How Canadians really feel about our politicians

oral questions Costello's or rally a pretty sight that quickly turns sour [Applause] with bickering and attacks punctuated by heckles the hyper-partisan back and forth is often enough to turn voters off politics completely a cynicism revealed in the poll that's not exactly new [Applause] driven some say increasingly by those biting sound bites how many times have you heard someone say if I behave like that in my workplace I'd be fired by eleven o'clock and yet something happens when they walk into that chamber that they think it's okay or they think it works for news headlines we train our politicians give the response upfront and then give the explanation off the you know out the back because we know what will lead the lead will be the eight words the six words and that will be targeted to appeal to the group of people that we want to agree with us for the Prime Minister the poll suggests fewer people agree with him than in 2015 sunny ways my friends sunny ways the SNC lavell an affair his trip to India and a promise broken on electoral reform all issues that are dragging his popularity down this time around the problem with celebrity style campaigns is you go very very high and then you drop like a rock when people realize that the celebrity vision of you that godlike vision collapses the disillusionment could benefit one party a third of those polled are mulling parking their vote with the Greens to send a message there's no question that this is the most favorable circumstances that the Greens have ever experienced what that cash is out in terms of actual votes and seats it's hard to say more options on the left that he says could also lead to more strategic voting and perhaps a more dispiriting and negative campaign this time around so the message of gee CBC News Auto

Maurice Vega

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