House Impeaches President Donald Trump For Obstruction Of Congress | NBC News

Maurice Vega

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  1. Why does he love his job as president so much? Such anguish he’s going through…
    oh that’s right he’ll be in jail if he loses his executive privilege. His plan is to cook up another president to succeed him IF he gets re-elected
    He’s a crook and crooks do crooked things

  2. First rule of politics… Don't enrage your opposition.

    Rage is a fantastic motivator in politics and the way this impeachment came about will certainly enrage Republicans and drive them to the ballot box….

  3. Congrats Dems on exposing your corrupt, partisan agenda against the republic. Congrats on having to change your charge five times with zero hard facts and all assumptions. Congrats on hijacking the process and creating a dangerous precedent that our forefathers warned us about. Congrats on not taking the president out of office. Congrats on getting trump re-elected in 2020. AND CONGRATS ON ANOTHER 5 YEARS OF PROSPERITY! ??

  4. Yeah yeah Nancy supposed to be is so sad about an impeachment but yet she's giving hugs and that is usually a celebration She's a pig corrupt Pig you're all corrupt in God's Wrath if anything happens to that President impeachment or he gets harmed in any way God's Wrath is going to come up on America and it'll be because of you Satan worshipping demons


  6. He has not been impeached how dare you guys put that up on the TV when he is not impeached you know Lester Holt the reason why you support the Democrats is because pharmaceutical companies are paying you big money and you don't want them to lowering the drug costs because your paychecks will all go down your greedy Little Pigs who are sitting and laying in bed with all the wealthy that you all say should be paying their fair share you are frauds and God Almighty he's going to put one down on you watch and see I would not want to be you right now

  7. I want to congratulate “MSNBC “ welcome back to America, we Americans apologize for our past and you are our to go to news! Thanks for your honesty and integrity!

  8. Hmmm wasn't bill clinton impeached? Doesn't really make much of a difference does it. He is still in the office. Anyone taking bets on who will win in 2020?

  9. Nancy: I'm so sad and solemn about doing this and it's a sad day and I wish I didn't have to do it
    cant even hold back smirks and smiles as she bangs the gavel then starts giving big hugs to her colleagues

  10. Democrats are insane they are so desperate fearing Trump will get reelected. I can't wait to vote in my first election in 2020. #Trump2020

  11. Matthew 12 : 25
    "Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand."

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