House To Begin Drafting Articles Of Impeachment | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Andrea 'chainsaw' Greenspan in Space = AndreaX .. This time she's sacrificing and eating aliens (the non human kind) Rated NC17

  2. Good old Catholic Nancy gives the go ahead to draft the articles of Inquisition. Oops, impeachment. I'm sure the original Inquisitors prayed for their victims also even as they burned them at the stake, had them drawn and quartered and torn apart on the rack. They just wanted to save their souls!!!

  3. With the very fabric of our democratic republic and national security squarely in the cross hairs, the GOP stand ready to pull the trigger …

  4. We need to put Pelosi and schitt in hiding with our DNC server before we lose more than just the 2020 elections. Our only hope is to beg President Trump to switch parties.

  5. republicans Voters Have To Remember That putins trump N Russia Stole The 2016 Election AND WE AMERICANS WILL NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN AGAIN .

  6. The President has negatively effected all parts of our lives and now the media being childish and petty trying to push this idea the President did nothing wrong he’s being impeached because of hate???? You can’t get this far in the process on hate. The President is a criminal and has violated our Laws and Constitution. He’s being impeached because of his actions not hate

  7. Lmao look at all the other stuff she has said about him. She is like a kid on a school yard I don’t hate him, I will just lie and cheat to get him replaced!

  8. WOW, talk about propaganda, America Wake the Fudge Up!!
    GOD BLESS you AMERICA and HELP US ALL!!!!! Msbullsheet news!!!!!!!!

  9. In the absence of even one witness who can testify to one non-hearsay firsthand knowledge "fact" that contradicts even one "actual", "real" documented "fact" in the phone transcript, then if it's not visceral personal hate, what is Nan's motive for doing it?

  10. Must be another good one, trolls rushing to defend their golden donnie boy from reality.
    Take your GOP lies to the FOX comments. They love to eat your slop over there.

  11. The Secret Service failed to defend JFK in Dallas. After Trump leaves office, forcibly or otherwise, who will protect him when he walks down 5th Avenue or any other street? Perhaps he would feel a whole lot safer locked up in prison, or living amongst the Kurds.

  12. The Secret Service failed to defend JFK in Dallas. After Trump leaves office, forcibly or otherwise, who will protect him when he walks down 5th Avenue or any other street? Perhaps he would feel a whole lot safer locked up in prison, or living amongst the Kurds.

  13. Pelosi isn't Impeaching Drumpf because she hates him. She never wanted to Impeach him. She called a press conference and said that she didn't want him Impeached, she wanted him in prison… translation, I'm a coward, and I don't want to put purple state Democratic Reps and, thereby, my own job as Speaker at risk, so I want to leave it up to the next Democratic Atty. General. I've been critical of Pelosi because she should have been going for Drumpf's throat right after the Mueller report was released. So, implying that she's doing this because she hates Drumpf is plain stupid.

  14. Wonder why this impeachment falls exactly down party lines? Maybe, just maybe because it has zero to do with justice and is only about hating Trump and wanting him out of office.

  15. This is a political coup,,,,Democrats r telling the voters for trump,,,hey u guys,,,we don,t like your President,,,and WE WILL REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE BECAUSE WE KNOW BEST AND U DON<T NEED TO VOTE AGAIN CAUSE WE<LL JUST DO IT AGAIN,,,

  16. As always, Steve Schmidt is AMAZING. I wish I could think and speak on my toes the way he does. Why aren't Republicans listening to this guy's valuable thoughts and words? Too many Republicans disliked John McCain. I wish Nicolle Wallace would finish her sentences. I don't enjoy when she steps on her own words with thoughts that are coming to fast in her brain. Keep the passion, yes, but less emotion, please, and more discipline.

  17. Facts? FACTS
    THERE ARE NONE !……and since thats the case i guess THERES NOTHING THERE
    youre selling division and hate #propagandists

  18. I think Pelosi's remarks are very important to consider and show her to be a true leader. Many people think criminal justice should be about hatred and retribution, and it's simply not the case. We shouldn't hate criminals like Donald John Trump. We should lock them up where they cannot harm society any more. Prison is the right place for criminals to be, until they can prove they are able to participate in society again.

  19. "Were leaving in 6,yep 6 hours! You can call the PRESIDENT and ask HIM!"
    That seems to be pretty clear cut on BOTH obama and bite em!

  20. What Pelosi … and all of us … should be angry about is not Trump, himself, but what he has done. He was unfit when he started … and he is still unfit and unethical now.

  21. The reporter, who accused Nancy Pelosi of "hating Trump", use to work for Fox faux news. He left Fox because he was being investigated for sexual harassment.

    It seems like all of Spanky McBoneSpurs supporters are sexual perverts.


  23. Trump is crass and periodically inept, but he is a schemer & a planner. He schemed over months to pressure Ukraine for a public pronouncement of investigations into Joe Biden as a political smear. Also, most of what he has done with regard to Russia is either soft or praising. NEVER NEGATIVE. You know why? Because Trump wants to do business in Moscow. His political posturing in 2016 was designed to facilitate the relationship after losing the election. But then he won. So during this term, he has gone out of his way to praise Putin. Thus, when he's out, his company will be moving ahead with Russian projects. It is something they've been hankering for well over a decade. THIS IS HIS INTENTION. Abusing presidential power for personal profit.

  24. The average republican doesn't give an F about the republic. Its me & my tribe the rest can eat dirt. Is always been that only now , its in your face.
    There will be civil war want it or not. Arm yourselves.

  25. Women destroy more than they create. To feel not think. To think, too difficult. To raise a question is to awaken the demon from within.

  26. How easy these people lie is just evil. Please America read the Constitution , please America read the Declaration of independence, Please America read the federalist papers. If you do not for fear of being wrong in helping the left destroy our freedom then there is no hope.

  27. Republicans aren't seeming to realize that they are infringed as well as others if our democracy is lost and I truly believe that as they see their lives now, they think everything is ok. Once they start feeling the effects of a total stand down from government services they don't realize they depend on, mail, courts, bureaus to fight back big corporations, FBI and CIA abroad, Ambassadors, NSA etc it will then be too late. Cancer is hard to get rid of once the tumor burst. It's busted in our country. 4 years of a new administration STILL won't fix the damage done and sometimes you have to lose a limb or part of yourself to survive the disease. I'm a lung cancer survivor. At 29 I had my left lung removed. Never smoked a day in my life but the irony in that, this statement, and where we are today rings alot of bells.


  29. Another devout Catholic who is OK with abortion.  Shame on you Nancy, for using the Roman Catholic Church as your shield.  No one is above the law, your day will come with God.

  30. We feel the same, those ppl over there hate us, those ppl in the rural areas hate us and our way of life, those ppl on the farms hate us and think we're too stupid to survive in the country, too prissy to live an outdoors life, they hate our marriages, they hate the strength of our women, they hate the color of our skin, they hate us for using the public bathroom, they hate us and don't want us to vote, they hate us and want to take away our healthcare, they hate us and want to make it legal to deny us even emergency services based on their "faith," they hate our beliefs, they hate our politics, they hate us and think we're vain bc we're passionate about our beliefs – even tho they're chaining themselves to women's health care clinics doors, freaking out about their guns and having conventions where they freak out about gun control, their propaganda network spews out temper tantrums & hissy fits all day lonf like a 24 hr rage machine, they hate us and fault us for things they're far guiltier of doing. They hate us and think we're stuck up, and godless, and stupid, "mindless zombies" programmed by George Soros, which they learned on Fox "News" bc it's on in their house 24/7.

  31. if Nancy Pelosi was in germany in 1930 there would have never been Hitler or ww2 shes a class act America should be thankful shes their

  32. A ton of people are getting aggravated about Pelosi exploding and think she hates Trump (I don’t think she likes him but I don’t think she’s letting this impeachment ride on hate either)

    These people calling Pelosi out are just people that hate Pelosi, they’re letting their mindsets be controlled by their own hate. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  33. Nothing has been proven and everything has been refuted and debunked ! Drafting the articles of impeachment on debunked "opinions" and Dems voting to impeach and sending it to the Senate should for all intents and purposes be all the Senate would need to draft an indictment against everyone that voted yes to impeach in the house for the mass act of treason that it is ! And Dems are handing over everything that proves treason !

  34. Congressman to the law professors: Can any of you name one Impeachable offense by Trump?
    Silence. Crickets. Pins dropping. Every day non-political voters aren't stupid, as much as msnbc
    and the democrats think they are. This entire charade is going to backfire big time.

  35. Nancy Pelosi must be bluffing or mad. A Hearing would mean Schiff would be first witness and the whistle blower would have to testify under oath. Furthermore this would invariable bring the Bidens under Scrutiny. A Hearing of this magnitude would also test the loyalty within the Democrats.

  36. You can bet your hair shirt She acted in a thoroughly appropriate Christian manner. SO many haters out there who disagree. fine enjoy your constitutional crisis created by Trump's Old Boy net, Trump a most appalling snob running this nation poorly as a penal colony.

  37. The Reporter asked the question he did – no issue there. However Nancy wanted to make absolutely certain that the impeachment motivations are not about "feelings" but upholding our constitution, pure and simple. Nick Confessore is wrong in his analysis of Nancy's reason to pursue impeachment. Nancy had very little choice once her middle of the road Democrats presented a letter that they wanted to pursue the impeachment inquiry. She had to proceed.
    Eddie Glaude got it right.


    Every single one of you laughably irrelevant President Trump haters and all like you are delusional, defeated, deranged and total and complete wack jobs.

    "Impeach" THIS:

    I've been saying this for over 3 years that anyone coming against President Trump to attempt to bring him down will never, ever succeed and eventually they will not only be brought down and defeated by The Father, Son and Holy Spirit but that by their own formed weapons they will defeat themselves as well.

    President Trump will have 2 Full Terms just as I have said since before the 2016 election and that nobody and nothing can or will be able to stop it.

    "Donald" means "world ruler, world leader."

    "Trump" means "to defeat someone or something often in a public manner and in a public way."

    God made sure Trump was born into the family with that last name and made sure the family would name him DONALD because that was God's predetermined plan for him to become a world ruler and world leader defeated people and circumstances that would come against him OFTEN IN A PUBLIC MANNER AND IN A PUBLIC WAY!!!

    What could be more clear!

    Its not "Trump," its the Hand of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit ON Trump to do whatever and all the good pleasure God wants to do through Trump in the political arena and Satan and fallen demons know this. They know God has unusual plans to use President Trump in ways God has never used any President before and this is why all the attacks are coming against him, ALL IN VAIN!!!

    "I have named you though you have not known Me." Isaiah 45:4 ( 45 – President Trump is The 45th President of The United States since George Washington. )

    "I have raised him up in righteousness ( GOD'S Righteousness, not Trump's, liberals, conservatives, moderates, independents, etc! ) AND I WILL DIRECT ALL HIS WAYS." Isaiah 45:13

    AND SO IT IS!!



    C'MON!!!!!!!! TRY HARD!!!!!! TRY HARDER!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!! HARDER!!!!!!


  39. Im going to invest in Kleenex… gonna be a lot of crying by these socialists for the next 4 years when they lose their freaking minds over losing… AGAIN.. lol

  40. Pelosi is such a massive liar, of course she hates Trump, she isn't praying for the President, she's been scheming against him for 3years. Anyone with an ouce of intelligence can see straight through Pelosi and her lies, as well as her hatred for our President, a hatred that has been spread throughout the party and the Dem base.

    Trump will never be removed, not because the GOP put party before country but because they put country first as all American's just see this massively bias political sham for what it is, this is already showing in the polls with independents support for impeachment dropping to 34% and Trump's approval rating now at 52% in some polls. Anything north of a 43% Trump approval rating = landslide. Dems/left media smear campaign has failed, which was their no.1 goal – the country does not back impeachment, they know it's wrong, they know it's bias

    Trumps approval rating jumps 6 points since November

    Not only does this impeachment diminish our democracy, it guarantees Trump's victory and all future Dems Presidents will be impeached – bye bye democracy and it's all down to the hate filled Dems for the demise of our constitution

    In the meantime I'm going to enjoy watching Schiff, Pelosi and Nadler as they have to relinquish control of this when it goes to the senate

  41. This "news" anchor said it all @0:28 "the woman in the relationship" referring to the democratic party as the feminine side to this male vs female dichotomy. Ladies, listen, YOU NEED TO HAVE EVIDENCE BEFORE YOU PROSECUTE. We cant start prosecuting people based on your feelings.

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