Host Runs Defeasibility Test on Scaramucci

Hey, this is interesting. Um, I’ve talked before about a tool called
the d feasibility tests that can be a useful tool when we’re talking
about politics. And I first heard about it, uh, I believe
from Peter Bogosian and then I learned about some other versions of it from others. And the idea is to interject and sort of slow
down a conversation that might be going nowhere or where you’re not likely to make any progress
by asking what evidence would make you change your position. So if we were debating abortion, for example,
I might say to someone who is an anti choicer against abortion, what evidence, if I could
present it to you, would get you to change your mind about this issue. And they might say, well, if you could prove
a, you know, a fetus isn’t a person or they might say, if I learned God didn’t exist,
then I might change my mind about abortion. It’s not so much about what the answer is
specifically, but about getting them to think like is there actually something that would
change your mind or are you irrationally tied to this idea? Are you tied to this idea? Not because of anything factual, so evidence
doesn’t even really matter. That’s the sort of gist of the defensibility
test and CNN host John Berman ran the defensibility tests on former Trump communications director
Anthony Scaramucci and Scaramucci completely imploded in the sense that he rambled for
minute after minute after minute not answering the question. The question was what could Trump do to make
you Anthony Scaramucci stop supporting him and look at how long, like I’m not even going
to play it all because it goes on so long. Look at how long Scaramucci just rambles on
without actually answering the question here. As we sit here this morning, do you still
support president Trump? Yeah, of course. I support each Ya. I’m a very John, I’m a very loyal guy. I remember I got fired two years ago. Loyalty. Loyalty is one thing. But then the question is, Anthony, then if
the answer is yes, I own, who’s still still where the president this morning, what would
it take? What would it take for you? I do to stop supporting the president. I, well, I, I think he’s going in a direction,
and I said this a couple of weeks ago on your air is going in a direction where there’s
a very large group of people that actually want to support him or actually begging him
to give us reasons to support you. A, he’s going in a direction where I guess
he doesn’t want that support or he wants people to have this twisted like a pretzel loyalty
tests with him where he’s going to do things that are not making any sense. But I want you to go out there and sorta defend
it. Okay. And so I, I think there’s a large group of
people that are going to stop doing that. And then eventually people will say, look,
I’m sorry, the value system and the rhetoric does not outweigh the policies. Okay. And so at some point that will happen and
has not happened for me yet, but there’s a lot of us out here. It’s not, it’s not just me. I’m a little bit more vocal, perhaps a tinge
more courageous to admit it, but trust me, it’s former White House administration officials. It’s former cabinet members. It’s former people in the American military. It’s not, it’s not just me. It’s not like I’m the only one. I may be the only one saying it, but trust
me, there’s a very large group of people. If he keeps it up, they’ll say, okay, the
policies, they’re great, but you know why? This sort of rhetoric and this sort of disunity
sort of stuff is over powering the policy, so Scaramucci has no answer. He just repeated that confusing thing over
and over again and he’s reduced to sort of a blubbering and stuttering mess. Really nicely done by John Berman. Not that it’s that complex of a technique. You just say, Oh, what would get you to change
your mind about that? Now it’s common that in many situations, if
you asked this to someone, what evidence, if I could present it to you, would it would
change your mind? Very often people don’t immediately have an
answer, but sometimes again, the point is not to have an answer, but to get the person
thinking about whether they are blindly or irrationally attached to a position for lots
of these Trumpists. The answer actually is to this question. Nothing. Nothing would get them to reconsider their
support. For Donald Trump, I had a funny color. Must’ve been maybe like a year ago, might’ve
even been a year and a half ago on the show. Big Trump is who started by saying to me on
the phone, if Trump doesn’t build the wall during his first term, he doesn’t have my
support in 2020 and within about a minute. I said much more concretely. So you said if Trump does not build the wall
before 2020 you don’t vote for him in 2020 is that right? And the Trump has on the phone immediately
started hedging and saying, well, I mean it depends on why he doesn’t build it. If he doesn’t build it because Democrats get
in the way, then that’s different. It sorta depends and then we very quickly
figured out actually there really wasn’t anything that would stop him from voting for Trump
in 2020 because any failure of Trump or apparent failure of Trump, he was going to after the
fact that tribute a blame for to someone else. In the case of the wall it was going to be
Democrats. So this is a really good question for exposing
dogmatic ideologues and then another one that can be productive. This one, my friend Jay Tomlinson hosted the
best of the left podcast told me about this one. Why do you think I hold this position on a
particular issue? So it’s much harder for people to say your
position is basically because you’re a moron that you’ve come to this conclusion or you’re
a bad person. When you’re starting to have a conversation
about an issue, you actually say to someone, okay, let’s talk about healthcare. You know my position before we start talking
about it. Why do you think I have the position I have
about healthcare? And it is much more difficult for people to
attribute bad faith when you actually say to them, tell me how you think I arrived at
my conclusion. Uh, if you’ve had success with either or both
of these techniques, let me know, maybe during live calls later on this week. Uh, I would love to hear from, from folks
who have actually tried out some of these tactics.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Manson’s followers were very loyal too. The 9/11 terrorists we’re loyal too. Lots of people who commit atrocities had loyal followers.

  2. Scary Mooch so much as admitted that people are running away from trump because they don't want to make excuses for Trump's moronic nonsense.

  3. His answer sounded reasonable. It was basically the same message he gave Cuomo when asked "If Trump admitted being a racist, would you still support him?":
    – He's in a large group of people that disagree with the rhetoric, but they support Trump's good policy (in their eyes).
    – If the rhetoric escalates much longer, they won't be able to support him anymore.

  4. The "Defeasibility Test" is good but very reductionistic. For example: "What would your spouse have to do for you to stop loving them?". The reason people as you say stumble and hedge is because human relationships are complex. So it is an interesting question but also often too simplistic for our complex world.

  5. Gun lobby “We need background checks for immigrants”

    Guy on street “Yeah the same for gun owners right?”

    Gun lobby “No because then the govt will know who has the guns and will target them”

    Guy on the street “Don’t they already have your social security number and all you do in the NSA database”

    Gun lobby ….

  6. I asked this question of a Trumpist.
    "What would get you to stop supporting him ?"
    He said: "If he joined ISIS".
    That's about it for most of them. Its a cult.

  7. Can you take a position you hold and ask yourself rhat question? I think it would be helpful to ppl with the opposite view to hear a rational response.

  8. This technique is pretty good, but just remember that if you try it, you have to be prepared to answer the same question, because there is a high likelihood that it will be repeated back to you.

  9. Actually JF Gariepy uses both of these techniques, but the reason he is a white nationalist is just because he's a bad person.

  10. Why Scaramucci continues to have some of political value to the media…  When actually…  He is nothing….   He got fired…   And all he does is defend Donald Trump….

  11. Russia interfered with your Critical thinking skills David. But yes, seeing Mitch struggle is tons of fun, couldn't happened to a bigger A hole??

  12. like gods actions, all the atrocities he ordered and did are not immoral or bad, because it is for a greater good

  13. He's found a way to increase his own celebrity. I'll give it to him he's willing to make fun of himself to do it.

  14. To Trump, loyalty seems to mean looking the other way, if not assisting him, while he does whatever he wants and not snitching.

  15. Republicans take the position of non-argument, like "I'm a very loyal guy, blahblah" (something fairly animalistic, explicitly non-rational like that). And they also take the position of weaselly, mischievous argument, that basically only serves to convince themselves and make dissembling "mouth-sounds" (which they like to project). Yet why they do they still all the time complain, whine and moan (about absolutely nothing, by the way, just to get attention) and pretend they would have any sort of argumentative position or greater integrity. It's pathetic and deranged without end…

  16. Teeechnically, he sort of answered it, just indirectly, implying that he himself has issues with those same behavioral patterns, just he's disassociating from personal action on it for now. The fact that he even identified those as potential issues indicates that he does personally see it as a problem.

  17. Reporter : do you like dick ?
    Scaramucci : well you know life takes you to places and policies . you gotta grab shit by the I don't know and run .
    Reporter : well do you like dick or not ?

  18. Excellent techniques. Also, if they are really fired up let them talk until they say something you can agree with and acknowledge that we both love our country. It's out of this love that they are so passionate.

  19. This Is The Exact Same Thing That Neil Degrass Tyson Asks To Flat Earthers/Moon Hoaxers… Before Ever Debating Them, As They Oust Themselves As Unchanging In Their Beliefs!

  20. It’s a stupid and loaded question. What would it take for you to stop supporting <insert left leaning ideology imcumbent/candidate>? Have an answer and would you relinquish support if they did that thing? How many celebrities actually left the country after Bush and Trump won the presidency? It’s politics and most would continue to support unless it was something significant. Hillary Clinton stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders and was still supported. Most people are full of crap.

  21. The gist of what Scaramucci was saying is that if Trump keeps up the racist rhetoric, he and others would reconsider their support for Trump. Yes, it wasn't all that clear. He's not a great speaker, and he probably doesn't it want to be a direct answer for obvious reasons. Do I believe him? No. I mean how many more instances of overt racism does trump have to display? 2? 5? 10? How much is too much, and why do they believe he hasn't been racist too much already?

  22. I love that people take Scaramucci that seriously, hell, he followed me on twitter before I even knew how to spell his name lmao

  23. The issues around Trump support is well beyond any "defeasibility test". I think it's beyond asking a questions. Anderson Cooper had it right when after listening to Jeffrey Lord ramble on and on, he said, "if [Trump] took a dump on his desk you would defend it."

  24. It’s the NDA

    He loses his paycheck ? once he says anything in anyway shape or form bad about the orange turd ?

    It’s pointless to have these NDA witnesses

  25. The whole "steel-man each other's argument" thing can be really hard with a sub-set of regressives. A lot of regressive ideology lies in maintaining a veil of plausible deniability regarding their actual beliefs and positions – even to themselves. So any attempt to draw aside that veil and state their positions directly can be met with defensiveness.

  26. SOMEWHERE in that rambling answer (suggesting either he was stalling or literally didn't understand the question somehow) he stated that it was the rhetoric that would turn off both him and the various people he mentioned.

    He said, in summation "I am a loyal guy, and while I agree with the policy positions, I and many others are not happy with some of the rhetoric, and we may lose the desire to support him if he keeps it up."

    So he did technically answer the question, he just did it in such a roundabout way, that almost nobody could gather what the hell he said.

  27. He actually did answer the question… 2:22 to 2:52 basically when the “rhetoric is over powering the police” is when he will stop supporting trump.

  28. I would like to see Scaramucci's book "My days in the White House" and what the hell is he talking about…lol

  29. Scaramucci is REPUNKLICAN coward, and I am tired of watching, and listening to cowards. Putin's owns America, THE NRA, Comrade trump, and Moscow mitch. He paid good money for all. TAKE BACK AMERICA FROM THESE COMMUNIST COLLABORATORS AND MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN.

  30. You can always tell who the trump loyalists or sycophants are because they might at the most say they don’t like this or that behavior, but they will NEVER say there would be any reason ever to not vote for him. Irrational cultic loyalty.

  31. "Why do you think I" is a difficult one because Republicans according to cognitive studies tend to have problems with empathy.

  32. Typical leftist, didn't let the whole interview run, his question was do you support Trump, he said yes, but I guess when you claim to have 700k subscribers but only average 20k views per video ? you gotta clickbait the title, ?

  33. You will never get a real answer, and the point is not necessarily to convince them in this situation, but often to show the audience the insanity of their position.

    I had an uncle that was flipping out about a wall and "illegal immigrants" way back in 2004. He kept screaming about how awful it was because there were 12 million "illegals."

    I asked him what a number of "illegals" he would find acceptable.

    He said 0.

    This is an absurd number that we will never reach, so it lets me know there is no point in trying to compromise with him, as all compromises will be insufficient.

  34. "What would it take for you to stop supporting the President?" No answer. Just like every Trump supporter I've talked with.

  35. Do you think I'd get beat up or shot if I brought orange koolaid to sell at the next nearby Trump rally? I mean they're already chugging the stuff figuratively, might as well make a profit off its literal consumption.

  36. Best segment this year! Can’t wait to try these techniques. I was LOL at their simple elegance. Trumpists who are too far gone will be rendered mute.

  37. Translation – “he keeps doing crazy shit trying to test us as real Americans or sell outs, I’m still gonna sell out for awhile longer than most.”

  38. Stop fooling yourself Its not loyalty its that he's one of trumps sheep, just another irrelevent follower of Trump and the KKK, skinheads, and all haters including putin,all his flock knows Russia helped Trump get elected..

  39. I asked the first one to my previous friend. He wasn't able to say anything if I remember well. I told him, just because of his immigration policy you would vote for him again right? He struggled again and wasn't able to answer! He is just a racist biggot!

  40. I've been hearing him say this same stuff since Charlottesville, pretending to be a decent person. He will never leave trump

  41. Please don't put Scumamucci on TV He is a waste of good airtime. Just like Kelly Ann Con he never answers the question

  42. Why not just ask them to factually defend Trump's policies? The economy has weakened from what he inherited from Obama in every quality of life category other than for the wealthy. His ridiculous trade wars are stifling exports and imports, his foreign policies are alienating the US from the rest of the world, and his domestic policies are paving the way to another civil war. Anyone who defends Trump is either stupid or an idiot.

  43. There's this guy at work who was always going on how abortion is murder. One day I asked him 'what if the pregnancy risked killing the mother?' He thought for a while and said if it was his wife and she was unconscious and couldn't make the decision herself, he would choose to save the mother with an abortion. He never spoke to me about abortion after that.

  44. Anthony Scaramuchi still sucking up to Trump hoping he will get a job even after he was fired. Get some dignity man!!

  45. I’m sure if Trump grabbed his wife by the pussy and went after her like a bitch, the Mooch would still support him.

  46. Trump supporters do not like to give interviews on mainstream media, except FOXNEWS, so CNN will interview anyone can speak English, regardless of whether they are insane or normal.

  47. The blue-collar president??? HAHAHAHA more like the white hooded illegitimate president. Oops somebody sold his business to go work for Trump and got fired days later and now needs money!!! frontstab!

  48. I’ve tried this with my father about abortion. He’s a wonderful person and actually walks the walk of being a Christian without being judgey, feels it’s his duty to help his fellow man in any way possible. The one thing that’s an issue is that he thinks he can’t actively support anyone who is on board with abortion. He and my mother lost two children before I was born. At one point he said, "It’s like they’re killing Justin. How would you feel if he hadn’t died, but we killed him? Because we didn’t think we could handle having a son at that point? These people are gifted with the ability to have kids and they just… throw it away and decide, ‘You know what, it doesn’t fit my plan.’" It offends him on a personal and emotional level because of that. And once that clicked for me, I realized I wasn’t really going to make progress with the strategy I’d been using to talk with him about this.

    If he knew that a fetus doesn’t have a soul, if he knew that the free will of the person supersedes the role of fate in a way that is not offensive to God, if he somehow knew that if the fetus had a soul and would end up being able to live life, basically transfer or almost be reincarnated, and it was done in a humane way, he’d be okay with it. At this point he doesn’t fault anyone who’s become pregnant through rape or incest, or if the mother would surely die, especially if she has other kids. But if it’s a young teen who’s in a town that only teaches abstinence and she’s little more than a child herself, he thinks she’s made her bed and needs to lie in it. He… knew my mom from when he was 16, didn’t have sex until marriage, but she was only 19 then, so it’s not like… it was a super long wait. If you’re 40 and not married, well, it’s sinning if you’re not married. He did it, and he thinks other people should be able to have the same "restraint."

    He acknowledges that it’s foisting his will and faith upon others, which he otherwise doesn’t do, but to him it’s not religious so much as moral. We force our morals on others in not allowing murder and rape and torture and theft, so to him this is under that camp. Where we agree is that abortions should be rare because people don’t need to have them, from education (although what exactly is taught is a sticking point, as can be imagined, though he saw how our country was abstinence only and had the second highest rate of teen pregnancy) to access to birth control. But for him…. it’s connected to something very painful and emotional, so as frustrated as I get with him (he’s okay with the death penalty, so is he really pro-LIFE?), I try to remember just who I’m speaking with and back off a bit. He’s trying his very hardest to do what he thinks is right, like he always does. We just disagree on what that is.

  49. Can you imagine what Huckabee Sanders would have done? Sh’d probably have a stroke on the OTHER side of her face!

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