How Is McDonald’s Different In Japan?

– So good. They just need to send
me these sauces bottled. On a Wednesday night in Tokyo, we went to a McDonald’s
near the iconic intersection of Shibuya Crossing. We came here to see how
different the experience of being in a Japanese McDonald’s is, as well as to try unique menu items that you can only get in this country. What will they be like? McDonald’s was first
opened in Japan in 1971. There are now nearly 3,000
locations in the country. Let’s start with the queue. There’s a menu to look at before you get to the main counter. As this branch is in one
of the most touristy areas of the city, there are
English translations, but I’m a bit surprised at
how limited the options are. I counted 13 burger options,
but there’s only a few sides. There are two different
teriyaki burgers on the menu: a standard, and a Chicken Filet-O. It’s quite a wet-feeling burger. It’s like I’ve just dipped it in gravy. But, oh God, the teriyaki
taste on that is incredible. Got a little bit of mayo
in there, some lettuce, there’s obviously the beef patty, and then teriyaki sauce. They put a nice lot of mayo in there, and I really appreciate that, because normally when
you get mayo in a burger, they just put a little tiny squirt in. There are four different
types of McFloat on the menu, which is a Fanta soda topped with a swirl of vanilla soft serve. Well, it’s kind of like Emerald City “Wizard of Oz” green going on here, which is normally not a color that I would really want to drink. I’m not really getting much melon, but I’d say it’s more like bubble gum. If you really, like, if you
want to drink green bubble gum, then get the melon float
from McDonald’s in Japan. There’s also a cheap value
menu, of just 100 to 150 yen, for which you can get Hot Apple Pie and Shaka Shaka Chicken. This is a piece of fried
chicken you put salt onto and then shake in a bag. It’s crispy. Actually, the chicken’s, like,
fried really, really well. It’s not cheesy. It’s not cheesy. I’m yet again disappointed by
a packet of cheese flavoring. There’s a Gran range of burgers, which replaces Quarter Pounders. The expensive Clubhouse burger with streaks of bacon and cheese, Gran Bacon Cheese, and Gran Garlic Pepper. The teriyaki burger smelled so good, and I would very happily bottle that sauce and use it as a perfume on myself. Like this as well. The smell of some really great, sweet, sticky garlic sauce is
just coming straight off that. It’s got lettuce, it’s got some sprinkle
seasoning in there as well, tomato, mayo, onions, and yeah, this garlic, like, peppery
sauce on it as well. The burger buns in McDonald’s
in Japan taste unique. The buns here, they’re
so light and fluffy. It just springs back at
you when you push it. It’s like, just a decent bread. Some of the other burgers
are the Bacon McPork, Egg Cheese Burger, and a Chicken Cheese Burger. As well as the standard Filet-O-Fish, you can get an Ebi Filet-O, which is made with chunks of shrimp. Kind of expecting it to be ground-up prawn which is then somehow fried or battered, but you’ve actually got whole
pieces of prawn in there. It’s got really nice, almost
Thousand Island-style dressing on top of it, lettuce. Very simple, but good. It actually tastes quite fresh as well. It just, it’s not to peel,
it’s to pinch and then clasp, which automatically just sounds
like a recipe for disaster. That’s a really nice sesame sauce. It’s got a little bit more
texture of, like, a mayo. It’s just quite thick. There’s also the standards,
like Big Macs, cheeseburgers, McNuggets, and fries. Some of the fries, however, are a bit more unusual than that. Yes, I spotted something called Shaka Shaka
Potato Butter Soy Sauce. This quite literally translates into “butter soy sauce salt.” You know if you’ve ever been to the cinema and, like, you’ve gone to get a handful of your mate’s popcorn, and
instead of being salted, if you thought it was
salted, it’s actually sweet, and you get a handful of sweet popcorn when you’re expecting salt. This is it. It went on like a salt, it says the word “salt” in
the title, in the name of it, and it just tastes like a sweet butter. Sweet, sweet fries. Mm. The menu had a special
Four-Berry Shake the day we went. Also on the sweets menu
is an Oreo cookie McFlurry and a McFlurry with extra Oreos, in case you didn’t get
enough Oreos the first time. What I’ve got here in my
hand is a Four-Berry Shake. OK, I can sort of smell
berries. I can’t taste berries. I actually, it tastes exactly
the same as the melon. So maybe there’s just some
bubble-gum blender back there that they bung everything into. Mm, I must say this mosquito is really enjoying this as well. So what did we think overall? This might not be a typical experience of all McDonald’s in
Japan, but being British, I appreciated queuing one side and then waiting in a
separate line for my food. Also, the range of burgers was great, something for everyone, from Kalbi Macs to Egg Cheese
Burger to the Gran range. The buns are very sweet,
even for McDonald’s bread, but I still couldn’t get over how good that teriyaki sauce was.

Maurice Vega

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  1. She's not even doing the shaka Shaka right… She's just pouring it on top instead of shaking it in the bag!

  2. 3 differences
    1) better food
    2) made by Chinese/Korean/Asian… I don't know which type of yellow skin toned they have over then (also if you found that skin tone offensive… You're an idiot)
    3) higher profit, obviously a country which doubles us is bound to have more profit.

    Just better food over there

  3. What sort of uncultured bumpkin goes to Tokyo and then decides to dine at McDonald’s? Heck their 7-Eleven’s have better food than McDonald’s.

  4. What is a mcfloat???
    Seriously McDonald's in Germany is so bad. They only have the basic stuff and there is barely anything new. The only thing that changes that the same stuff is getting more expensive

  5. this weird eyebrows girl have no experience of food and trying hard to be an expert
    Girl just eat your damm burger and enjoy tokyo

  6. Omg When she added more salt on her Fries and then I looked beside her it said “Greedy” 😂😂😂

  7. The only thing i didnt like of Okinawa McDonald's was the size of the fries and soda. But the rest was awesome

  8. Bruh I swear us Americans stay getting finessed by all these big companies. How tf their McDonald's better than ours 😂. This shit is beyond me.

  9. but why y’all sleeping on american mcdonald’s i bet y’all fat ass still gone eat it 😪

  10. “Shaka” is an onomatopoeia in japan when shaking smth. the point of a Shaka Shaka is that you pour the seasoning in the bag with food and you shake it. That way the seasoning gets every where and you can tase it with every bite. The lady just poured it right on top of the chicken….

  11. こおのににををはがにのはぽぽ音っとさんぽににきゃんに音っと海老ぽおいちうつのセサミストリート!

  12. Why do all the international foods at McDonald's look so much more appealing and healthier than are food here????

  13. Goku
    And goten sees this
    Goku: Ber-ger???
    Goten:BURGER, Dad
    Goku:cool, should we eat over 9000 burgers,goten ?
    Goten:Yeah, Dad, Awesome!!!

  14. For starters, I didn’t feel sick to my stomach when I ate the Japanese McDonald’s whereas I felt like crap after eating my own country’s (America’s) McDonald’s.

  15. I know this is not the proper place for all of this, but I'm just really down right now and have no one to talk to. I just hit rock bottom and have been unemployed for almost 3 months. I am really really sad. Sorry for disturbing everyone.

  16. fast food is too expensive for me, I can't afford it, I buy ingredients and cook myself. 4.88$ for that tiny burger, meh, 4.88$ is my 3 days menu. People treat MC as junk food but it's restaurant class food for me (by price)

  17. Why do I feel she was pretty sarcastic with her comments? Maybe it's just the way she talks but her choice of words were a bit off to be honest. Hope it gets better with later videos. PS- No offence intended

  18. Japanese McDonald's : "Hello! Welcome to McDonalds! May I please take your order?
    American McDonald's: "I hate my job…"

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