How does Trump feel about the new polls? (CNN interview Chris Cuomo)

Maurice Vega

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  1. Oh please vote this cartoon into the White House, USA.  Please………..!!!!!!   -the rest of the world needs a good laugh…

  2. Man it's too plain now, corporate media trying to ramp up trump because of anti-establishment views From bernie sanders. Real change is Bernie sanders not trump. #bernie2016

  3. I am not going to talk shit about Trump, other than to say I wouldnt vote for him. That being said, it is not his fault that the phrase "Being Presidential" has come to this clown talking real talk. I blame Obama,Bush,Clinton for this guy even making a poll much less being the front runner. I think the media has downplayed my man Rand Paul, who is actually doing shit to help this country RIGHT NOW.

  4. I think she's going to have a problem with Trump or Paul because they aren't paper thin like career politicians. He may overstate, but that makes him seem more normal… she's like a caricature of a real person, because… that's the way she demands she be handled. And I think that's really going to be a problem for her, I don't think people will trust her enough compared to many conservative candidates but especially Trump or Paul seem dangerous.

  5. chopping off heads!….they are selling Christian human meat! wth is wrong with this world….wake the fuck up! or seriously just kill me now I can't take this bs anymore.

  6. Great interview. They have been obsessed with trying to destroy his bid for presidency to only find they are on the wrong side of what the polls suggest. Believe me if the public were pumped up about any other GOP candidate the news would leave trump in the dust. The news media has to cover Trump, but if you listen closely you can hear them throw in bad reviews and try to cover other candidates in the broadcast so you will listen (these snippets get placed on youtube) . There are many voters that are turning to youtube to watch the candidates talk on various forms of stages and it is more clear than ever when you do this you can see just how biased these non biased news stations are. If you look for any candidates name there are a plethora of videos depicting candidates talk about how they will run and maybe even their platform with the full interview not just what the news channel has sliced and diced.

  7. #Trump2016!!!! Not, more like #BernieSanders2016! 

    Get a free #Bernie  sticker at

  8. Trump will be the definition of all white people
    Uneducated incompotent liars and over exaggerated drama sources
    I mean do we really wanna trust a guy who isnt honest about going into bankruptcy 5TIMES!!!!

  9. You don't spend a trillion dollars a year on something, then not use it.

    The spending should be kept in line with current existential threats.

  10. "I want to take the oil in Iraq and Syria"…holy fuck this guy. How can you talk about rebuilding America with other people's oil? Insanity

  11. Trump is a great image of everything wrong with America. Just take other countries oil? How can anyone support this stuff. How can other countries not hate America? Image if other countries were talking about taking our oil, killing tons of our innocent civilians with war, or all these things they talk about doing in other countries. Just insane


  13. "Let's make wars, and more wars and more wars, and take other nations's resources, their oil, their money." I mean come on, hei s a businessman, yet he can't sit down with other countries and do business, instead of war? Sometimes Trump is logical, but this war crap makes no sense.

  14. I want trump for president' then the U.S. can press the self destruct button' when you have an even bigger clown than Bush' he thinks Iran are funding ISIS LOL' maybe someone should tell him where Saudi Arabia is' and the C.I.A. funding Isis.

  15. The only negative aspect about Trump is… he is rude, sometimes primitive. But it's way better than all these political dynasties with all their affairs. Bushs, Clintons etc.

  16. trumps father was in the KKK and trump himself is a draft dodger and he had the ball to say that John McCain is not a war hero…the guy is a complete fraud!! oh yeah and bankrupt 5 times!!!

  17. Trump: Rosie's a fat pig.
    Trump: I don't denigrate women
    Trump: Meghan Kelly must have been bleeding out of her….wherever…
    Trump: I never said Meghan Kelly was on her period.
    Trump: Mexicans crossing border are rapists
    Trump: Mexicans love me
    Trump (retweet): The bimbo (Kelly) back in town
    Trump: I"m great for women's issues
    Trump: Carly Fiorina? Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?
    Trump: With respect to Fiorina I said, Look at her PERSONA. Go back and read what I said.
    Trump: Carly Fiorina? Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?
    Future Trump – year two of his presidency: I NEVER SAID I WOULD MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!

  18. Yes, let's replace our millionaire politicians with a multi billionaire. Clearly that man has all the experience needed to run a country…

  19. Plato was right. Stupid democracy. And he was the conceiver of this crap idea. It just does not work. People are so easy manipulated. Trump is running only for the Rep. nomination, for Hilary, just to make sure she gets elected, INDEED.

  20. Trump is not taken seriously. He should get the republican bid for presidency so that a democrat can win and become the next president. Bernie Sanders would make the best democrat for president.

  21. Well he told the truth here. He's increased our military spending by nearly a $1 trillion.
    At the expense of our countries infrusture.
    Trumps is a disaster

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