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America This is a safety announcement from your outgoing government We realize many of you have been losing your shit over the results of the election but please remain calm right now, it’s important to just do what he says we don’t want to anger President Trump because, thanks to us, this egomaniacal petulant manchild will soon inherit our dramatically expanded 100% un-accountable extra-judicial assassination program also thanks to us, commander-in-chief Trump will inherit our unprecedented war on press freedom and whistleblowers and command the world’s most vast spying apparatus you’re welcome, America But please don’t panic or try to flee to another country there’s really nothing to worry about well, unless you’re a… everyone else: you’re cool! We also want to reassure our friends on Wall Street just give him a chance to fall in line it should soon be business as usual. To all those who, like us, claimed that Trump would never win look on the bright side this will finally force us to reckon with the real issues that drove so many of your fellow Americans to vote for the Antichrist rather than more of this and to everyone celebrating the victory of his grand imperial majesty Trump we understand now you wanted Bernie and we gave you Hillary you wanted to jobs and and we gave you more bullshit you wanted Jon Stewart and we gave you Trevor Noah Well, you’ve been heard And now we hope everything will turn out just as beautiful and yuge and tremendous as you hoped and just really, really great Again.

Maurice Vega

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  1. So triggered… Hey, Trump folks, get used to it: You elected a fuckin asshole and now satirists gonna shine a light on him over and over again. – What, so now that a Republican is in the White House it's no longer cool to critique and ridicule those in power? Ripping into Obama was awesome; but when it's Trump's turn it's brainwashed "fearmongering" propaganda funded by Soros? And that makes me the hypocrite, right? Okaay, sure…

    This is how it works: Trump is your new president. Congratulations. Now it's the job of journalists ("the evil media") and satirists to hold him to account – before, during AND after his tenure – just as this channel did for the entire Obama/Hillary era. Cuz contrary to what some of you seem to believe, it is not our job to reinforce your deeply-held opinions, but rather to question them.

    So. I'm gonna blithely rip into that piece of shit your electoral college nominated President as much as I please over the next 4 years, even if it makes you want to whine in the comments. (And yes, I would have done the same if Hillary had been elected). And you can either stick around and try to engage with ideas and perspectives you might not necessarily hold – OR you're welcome to unsubscribe (please, please unsub!) and go back to InfoWars and Breitbart News, or wherever it is you came from.

    Clear? Good 🙂

  2. …and, have all you "politically correct" SJWs learned anything over the last 2 years? Probably not, watching MSM BS and if not that, play your Video Games or with your Smartphone.

  3. I really enjoy most of the Juice Media Videos, but with this one you were dead wrong. Maybe wanna follow up with an updated version about today's Demo-rats in the US and how the sabotage each and anything that Trump is trying to achieve. And, by the way, can also deal with the mainstream media not reporting on what he already has achieved. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/trumps-list-289-accomplishments-in-just-20-months-relentless-promise-keeping

  4. I get your trying to joke around and it is a little funny but l know if someone that was a leftist puppet was elected you would have said nothing

    Now that l think about it u r makeing fun of both sides cuz really who crys over losing a election and say unless someone (fix)it they will kill themself and anyone that still hates trump because he is bad under trump the economy is up unemployment down poverty down and unlike Obama who had junlist and wisbloers arrested by using the espionage act trump lost the press say what they want but it would not hurt for him to work on his diplomatic skills they got a treaty with north Korea made other countries know they can't take advantage of the USA but they could use a lot of work

  5. You should stick to Australian topics. You do those quite well. Once you go elsewhere, however, these tend to pretty much underscore your ignorance of other places and people.

  6. be a modern slave and enjoy ILLUSION BEING OF happy go lucky imbecile upright cattle of PSYCHOPATHS occult pharaohs network of puppet masters parasites "F"TOPIA.. WORLD IS A LIVE MANIFESTATION OF PSYCHOPATHS , SOCIOPATH , NARCISSISTS TRAITS

    STOP playing their bloody left right ,anti this that paradigm games never ending division confusion deception loops ,…WHAT WE REALLY LACK IS SHARING CARING LOVING ,SUPPORTING EACH OTHERS AND MORAL INTELLECTUALS ,…



  7. The US economy is doing excellent, employment better than in 60 years, reality has shown that at the end of the day, you are just as willing to lick ? Globalist Killary’s pussy as anybody, Juicemedia

  8. "You wanted Jon Stewart, and we gave you Trevor Noah.."

    ???????? I'm dying!
    I so wish I'd found this channel sooner! Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Funny. Trump might not be perfect but he isn't droning a Muslim Wedding full of Women and Children weekly to get a chubby like… The World is more peaceful, the economy is coming back to life after the Teleprompter Reader did his best to kill it, and things are not that bad. The Intelligence Community that keeps the Wars going hate Trump so… Pick which one is the greater evil.


  11. But hey like ypur humor obama put dinesh in prison for criticizing him.
    So far potus didnt do that to mobody.
    Thank yu very much!!

  12. This video really doesn't fit the fine humor of previous video, especially the fact that modern Australian citizens are such brain dead fuckups that have already almost totally destroyed their own country, buy into any hollyweird bullshit that comes up, and will suck any lollipop put in front of them!

  13. Trumpy bumpy was grumpy so he had a humpy, some tried to give him a dumpy but some how he sidesteped the slumpy. So the solution was to give him tea with sugar lumpy, unfortunely this made him mad so he flashed his rumpy. USA R.I.P..

  14. From 0:42 to 0:48 , No trump is not against muslims, there wasn't any islamophobic sentiments, he just wants to fight terrorism unless you think Islam=terrorism
    Then mexican, I 'll just easily debunk this by point out that his wife is MEXICAN and his rethoric against ILLEGAL immigration not legal immigration which he welcomes!

    After this they said that he is against blacks. Well in the SOTU speech, the president pointed out that he will fix the black community in the city. Plus he invited a bunch of black conservatives in the white house. How racist!
    Then you talked about the LGBTQ+ community. Again he doesn't discriminate and actually said in a speech that he "will protect the LGBTQ community".
    And lastly you said he is against women which frankly is the most obvious blatant lie! First in the SOTU speech, again, he told us that women have benefited the most from the economy under his administration. Plus he apointed many women in office, one of them is called 'lady of america'

  15. Why focus on Trump the man. Why not those who calculated his utility and funded his PR machine? Hate Donald and he becomes the scapegoat for all the shit fuckery innumerable corporate and Zionist dickbags are jam holing us with.

  16. Corporate Liberal media wanted to scare people with Trump into voting for Hillary. Good job. On Russia-gate too 😉

  17. Yeah nah… love your Strayan satire but this one has your nuts firing blanks mate it’s not even clever it’s just…. triggered

  18. Normally I like your videos but this one failed. Typical Left wing trump bashing. No facts or evidence like your other videos. You should have skipped this one

  19. Message to Children of the Empire: Australians are the biggest racists of all and open about it too. Your country sticks its head up our ass in the Good Ole USA. And if you were really smart, you would find a way to make your own country better and it needs a lot of work, to be honest. You are still ruled on your knees by British White Privilege and the Racist Crown who owns all of you devalued slaves in OZ. You had a White's Only Policy up until 1988 in Australia and 30 years later you guys are still the same in many respects. You are not a multi-cultural society either. We do not need Australia or Australians, for anything. You are too bigoted, genetically speaking. Grow up and become a real country, like a REPUBLIC. You are all Children of the American Empire (Our ally countries) until that day happens in the long, distant future, or never at all. We pay your way in many respects as well.

    And for the American people, they could care less about all of you. You simply do not matter at all, in any regard, here in America. And that goes for your country in Australia as well. You guys can't even become your own sovereign country and that is comically sad but true. The Ockers on your show are cookie-cutter anti-American pseudo-humans devoid of good ideas and just whine about things they do not know much about in detail and make podcasts about bitching, basically. Sad but true. STUPID !!!!

  20. trump, clinton, left right, different names and symbols, same thing. the "system" will change only when the general level of the human consciousness will raise enough. Then a change will happen spontaneously and accordingly. Anyway your videos are great, and with a smile, you teach people to at least see thinks differently. great job!

  21. The only thing that Australia needs to do is pay Attention to the Australia that became a shithole. Trump is making Americans Safe Again.

  22. The World is turning to one big shit. This leftist propaganda, globalism, and Islam will finish the work. Funny. Sadly funny.

  23. Told the truth about both parties, nobody like the truth about there super hero's being villains. Cuz then…you have to face that fact, the one where you realize, you're a fucken idiot for not thinking on your own! That's right, the one where you have to accept that you, the individual are the real problem because you not only vote these idiots in, you do nothing but bitch about the current situation.

  24. I know it's hard to imagine, but #Killary would have been so much worse, so much more dangerous to the world than #tRumpLies. And it would have all been done in secret, where we would never know all the damage done.

  25. You guys upset me with this advertisement. This has nothing to do with justice, this is more like Hillary Clinton campaign. We have trump because of Obama, and we would have had David duke if Hillary was elected.

  26. Please do one on muslims….with goats….or their underage brides…….or both…..on how with their low lQ ((under 70)) the benefit Australia….

  27. Awe yeah, and he has had the highest WH turn over of the past 5 presidents at least, and some have gone to prision… where he will likely end up after his term is done. Bet he didn't see that happening. But I didn't think he would be elected either, surprises for everyone.

  28. Two years into the Trump administration: record low unemployment for blacks, Latinos, Asians. Lowest unemployment rate in America in 15 years. Thriving economy, robust GDP growth. Middle-class finally are doing well after suffering needlessly under eight years of the failed Obama socialism. So now that we can look back upon two years of exceptional leader ship, that was easily predictable, don't you guys just look like a bunch of losers! Bashing Trump when he turns out to be the best president we've had since Ronald Reagan. You idiot liberals will never learn. Go fuck yourselves, and by the way …..you dumb fucks up jobs, this is because of capitalism, this is because of freedom of speech, these are because of things the Republican Party provide to you. Your fucking welcome. Now shut the fuck up and tell that bitch in this video to get down on her knees and suck my fucking cock

  29. Trump is a good president , you Aussie be tripping. He also has good relationships with Muslim countries. He want legal immigration, not illegal immigration. Hillary is married to a rapist.

  30. I love their style but it's a shame it is all a narrative led lefty 'shit-whining fuck-fest', it could be so much better.

  31. Americans stopped believing this crap because the last 5 Republicans that ran for president were also "racist" and "sexist" and "Anti LGBT" and "hated Mexicans". I don't really like Trump either, but after what I've seen, if I can get 4 more years of crying liberals I'd vote for him.

  32. All of the above mentioned political figures have skeletons in their closets. A lot of skeletons. So… this is democracy. Suck it up.

  33. This video has aged like fine wine, unlike the Trump presidency which has aged like sour milk left under a radiator. That's been pissed in.

  34. Trump is an ordinary man with his share of defects. It's the war mongering supremacists he idiotically surrounded himself with that we ought to be discussing.

    Also natural climate change is being used to reorganise the world for the benefit of big oil and old money. Take a good look at the dissenting voices and the science as a whole before buying into the panic.

  35. You guys get it right nearly all the time but you've got this one wrong! Are you for global banking elite? The NWO? The Rothschild -Vatican control? The central banks continuing to enslave the masses by lending non existent money ? The self appointed corrupt United Nations? If you answered no no no no no then get your facts straight, fuck up and jump on the Trump train! Choo choo.. coltrump??

  36. Great job juicemedia, three years into Trump's government show that you were absolutely right, keep fighting against injustices committed by the left or right, the majority of people in the world is on your side

  37. You might not like the guy but he gets things done quickly.
    Let him do what he thinks is right as president and then peacefully vote him out next election.

    Respect the man for he is president and turning against your country is treason

  38. Hey As-Long-As HILLARY Ends-UP Hanging-From The 'Capitol'-Building-DOME … It's-[All]-GOOD!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke)

  39. To be fair I get them.
    I think most people, given the choice, would vote for Cthulhu instead of Hillary. I mean…yes he is a dark lord of madness, total embodiment of alien indifference and his mere presence will send you into spiral of insanity and death…but at least he is consistent.

  40. Judging by the bleating comments, this video should have been labeled, "NOT FOR AMERICAN CONSUMPTION, suitable for release everywhere else humour (humor) can be found"

  41. Yeah, if you are White/Caucasian and RICH you have nothing to worry about. In fact, you need to be glad. You may also qualify if you are a Zionist or gaithful Freemason disguised as Christian.

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