How Much Money Presidents Make Around The World

It’s not easy being the leader of a country,
a fact that becomes evident when you look at before and after photos from when they
first sat in the big seat and when their status as leader came to an end. They seem to age a lot. You’d think they’d be paid handsomely
for this post, but that’s not always the case. Let’s go ahead and have a look at the wages
of presidents around the world. We should say before we start, that some countries
have a monarchy and they have a prime minister, while some countries have both a prime minister
and a president and other just a president. Today we’ll focus on the heads of government
and not kings or queens or presidents you haven’t heard of. In some nations the president holds the highest
position, yet it is the prime minister that is more hands-on so might be the leader you
have heard of. We’ll also choose 30 people for you, from
the ones who are paid very little to the ones who get the big bucks. We cannot cover the whole world obviously. The International Monetary Fund will provide
a lot of the data, although some information we found was quite outdated so we’ll try
and give you the latest numbers we can find. 30. Jorge Lopes Bom Jesus
This guy is the 17th and current Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe. If you’ve never even heard of this island
nation, it lies off the coast of Africa. It’s reported that his yearly earnings are
in the region of $2,100. He studied in France and has a wife and five
kids, so we might wonder how he gets by on such a paltry wage. He is said to be very well-educated and comes
from a humble background. 29. Askar Mamin
This is the prime minister of Kazakhstan and it’s said he earns $2,630 a year. One of his main mandates as leader is to try
and improve wages in the country, so let’s hope he ends up getting paid a bit more. We also found a source that told us his net
worth had increased $500,000 in the last year. 28. Abiy Ahmed
This man is the PM of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. It’s said he earn about $3,600 a year. We found another source that said he earned
slightly more, which equated to him earning just $15 a day. Another source that was based in Africa wrote,
“On a salary of just $300 [they mean a month], Abiy Ahmed’s Mission as Prime Minister in
Ethiopia is not to amass wealth but to overhaul the economic model of his country. This is the type of leadership ideology Africa
needs, don’t you agree?” In an interview the leader said, “I am not
getting rich, but I am not corrupted. I have a modest office.” 27. Maia Sandu
Welcome the prime minister of Moldova. According to the World Monetary Fund she earns
$6,433 a year. She’s been fighting to raise wages in the
country for some time now. 26. Nguyễn Xuân Phúc
This prime minister of Vietnam is said to have a wage packet of $8,000 a year. The Vietnamese media reported in 2017 that
he got himself a wage rise of one percent, but then so did all civil servants. We found another source that said he earned
almost $10,000, which is about $36 a day. 25. KP Sharma Oli
This Prime Minister of Nepal is said to earn around $10,000 a year. The Marxist leader has a bit more cash, though,
as he and his wife own a fair bit of land. 24. Andrej Babiš
This one is quite remarkable and the Czech PM is said to earn in the region of $10,000
a year. The thing is, though, he’s a billionaire
so he doesn’t exactly need the money. In fact, in 2019 there were protests against
him in the streets, with his critics accusing him of corruption and intimidation. 23. Li Keqiang
This guy can be called the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of
China but you can call him PM and it won’t hurt his feelings. It’s said he earns just $13,269, which isn’t
much when you consider the wealth in China. 22. Ali Asadov
This PM of Azerbaijan we are told earns $17,000 a year. He’s only just come to power and we can’t
really tell you that much about him. 21. Sheikh Hasina
This Prime Minister of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has had this
position for a long time and it’s said she earns about $17,000 a year too. That’s what the IMF says, but we found another
source that said she gets about five bucks a day only. She has stood up against corruption and been
accused of corruption herself. We found yet another source that also had
her on just over five bucks a day, so maybe she doesn’t get that 17,000 a year. 20. Christophe Joseph Marie Dabiré
This guy is the Prime Minister of Burkina Faso and it’s reported he earns $17,700
a year. Now we will look at the middle earners in
the world of leaders. 19. Hun Sen
The PM of Cambodia is said to earn around $30,000 a year. He’s played down his wealth before, but
some experts think his net worth for his family is perhaps as much as one billion dollars. Still, a few years ago he said, “Besides
my salary I don’t have any other income. But I think my children will support me, they
won’t let me starve.” His critics say he’s an outright liar and
corrupt as well, but that wouldn’t be unusual in today’s politics. Let’s just say his family have their fingers
in a lot of pies. 18. Prayut Chan-o-cha
Welcome to Thailand and the PM who took over after a military coup. This guy’s right hand men have recently
been in the news, one for being caught and imprisoned for trafficking large amounts of
heroin when he was younger and another for having an array of fabulously expensive watches
that only millionaires could afford. These military guys seem to have stacks of
cash, but the PM is said to earn less than $50,000 a year. He’s said to be worth millions of dollars,
but like his rich and powerful buddies, he claims he can justify his wealth. 17. Mateusz Morawiecki
This is the Polish PM and it’s said he earns $57,772 a year. This millionaire ex-banker was called by Foreign “a Technocrat Banker and a Far-Right Populist at the Same Time.” Yet another rich man in power, so we guess
there is a thread. 16. Viorica Dăncilă
The Romanian PM we are told is paid about $60,000 a year. We found a source that said she is worth $12
million, but we can’t say if that is true or where that wealth comes from. Her husband might earn a good wage as he works
in oil. 15. Tuilaepa Aiono Sailele Malielegaoi
This guy is the PM of Samoa and it’s said he earns around $78,000 a year. His net worth, though, is huge at around $600
million. Some sources say it is even higher. 14. Pedro Sánchez
The PM of Spain gets about $97,000 a year. He comes from an upper-middle class family,
is very well educated, but according to recent reports he doesn’t know much about ham. 13. Mia Mottley
The PM of Barbados is said to earn around $100,000 a year. She also came from a well-off family and got
herself a good education at the best schools. She is the first female PM of the country. 12. Giuseppe Conte
The Italian PM came from a humble background and didn’t seem to receive a silver spoon. However, he was gifted and so achieved lots
in school. This eventually led to him studying abroad,
with a stint at Yale, too. His wage is said to be about $130,000 a year. 11. Saad Hariri
This is the PM of Lebanon and he is said to make in the region of $140,000 a year. It seems he has some cash, as the New York
Times alleged he paid $16 million to a South African model he had a relationship with. Where did he get that kind of cash? Family money is the answer, and there is a
lot of it due to all kinds of big business including telecommunications and banking. His father was also powerful and for a time
PM, but he got assassinated. Ok, now to the really big earners. We mean in terms of wages, not like this guy
who likely doesn’t even need his PM wage. 10. Uhuru Kenyatta
This is the President of Kenya and he earns something like $190,000 a year. He’s the son of the man called the founding
father of Kenya, so politics runs in the blood. Business also runs in his blood and like many
others on this list his fingers are in a lot of pies. We can’t find his updated net worth, but
some years ago he was worth half a billion dollars. His wage is even higher if we include packages,
but that’s likely similar for many people we have mentioned today. 9. Mark Rutte
The PM of the Netherlands is said to get about $197,000 a year. Apparently he isn’t as powerful as other
PMs of the world due to how the Dutch do things over there. He comes from some money it seems, with his
father working as a trader around Asia. Still, on this list it seems his net worth
is meagre. 8. Boris Johnson
The new UK PM Boris Johnson is certainly a controversial figure, disliked by some for
his sometimes crude remarks and loved by others as the guy to put Britain first again. He has had an equally controversial career
as a journalist, and in his youth could be said to have been one of those posh Old Boys
who have funny haircuts and strange accents. He certainly comes from cash, but is said
to be paid $215,980 a year. Fox News in 2019 told us his net worth was
about £1.6 million, which is about two million dollars. 7. Stefan Löfven
Unlike Mr. Johnson this man had a tough start to life. He was orphaned when young and grew up with
a working class family. He later spent some time training as a welder
at the Unemployment Career Training center. He then became a welder and later supported
the trade as a unionist. That’s how he got into politics. He now gets paid around $240,000 a year. 6. Leo Varadkar
This guy gets about the same as the former leader. His father is of Indian descent, went to Ireland
and became a doctor. There he met his wife, a nurse. Varadkar is only the fourth openly gay head
of government in the modern age. His salary according to the IMF is $237,000
a year. 5. Katrín Jakobsdóttir
According to the IMF this PM gets about $240,000 a year. She’s been a lecturer and also worked in
media. Then she became the second female PM of Iceland. 4. Justin Trudeau
The PM of Canada we are told earns about $260,000 a year. It’s said money was given to him from his
father which in turn came from his grandfather. He is certainly a millionaire, and has earned
quite a bit of money from his side business. In 2019 it’s said he is worth $13 million. Others have put the figure closer to 10 million. 3. Jacinda Ardern
This woman was born to a cop and a catering assistant but got into politics really early
and just climbed up the ladder. The New Zealand PM is said to earn a whopping
$325,000 a year. While she makes the big bucks she didn’t
come from cash and so doesn’t have the big bank account. 2. Donald Trump
Maybe the most controversial man on the planet right now is the American president, Donald
Trump. How much he has earned or lost is constantly
speculated over. We know the White House wage is $400,000,
but all added up it’s closer to $550,000. When he came to office he said he wouldn’t
take even one dollar of that. He doesn’t need to, with an estimated net
worth of $3.1 billion according to Forbes in 2019. We should say that the Swiss leader and German
leader get paid a bit more, but as you know, we haven’t included everyone on this list. 1. Lee Hsien Loong
The same goes for the Hong Kong leader, Chief Executive Carrie Lam. She is a top earner, but she doesn’t get
as much as Singapore’s PM, Lee Hsien Loong, who earns a base salary of $1,610,000. Some news reports state that with all the
extras added on it’s more like $2.5 million, which is some wage for a leader. He also said he didn’t need that much and
asked for a decrease. Does he need it? Not really, he’s a successful businessman
from a rich and powerful family and he has a net worth of at least $50 million. What do you think of this list? If you come from one of these countries, tell
us in the comments what you think about your leader. Also, be sure to check out our other episode
What If World Leader Punches Another World Leader? Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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  1. Singapore’s PM didn’t ask for a salary decrease. In fact, his party has often complained that ministers aren’t paid enough.

  2. Adjusted for inflation today, presidents of the Philippines from 1935-1972 were paid around $282k annually. Between 1973 and 1985 the salary dropped to $84k annually. In 1986, the salary dropped even further to $36k annually and having dropped continuously (also because of the horrid financial situation the country was in after FM and his wife pocketed $24bn – in 1978 alone!)

    ..until 2010 when the salary was increased to $200k annually to keep up with the times.

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    Edit: the 1.6million base salary was before the decrease a few years back, it used to be 2.2 million.

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  14. Saad Hariri, the PM of Lebanon, stepped down not too long ago due to ongoing anti-government protests in the country. His familys wealth is estimated to be in the billions mostly from real estate and financial investments in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.

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