How the Las Vegas Gunman Planned a Massacre, in 7 Days of Video | NYT – Visual Investigations

The surveillance footage is
remarkable in its banality. It shows Stephen Paddock,
the Las Vegas gunman, in the days before
his mass shooting. He cuts a lonesome figure as he moves through
the Mandalay Bay hotel — playing video poker
for hours in the casino; buying snacks at a newsstand; watching a LeBron James
interview in a restaurant; and at times, chatting
with hotel staff. But this picture of an ordinary gambler disguises a far more sinister intent. Through this previously
unseen footage, we’ll show how Paddock
methodically planned his attack, and how, over seven days,
hotel staff unwittingly helped him to move bag after bag
of weapons to his room. The videos, obtained exclusively
by The New York Times from MGM Resorts, begin
on Monday, Sept. 25. At the V.I.P. counter,
he checks into a suite on the 32nd floor, and
books an adjoining room, which he will check into
four days later. He doesn’t immediately
bring in suitcases. Instead, he spends
two hours in the hotel, going to his room and eating at a sushi
restaurant downstairs. Just before 5 p.m., he drives his
Chrysler Pacifica minivan to the valet area,
where a bellman loads the luggage cart
with five suitcases. Paddock asks to stay
with his luggage, so the bellman brings him
through the service elevators to his room — something
hotel management says is not unusual. Paddock spends the next
four hours in his room, and at 9:40 that night,
he leaves the hotel, bringing two suitcases with him. He drives one hour to
Mesquite, where he lived. Cellphone records show
that he stays the night and spends most
of Tuesday here. Around 8 p.m., Paddock
returns to Las Vegas, but he stops at the Ogden, a downtown
condominium complex. This is interesting
for a few reasons. Paddock was also renting rooms
here for the entire week. He checked in the
previous Friday, when a music event called
the Life Is Beautiful festival was being held in
the surrounding streets. Internet records recovered
by the police show that he searched for
that festival’s lineup and its expected attendance. This was similar to his research
of the Mandalay and the Route 91 Harvest Festival,
which he would later attack. So, the Ogden and
the Life is Beautiful festival could have been used for planning,
or may even have been a target. Later Tuesday night, Paddock
returns to the Mandalay and a different bellman
helps him to move seven more suitcases
to his suite. Again, he uses the
service elevator. He tips the bellman,
who had no way of knowing these cases were packed
with guns and ammunition. He gambles for eight hours
until morning. Paddock was a regular
at the Mandalay, and several casino
hosts knew him. The videos show
their interactions as being completely normal
and in no way alarming. Remember, in two days, Paddock has brought
12 cases upstairs. He spends most of
Wednesday in his room, and that evening repeats
a similar pattern. He leaves the Mandalay,
again carrying two suitcases. He stops at the Ogden and
drives home to Mesquite. On Thursday, he buys a
.308 bolt-action rifle from a gun store and
visits a nearby gun range before driving back
to the Mandalay. That night, he again
uses the valet service and a bellman to carry
a white container and three suitcases
to his room. His arsenal of weapons
is growing. Again, he gambles
through the night. It’s now Friday,
and at 8 p.m., the Route 91 Harvest
Festival will open in the fairgrounds
across from the Mandalay. Paddock stays in his room
until around 3 p.m. and uses his laptop
while the suite is cleaned. He checks into the
adjoining room, 134, using the name of his
girlfriend, Marilou Danley. He also tells cleaning staff to leave behind
the food-service cart. Two days later,
Paddock would use this, and one other service cart,
to create a surveillance ring during his attack. Overnight, he makes a
brief trip to Mesquite. Arriving back at the
Mandalay at 6 a.m. with two more suitcases. Soon after noon on
Saturday, he places do not disturb signs
on both room doors. He declines housekeeping. He takes an elevator
to the valet area and sits, waiting for his car. He carries two more
bags to his room. He gambles some more, and that night he makes
a final trip to Mesquite, returning to the Mandalay
at 3 a.m. on Sunday morning. He gambles
through the night in the high-limits
slots area, and returns to
his room at 7:37 a.m. It’s 12:16 p.m. when
we see Paddock going back to the
parking garage. The guests exiting the
elevator have no idea that in 10 hours, this
unremarkable figure would commit the
worst mass shooting in modern
American history. He returns from his car,
bringing two suitcases and a smaller bag inside. Since Monday, he has
brought at least 21 cases, two smaller bags, a laptop bag
and a container to his room. This is the last time
we see Paddock, arriving at the 32nd floor. Through the day,
he opens, closes and locks both rooms repeatedly. At thirty-six minutes after 9,
he locks the deadbolt to room 135
for the last time. Four minutes later,
Jason Aldean, who’s headlining
the Route 91 festival, begins his act. Paddock then turns the
deadbolt to room 134. At 10:05, his shooting
rampage begins. In under 10 minutes,
he would kill 58 people and injure over 700,
before taking his own life. He had amassed
23 guns and thousands of rounds
of ammunition. Almost six months
since the attack, Paddock’s motive
remains unknown.

Maurice Vega

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  1. In October, we pieced together 30 videos to understand how the Las Vegas Massacre unfolded:

  2. I would say one the most watched places on cctv on earth and not one person noticed a thing. Not one digital fingerprint. Something doesnt seem right.

  3. I get tired of some people saying u can just walk in and buy a gun and walk out that quick no u have to do a lot before u can get that gun

  4. The deadliest mass shooting occurred on 29 December, 1890 at Wounded Knee. The US Army, you see, wanted to enforce gun control on the Lakota Indians. Approximately 290 Lakota were killed by the US Army.

    By far, governments have always committed the most murders.

  5. No white supremacy here! But they linked White supremacy to the El Paso shooter who was part Iranian! The work of the Communists!

  6. This MKULTRA wasn’t alone, there was an active shooter in the crowd & another in a different hotel. This was a hit out on Trump supporters by the Demonrats.

  7. if he was black carrying all those bags, the whole story would be changed, the hotel workers would be more curious and involved after that they show up on the news presented as heroes, but since he was white there is no need to bother him. 👎👎👎

  8. 3 women found in his room and no mention of it by the media, ISIS took credit for the shooting, and reports of multiple shooters from several eyewitnesses. Not to mention all the witnesses that mysteriously died right after the shooting. Nothing to see here.

  9. Heres a little story. My dad measures customers houses for flooring for a living and one day this lady came in the shop and talked to my dad and asked to schedule an appointment for a measure but said she wouldn't be home for it and she'd leave a key under the mat…she said her husband was shot in the Las Vegas shooting and died in her arms and she just couldn't bare to see the house they'd lived in…she was redoing the flooring to sell it. When my dad got to the house it was completely thrashed…in a fit of rage and sadness she had broken everything and tipped over in the home…my dad told his boss this and they ended up doing the job for free for her…and in a little bit of a happy ending she decided to not sell the house and continued living in it because her young kids wanted to stay.

  10. I have been going to this hotel all my life, staff is amazing. It’s sad to see it have this man haunt it forever. Sickening

  11. Casinos and motels don't have a see through bag scanner control? dumb suicidal people.. they are so weak that hate the problems and public… this is why I like leaders and be a leader.

  12. Ok, you think he plans on shooting all these guns???? or ……. OPTICS…. Why all these trips the 2 rooms and the second set of rooms other hotel???? I want to see surveillance from that other hotel him coming in and out… toll booth cams if any… I want to trace the origin of those guns, are they legal??? where do serial numbers lead??? what about ammunition ??? where was this all purchased ??? would 2 or 3 guns with according rounds of ammo been good? why were shell casing on top of pooled blood ???? where he lay dead ??? how did the shooter shoot down the hall at guard if door was locked???? did the deadbolts ever do anything else after shooting stop immediately ? why did security guard almost immediately go to mexico for a bit out of the press??? how much GSR was on body? did we analyze the cyclic rate of fire??? why reports of multiple shooters????? why cell phone confiscation and wiping?????? why were those guys in Tropicana and what was timestamp in conjunction with shooting ??

  13. There's no way you can know in advance that this stuff is going to happen. You'd have to surveil every single person in the casino, that's too hard to track. Plus it was a never before seen incident. The only thing that seems to stand out is how lonely this guy is. Gambling all alone for hours on end.

  14. His motives were posted on his social media days before the shooting. FB, Google, Twitter all deleted his accounts once they saw his motives. The FBI, ATF and other security agencies also deleted all evidence of his motives. Prior to the deletion of his accounts! He stated many times that he was a Bernie supporter and chose the Harvest Festival venue due to the fact that many Trump supporters would be in attendance. His social media has even shown support for ANTIFA, his stance against Israel and his support for HAMAS. His Youtube search history shows that he searched for hotel like attacks. Mostly from Islamic terrorist groups. He used these videos as training tools.

  15. What happened to the Hysterical Latina Women saying everyone would die 40 mins before the shooting? There was video and eye witnesses on the News I saw it the day of the shooting and News articles and broadcasts now all that has been removed and no news talking about it, no follow up no investigation no info???

  16. 1) Why did MGM main witness and Security Guard Jesus Campos immediately leave the US within 24 hrs after the largest mass shooting in US history for Mexico Secretly only to show up 2 weeks later to give his rehearsed account of what happened publicly on the Ellen Show (Owned by MGM) instead of talking to news reporters? Why was Jesus Campos allowed to leave and not asked to stay as authorities were still piecing together what happened and kept changing timeline of events unlike other shootings 2) What happened to the Hysterical Latina Women saying everyone would die 40 mins before the shooting? There was video and eye witnesses on the News I saw it the day of the shooting and News articles and broadcasts now all that has been removed and no news talking about it, no follow up no investigation no info???

  17. He only needed ONE suitcase to carry an AR15 and some mags/drums. each mag holds 30 rounds, and drums hold 50-100 rounds. 1000 rounds of 556 wouldn't even fill a carry-on. he may have brought a backup rifle in another bag. but he didn't need 20 bags to do what he allegedly did. things are not adding up here.

  18. For those who belive in god; is this a world something like god would ever create???!!? there's no god existing…


  20. It’s crazy how you could be playing the slots next to some crazy mass shooter. You could have walked next to one in your lifetime and you wouldn’t have even known🤷🏽‍♂️. Crazy world we live in 😐.

  21. Government target this old vet just because he had lots of guns he lived over here in SunCity Mesquite NV I built a house next to his house it was crazy scary cause what the cops were doing but . When all that happen i was heading to Vegas and God the streets were flooded with cops ambulances everywhere lots of people going to the hospital smh it was a sad day ….

  22. He brought 21 bags or luggage and it didn’t cross anyone’s mind that why does this guy bringing so many bags ? What is he carrying in them ? Doesn’t security check the cameras or footage, so then what are the cameras for in a building ?? What are the purpose for cameras ?????

  23. so who were his friends chasing people up the street shooting ? there were shots from all angles , i watched it live , all the live clips went over night and some people that shared their story died , you didn't mention that, why's that?

  24. it’s sickening to see any jokes in these comments because 58 people’s lives will never return and yet people try to be funny and get likes on their comments smh

  25. The title of the video should be "how the Democratic left wing power mongers hatched a plan to carry out a mass shooting in order to strengthen their odds at completing their agenda to control the country and eventually the world".

  26. They gotta get stricker gun law's and stop being racist. Because if it was me making ALL those trips back and forth with all those bags, I would have had security and police officers waiting to ask questions about my movements #SadCountry

  27. I'm going to have to blame the video games for this and the movies. We need to get rid of them let's just keep the guns. And the world will be a better place

  28. Wow he must’ve had a good amount of money 💰 is he like a CEO of a business or something? I do accounting in private practice and I would never spend that much money at Las Vegas unless I know for sure it’s “just money and I’ll get more anyways”.

  29. We should have multiple videos about the victims and how their families and friends feel, not how this monster just hung out for 7 days before he brutally murdered many people.

  30. Is motive remain unknown? R u kidding me? Its revenge like it always is. And you think you are just victims in all this but you are not. You want to crush them thinking that it make you stronger creating more criminals in the process since hate only bring more hate and you want me to believe that you are nothing but victims in all this. There will be serials massacres as long as you wish for it. You think you can condemned people even when history as proved that you are always wrong to abuse of the abused. Its been more than ten thousands years that your are wrong and you still think that guilt is a human feeling. Most of you really did understood nothing. It doesn't mean that he was right to return your hate to the senders. He was just as low as you all are. The problem of those people is that they are hurt and they think that in your hate for man kind you are the only responsible for their anger. They suffer in hate because they wrongly choose to follow most of you as an example. They don't understand that this world is wrong and you ave to think differently to be free of is hate. You ave to live out of the system otherwise, you will get hurt by the stupidity of those who call themselves the law in their inferiority complex. The truth is that most of you are weak. You understand strength upside down. You think doing an eye for an eye make you strong when it only make you more blind, hurting those who are weak as most of you are in the process. What goes around come around. Its blood you wanted, its blood you got. Its simple.

  31. Everyone knows that it’s only suspicious when black, brown and yellow people are around and then the white man does the shooting

  32. My mom came to Vegas like 5 days after the shooting and stayed at the Mandalay Bay for a Tableau Conference. Imagine if the conference was earlier……..

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