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All around the world, powerful civilized
nations have “tortured some folks” America is doing it. So is China and Russia. The Australian Government regards this as an outrage Despite our best efforts, our own torture
and imprisonment programs remain largely unknown Enough It’s time to put Australia’s human rights violations back on the world map. When it comes to the mass incarceration of specific groups, such as Indigenous People, Australia
boasts some of the most heinous statistics we have over 200 years’ experience under
our belt But our true specialty? imprisoning and torturing Children Welcome to Don Dale Juvenile Detention Center one of our top facilities, where kids as young as ten are hooded; strapped to chairs choked; stripped; left in solitary confinement for weeks and when they escape from their cages terrorized with tear gas But Don Dale is just the tip of the iceberg there are many other detention centers
right across Australia where Indigenous kids are languishing in solitary
confinement right now And they’re not the only kids we torture we also cater for the assault and sexual
abuse of refugee children On our offshore prison in Nauru. It puts even Guantanamo Bay to shame. But, alas, our human rights record is constantly under threat of improving to continue our abuse and torture programs, the Government requires your complicity Here are five simple steps you can take to help us 1. Act shocked. Claim you didn’t know Sure, Indigenous People have been raising the alarm about this for years but who ever listens to them? 2. Wait for a Royal Commission by the time it’s done, you’ll have forgotten the whole event and we can ignore its recommendations just like that last one we had whose
recommendations we’ve mostly ignored 3. Shift the blame don’t worry this is easy: our friends in
the media will help you demonize Indigenous kids With some funny cartoon that blames their fathers’ parenting skills Thereby distracting from the
real issue: that we tortured children this strategy also works for dehumanizing refugees blame their parents for throwing their kids overboard 4. Whatever you do, don’t demand that we ratify OPCAT that would force us to allow independent investigators inside our torture camps and prevent abuses from happening Finally carry on as normal and repeat
from the start when our next violation of Human Rights makes headlines Together we can guarantee Australia’s rightful place on the world stage of human rights abuse Australia.
“We Tortured Some Kids” Authorised by the Department of Inhumane Services and Indigenous Despairs

Maurice Vega

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  1. I subscribed when the last rap news was posted. I'm still here, watching every video. I will always support you guys, it's a great channel 🙂

  2. The perverse incentives of the monetary system produce such results. Please investigate a resource based economy.

  3. Stop reading comments, and visit the amnesty international link and sign the petition…. takes 20 seconds, and thumb this up

  4. hit this on every mark, G! tone, content, dark/light, push to act. keep on keepin' on. yer so in the groove w this and bringing light to dark things otherwise too hard to look at for some. big hugs! ?✌???

  5. Guys ! It's been years that I'm following your chanel, thanks for your amazing job ! I miss Rap News, but your new videos are still on the same spirit ! Keep going the world need poeple like you !

    (A french girl that moved to asia to escape the new EU dictature 😉 )

  6. Hey everyone, thanks for all the great comments on this latest HGA. Due to the positive response (also on FB) I'm planning to keep this series going and growing. I'll be doing more HGAs, not just for Australia but also US/UK/EU/Canada/Israel and others. Feel free to suggest topics that lend themselves well to future HGAs. And IMPORTANTLY: if you enjoyed this video please join me on Patreon so I can make this a sustainable project: https://www.patreon.com/TheJuiceMedia
    Thanks for your support Interwubs,

  7. Amazingly informative…Thank you for the info so brilliantly presented. Thought Austrailia was one of the very few places that were different…now I know and since I know, I'm responsible to act upon that knowledge to the best of my ability starting off with signing the petition presentated here in the list.

  8. WTF!!!
    WOW! Thanks for creating awareness!!!

    Wow! Awesome idea of a video, well done, funny but friggin' real!! Damn, so sick, thank god a lot of good people in worlds military, secret space programs, intelligence agencies and so on are working on defeating the corrupt ones!

    Yes to a system of debt free money and full transparency and no more enslaving debt money systems or ideologies and shameful acts against life in all its forms!

  9. Subtitles for this video are now available in 8 languages – French, German, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch & English – thanks to our awesome Juice translators around the world. One of the best ways to put Australia's human-rights abuses on the world map is to make sure the international community is aware of them; so massive props to our translators for making that possible.

  10. please do a palestinian video…a child gets 10 years jail for throwing rocks at a tank…if the tank is moving its 25 years…they live in an open air prison…great video…keep up the great work.moore love

  11. Great job once again Giordano and everyone at Juice Media!!
    But don't forget this is happening all over the world. The elite torture children everywhere, in all countries. Jimmy Savile and the British government and the George bush Sr. and The Franklin Cover-Up. Sex trafficking(sex slavery) in Israel. And the so-called "Child Protective Services"(CPS) here in the states.
    "Conspiracy of Silence" with extras, including John DeCamp interview
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-x-IZS8uKYo 🙁
    Nancy Schaefer:
    Nancy Schaefer exposes the EVIL CPS
    Innocence Destroyed – Part 1 – WARNING: Graphic Content
    Innocence Destroyed – Part 2 – WARNING: Graphic Content
    Innocence Destroyed – Part 3 – WARNING: Graphic Content

    You guys are great! Stay real!

  12. Hey Giordano I hear China is buying up land for mining gold among other resources in your country! Well now I also hear Dubai is taking the very sand from your beaches to finish their island paradise for their country! Must watch Documentary!!

  13. wtf man, i NEVER received your last 4 videos on my subscriptions feed. Is this censorship/manipulation of some kind? I know im not that blind to miss 4. Im gonna pledge on Patreon now, fuck google.

  14. I think we should stop making more people. I mean, if we can't take care of them but they are so precious to us, why does the world keep making more people? I don't own good wine glasses because i keep breaking them. Also more people just means the powerful get more power due to more income, i.e. "support". Japan seems to have found a solution, just stop having kids.

  15. brazil stay in trafic bodies hospital human organs, and evangelic feminist is really pcc girls antiterrorism with govern milicia.
    this false spy make money in hospitals. old girls that take lsd, and candomble to kill families.
    o caso, seriam ladroes de joias forçando halibe para a policia se focar, pessoal nordestino israelita da radio tv, estao hj lavando em todo globo com o cinema e governo.
    we rally need o torture kids of pcc++(evaangelic tecnologi, with feminist isis ss provocations)
    existem lols d herança pagos para que o candomble te de lol, custa 3 mil reais para o candomble mundial. a pesoa paga e eles fazem previsao pra a pessoa ser provocada, acidente, lols de morte, herança, empregos, simbolo do pcc feminino santa da morte estilo mexicano.
    eles estao focados no trafico de orgaos, queimas de arquivo, contra espionagem, e as crianças deles ja sao cumplices desde pequenos, e sao perigosos por estarem ajudando co lobby e provocaçoes: meth(anfetemine) determintion milicia halibes provocations, isis ss sana de la muerte

  16. Fuck the illegal immigrants and their kids. They did not give a shit abut the risk they ran when they got on a leaky boat. Screw them.

  17. So what should we not do? "6. Throw improvised shrapnel bombs through the windows of Parliamentary office buildings in the dead of night." ?

  18. This is a great video. I support it all the way.
    I only want to pick one totally irrelvant hair , which is :
    Bill Leak was as supposedly as much as a leftist scalliwag as anybody.
    He spent years throwing mud at far-right bastards, and the same people you throw mud at. I thought the cartoon about Koori kids was shit and unfunny, and I have no idea what point, if any, he was trying to make….(He fell out of a two-story balcony onto his head a few years before, so maybe he didn't think his cartoons through very far)…. but he was not a racist or anything at all in any way, just a shit-stirrer, who probably went a bit soft in the head (literally). After that irrelevant cartoon, the left-wing hounded and demonized him, and then he had a heart attack… probably related.

    Anyway, I don't mean to detract from the much more important issue of kids being tortured in this country in modern times.
    I just wanted to chuck those two cents in there.
    Also, I fully agree with you that the focus on Bill Leak totally detracted from the real issues mentioned in this video !
    I mean, ffs. Australia, it was just a shit cartoon. It wasn't that far out.

  19. Holy fucking shit and I thought how my country treated refugees and natives was fucked up, I mean it is but holy fucking shit.

  20. Hey juice media, what do you think would be the best way to get all us lazy Aussies off our arses down to Canberra to do a mass protest? How much more do they need to blatantly rub shit in our faces whilst stripping us of our rigbts before we all act as one? C'mon juicies we need a revolution…. shit I think I just got flagged…

  21. The claims on the juvenile detention centres is a bit fare fetched. Your 'facts' are not really facts. I understand the general intent of the video, but accurate information is a sure fire way to get and keep support. Exaggeration just opens up claims of fake news.

  22. As much as we try, us Aussies just can't get the recognition we deserve.. What do we have to do!!?? Kill pink unicorns?

  23. Wow! Shocking – From Canada and trust me. Our government is probably no better if not worse.

  24. Wasn't Australia founded as one big giant detention centre?

    As for your treatment of aboriginal people, by Canadian standards you're treating them like pampered royalty. Sure you can lock them up and brat them, that's so old fashioned. In Canada we did that a century ago, and eliminated over 95% of our First People's Nation. ( that's the latest PC term Indians prefer to be called… This week)

    But rounding them up in camps is wrong, it takes too long. Instead the Canadian government pays Indian CPU col Chiefs millions in annual salaries, gives them. Total control on how money is spent within the reservations ( money that off reservation Indians never see a dime of btw), plus by paying out relatively large "apology payments" (each "registered Indian" got a cheque for $28,000 a few years ago) Canadians have found a way to allow Indians to have enough disposable income to drink themselves to death or to drive the drug addiction and overdose death rates sky high, and best of all Canada is cometely free from blame in all of this. Being a ward of the government sou ds expensive, but when it's drive down their life expectancy and the suicide rates for children and young breeding age Indians soars thru the roof, it's really quite the bargain in the longer run.

    So don't feel. Bad Australia, you're being a pussy about your natives…. Don't get me started on you molly coddling of refugees, you're an island, they should be drowning before they see your shoreline for Christ's sake.

  25. Ugh. mixing legitimate concerns with nonsense like illegal immigrants that are treated 100x better than most Australians and 1000x better than they would be treated at "home".

  26. 6. Encourage single motherhood.
    7. Learn from America – bomb the Middle East.
    8. Start circumcising again, and don't leave out the girls this time. #feminism

  27. I live in the NT this satire is quite biased, just so others know, there is a lot more going on than what is portrayed here and a lot of it is good stuff.

  28. What a load of rubbish , if you knew the true story the few so called kids at Don Dale were in there for violent home invasions, assault, the list goes on. they aint no angels and have no respect for anyone. 1 of them wouldnt stop slaging in the guards faces only option was to cover their head. The strip search was for razor blades, drugs ect . been quite a few guards that nearly lost an eye.

  29. Hey dumb Leftists…
    People of a particular race are more so in prison because they simply commit more crimes AND are repeat offenders (which tends to give longer sentences).
    How do we know this? By comparing crime reports with conviction rates. It's NOT because of "racism" you stupid ignorant racist idiots!
    Leftist racism, however, DID greatly contribute to creating the problem. In the U.S. starting with FDR's "The New Deal" and then solidified with the Welfare acts of the civil rights period, blacks became Democrats when they were Republican, and when they did that Democrats created "Urban Plantations" for blacks, the black family started being destroyed, and black genocide was created as Planned Parenthood was created to do, such as now more black babies are Aborted in New York then are born. The welfare state destroys people.

    Don't believe me, just look at Native Americans, and it appears the same for Canadian Natives, and Australian Natives. The Leftist welfare state is what has destroyed minorities, not racism…. Sorry to burst your bubble…

  30. What the fuck? You strayans are constantly criticizing my country for shit human rights record yet you can keep this cluster fak fak?

  31. Pussies, Remeber that drowned Syrian baby that washed up on some beach a few years ago?

    Canada refused to allow the little terrorist to be sponsored by its relatives already living in Ontario. Why? He didn't look like he filled enough oppression points, too white, too male, too fat.

  32. For years I’ve looked at other democracies and wondered why mine (USA) was so much worse. Now I realize that isn’t entirely the case. We are just much worse at hiding our atrocities from the public eye than other countries.

  33. I like the videos of juice media I think the comical but I want to ask how true are these like the one I just watched about the torture of children is that actually really true and if so that is a atrocity that should never ever happen

  34. Pedophiles doing what pedophiles do.
    Politicians really are coming across as the refuse of humanity… Whilst the real leader types are kept out of the game by: murder, ruination of reputation, covert attacks to make them ill etc etc etc by the corporate/political (Fascist) alliance.

  35. As an American, I always thought America was backwards when it comes to how we treat our prisoners and the rate at which we imprison them, but after watching this video, I guess things could be worse in America.

  36. When did Russia torture anyone? Where do you get this nonsense? 'Muruka? Sure. Australia? Perhaps. UK and other EU slob scum? Of course. But Russia? Sources with facts or its bullshit, and you know it.

  37. LOL… where is Julie Bishop to ensure all….."we are deeply concerned"……bit will do fuck all about anything…..AKA …"who gives a fuck, I'm flying business!!.."'

  38. I don't know what is more disturbing the fact that it might be right or the fact that people have lost faith in their government so much that they have no respect for it.

  39. What a load of shit. You've misrepresented the facts. How about telling the whole story. Like asking the families who were violently assualted by these little crims. Or the old people who had their homes violently invaded and robbed. This sort of narrative is damaging to Australias reputation.

  40. You guys like "Dawn of the Hives." It's their dream come true. The camps will be everywhere and the last incarnation of VIshnu, the super soul, will break it apart if we simply don't all kill ourselves or become "naughty" ghosts like me.

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