How CNN stayed on air during evacuation

Maurice Vega

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  1. Nice try Inbred trump lover psycho bomber. !
    CNN will always be smarter than YOU !
    AND ALL the Low IQ trump supporters. !

  2. Oh CNN you are so brave, you are my hero.
    What great times we live in, without you the world would know the truth.
    Your self sacrifice and commitment to openness under such abhorrent conditions for 7 digit wages, exemplary.
    A paragon of virtue and honesty to be found within your walls is a dream.

  3. ANOTHER DEMOCRAT SYMPOTHY SEEKING LIE. SECURITY CAMERAS ARE EVERYWHERE!!! You mean to tell us there are no SECURITY CAMERA'S at Clinton's or Obama residences, FYI The Clintons & Obama have secret service agents protecting them FOR LIFE. This Is Bull Sht. CNN Headquarters in NYC, Really? After 9/11 NYC became the most secure city in the world, NICE TRY DEMOCRATS, You just lost another 50 MILLION SUPPORTERS.

  4. OMG…. so much BS!! Democrats go to great length to impose their agenda. They are experts in creating the situations and than blame on others. They are LOOSING and they are DESPERATE! If the democrats want to be viewed as VICTIMS also, why don't they just go and join the Marching Mob???? Another distraction!!!! And they are dangerous!!! What next???

  5. Honestly, I’m laughing at this fake news watching from the UK. American politics is the best reality TV show but CNN adds the comedy twist.

  6. WHAT UP with all of the blacks news and shows? 10% black but 70% of news casters on ALL NETWORKS! WHAT YA UP TO FOOLS? COMMERCIALS OF BLACK AND WHITE ANS WHITE AND ALL races as if we mixed race NOT! WAKE UP SHEEP and bye bye whitey who BUILT all that is here for dark skins to overtake.


  8. They all met with the far left nut job that pulled this false flag off. Remember , this isn't the first time CNN has tricked there viewers into fake news. The FBI is already saying these so called bombs were built not to explode but create fear and the first person they blamed it on was Trump and his mean tweets. Nice try lefties. You're about to lose the House and Senate

  9. These bombs threats are a big set up and stink to high heaven and don't be surprised when it comes out #CNN had a part in it I blame this on the media 100% stop with the propaganda

  10. CNN is a bad joke along with every talking head & “guest” they display on their programming. Clearly CNN is opinion & all they do is sit around and speculate on their own opinions, 98% of which are generated from hatred in their hearts & evil in their thoughts. 99.8% of these fake mail bombs that were distributed to Democrats came from democrats. THESE ELITISTS WANT THEIR POWER BACK SO THEY CAN MANIPULATE & CONTROL WHO THEY ASSUME ARE THE MASSES. The main stream media (including Hollywood wackos) along with the democrat party are 100% responsible for the dangerous and negative tone in the country & the world that permeates from their airwaves.

  11. I'll never understand how people watch CNN and can believe that is unbiased. I'm on neither side of the fence but CNN drives a whole lot of bs down the throates of Americans and if you have a mind of your own and don't buy their propaganda your Homophobic, xenophobic, faciast, racist😂 but let's not forget they post facts and aren't judgemental as the said in this very video. 🖕

  12. Interesting everyone who has gotten a bomb so far is going to get Mo for treason to America! And the reason Brennan's went to see it in his because all the lousy actors at CNN are going to jail for Nazi propaganda and dividing America with hatred and violence

  13. Wow as this video goes on I cannot believe how these people prop themselves up as Heroes as in extreme Danger as in any logic whatsoever these people are the lousiest actors I've ever seen in my life but they will get Academy Awards for being the lousiest actors on Earth I'm sure they'll be invited to the next award ceremony for putting on the biggest fake show ever in history!!!

  14. No matter if you agree with trump or disagree, trump knows how to bring the worst out of people. There so much hate in our country. God second greatest commandment is to Love your neighbor as yourself.’ People wake up and let’s stop hating each other and start loving each other. You can still love and respect someone and not agree with them. God bless you all ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Because it was fake and had everything set up. Only the democrat voters are stupid enough to think this wasn't set up in advance.

  16. If cnn was a biological organism it would not be able to get anything done ever because it would be to occupied chocking on its own cock all day

  17. Wow! I really love how people talk about the President of the United States so bad that there’s a 7k plus mob with men waving their flag saying out with Trump, threatening to over through our USA and you demos are happy!!!! Wow!!!! What a bunch of true patriots you all are…. sad,,,, I’ll go back to watching Fox News not this hate/ fake news bull crape…. I’ll tell you who the real hero’s are in American the men and women that stand with their country and do something to better it not spreed hate talk like this news channel and all you dems. And yes I have spend 20 years as a soldier and a police officer to make “America great again “ it’s been a long journey but finally got a great President, just said that my times up… but I’ll continue the god fight by being a productive member of this country by not spreading hate and lies just to get my way…. work hard people, love your families and country but most of all love Jesus Christ our true God!!! And we will not fail. If you can’t get be hind that then just go away quietly and let the real Americans run this country.

  18. are you still watching fake trump bashing cnn. i don't have to watch to know they are bashing trump. every day every minute bashing trump what's that tell you fake media sheep. why is cnn way way down in ratings because smart people recognize bullshit.

  19. When Will Cnn Be Held Accountable For Their ACTIONS…When Will Their Feet Be Held To The Fire of Truth..They are the one's who are SPREADING HATE…The One Eye Demon is on their side…when will they be Responsible for goatting the Republicans and the independents..yes you bring False news…god is watching ALL YOUR DECEPTIONS…

  20. He CNN, shut up. Have a blessed day. Leave the crying to Jim Acosta. CNN, such hero's. Escaping from firecrackers.

  21. What did the president say when the congressman were attacked during t the practice for the Congressional softball game

  22. That's what I said yesterday, you don't have to send somebody an IED or punch him/her on the face bc you don't agree with them. If you talk respectfully chances are that you're going to get an equal response. If not, move on. It's not worth your time.

    It's incredibly disturbing that all the people that those packages were sent to now have to explain to their children or grandchildren that somebody tried to kill them. And, all the other people that we don't see or hear about that could have been hurt or killed. That should not be happening in a developed country in the 21st Century. But, it also highlights the need for a decent education and healthcare system. That guy, the bombing suspect might not be mentally balanced. There should be facilities where people with mental health issues should be taken care of because sometimes they need affordable professional help. Their families probably cannot carry all that responsibility.

    And, if people learn proper spelling even better.

  23. I REmember when the Republican was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter because Bernie said people were going to die because of were there taking health care so he was shot on baseball field some started blaming Bernie and every reporter in Fox news said no no no were not going there CNN is a joke

  24. Really. America. If we were going to be attacked it would have happened. Those terrorists on that plane weren't just sending threats. They carried out what they wanted to do. Since when does the enemy bluff. Apparently 13 times.

  25. Look at all these unemployed democrats in the comments living off their parents sad lazy fucks TRUMP 2020 TRUMP Jr 2024

  26. God! dont break your arms jacking each other off over this bullshit. All CNN does is lie! We dont believe you! Those pics of the bombs are a joke! Heros my ass! False Flag just every thing else! Fucking Frauds! Fuck CNN! Fuck your fake stories trying to change our minds about your Rothschild organization! Too late the cats out the bag!!

  27. “Beep beep bop Orange Man bad! Beep beep bop Orang Man Bad! Beep beep bop Orange Man …!”

    Typical NPC. 🤣🤣🤣

  28. You people will stop at nothing to push your lies and propaganda. You are the scum of the earth and serious pathetic individuals. UnbeLIEvable!!

  29. Any American that beLIEves anything from any mainstream media is in serious trouble. C'mon people it's past time to WAKE UP!!

  30. Bravo CNN you’re so brave and honest, kind, considerate, truthful, well spoken, morally strong, not communists, not fascists, I mean really this segment brought me to tears! It’s the most uplifting thing I have witnessed in my life! This truthful segment is more meaningfully beautiful than the birth of my children! Well done you strong strong reporters! Keep up the good fight for truth and honesty and America! God bless you all!

  31. Oh yes they're Heroes without capes give me a break. These journalists are nothing but a bunch of b***** artist what cuz they got on their cell phones their Heroes? f*** you CNN

  32. Boo boo CNN. Fake News Boo boo why don't you congratulate yourselves one more time keep it up just keep congratulating yourself you're such Heroes f**** idiots

  33. Hey Ben Dover, is this really donnie lemon or pooper cooper … the way you seem to not be able to get mens schlongs out of your mind (or mouth) you Must be a cnn Host?

  34. 100% PHAKE NOOZE
    I think they need to be criminally charged with creating these false events wasting taxpayer resources, all to fight falling & ailing ratings. They have lost touch with reality

  35. Non disclosed location, oh I get it, everyone at the Clown News Nettwerk went down the the local whorehouse for some drinks and fun

  36. What the hell was that siren, sounded more like a clown horn, oh wait maybe it was. Stupendous job for a bunch of over rated actors

  37. Anyone else notice the main arguments coming from liberals on these comment threads are various ways of saying "why are you are this channel, then?" Or "you hate CNN but you are helping them by watching their videos".
    Is this not the dumbest argument ever? I know I occasionally watch some CNN to get some laughs or sometimes even to get more context on how ridiculous they have gotten, maybe call it "opposition research".
    AND, damn, CNN is so low in ratings and everything else, if there weren't people like us checking them out now and then, they would even go LOWER. Hell, at this point, CNN probably depends on people like me and others who tune in, not for actual news, but some funny entertainment!

  38. Oh the poor actors of fake news. They didn't miss a beat but w/all their millions selling us a narrative their not fake news.

  39. "You guys are Hero's"? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Do they have a BIG"L" on their Capes, as they promote themselves as "LIARMAN" Hero and Protector of FAKE NEWS! Ha Ha Ha

  40. Another false flag….hahaha….CNN is pulling out all the stops…more to come I'm sure. We are smarter than you CNN. You can not control our minds. Bye Bye post midterms. Don't let the plastic bomb hit you on your way out. CNN FABRICATES MASS HYSTERIA….WAKE UP

  41. Capes???? Fake News CNN!!! Yes you do report fake news!!!!! Matter of fact, you have ruined your once stellar reputation as the top accurate news source. So sad that the political agendas of Zucker and CNN ruined your station! Remember when people used to trust you CNN? Hahahaha🙄🖕🏻


  43. Jim Sciutto is Spence from iCarly (Jerry Trainor) using AI to spread misinformation. Complete with fabricated background.

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