How Prince William Sparked Prince Harry Feud With This Meghan Markle Dig

How Prince William Sparked Prince Harry Feud With This Meghan Markle Dig. Another day, another drama at Buckingham Palace. Royal commentator, Angela Mollard, has claimed to know what is behind Prince Harry’s feud with his brother Prince William. Surprise, surprise it centres on Meghan Markle. Speaking on New Idea’s ROYALS podcast, Ms Mollard claimed: “I have a theory on what’s happened there and I don’t think William is at fault. “So I think it’s pretty obvious what happened, William who spent a long time deciding that he was going to marry Kate because he knew how important it is to this institution and to his concept of duty. “Which possibly he upholds as the second most dutiful member of the Royal Family on paper, after the Queen I think. he wants a clean copy book to go into the role that he will eventually inherit. “But I think what’s really interesting is probably what he did say to Harry was something along the lines of ‘are you sure?’ “Which is a reasonable thing to say when you’ve met someone, you’ve fallen in love, she’s American, there’s lots of issues, there’s lots of pressures on them, she doesn’t have the ballast of a close-knit family in the UK. “It was not unreasonable for William to say to Harry, ‘have you thought about this?’, ‘should we wait longer?’, whatever he said, we know he said something we just don’t know what it was. “Clearly what’s happened is Harry, in the same way that he is quite reactive with the press and quite reactive in certain situations, was probably very reactive to William. “Doubtless went home, said to Meghan ‘you won’t believe what William said to me’. Instead of seeing it as a well meaning and caring enquiry, they’ve both obviously got their backs up and now there’s this friction between them.” Rumours were rife of a rift between the brothers for months with Harry somewhat confirming it with his comment on the ITV documentary that they were on “different paths” and have “good days” and “bad days”. Meghan Markle drops hint about rift between Princes Harry and William. She’s sending a clear message. Meghan Markle has sent a clear message about the rumours of a rift between her husband Prince Harry and her brother-in-law Prince William. The Duchess of Sussex shared a touching collage on the Sussex Royals Instagram account as part of her birthday message for the Duke of Sussex this week. The collage was filled with photos of his Royal Highness as a child, visiting schools, his time in the army, with his mother Princess Diana and several other memories. However, the one particular picture in the set left celebrity psychologist Jo Hemmings surprised. The third image in the collage – which is of Prince Harry and Prince William in 2000 on the 100th birthday celebrations of the Queen Mother – is the only photo that includes the Duke of Cambridge. Hemmings believes Meghan – who shares son Archie with Harry – used the photo to make a “curated message” that is “loud and clear.” “It doesn’t paint William in the best light because there are loads of pictures of them being very brotherly together and that isn’t one of them,” the psychologist told Express. “Harry looks very solemn. It looks like he’s perhaps being teased by his older brother and not liking it much. He’s staring straight ahead, obviously irritated by William,” she added. Hemmings claims the image was an “odd” choice considering the “millions of photos to choose from where they look like they’ve got that solid camaraderie.” “It might reflect their relationship now, but it certainly didn’t reflect their relationship then,” she added. Comparatively, the Kensington Royal Instagram account – which belongs to Prince William and Kate Middleton – used a photo of Prince William and Prince Harry sharing a laugh in their birthday post for the Duke. “Wishing a very happy birthday to The Duke of Sussex today!” the Instagram post read. Penny Junor, a royal author, wrote in The Daily Mail that Harry and William’s relationship has “clearly soured”. “How desperately sad it is to see these two families, the Cambridges and the Sussexes, pitted against one another,” she said. “Even allowing for some media hype, there is clearly something awry with the once ‘Fab Four.’

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  1. megan needs to grow up and smell the coffee or go to africa by her self the usa dont want her here and the uk wants to evict her js

    SHOWING. Jealousy of HARRY

    Royal firstborns may get all the
    glory , but second-
    enjoy more freedom.

    Diana came TO UNDERSTAND HER
    THAT IT IS .




  4. Cheating a#@ William can't even control his own penis. How in the hell can he tell Harry anything. He should have kept his mouth off of Harry's woman!*

  5. He doesnt lovemegs,it is just her manipulative, and very good and being a witch,her her lack of class,just comes through

  6. William has common sense, Harry is a kook. End of story. Thank God William and Kate will take over after Charles. Harry seems to have taken after the guy who abdicated, Edward. I think given all of incessant whining along with his wife, they need to pack their bags and move on.

  7. Mm is crazy sluttish woman with absolutely no thought to join the royal family herbides is to cas in and become famous and the dim witted Harry already envious of William was an easy mark for mm

  8. I think Harry has always been jealous of his older brother. Harry is short tempered, you can tell he’s been babied all his life.

  9. I don’t think you can tell anything by speculation. It just does everyone a disservice. But I do think, based on their actions, that Meghan and Harry are truly devoted to helping others and to shining a light on important causes. And they are loved for this. Everything else is behind closed doors and quite frankly none of our business.

  10. 😂😂😂 And who’s to blame for the rift between the brothers??? You see all the shit your causing MM and standing in the background playing innocent, all part of the plan!!!

  11. Mm e manipuladora. E harry troppo Inmaturo. Non è invidia racismo etc. Aiutateli che vadano i. Terapia per avere u. Amore sano

  12. Harry is always been the more outgoing and rebellious one. It's a shame he's not as close to William and Kate anymore. every time you saw them together they were always laughing and joking and having a good time. He loved his niece and nephew. What's a shame that Harry married someone that could come between that closeness. with seeing her constantly holding on to Harry and touching him I don't think Megan would have right any attention from Harry to be taken away from her. A less self-centered woman might have encouraged the continued closeness the brothers. We've already seen that Meghan needs to be the center of attention to the point of continuously seeking the limelight. Remember when they went on stage as the Fab four? she managed to put the spotlight on her talking about women's empowerment when this charity had already been set up before she even came into the picture. And yet Meghan made it all about her. I guess this is what Samantha meant when she said pushy.

  13. Yes a charity that I had already been going on that they brought her into as The Fab four she managed to take over and put the limelight on her and women empowerment. That wasn't even what the charity was about even though it might have been in the future. How does a new person come in and make it all about herself instead of learning what the charity is all about. we saw that after this was when they each went their own way. I think William and Kate wanted to keep the focus on the charity instead of on themselves.She turn the panel into things that she's done herself.

  14. If William did tell Harry he was rushing it, I think is was perfectly reasonable of William to be concerned. Catherine and William’s marriage was very inclusive of Harry and the 3 of them always looked happy and like they were having fun. When he got engaged to Meghan, all of that ended. Now, it does not take a psychiatrist to ascertain that Meghan is the change in the relationship and it has been a negative change instead of a positive one.

  15. She is not even close to her family in the USA or a Canada!!! She is ashamed of them!! All she has in the USA are acquaintances, she is far from being a star. When William said that, it’s because he cared that’s all, but she must have dwelled on it and brainwashed him. If William would be doing something strange, wouldn’t Harry say “are you sure? “ to William?? He is so immature, and he lets her influence him on everything.

  16. Life changes when you get married and start a family. William should accept that. He tought it would always be the 3 of them. At one point he was not sure that Kate was the one for him. They split.. Harry dates a few girls. He was sure he made the right choice whit Meghan.

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