How Government Works

Man, there be so much shit I needa do I wish a cracka would give a brotha a hand. EEYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! The social contractor is hizzle fo rizzle my nizzle to help you with yo dizzle SOCIAL CONTRACTOR? WHO DA FUQ IS YOU? I build and by shit fo a cracka even if he don’t want it and then I make his ass pay fo it if he don’t wanna get pimp slapped, ya feel? Social Contractor, the fuck is you talkin about? I noticed yo ratchet ass got a broke down ass car, so I pimped yo ride. damn social contractor you hooked it up I also noticed your dog ass forgot to fix tha roof so I got my man up there right now fixin that shit up damn, social contractor, you hooked dat shit up once again and lastly I noticed that you was a giant pussy, so I got you a whole fuggin shit ton of cat food, bitch SOCIAL CONTRACTOR WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT Yooo Jason, you better chill the fuck our before you ass gets knocked the fuck out, you feel? and my man owns the damn cat food company and I need to pay him back fo this shit, so hook it up, son NAHH SHIT AINT BOUT TO PLAY OUT THAT WAY! Daaamn Jason, a cracka cold as hell. Let me pimp yo ride and fix you roof, but now you gon make me out to be the bad guy, huh? YOU BETTA GETCHO ASS OFF MY PROPERTY, OR ELSE A CRACKA GON CALL THE POLICE OR HE GON GET HIS GUN, AND CRACKA MY PHONE IS DEAD Jason yo dog ass betta get the fuck out my hood. Damn Jason just got his ass told, huh? That boy dont put up with NONE of the social contractors BULL SHIT. Why you think that is? Bitch, don’t ask questions. so wait, why exactly we is WE puttin up with the social contractors bull shit? BITCH WHAT PART OF DON’T FUCKING ASK ME ANY MORE QUESTIONS DID YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!?!? NOW GETCHO ASS IN THE KITCHEN AND FRY ME UP A FUCKIN MEAL OR YO ASS GETTING PIMP SLAPPED the bitch ass mofugga whut made this cartoon

Maurice Vega

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  1. I don't know what the point of the video is. Government does none of those things, but they do provide tax breaks to people who do consume these types of services which is good for the economy sure, but still it means that the rest of us who doesn't use these services has to pay more for the services that we do get such as free education and free healthcare. Why should home owners or car owners be exemt?

  2. You forgot to show where the 6000 tons of cat food were dumped on the house and the car that gov't just fixed, utterly destroying both of them.

    This is funny stuff. Keep them coming.

  3. 65,000 tons of cat food would feed about 2 cats for a week. Seriously how the hell do they eat so much much i have 1 small 1 year old cat that i have to buy big bag of cat food every two weeks

  4. You're a remarkably small minded person the American government may be irresponsible and incompetent but you shouldn't imply that taxes are a negative just because of that

  5. False. The roof totally didn't cave in and the car totally didn't break down after, because of the crap workers hired to save for the cat food.

  6. Check out the perspective newspaper for some great libertarian arguments and articles! As well as many other points of view!

  7. the funny thing is Pork Barrels(aka, the "my friend has the cat food factory so I bought you a bunch of catfood") are often more like "My Voters would probably like this park, so I'll attach it to this military spending bill so they can't say no!" or "EX Lobbying Group recently funded me pretty hard, Imma fund X thing they want with this unrelated bill"

    Government isn't about "Everyone gets exactly what they need and no more" it's about "Everyone gets the basic right to own shit and not get killed, anyone who infringes on those rights then gets pummeled, anything else the government does is determined by whose talking the loudest right the hell now"

    still better than "Government does whatever this tiny group of people decide is best for them right now" because at least enough random people can actually have an impact, instead of all control being from the very wealthy.

    nice video though 😀

  8. I gotta admit, I'm one of these "Social Contractors" (municipal Code Compliance), but the couple thousand dollars of damage to the car and house can decrease neighboring property values by tens of thousands of dollars. Nobody wants to move next door to a neighbor that will potentially cause problems. If you buy property, you need to accept the responsibility that comes with it. Rent a house or apartment until you're actually ready for a house.

  9. Yes because I expect ordinary people to fix our roads, ordinary people to maintain our sanitation facilities like sewers and water treatment, ordinary people to provide energy for our homes and businesses, ordinary people to maintain transportation networks like buses and subways, ordinary people to ensure that our nations borders are safe, I know the government isn't perfect but without it all of those things listed modern society would fall apart. Governments can be annoying and the things they do may seem unnecessary at times but i'm thankful the United States has a strong government. I like this place a lot more than Syria or Somalia.

  10. So you oppose government, but you're fine working for a buisness, which is also heirarchical?

    That's kinda silly.

  11. This is my new favorite page on you tube. You are clever as it gets with how you bring your points across.

  12. Well the 6000 pounds of fat food was a stretch. The government has social contractors regulate your house so…1. If you decide to move, you’ll actually be able to SELL the house.2. The property isn’t posing a health threat to you or anyone around you.Sounds reasonable to me.

  13. Powerful stuff. Paying for 6000 tons of cat food is part of the deal. Thank you

  14. If you want to be more honest the government would give 6k tons of cat food to some one else… and then charge you for it. You know all those save the animals charities, because stray cats are more important than homeless people.

  15. LOL "We're adults and paying for 6000 tons of catfood is the deal" why does that part just speak to me the most? 😂😂😂

  16. That's the problem I don't get. The government feels okay to waste money on military and a unnecessary war or intervention. And yet it's not okay to raise minimum wage, welfare, etc…

    How either side is any different.

  17. 1/3 of people work for the government, 1/3 get a free ride on welfare, the remaining 1/3 has to pay for the other two groups, because we're degenerate communists here in the USSA! I am so glad we are free.

  18. So the government is bad because it made one wrong decision, got it.

    It's not like you could, idk … fix it.

    Their are no anarchist states because it collapses as easily as communism. ancaps are just as bad as commies, and libertarians are just like socialists but to the other extreme. and they both have the same lame excuses.

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