How the US Government Kept a Town of 75,000 Secret

this video was made possible by hover by your unique domain for 10% off at /h ai Oak Ridge Tennessee is a small American town just like any other they've got a Walmart a Dollar General and Aldi a thermonuclear weapons development site and to McDonald's and yet from 1942 to 1945 Oak Ridge which was at the time the fifth largest town in Tennessee did not exist and this isn't like how Canada doesn't exist Oak Ridge actually did exist but nobody knew about it in October 1942 the 1000 or so residents of the area came home to find notes on their doors telling them they had six weeks to get out the government had acquired their land through eminent domain I'm sure that was a bummer but too bad there was a war going on wait are we allowed to make World War two jokes yet I'm not sure but I do Nia stop stalling so in Oak Ridge Tennessee after all the fences and buildings went up in a matter of months the recruited workers were told next to nothing all they knew was that their work would end the war spoiler alert it did because they were building the atomic bomb in what was known as the Manhattan Project the name supposedly originated from the fact that the sites were quite similar to New York they used the same amount of electricity due to all the machinery there was toxic they had to overpay the residents convinced him to live in bad conditions and the people all thought they were more important than they were the bad guys in World War 2 were not great so it was pretty important that the US didn't accidentally leak information to access spies therefore the entire 75,000 person town of Oak Ridge Tennessee was 100% confidential not even the vice president knew it existed when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima that was the first time that all but a select few individuals even knew such a bomb existed it was pretty you know bombshell news the way the government kept this enormous operation confidential was just as ingenious as the technology they were building Oakridge did not exist on any map houses were built outside the town and brought in to be placed so as few construction workers as possible would enter every single piece of mail going in and out was searched and read through not only to make sure that there were no details of the work going on within the but also to be sure that nobody was including codes that communicated details there were signs like this all around the town reminding people that what they were doing was secret but in the government's mind with 75,000 people it was inevitable that a few spies would get in for that reason almost everyone had no clue what they were doing but not in the way that I have no clue what I'm doing making comedic youtube videos the workers literally did not know what they were building according to one estimate only a few dozen people knew that the atomic bomb existed before the bombing of Hiroshima even though hundreds of thousands of people at Oakridge and other manhattan project sites built it the workers learned about what they were building from the newspaper at the day after the bomb dropped each and every individual would have a single task and the only people who knew how it related to other tasks were the few highest rank scientists one individual for example was tasked with watching a dial turning a valve when it reached 100 and that was it he had no idea why he was doing that the individual tasks were tiny and mundane it was like working at McDonald's except that McDonald's what you make kills Americans to another individual working in the laundry was told to hold up a machine to each article of clothing and listen for a clicking sound little did she know she was checking for radiation using a Geiger counter security officers roamed all around Oak Ridge and monitored for anything suspicious groups of more than seven and having the same person over repeatedly was considered suspicious so residents avoided that since they knew that if the security officers were suspicious in the slightest even if it was unproven they would get kicked out for good if a leak was proven the resident would either be jailed for 10 years or find the equivalent of $100,000 over all the bad guys in this war were really bad so Americans were really into the idea of winning so even those that had a good idea of what was going on in Oakridge kept silent out of a sense of patriotism not wanting to let out information that could help the enemy throughout this all however Oak Ridge had stores and restaurants and even sports teams Oak Ridge looked like a regular American town just one that built the most deadly weapon that has ever existed if you work at the US government secret chemtrail Factory in Garden City Kansas you should start a blog about it but a blog isn't worth much unless you have a great domain nowadays you don't want some boring domain like chemtrail blog com you want something unique like chemtrails in Garden City or Kansas chemtrails us hover has truly fantastic customer 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  1. It threw me off that your letter animation seemed to show the envelope opening from the front, but when the letter came out it was coming from behind the envelope

  2. A SMALL town of 75,000?! That's almost as big as a city! I live in an area between 1 town and a village and my area has a pop of 7,000. The town has a pop of 18,000 and the village has a pop of 4,000.

  3. As an ex Canadian there is no Canada the country simply does not exist and if one tries to come here you'll be met by nothing but desert or Arctic

  4. @1:15 re: The Manhattan Project- the reasons behind the naming of the project have never really been substantiated… As far as apocryphal explanations go, I prefer the one where two phyisist were discussing the bomb in '41, and one of them quipped that a nuclear bomb core the size of an apple would be able to flatten Manhattan. (I don't know if the 'Big Apple' moniker was applied to NYC by then, though

  5. And yet despite all of the precautions, the Soviets were able to steal enough secrets through spies that they only took 4 more years to develop nukes.

  6. Americans worse than Soviets Americans just killed inocent Japanese people with the worst death they can ever imagined.

  7. I thought the Manhattan project was named that because the office was located on the 18th floor of 270 Broadway in New York.

  8. Thank you so much for doing your homework and only giving FACTS about my hometown awesome job

  9. I live in oak ridge and trust me the city now isn’t anything special….but we do glow in the dark lmao

  10. Now that it has been almost a year. I think I’m safe to spill the tea. Canada is real. God I hope I don’t get caught.

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