Houston police chief hits out at politicians and NRA after officer death

They need to get in a room. I don’t want to hear about how much
they support law enforcement. I want hear how much how much they
care about lives and the sanctity of lives. Yet we all know in law enforcement that
one of the biggest reasons that the senate and Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn
and Ted Cruz and others are not getting into a room and having a conference
committee with the house and getting the Violence Against Women’s Act is
because the NRA doesn’t like the fact that we want to take firearms out of the
hands of boyfriends that abuse their girlfriends. And who killed our sergeant?
A boyfriend abusing his girlfriend. And the fact that his mom, his father, his
wife, his sisters, his friends, and ultimately the community that he laid down his life
for will be putting him to rest before Christmas because of the cowardice
of the political people that we have in office. You’re not a Republican.
You’re not a Democrat. You’re not a conservative.
You’re not a liberal. You’re not a progressive.
You’re an American and American blood is being shed every
day in this community, throughout this nation, and do something about it or retire.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Houston police chief rips 'smug' Cruz and McConnell, who 'don’t want to piss off the NRA' ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/dec/09/houston-police-chief-mitch-mcconnell-ted-cruz-gun-laws-nra

  2. GOP with their corrupt support of the gun lobby who's spending millions promoting the GOP. Russia with Putin in the WH looking for anyway possible to cheat no matter what it's cost including our constitution. That is treason, punishable by what? not this AG's justice system.

  3. Hey Chief, what comments do you have about two studies that say there is a possible 40% domestic abuse rate in police officer families? Do you want to take their guns? If so, why don't you? Do you want to make real change or do you just want to lash out because of your emotion?

  4. Does 2nd Amendment apply to individuals?

    The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the individual right to keep and bear arms. It was ratified on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. … While both James Monroe and John Adams supported the Constitution being ratified, its most influential framer was James Madison.

    Like it are hate it…freedom comes with responsibilities but unless everyone including LEO are willing to give up their fire arms….then we in society have the basic right to self defense. Would they have taken his 16th Amendment rights? If not every law anyone proposes to use any rights….they must apply to every right or none at all. IMHO

  5. The Violence Against Women Act and the "boyfriend loophole" he mentions would not have prevented this death because Solis obtained his gun illegally as do most criminals. Art just uses a bad situation to further his anti-gun activism. Blaming the NRA and politicians for this is the lowest of lows.

  6. so it's different when it's one in blue where was his outrage when they murdered 2 civilians over a bad cops decision to lie to get a warrant

  7. He says "another cop doesn't need to die", but the Miami police used innocent civilians for shields in a gunfight while gunning down an innocent hostage. And the only police love spoken about the murdered civilians was they were collateral damage…..BRAVO Officer Self-righteous, no wonder there's no respect for police officers anymore.

  8. It is SO Nice to see the Police Chief Being Real and putting some of the blame where it Belongs, onto Moscow Mitch and The NRA
    (The National Russian Association)

  9. You know how many unarmed black men were shot by white officers in 2016 in the entire country? 16. Yeah, it sure sounds like a crisis.

  10. Anyone who blames the NRA for gun violence is a coward. They're a coward because they don't want to attack what they truly disagree with, the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. Chief Arcevedo is a coward.

  11. This FLICK is a corrupt cop who is STILL covering up the murder of the couple at home and their dog. I came to comment, not watch this POS

  12. It is this police chief's duty to keep guns out of the shooters hands! The shooter broke the law by possessing a gun. Why did the police chief allow this to happen? The laws are in place! Uphold the law, do your job or resign! Don't pass the blame to others!

  13. Acevedo is a lying leftist that wants to take away the second amendment rights of citizens without due process. There are too many cases of vindictive women wanting to damage a man with false claims. Dems always say the worse a charge is the more has to be done, even without any evidence or proof. They really want all our guns so we will no longer be free people. Look what the IG report showed today.

  14. Moscow Mitch dont give a hoot or a holler if you're police or a civilian, he's just getting that NRA paycheck under his slimy turtle shell…

  15. one can't see the best cop in this clip, he's in the ground.
    keep yer guns murica, so the rest of the world has entertainment when it hits youtube!

  16. Hey look another bureaucrat offended by liberty! Not to mention the guns used in many ghetto crimes are often stolen. Spare me the lecture.

  17. "Funny" how many Americans here always tie gun ownership directly to freedom when the US only ranks 53rd in the world freedom ranking…behind giants such as Micronesia, Taiwan, Mauritius….and basically behind most European countries
    Waiting for American trolls now…

  18. I do not support police for one second . I support all dirty cops to sit in prison . Keep crying piggy your cop friends need to be done with oinker

  19. You will still have to deal with guns from gangsters bet he was banging hard you have no rights to take are guns fu$&ck off Bloomberg probably paid you to say that


  21. Will anyone of these guys be there to protect you or someone you know from a crime before it happens? No; the draft exempt jail guards lying about their job will just shrug.

  22. If all police chiefs supported this senior officer in America this would break this would help stop the strong hold of the NRA. He spoke the truth and naming gutless politicians by name who are to afraid to stand up. Come on out all senior police officers speak up for your communities because the politicians are afraid of losing NRA money.

  23. What this Guy isnt telling you is that because of gun laws already in place, this boyfriend was already not legally able to have a gun because he already had multiple arrests and a conviction for assaulting a family member. Get off your soap box and stick to the facts Art Acevedo

  24. I understand the outrage and in no way think the piece of ship that killed this officer was justified. Chief, the NRA supports Americans and we like the fact that as of now our government clearly fears it's citizens.

  25. My condolences to the family of the fallen Officer. The Death of a brave Officer is no time to express your ignorant unlawful political views there are already laws on the books that address this problem and people with domestic violence convictions They already can not own fire arms. This ignorant "police chief" needs to get on his soap box or talk about liberal judges that do not punish and county attorneys that choose not to prosecute and police chiefs that do not have their detectives investigate these dirt bags he speaks of. So this ignorant fool blames and organization and law abiding gun owners for this honorable Officers death, people that did not purchase the gun for the criminal, write the laws, or pull the trigger, has the police chief ever heard of due process. Throw this man out of office in his oath he swore to defend the Constitution of the United States of America but only cares about his political views. Maybe if he spent less time on a soap box and spent more time and energy doing his job this brave Officer may still be alive. I didnt hear the "police Chief" mention anything while on his soap box but has anyone set up a go fund me page to help the the Officers family?

  26. Will the slain cops family members "forgive the killer in court", and give him a hug and be awarded with a shiny "Trophy of forgiveness"..🤔🤔🤔

  27. Do cops get slaughtered at this rate in any other country that has the rule of law? Gee, I wonder what the difference between America and every other decent country is? Could it be the easy availability of guns? Nah…we can't blame the gun that ENABLES all of this,… right gun nuts? Right?

  28. Shut up hypocrite.. give up your gun and cheap badge then and the fire arms at home..you said u speak for the officers around you.. they are like what? And what does the NRA and anything else u said have to do with this incident. So you said u don’t care if u loose your job well consider yourself done. And at the funeral you said too much the family is grieving but you went on and on about the scene.. for what?.. that didn’t help. You just want the spotlight and you were out of line so shut up already

  29. What a cry baby I’m sure every police officer was/is well aware of the risks associated with the job when they applied for said job.

  30. It is not the people in office that are responsible, it is the criminal that pulled the trigger.
    It is the constitutional right of Americans to bare arms, that shall not be infringed upon.

  31. This sanctimonious pos let his officers run amok filing false reports to get warrants. Then they could kick open innocent people's doors and invade their homes with bogus search warrants. The cops under his command killed a innocent couple at home a sleep . Screw him he wants law abiding citizens to have no rights to carry .

  32. I was in school and i Hear an amber alert. Then my mom picks me up from school. Then i look at her phone. I read the alert

  33. Fact the " boyfriend " was a criminal barred from owning guns but, guess what? criminals don't obey laws so 1) new and stricter laws would have done nothing 2) the officer died due to his own actions
    Blaming others for your own lack of responsibility and tryng to strip away a right from innocent people is called whining and treason

  34. So the cops can shoot through a UPS hostage and murder him and another civilian in Florida and where is the outcry about that? I am guessing the UPS driver in Florida took 10-20 rounds from the cops shooting 200 plus bullets through the UPS van while using civilians as cover and backstops. Just saying..

  35. A man broke the law by being a felon with a gun and killed a cop and this genius thinks more laws is the answer?! Absolutely pathetic take that badge and gun away from this unhinged man.

  36. This scumbag liar needs to be kicked off the force. A coward who covers up for his killer cops now wants to keep taking citizens rights to protect themselves from not only regular criminals but also killer cops.

  37. Speak for yourself chief….I'm a 26 year veteran police officer and the NRA isn't responsible for this. You think banning guns will stop murder….your just using liberal talking points. Maybe this thug had shitty parents. Let's start with the family. Stop trying to destroy my 2nd ammendment rights

  38. Huston why is he still y'alls police chief? Just remember he didnt do anything after his subordinates murdered a couple in their own home. Yall deserve better. I'm over here in va and I cant stand to even see this guys face anymore.

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