How al-Baghdadi rose to ISIS leadership

Maurice Vega

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  1. People who say this is fake are wrong because i had met with iraqis who knew this man as a boy playing soccer witch is a western sport

  2. Where is the proof that he raped her ???
    And if u do have proof which u don't ..
    Why is he still alive ??
    Enough of this made up news out of no where …
    People get there news from the source thanks to social media
    Unlike before only tv a radio controlled media

  3. Direct descendent my ass. Muhammad prophesied about the rise of the heretical Islamic state 1300 years ago. It is in the Hadith go watch Hamza Yusuf

  4. Had he been allowed to join the Iraqi Army (or continued a career in soccer), none of this probably would happen (or at least al-Baghdadi wouldn't be part of it).

  5. Hey bagdadi, what do you want to be when you grow up? A muthafukin apocalyptic, land conquering, war maniac. You? Hold on, I shit myself….

  6. I admire his tenacity,dedication,focus,and commitment to what he believes….we need more of that in the world today.

  7. if you truly believe that the us army really captured and killed abu bakr al baghdadi and osama bin laden and they dont want the world to see their bodies in respect to muslim laws so they have to bury them in the sea you are an idiot no offense just simple truth……………………………..

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