How relatives and Mexico’s government are responding to the massacre of a Mormon family

Maurice Vega

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  1. Just want to say that this is an horrific tragedy for these families. However, I don't think that we should forget about all the other Mexican citizens who face this type of violence on a daily basis. This crime was not more tragic just because it happened to white families. Hello, Republicans! Still wondering why we have people at our border when the Mexican government has to release drug cartel criminals just to make their murdering terrorism less severe?

  2. These politicians do know that these people FORCE people to work for them right? they don't just shower them with puppies and kittens give them a good pay day and let them go on their way. How is offering them jobs going to help?

  3. The officials are going to say what they always do, the cartels practically own the Mexican government. If the U.S is waiting for them to do something to significantly reduce the violence it's not going to happen. Even if Mexico's president was against the cartels and willing to act on his own behalf a lot of officials are paid by the cartels to do nothing. Members of the police forces, the military, the DEA, a lot of individuals are paid by these guys to do whatever they want.

    Another thing, a lot of people that join the cartels do so against their own will. Cartels kidnap children and men and force them to work in their drug fields or train them to transport drugs and use deadly force if they have to. Not everyone joins these savages just because they'll get paid a lot to compensate for the nature in their roles.

    In many cases people protect the cartels because they feel they give them more than their own government, so these guys have support from people living in communities, the authorities, and the government itself. That's why it's organized crime, they have a lot of eyes everywhere.

  4. Cartels doing the bidding of deep state. This was no mistake. One would think Mitt Romney would be outraged, but methinks he is no more a Mormon than he is a Republican. He looks more like a Jesuit.🎯

  5. The US needs to stop all and any aid to Mexico and totally seal the border..Have a travel ban to Mexico as it is NOT safe for US citizens to even go there..Let the Mexico government deal with out our help financially…Trump offered to help..go in and take care of the cartels..Mexico wont allow it..then stop any and all financial aid to Mexico! Either play by our rules and clean up your nasty, drug cartel ruling country or lose any assistance from us!

  6. I think that the government of the United States killed these women and children, to convince the public opinion of invading Mexico, something similar to what happened to the twin towers, the United States government is not interested in the lives of its citizens , Trump is only worried about getting oil and gas that may be in other countries

  7. What is not being said is that members of this “cult” escaped to Mexico to avoid being charged in the U.S with various crimes including child abuse and bigamy. While in Mexico they were involved in the TRAFFICKING of drugs and young women. In fact they are linked to NXIVM sex cult. The route they were traveling in was a known drug smuggling route. They took the children to avoid suspicion while transporting with their supplies. Something went wrong and they were executed but they were NOT randomly killed. Cartels target rivals or those who cheat them not random people for no reason. This information is already out there but is not being reported because the “victim” narrative gets more publicity and also distracts from the fact that the weapons used were smuggled from the U.S. In fact it is the U.S who are arming the cartels and fueling the drug wars just like they did in South America in order to destabilize the economy and the country. It’s a just a matter of time before the real story gets out.

  8. Send in The Apaches and marines exterminate the cartels and Mexico’s corruption. And seal the border. No more of this nonsense.

  9. What a dumbass. The president of Mexico needs to have a direct war against the cartel and the only reason why he won’t is fear of losing the war and if that’s the case he’s a total failure for allowing his army to become weaker than gangs. Pathetic

  10. Mexico is a shithole. When Mexican police are hot on their trail, baby killers and rapists border jump to the United States. So yes, illegal aliens have murderers and rapists among them. Our beloved President Trump- right again.

  11. When asked if the Mexican president would wage war on his own family and second income the president responded "No".

  12. If drugs were distributed at low cost in America, there would be no drug cartels in Mexico.
    Ending the war on drugs would have the paradoxical effect of ending the wars FOR drugs. More happy people – fewer dead ones.


  14. USA 🔫 makers send 🔫 down to cartels on Mexico.
    Mexican cartels over power the authority and send drugs up to the US.
    Weak gun laws can go a long way

  15. I'm sorry for the children rip ..but the adults are stupid for putting this children through this knowing the dangers of Mexico and the past things that has happened to this family members …the adults of this mormons group are at fault for this ..

  16. 11 November 2019 Monday PM : The Southern border is, and has been for DECADES after DECADES extremely porous with MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of Mexicans AND their Southern neighbors. Where do you think all these people from Countries south of MEXICO picked up the ideas that they now too can enter these United States easily illegally? From MEXICANS!!! Also, they keep enabling their hardcore dealers while continuing pushing the drugs, now for decade after decade after decade ……… “Here my pretty have these nice decorated (drugged) Cup Cakes made especially just for you and your children, our neighbors to the North, who we say stole everything from West of the Rio Grande to the Hawaiian Islands, all the way North including CANADA to the North Pole, and part of East RUSSIA.” Served with a BIG innocent happy smile. Remember these United States with the Army lead by Ulysses S. Grant marched South to the Halls of Montezuma in Mexico City, could have wiped out the remaining Mexican Military and then annexed their entire Country. But noooo, we play nice, unlike many many others. It’s time to close the Southern border, build a wall to the South along MEXICO and build a wall to the North along CANADA. There’s no, none, zero accountability of these undocumented, illegal and over staying Visa immigrants. Time is now. Repeat the Government shut down, this time no paid “vacation” time off, the millions upon millions of illegals have caused too many problems, send in the troops, en masse.

  17. If I were president I would be looking at this intensity and if the county of Mexico or a gang member was found responsible I would order an association of them responsible

  18. The government of Mexico has been corrupted by the cartels, the government is no longer in control of the countryside and will do nothing. In the near future I would expect that the federal government of Mexico will be a puppet state totally controlled by he cartels.

  19. People just don't tell the truth the grandpa killed people and a little boy this been going for a long time this family had problems over land and water

  20. Nine whiteys got killed, so what? The US has committed genocide everywhere it's invaded. Don't like it in return, correct?

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