell them to go now that's the end of the matter if you have feigned or disrespect the need in any way you will mobilize his troops and instructive attack you I can't be sure but I believe it I don't care what you believe and you insulted me out there and not for the first term but believe me it will be the last job the leader and find ways we can benefit him having the leader on your side will enable you to quickly rise into the higher ranks of the group the leaders words and opinion carries a lot of weight keep this in mind in any hierarchy with it be in your school or work environment use your energy to win over the people in positions of power rather than to attack them this can be a teacher manager or boss do not outshine people who in whatever situation possess a stronger position than you do swallow your ego your history of leadership or being an alpha doesn't mean anything in a new social environment the classic example would be the classroom situation the teacher will have an ego if you constantly correct the teacher or call them out on the credibility of their knowledge they will turn against you for undermining their leadership do not outshine the master do not correct them it will win you no love or gratitude in fact it is one of the fastest ways to alienate yourself if the teacher picks on you and bullies you for no reason you must learn the offensive sow seeds of discontent among the students through whatever method you can play dirty if you want when you are one of many that hates the teacher you can start to attack their authority and the other students will gladly follow your example most is truly whoever holds the most sway with the crowd a king without a norm is defenseless the crowd should always be your shield when the teacher senses your popularity with the students she will think twice of picking on you if you wish to dethrone a leader a group you must plant seeds of discontent among the followers each one of you can take one thing from the one yes and used to be richer than you were before why did you give everything away so easily I was looking for an excuse to kill us believe me this is not the end must increasingly make the group more dependent on you rather than the main leader you make the main leader irrelevant by slowly taking over his position while at the same time appearing to be his asset and subordinate let us go there and find out what do you have to lose then you plunder we take will be yours to do with as you please I could go there myself yes you could my lord but why put yourself in danger when I leave it to someone who has more experience of this journey and someone who is more expendable very well for example if the group likes to party in the weekends and the leader usually gives them enough to the party offer that you can also help and let some of the group members slowly make the followers more used to you taking on leadership positions while at the same time sowing discontent at the original leader the leader serves the group and is chosen by the ability to serve a confident and loud leader will be chosen in a school environment with a group likes confidence and decisiveness a strong combat experienced guy will be chosen as a leader in a dangerous environment with their skills comes their power that is why you must learn skills and find ways to serve the group to achieve the power of leadership find out why the leader has been chosen and find ways to make yourself a better leader but be careful not to alarm the leader to see as a threat but rather as an ally you must be self-aware of your own abilities if you are trying to master too much you must learn how to downplay Oh concealer if you cannot hide your great abilities give the credit to the leader saying it was because of their help or guidance if we do not do this the leader will become insecure and see you as a threat so how do you recognize this law and when should you apply this to your own life whenever you send someone has a big ego and holds power over you in any way it is best to use this law you must also be aware that this law can be used against you and you should know when someone is trying to flatter and manipulate you the more charming the more dangerous their flattery and submissive behavior is a Trojan horse be aware of their actions and patterns that reveal hostility we're all players in a game your player or your piece on the board you move or you're moved you play the game or the game plays you he can't not play the game so play to win [Applause]

Maurice Vega

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  1. the video clips are from "vikings", i have added my recommended books in the description 🙂

  2. i know what i’m supposed to do, i have the criteria on which i’m supposed to focus my actions, but every time i am presented with a problem and an opportunity to use these tactics, i draw a blank

  3. I was a Senior Associate for a public accounting firm. We were entertaining our clients after a busy tax season. We were at a nice restaurant and I was getting on well with a director (our main client contact). He asked me to choose the wine and we had a lot of laughs. I totally upstaged our Partner. Thinking I was doing a favor. I was canned roughly six months later for a string of bullshit reasons not related to my performance. He wanted me gone. I sure could’ve used this book back in 2012.

  4. Honestly, you can’t teach a follower to be a leader. I’ve never read a self help book in my life but I naturally become leader of every group I’m in. My current group of mates are a bunch of geeks who read the 48 Laws of Power, Art of Seduction, Sun Tzu etc. And I naturally dominate them all.

  5. I think the easiest thing for most guys to do is just to learn how to entertain and add value to the leader. Like this after some time you will get what you want far more than beings leader; hot girls sexual attention. If a befriend the leader, he will have no problem sharing the hottest girls with me, especially if I seem to be able to promise it's just a ONS.

  6. you forgot to mention there will be a conflict between you and the leader
    or the leader will turn down his role and understand you are the new leader
    or most likely he will see that you are trying to take over the leader position and will challenge you or become a villain towards you, he'll try to kick you out and it'll split the group into 2

  7. Having real power has nothing to do with such little ploys and feigned modesty propelling you to the top as this video would have you believe. In fact if anyone happens to achieve a power position due to following this advice, it will positively put his or her self in danger.  If you want to gain power, have something substantial to offer in exchange for the support you get, otherwise your leadership position is difficult if not impossible to hold.

  8. This was definitely insightful, and I can easily apply this to my own life. Not too long ago, there was a "master", massive ego etc. Very good with people and words. I made the mistake of challenging him again and again (because I was too proud to consider myself beneath him), but as I had nothing to back it up, it all backfired. At the time, I had no idea where I was going wrong, but watching this video was an eye opener to me. This mistake won't happen again.

  9. I always fight with the people in positions of power (teachers etc) because i cant tolerate injustice

  10. So much exhausting manipulation and mind games…i would rather be on my ow with my dogs, they are better company than most ppl anyway! lol

  11. That's what the progressive Democrats are trying to do with Trump. He wrote the book and understands all this though.

  12. Heyyyyy!!! Please complete this series man! Its been exactly 6 months and you haven't posted a video on Law 8! Please man complete the series. These are some of the most useful videos I'e even watched. Please please please complete the series!

  13. it's a shame: can't understand because of your accent is so unfriendly – and no english titles also shame…
    this is why i gave you thumb down

  14. and whatever you do never, NEVER re-evaluate the profound misery driving your joyless intention to dominate

  15. I used the rules in my social group…and it worked…now i have a guy that when i go into school he lets me copy his homework… 😎

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