House Intelligence Committee To Vote This Week On Impeachment Report On Ukraine | NBC Nightly News

Maurice Vega

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    …you know, since Trump says his Administration is "the most transparent administration in the history of government transparency" !!!

    not only welcome your testimonies, we encourage you to give them !!!

  2. Dirty-Diapered Donny the Despot Dunce detects his doom descending. Desperate Devin's dereliction of duty and deflection to decoys from the Drumpfs' dirty dealings are destroyed as defenses due to deeply-drawn democratic devotion and distillation of data down to decisive and direct demystifying dialogue.

  3. Adams a lying piece of Shiff! MAGA 2020 to all u shiffheads …haha Maybe Shiff can call in Jesse Smullet to testify for him. LMAO

  4. Republicans might have a case if there wasn't a Black Friday Best buy full of government officials testifying the opposite side of their falsehood lies of obstruction

  5. Why won't trump testify he says he's innocent he should come place his argument and prove he isin't guilty. Either way hese most likely gonna end up in trial by the Senate

  6. No weapon formed against Trump will prosper, In Jesus Mighty Name ,Amen. Mark my words. God put Trump in Office so get over it all you Dem.s

  7. They found out who the whistleblower is, and it turns out it's Rudys butt. We should have known, after his cry for help.

  8. If you’re mentally weak, the brainwashing Trump will make you believe that white is black and black is white . Night is day and day is night. Crime is the law and the law is a crime. With blindness you see and plain sight you hide. If you are not loyal to me, you will not survive.

  9. Post two hours ago and almost no views lol. Yeah bet he gets another 4 years in office and he doesn’t get impeached

  10. This president has not only divided the nation, but he is acting like Congress doesn't matter. I am glad we had the testimonies because now I understand what happened. It is not OK to ask foreign countries for dirt on political opponents and withhold military aid until you get it. That is so wrong on so many levels!!! Imagine if we had a president that respected Congress and put people over politics. Wow – wouldn't that be great!

  11. John kennedy take a wig Woman dress make-up woman shoe woman Bag it feets you well dont work in high office in Govt in Leading Position take jim jordan Doug collins in same outfit with you in PRISON

  12. Are you sure he's heading overseas tomorrow ? Maybe he will be playing golf and tweeting again, like you reported he was on Thanksgiving…even though he wasn't …lol !!!

  13. You know, @NBC News, what the journalistically ethical thing to do is?

    It’s for news organizations to keep their YouTube comments CLOSED! At least until better moderation tools are available.

    This video hasn’t been totally overrun yet, but use your analytics tools to compare what traffic traits do exist here to the traffic patterns of videos historically known to have been overrun.

    Social media analytics tools routinely reveal suspect activity from red-flagged accounts making up the majority of news channel traffic today. Nobody needs that sour nonsense: it’s not journalism, it’s not newsworthy, and you shouldn’t let the sheer volume of it overwhelm and drown out your reporting.

    If someone is telling you comments drive news channel engagement, they are wrong. If over half of what you see here is viewbots talking to botnets talking to synthetic puppet accounts — then maybe a few low-information voters picking up that toxic torch and running with it… then a very, very few real viewers, bewildered by these garbage fires you let rage unabated — then that’s not real engagement. Ethics aside: any ad-buyer with a web analytics team is going to demand a reduction of their ad bill based on the amount of suspect traffic here, so it makes no financial sense either to keep these comments open.

    All you’re doing is handing over your popular platform to well-organized propaganda campaigns, for free, along with inexplicable unfettered access to the viewers you’ve cultivated, also for free. You wouldn’t give free airtime to North Korea State Broadcasting, or even to a domestic competitor, over cable or the airwaves, so it makes zero sense that you’re doing so online.

    Do the right thing and keep these comments closed. Until you come up with moderation strategies like those of other news outlets, who keep inappropriate activity from ever reaching publication in the first place — ads for sketchy online pills (or sunglasses, or cryptocurrency), off-topic conspiracy nonsense, fake news, adolescents (or socially challenged adults) spewing obscenity for the sake of obscenity, bullying and targeted harassment directed at protected categories, trolls, spam, and indeed propaganda — it’s better to keep the comments entirely closed.

    If those bad actors wants a platform to speak from, the whole Internet is free: let them build their own platform, somewhere else, for their fans to flock to. You do not have to succumb to concerted efforts to drown out journalism.

  14. The three days given to Trump to prepare a defense against whatever is going to happen Wednesday. While Trump is out of the country looking to reduce the amount of AID to other countries American taxpayers have to pay. Just do your job like always Mr president we have your back in NOVEMBER 2020

  15. Please be careful of those who are just replying in this comment section with insults and lack of any sense of respect. Peace

  16. Show us Biden bragging about how he played Ukraine. Trying to pin another mans crime on our president, NBC is corporate BS, we want real news.

  17. The impeachment is a friggin joke and even the average Joe and Jane Democrat knows that. It's BS and it will come back to bite the Dems.

    Trump 2020

  18. Selenskyj !! To offer itself, is for Ukraine, the worst concept! Let Selenskyj testify before the Congress! but Selenskyj will reject that!

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